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Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

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It's looking more and more likely that at least one of Paul and Rachel Chandler will be hogging the headlines soon. Apparently, a £100,000 ransome was blocked at the back end of last year. Such actions do nowt for the good humour of Somali Pirates.

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Cut and Paste from the BBC:


Singer Leonard Cohen is recovering after collapsing on stage in Spain, a spokesman for his music company has said.


The 74-year-old became ill during a concert in Valencia and was taken to hospital as a precaution.


He has now been discharged and is said to have had food poisoning.


Cohen was in the middle of singing his Bird On The Wire song in Valencia when he fainted, prompting the band to stop playing and rush to help him.


The Canadian singer was treated first by stadium medical staff and then taken by ambulance to a local hospital.


He was given the all-clear in the early hours of Saturday.


A band member told the crowd Cohen had suffered stomach cramps and vomiting fits.


His concert organisers say the final date of the Spanish tour will go ahead in Barcelona on Monday.


After Spain, Cohen is due to perform in Florida on 17 October.


The legendary artist resumed touring last year after a lengthy break.


Leonard Cohen postpones European tour by six months


However, before you all get too excited, apparently he's done his back in.

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Andree Peel - I read about her in the Guinness Book of World Records that Youngest Lard received for Christmas, and thought she might make a good pick. Alas, I have already submitted my team, but my generosity knows no bounds so thought I would share her with you.




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I want a 20-something on next year's list. Lohan and Winehouse come to mind. Any support?


Natasha Lyonne springs to mind, as do Scott Weiland & Corey Haim.


Corey Haim is 37, not quite a 20-something.

How about Allegra Versace?


November last year > today's news > just about vindified I think!

Shame that I only added Weiland into my top 68 name list.

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