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  1. Seppuku

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Visits Beijing. I could not find a photograph of the meeting. A farewell tour with all the greatest hits apparently. Next stop Hanoi?
  2. Seppuku

    Silvio Berlusconi

    Picture of health and a nice tan!
  3. Seppuku

    Bruce Willis

    He appears to have a bit of a shuffling gait.
  4. Seppuku

    6. Jimmy Carter

    I would be surprised if Clinton made 98, and Biden also seems to be getting a little frail. I can see Dubya making it though.
  5. Seppuku

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Watson is a must for next year. Big name in science, plus the casual racist title is vacant..
  6. Seppuku

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Dutch princess Beatrix (former queen) also in that picture, first row on the right along with the king & queen.
  7. Seppuku

    Queen Elizabeth II

    A serious stroke is plausible, especially since she was kind of ok a few days ago. And in that scenario it is not impossible she will live on for some time, although she will probably be incapacitated since the situation is clearly grave. My grandfather lived on for almost two years after a debilitating stroke, although I wouldn't wish the way he was in on my worst enemy..
  8. Seppuku

    Bernie Ecclestone

    To be honest I always thought that was a bit unfair to Heesters.. The question he was asked (in Dutch, a language he no longer spoke well after so many years in Germany) was about what Hitler was like personally. He wasn't asked about his views on the nazi era, but about what Heesters thought of him when he met Hitler back then.. It really feels like a setup when you watch the clip. What a trainwreck of an interview with Ecclestone. Holy shit
  9. Seppuku

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Interesting. I never knew Anne Buydens wasn't his mother. Sorry
  10. Seppuku

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Michael Douglas was 75 when Kirk died.
  11. Seppuku

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Which of you miserable bastards is writing the live blog of the jubilee concert for the Guardian? https://www.theguardian.com/music/live/2022/jun/04/queens-platinum-jubilee-concert-2022-follow-the-platinum-party-at-the-palace-live?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  12. Seppuku

    Ebola and Other Viruses

    Who would have thought two years ago.. Current global death toll sits around 6,2 million. So they were off by only 90%! Which for National Enquirer standards, is pretty damn impressive.
  13. Seppuku

    Simon Cowell

    Either that or a bad guy from Thunderbirds
  14. Seppuku

    8. Dick Cheney

    Trying to lend us a hand by giving him covid?
  15. Seppuku

    50. Shane MacGowan

    Mumbled his way through Dirty Old Town the other day. Apparently the first time he has left his home since last year's knee injury.

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