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  1. Football

    Not exactly getting humped.
  2. Football

    For Young Wilz... https://youtu.be/T6fktHITW10 Live Patrick / tic game on YouTube.
  3. http://suffrajitsu.com/play-suffragetto-online-the-1909-suffragettes-vs-police-board-game-meets-the-digital-age/ You can try the online version someone made, beat the shit out a them
  4. Suffragetto, the only surviving copy of the Edwardian coppers v lesbians board game is to go on display to mark the centenary of them getting the vote.
  5. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    Sharon Best I could have done was copy and hope for 'heads'.....
  6. "This are two tone". Surprised it wasn't launched from the car at speed...
  7. The perils of using the 80's version of roofies.
  8. The Weather

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/18/2018-set-to-be-year-of-big-earthquakes The bods in the know at the end of last year predicted a five year period of big earthquakes, due to slowing of the Earths rotation. Reckoned to be mainly around the Equator, the Alaskan one today goes against the grain, but it is a 7+ one. Tsunami alert for places now.
  9. Play School/play Away /childrens Tv

  10. Suicidal Celebs

    Ooops was meaning Beatrice McCartney...
  11. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    We cross with vervoort and Herd Mary , but apart from them its all different. Game on Sir.
  12. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Looking at that photo and I wonder if Lyndhurst will outlive Jason. He looks 'old'.
  13. William Thickey

    Why did I snooze through last evening? Gutted. Deathers 'does' have a point. Aye we don't pick under 18's, nothing wrong with a few years research tho, and a sexually fucked up, probably medicated, hefting on the beef daughter of a Beetle is one for 2022 lists.
  14. New Here And Just Saying Hello

    It might have been meant to be "affy good"......
  15. Name Shame?

    "Most people will agree with me" On which metric are you basing that on? I think you'll find that's bollocks.