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  1. adrian0719

    Sheikh Down

    Flying to US for medical treatment.
  2. adrian0719


    Condition reported as stable.
  3. adrian0719

    Sheikh Down

    Now King Salman of Saudi Arabia has been admitted to hospital.
  4. adrian0719


    Hospitalized with digestive bleeding.
  5. adrian0719

    Sheikh Down

    Emir of Kuwait admitted to hospital.
  6. adrian0719

    John Lewis

    Spade got it right on the nose.
  7. adrian0719

    John Lewis

  8. adrian0719

    John Lewis

    Death rumours not true. Article mentions he is "resting comfortably at home".
  9. adrian0719

    The Dead of 2020

    Mary Kay Letourneau, pedo teacher, dead at 58.
  10. adrian0719

    Donald J Trump

    Brother, Robert Trump, hospitalized in ICU for at least 10 days recently. Out in time to file a lawsuit against his niece's tell-all book about the Trumps.
  11. adrian0719

    Art For Death's Sake

    Christo now dead.
  12. adrian0719

    Political Frailty

  13. adrian0719

    Val Kilmer

    New profile on Val in the NYT.
  14. adrian0719

    Political Frailty

    Iran's OPEC Governor in hospital after brain haemorrhage.
  15. adrian0719

    Time Added

    Turkish Galatasaray football chairman, Mustafa Cengiz, rushed to hospital Thursday with "weight loss and weakness".

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