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    Definitely not him then.
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    I think he means Marshall Vladimir Sergeyevich Law, the Soviet boss of General Jaruzelski at that time. regards, Hein
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    How about Eddy Curry (traded from chicago bulls to new york after irregular heart caused him to miss last 11 games and post season). Egyptian pres hosni mubarak, the man is old, Hosni Mubarak; More chance of getting overthrown than expiring naturally Justin, dont we all? Roseanne,more likely to be assisinated by weightwatchers.
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    I love Halloween, especially the feeling of the wind in my hair as I ride round on my broomstick.
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    That's wonderful in eternum+, hope she gets visitied by losts of ghouls and goblins
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    And here she is, my seasonal masterpiece: She is currently gracing the front stoop, awaiting ghouls and goblins.
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    It was always turnips we carved when I was a kid. Nowadays I have a pottery pumpkin that you put a candle in, saves on all the mess. Right enough, turnips it was. Smellt bloody awful when you put a candle inside. Apparently, it was always turnips originally, but when those good folks wandered off to America, they couldn't find any turnips there and apparently hadn't thought of taking any with them. So they used pumpkins instead which were quite plentiful. Always said America was an awful place.
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