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  1. MightyMoose

    The Chequered Flag

    NASCAR brought this on themselves, it's desperation time.... either it works and he's got a shot at the title or his season effectively ends there. Best thing is not only did it work, but he did it and didn't dump anyone unlike the POS in the junior series the day before. I've got no issue with it, it's in the rules, and fair play for trying it. Wouldn't be surprised if it's subject to some future rule change, but NASCAR right now think it's the best thing ever, the positive news around it rolls right into their Championship weekend.
  2. MightyMoose

    The Chequered Flag

    Bill Whittington nose-dived into the ground aboard his plane, taking with him a friend who was "terminally ill". https://racer.com/2021/04/25/bill-whittington-1949-2021/ Whittington was one of the IMSA racing supported by nose candy/drugs couriers of the late 70s early 80s and served time for his illicit activities.
  3. MightyMoose

    Rugby Players

    Sounds like he went for a big "Up and (now) Under"
  4. MightyMoose

    A Joke

    Manchester United are delighted to announce a new sponsor for the coming season, they've signed a deal with V I A G R A as they can't get past a semi. Thanks to LFN for the SPAM alert
  5. MightyMoose

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    He never saw it coming.....
  6. MightyMoose

    Badly timed deaths

    Roland Ratzenberger totally overshadowed by Ayrton Senna 24 hours later.
  7. MightyMoose

    Ian Brady

    Don't wish death on anyone, especially not this guy. The fucking cunt deserved to live a lot longer in excruciating pain. Fucker got off lightly.
  8. MightyMoose

    Boxing Clever?

    Boxer counted out http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-37526636 Rather oddly his death was announced quite a few hours ago then he "was still fighting" and finally definitively over. I can almost picture Michael Buffer saying "We go to the scorecards, Judge 1 says "Dead", Judge 2 has it "Alive" and Judge 3 for the winner by Majority Decision....and still undefeated.... DEATH!
  9. MightyMoose

    Boxing Clever?

    Oops.... He got KTFO on Saturday. Watch from about 11:30 onwards, Only missing someone editing "Finish Him!" over it
  10. MightyMoose

    Boxing Clever?

    Got to laugh at the suggestion of Roy Jones Jr, he isn't remotely on the radar for his health and won't get a punishing KO either so little chance of a Michael Watson blood clot, more likely for a quick end would be Tyson Fury cos his mouth is going to get him shot by some rival pikey sooner or later.
  11. MightyMoose

    Boxing Clever?

    October article on his website: "Everybody dies, but few have the opportunity to accomplish a greater good through their death. Davis fights every day with spirit and tenacity, not just to hold death back longer but to inspire the lives of others." Now I'm reading into it but who talks about impending death unless there is .... An impending death? Will he make 2016? I bet it's close. SC http://www.howarddavisjrfoundation.org/the-indomitable-fight-inside-howard-davis-jr/ Boxing news in June had him as terminally ill. Only thing keeping him off my DDP team at the moment is the concern about a UK obit. He's had no coverage whatsoever so far. Just want to add that a recent HBO boxing telecast had them making a very long comment relating to Howard Davis, sounded like they knew he hadn't long till the final 10 count.
  12. MightyMoose

    Plane, Train And Automobile Crashes

    Bin Laden's family & planes are a bad combination.
  13. MightyMoose

    Time Added

    Sporting Lokeren defender Gregory Mertens "needs a miracle" to survive after collapsing during a game on Monday - seems like another cardiac issue much like Foe or Muamba. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/32492598
  14. MightyMoose

    Martin Crowe

    He has now rejected further chemotherapy. From a deadpooling point of view, one more dose would have been the considerate thing for him to do. Read an article from Martin Crowe on ESPN cricket app and it rather read like an announcement that he's counting down the days. "Death is something I have contemplated lately, only because the medical experts say it's nearly time" & ".... turbocharged to apparently give me very little time to live (only 5% of patients live up to 12 months)....." are two of the more obvious reasons to very definitely pencil him in on my list 2015.
  15. MightyMoose


    St Louis Cardinals rookie OF Oscar Taveras has avoided the inevitable future kidnapping by dying in a car crash. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/99707820/st-louis-cardinals-rookie-outfielder-oscar-taveras-killed-in-car-accident-in-dominican-republic Highly regarded prospect by all accounts, he had shown well in the recent NLCS vs San Francisco.

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