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  1. Cup of Tea

    Pete Doherty

    Im afraid I have to agree, he is a bit a of a nuisance.
  2. Cup of Tea

    Charlton Heston

    In the last few days of 2005, everybody was flapping about On about wether Heston will make it to be on the 2006 list and almost 3 months in.... still no death. ???? So whats the story did he just recover?
  3. Cup of Tea

    Near misses 2006

    my nextdoor neighbour died last night she was a horrible woman popped nearly every one of my footballs when i was little.
  4. Cup of Tea

    Al Lewis

    aww shame really he was a favourite of mine. Il miss him. Even tho he did get me off the 0points mark in the DDP.
  5. Cup of Tea

    Bush's Chance

    I voted yes due to that supersticious thing, something like every president elected in a year ending in 0 has been assassinated. Or something along those lines. Im not quite up to scratch on my supersticions, infact, i doubt im even spelling it correct.
  6. Cup of Tea

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    Whos the fat one from Bowling for Soup?
  7. Cup of Tea

    Near misses 2006

    Very sorry if this has already been mentioned but Beethoven star Joe Pichler is feared dead. Its all on IMDB but its not much info. I havnt posted in a while, so when i saw this i grabbed the oppurtunity to get in touch with you lot again. Cuppa
  8. Cup of Tea

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    Porn . . Theres always one to lower the tone isnt there?
  9. Cup of Tea

    Carry On Dying

    Joan Sims? Im probably completely wrong. Infact, i am, just checked. she died in 2001. Silly old Cuppa.
  10. Cup of Tea

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    Cup of Tea.........did you see Denis on last night's "South Bank Show"? He looked disgustingly healthy!! Gah. . . Nevermiiind.
  11. Cup of Tea

    Derby Dead Pool 2006

    It looks like im gonna have a completely unsuccessfull first attempt at the DDP. which couldnt be more annoying.
  12. Cup of Tea

    Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries Etc...2006

    Happy Birthday Banshees x x
  13. Cup of Tea

    Harold Pinter

    Any news on him? I thought everybody was worried hed even make it to January. then everybody lost interest round the 8th December! :s ? Also Charleston Heston. All this hype how theyre right next to dying then. . . nothing. It bugs me it does.
  14. Cup of Tea

    Lou Rawls

    When this was merged It made my previous post look unprovoked and senseless I blame Iain. ha
  15. Cup of Tea

    Lou Rawls

    NEAR MISS? Direct hit more like pssssht

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