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  1. The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    ^^ see dead of 17 thread I reckon.
  2. 28. George Bush Senior

    Fuck sakes, all the activity and I thought the cunt had pegged
  3. British Character Actors

    ^ I kind of imagine YW in this way.....
  4. 18. Robert Mugabe

    Its as if the heid bummers of the World Health Organisation had a meeting to decide on the next Goodwill Ambassador, but got whoored on cheap Cava and watched old Abbott and Costello vids instead. WHOs on first? Answer - Robert Mugabe.
  5. 18. Robert Mugabe

  6. Meat Loaf

    I see he is in a new series, Ghost Wars. Kinda 'meh' about the premise but have downloaded ep1 for form watching purposes.
  7. Harvey 'Wank Stain' Weinstein

    Also under the bus. Couple of interesting one's that have climbed onto the shit train. Tom Jones. Lol. Jane Fonda. Bigger LOL. 30 mins interview and it in the main how she kept quiet in case it hurt her source Didn't once mention her first hubby, married after her first main part, that he produced, and then got her to get hoors for 3somes. https://www.standard.co.uk/showbiz/jane-fondas-threesome-heartache-7272398.html Hollywood Royalty.
  8. Football

    Aye that is wrong, but that a scheduling issue. Local games, not televised, Xmas eve + Day = sense.
  9. Football

    I'm against that Deathers. Used to be even double headers in League in the Shire on Xmas Day itself. Ie home and away on same fucking day. Great excuse for getting away from family. Xmas Day North of the Wall is only fairly recently a public holiday (last 40/50 years), and I'll be working it unless it falls on a weekend.
  10. Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Umberto Lenzi away at 86. Cannibal Ferox main claim to fame imo... http://www.repubblica.it/spettacoli/cinema/2017/10/19/news/morto_umberto_lenzi-178712510/
  11. Football

    Its a wee bit last season but honest to fuck Taiwanese take on the rebirth of the huns
  12. Death Anniversary Thread

    That IS kinda interesting to me. Spent a bit in the last few hours trying to find out over one of his bulbs that has meant to still be in use (112 years maybe?). Totally unrelated searching re his death. Heard it was a bamboo filament, but still not sure if it was. There is a wiki page for the bulb https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centennial_
  13. The 16th death of 2017

    With the old adage that you can always rely on Cats Eyes in the Winter..... Jilll Gascoine
  14. Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    The Blitz led to many a blind eye being turned Mary....