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  1. Grim Up North


    Not a qualifying film? Okay I'll change it to The Longest Day (1962) Leslie Phillips (1924) Stuart Whitnan (1928) Michael Medwin (1923)
  2. Grim Up North


    Norman Wisdom:His Story (2010) Ricky Tomlinson (1939) Dame Vera Lynn (1917) Leslie Phillips (1924) That should keep Joey and Sir Creep chuntering for a while
  3. Grim Up North

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Happy now?
  4. Grim Up North


    Monday, August 13th
  5. Grim Up North

    Aretha Franklin

    It ain't over till the fat lady sings - wait, she is the fat lady*? Oh no - sounds like something Escher might have thought up. *Yes I'm ignoring the 86kgs thing.
  6. Grim Up North

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Was that in her literary classic 'QO tips for Deathlisters'?
  7. Grim Up North

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    How many of these authors actually get QOs for DDP purposes? Seems loads die but most of the links are to blogs or US links - what does an author have to have done to get a QO?
  8. Grim Up North

    Aretha Franklin

    Apparently there is '(Son of) a Preacher Man' at her bedside already and I 'Think' she will be lucky to make it 'Through the Storm' and 'Ain't No Way' she is even going to see 'Another Night' before she's an 'Angel' so I think we should give her a little 'Respect'.
  9. Grim Up North

    A challenge

  10. Grim Up North

    Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    Ahhh I was blinded by the light of the Lord!
  11. Grim Up North

    Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    On the other hand only 2 of our 10 most fecked have died in over 7 months (and it was only one before the weekend).
  12. Grim Up North

    Windy City Deadpool 2018-19

    Hi Captain Chorizo Just noticed that I had Matt Capotelli in at number 5 on my list but it's been missed in the update. Cheers, GUN.
  13. Grim Up North

    French speaking deathlist

    Are you Alan Partridge?
  14. Grim Up North

    The Chequered Flag

    I wonder what the record is for survival following being given the last rites? At 42 years Lauda must be up near the top of the pile if not at the very top. EDIT: JFK beats him with 43 years based on this article
  15. Grim Up North

    Death And The Scrabble Deficit

    If he was 70 and his Scrabble score is 46 then I think possibly this thread is already a little complicated for you? And yes I agree with you regarding the second point but virtually every Pole that dies will hit the Scrabble deficit as Z is only worth 1 point in Polish Scrabble as it is such a popular letter.

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