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  1. Grim Up North

    MMMDP 2023

    No I find the trawling for dying people a necessary evil of performing well in the pools but I don't enjoy it - as it happens I could quite easily have picked someone earlier in the week and just popped on here but my mind is normally full of other stuff on my birthday (which is a good thing). I too am here for the laughs*** and also you do learn quite a lot about the dying and the dead that you might not otherwise read. It is regularly very useful in quizzes. *** I have very little interest in the super old community and super obscure never previously mentioned until they die that some are fascinated about persistently posting however each to their own. It's not doing me any harm but rarely provides the laughs or fascinating insights into famous people's lives that I am interested in.
  2. Grim Up North

    MMMDP 2023

    Surprised no one picked Heath Streak - this pool doesn’t really start till Sir creep comes on complaining that he’s missed the deadline because the rules are wrong. Good luck everyone - it’s my birthday on 31st May so I often dodge this as trawling dying people takes the edge off the joy of being one number closer to my own end!
  3. Grim Up North

    Joe Biden

    And he’s down again
  4. Grim Up North

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    Congratulations aob - your squad was just hungrier for success than mine
  5. Grim Up North


    Mrs GUN told me yesterday that it was Ruth who originally filed the Schofield complaint and that is what led to them (the Holmes) leaving the show which would be a mahoosive failure on behalf of the HR Dept but maybe that's all mumsnet tittle tattle - truly I'm not at all interested but we were on a 5 hour car journey and it was on the news.
  6. Grim Up North


    I just can't keep up - is this the new way of representing?
  7. Grim Up North

    Dead Poets Society

    Nothing concrete but I booked tickets to take my mum to see Pam Ayres in October this year. Next day got a message back saying show had been cancelled due to ill health. It's May now - that's a long time before October? For those that are wondering who the fuck Pam Ayres is :-)
  8. Grim Up North

    Celine Dion

    Appropriately sounds like the end of Titanic.
  9. Grim Up North

    Esther Rantzen

    The tag line for the thread surely the only possible headline when she does go.
  10. Grim Up North

    48. Tina Turner

    the deadly kind
  11. Grim Up North

    General Election 2024?

    Agree and rightly so - I would prefer it if it was clearly a 'fuck off to corruption in politics of which this government is the worst ever example' but hopefully they will get the message.
  12. Grim Up North

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    Dead Unfortunately I dropped my path to victory.
  13. Grim Up North

    Strictly Come Dancing

    But boy can she dance
  14. Grim Up North

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Guardian review of her stand up tour No clues really.
  15. Grim Up North

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Pazuzu United probably deserve to be in your review as highest team not to have cashed in their joker and a Jonnie Irwin death would leave them joint top I think.

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