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  1. Grim Up North

    The Poppy Thread.

    Funny how many comments about the Second World War totally exclude Soviet Union. Germany had already lost the war by time of the D Day landings, was just a matter of time but Europe had to meet Soviets in Berlin or they might just have kept going. 30 - 40% of all casualties in WW2 were from Soviet Union (depending on whether you are talking military or all casualties - some 20 million Soviets out of a pre war population of 189 million - over 10% of their population) way more than any other country including the 'losers' Germany. That compares with 450,000 people from UK or about 1% of pre war population - hardly a scratch on the surface in comparison. The Eastern Front was brutal.
  2. Grim Up North

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    I presume this is a list of survivors. Whilst I realise this is a snapshot in time and they may all live to a ripe old age I'm struck by how young the list is - oldest surviving winner only 86 which is nothing based on life expectancy rates today. Who would have thought sitting on your arse all day typing (and possibly smoking?? - I imagine all authors smoking) wasn't good for your health.
  3. Grim Up North

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Probably all 3.
  4. Grim Up North

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

  5. Grim Up North

    Sporting Bravery

    Rugby with a smashed testicle anyone?
  6. Grim Up North

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Fuckwit Lucky you weren't around last year when Ian Brady was on the list!
  7. Grim Up North

    Crashing Companies

    What goes around comes around. Sears files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
  8. Grim Up North

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I think these comments overlook Pan Breed is highest ranked team with Leah Bracknell as a joker. If Leah goes (and whilst it looks unlikely now nobody would be surprised if she went downhill quickly) he will be only 7 points behind TJS which is much more doable. Yes if Leah and/or Vervoort die I drop like a stone despite having them both in my team. Presuming they both live (and none of the people I don't have in my team but others do die) a Simon Ricketts death would lift me above Bucket but then it gets much harder. Ricketts and Stiles would get me past D in the D but not PdF or TJS Ricketts and Frates would get me past TJS and D in the D but not PdF (and same with Ricketts, Stiles and Frates). Even if Steffan Lewis dies I'm still 3 points behind PdF. My only other differentials with PdF are:- Vervoort - but then I lose so much ground on TJS and DintheD that it really doesn't help; and a whole bunch of people who are not going to die this year - Tiffany Youngs, Greg Gilbert, DJ Casper and either Gabe Grunewald or Ami Brown. Looking at the other teams around me I'd settle for no-one else dying at all and keeping my 5th place!
  9. Grim Up North

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Hmmm but only the top 4 would currently be over 100 points without Drop 40 bonuses (so although I agree that research is better (and possibly easier now) you can't ignore the extra points that the Drop 40 bonuses deliver.
  10. Grim Up North

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2018

    Remigino should have got a QO and still might - year end sporting deaths in year? Littlefeather will in my opinion because her story remains current and interesting and relevant and linked to the entertainment industry that seems to find QOs easy to come by - but we will see - as far as my Windy City team is concerned hopefully before April 30th 2019.
  11. Grim Up North

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Let me help Sir
  12. Grim Up North

    The Deathlist Howto

    Thanks - I've been a member since 31st March 2011 so I can probably wait
  13. Grim Up North

    The Deathlist Howto

    Okay after many happy years on this forum avatar free I have decided it is time to add an appropriate image. However I keep getting this message 'There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200' The image is about 40KB so I don't think it is a size problem - any ideas?
  14. Grim Up North

    Willie Nelson

    Performing a song for mid term elections See last section of article and video.
  15. Grim Up North

    Stranger Than Death

    Fuck I must be losing it, that made me well up.

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