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    ^^^was waiting to see how long until someone caught that. So all that's left to do is change 84 celebrities' ID codes so they stop appearing out of alphabetical order, and readd team descriptions. And quintuple-check for 2018 deaths that have slipped through. This is the home straight.
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    Not gonna lie, I've done little other than sleep, eat, work and handle this site since December 20th. I am very, very ready for a day spent watching "205 Live" and playing Football Manager 2019. I haven't played any FM in six weeks, my computer probably thinks its been sold to someone else.
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    So the inverse deadpool can start, here's this year's official Drop 40. http://www.derbydeadpool.co.uk/deadpool2019/drop_forty.html
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    Unique DDP Jokers: Agca, Mehmet Ali Akasaki, Isamu Andre, Soeur Bailey, G. W. Beaton, M. C. Berners-Lee, Conway Brook, Peter Campbell, Mary Jo Carle, Eric Churchill, Dick Crawford, Christina Cromwell, James Cummins, Conor Daniels, Stormy Davis, Duane Keith Deif, Mohammed Dillard, Harrison Dr. John, (musician) Falder, Matthew Frayne, Steven French, Jay Jay Green, Seth Grobbelaar, Bruce Harries, Richard Harris, Anita Hauer, Rutger Hiriart, Lucia Hollingsworth, Mike Hopkins, Katie Houston, Thelma Howard, Bryce Dallas Iglesias, Enrique Johnston, Daniel Jonas, Peter Kara, Ritchii Lindsay, Ted Lobinger, Tim Lujan Jr, Manuel Luxon, Benjamin Lynch, Becky Mayhew-Archer, Paul McDonnell, John McNee, David McNaught, Ken Mendes, Eva Mountjoy, Doug Napolitano, Giorgio Nile, Fred Ogilvy, David Okerlund, Gene O'Neill, Margaret Deirdre Osmond, Donny Payne, Allen Perry, Katy Phillips, Sian Reuss, Woizlawa-Feodora Elise Marie E Schluter, Poul Shah, Naz Shepherd, Richard Shreve, Larry Slenczynska, Ruth Soames, Nicholas Stevenson, Adonis Toksvig, Sandi Tunstall, KT Wallis, Steven Wash, Martha Washington, Lennis Wells, Lisa Westergaard, Kurt Worcester, Robert Drop 40 names jokered twice or more: Bracknell, Leah - 48 teams Ricksen, Fernando - 23 teams Douglas, Kirk - 18 teams James, Clive - 9 teams Conway, Tim - 8 teams Nolan, Linda - 8 teams Philip, Prince - 8 teams Vervoort, Marieke - 8 teams Blanco, Kathleen - 6 teams Fairlie, Andrew - 6 teams McCririck, John - 6 teams Ginsburg, Ruth Bader - 5 teams Kerslake, Lee - 5 teams Newton-John, Olivia - 5 teams Stiles, Nobby - 5 teams Trintignant, Jean-Louis - 5 teams Turnbull, Bill - 5 teams Alagiah, George - 4 teams Dole, Bob - 4 teams Jones, Terry - 4 teams Kissinger, Henry - 4 teams Mugabe, Robert - 4 teams Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus - 3 teams Day, Doris - 3 teams Gascoigne, Paul - 3 teams Gilbert, Greg - 3 teams Barker, Bob - 2 teams de Havilland, Olivia - 2 teams Harper, Valerie - 2 teams Moss, Stirling - 2 teams Scales, Prunella - 2 teams White, Betty - 2 teams Non-D40 names jokered twice or more: Ali, Fatima - 6 teams Chapman, Beth - 5 teams Chamorro, Violeta - 3 teams Lewis, Steffan - 3 teams Malone, Post - 3 teams McGahan, Andrew - 3 teams Osmond, Little Jimmy - 3 teams 6ix9ine, (rapper) - 2 teams Aldrin, Buzz - 2 teams Andretti, John - 2 teams Baker, Tom - 2 teams Bardot, Brigitte - 2 teams Cocks, John - 2 teams Conway, Noel - 2 teams Drewitt-Barlow, Tony - 2 teams Eastwood, Clint - 2 teams Fox, Michael J. - 2 teams Frates, Pete - 2 teams Freehan, Bill - 2 teams Jackson, Katherine - 2 teams Millen, Matt - 2 teams Nichols, Nichelle - 2 teams P-Orridge, Genesis - 2 teams Purwo Nugroho, Sutopo - 2 teams Trent, Tyler - 2 teams Trump, Donald - 2 teams Walker, Murray - 2 teams Wayne, Lil - 2 teams Weir, Doddie - 2 teams Westbrook, Danniella - 2 teams Willesee, Mike - 2 teams 146 others were jokered by one person but were not unique.
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    18th December 2016. Doctors have yet to notice that he is dead.
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    Right - Spade's provided me with the top 50. 4 names tied at 50 actually, so as I usually do I used random.org to decide who became a pickable name and who became sub #1. Like last time, I'll wait until the DDP officially opens to reveal the names and open the Inverse.
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    1.Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2. Pete Frates 3. Dick Van Dyke 4.Donald Trump 5.Queen Liz II 6.John Andretti 7.Leah Bracknell 8.Linda Nolan 9.Marieke Vervoort 10.Jimmy Carter 11.Billy Connolly 12.Gerg Gilbert 13.Jimmy Greaves 14.Bill Turnbull 15.Valerie Harper 16.Pope Nazi 17.Betty White 18.Terry Jones 19.Henry Kissinger 20.Carol Channing 21.Nobby Stiles 22.Prince Phillip 23.Doris Day 24.Olivia Newton-John 25.Beloved Poster Robert Mugabe sub June Brown
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    Its Sri Sri, folks, yer going to need to clarify which January!
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    My old man is a bit better. He has been shifted to a regular ward, is breathing with nasal cannula only and has even got up from bed to eat some (awful) soup. Still his condition is serious. Sunday night I spent the night in hospital with him, as I did some other day. In his room there were a 93-year old man I did not know and a 104-year old man who is considered a sort of legend here. Around midnight I reckoned the 93-year old guy was not breathing at all and woke up his daughter. The man had passed away, so nurses came to take him to the morgue. They were quite loud so both my father and the 104-year old man woke up. While my father didn't give a damn, the 104 guy was terrorized: he hid his face under the blankets and looked away for all the time, visibly trembling. Maybe he thinks he is so old Death has forgotten him and will live forever, but I assure you I was so astonished by his extreme naivety.
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    Verna Bloom has wilted, aged 80 https://variety.com/2019/film/obituaries-people-news/verna-bloom-dead-dies-animal-house-1203104909/ Toga, Toga, Toga !!!
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    Discussing my anus with an anus is not my idea of unburdening myself. Thank you.
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    Off-topic, but there you go:
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    INVERSE DEAD POOL 2019 As always, with the new year comes another opportunity for you all to reckon which DDP darlings have another 365 days left in their tanks. Though the 2018 Inverse Dead Pool had less deaths among its selectables than 2017 (15 compared to 20), there were still three massive scoreboard-scrambling landmines among them in Stephen Hawking, Aretha Franklin, and Stan Lee. By the year's end, machotrouts emerged the least scathed with 17 points. Rules From the list of the 50 most popular DDP picks of 2019, pick a team of 25 names who you think will survive the year. Rank your list in order of least likely to die to least least likely to die. Post your team in this thread. If someone dies and they are listed on your team, then you will receive points according to their position. If your #1 pick dies you'll receive 25 points, whilst if your #25 pick dies you'll receive 1 point. If someone dies and they are not on your list, then you receive no points. In case one of the names available for entry dies before the submission deadline, you are allowed to have one sub. The sub can be anyone from the top 50 or the 51st most popular name, who will be revealed alongside the top 50. The 51st name can not be part of the original 25 if no one dies. In the case of one of your original team dying pre-deadline, the sub goes into 25th place by default, but if the sub was previously the 51st, you are allowed to change the position of the new pick. If the above scenario happens, you are also allowed to name a new sub and I will reveal the 52nd most popular name. Whoever has the lowest score at the end of the year is the winner. NEW: If two or more teams are tied at the end of the year, the tie will first be decided by who has less hits. If they have an equal amount of hits, then whoever among the teams died latest in the year, and thus came closest to being a correct prediction, will decide the winner. If said name was on multiple teams in the tie, whoever had said name lowest will win. If multiple teams had said name in the same position, the second most recently-deceased name will be referred to, and so on, until a winner is found. If, by some alignment of the stars, the tie is of either no hits or of all of the exact same hits in the exact same positions, all teams in the tie share victory. Credit to Toast for inadvertently coming up with a peach of a topic description, and of course, credit to Spade for creating this wonderful game. Credit to Dead Cow for his job as previous host, laying the framework for the Inverse Dead Pool's OP, and the idea for a "dies during entry period" rule. Credit to machotrouts for the suggestion of the latest hits factoring into tiebreakers. Previous Winners 2018 - machotrouts 2017 - drol 2016 - Pedro67 2015 - Death Impends 2014 - Bibliogryphon 2013 - N/A 2012 - Esturian Float 2011 - Garn2 Top 50 George Alagiah John Andretti Bob Barker Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Kathleen Blanco Leah Bracknell June Brown Jimmy Carter Beth Chapman Johnny Clegg Billy Connolly Tim Conway Doris Day Olivia de Havilland Bob Dole Kirk Douglas Queen Elizabeth II Andrew Fairlie Pete Frates Paul Gascoigne Jill Gascoine Greg Gilbert Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jimmy Greaves Valerie Harper Bob Hawke Clive James Terry Jones Lee Kerslake Henry Kissinger Vera Lynn John McCririck Andrew McGahan Stirling Moss Robert Mugabe Olivia Newton-John Linda Nolan Prince Philip Leslie Phillips Fernando Ricksen Michael Robinson Prunella Scales Nobby Stiles Jean-Louis Trintignant Donald Trump Bill Turnbull Dick Van Dyke Marieke Vervoort Betty White Herman Wouk #51 Angela Lansbury
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    With the help of some other contributors (but sadly, not many), I've assembled this list of 50 Australian and New Zealander celebrities for 2019. 1. Jeanne Little (b. 11 May 1938, Sydney) Australian 2. Clive James (b. 7 Oct 1939, Sydney) Australian 3. Olivia Newton-John (b. 26 Sep 1948, Cambridge UK) Australian 4. Ken Rosewall (b. 2 Nov 1934, Sydney) Australian 5. John Cocks (b. 23rd Aug 1966) New Zealander 6. Rod Laver (b. 9 Aug 1938, Rockhampton) Australian 7. Anne Hamilton Byrne (b. 1921) Australian 8. Bob Hawke (b. 9 Dec 1929, Bordertown) Australian 9. Andrew McGahan (b. 1966, Dalby) Australian 10. Barry du Bois (b. 4 Aug 1960, Sydney) Australian 11. Butch Miller (b. 21 Oct 1944, Auckland) New Zealander 12. Prince Leonard Of Hutt River (b. 1926) Australian 13. Graham Richardson (b. 27 Sep 1949, Sydney) Australian 14. Pauline Parker (b. 26 May 1938, Christchurch) New Zealander 15. Brian Lochore (b. 3 Sep 1940, Masterton) New Zealander 16. Fred Schepisi (b. 26 Dec 1939, Melbourne) Australian 17. Roy Emerson (b. 3 Nov 1936, Blackbutt) Australian 18. Neale Daniher (b. 15 Feb 1961, West Wyalong) Australian 19. Paul Hogan (b. 8 Oct 1939, Lightning Ridge) Australian 20. Rolf Harris (b. 30 Mar 1930, Bassendean) Australian 21. Frank Sedgman (b. 29 Oct 1927, Mont Albert) Australian 22. Neil Harvey (b. 8 Oct 1928, Fitzroy) Australian 23. Margaret Court (b. 16 Jul 1942, Albury) Australian 24. Ken Shadie (b. 8 Dec 1935, Bondi) Australian 25. John R Reid (b. 3 Jun 1928, Auckland) New Zealander 26. Marlene Mathews (b. 14 Jul 1934, Sydney) Australian 27. Tony Garea (b. 20 Sep 1946, Auckland) New Zealander 28. Dawn Fraser (b. 4 Sep 1937, Balmain) Australian 29. Rupert Murdoch (b. 11 Mar 1931, Melbourne) Australian 30. Neale Fraser (b. 3 Oct 1933, Melbourne) Australian 31. Max Merritt (b. 30 April 1941, Christchurch) New Zealander 32. Margaret Guilfoyle (b. 15 May 1926, Belfast UK) Australian 33. Clive Revill (b. 18 April 1930, Wellington) New Zealander 34. Mary Ward (b. 6 Mar 1915, Fremantle) Australian 35. Mike Willesee (b. 29 Jun 1942, Perth) Australian 36. Everlyn Sampi (b. 6 Oct 1933, Derby) Australian 37. Sir Richard Hadlee (b. 3 Jul 1951, Christchurch) New Zealander 38. Jim Bolger (b. 31 May 1935, Opunake) New Zealander 39. Fred Stolle (b. 8 Oct 1938, Hornsby) Australian 40. Stuart Fraser (Noiseworks) (b. ~1960?, Sydney) Australian 41. Patsy King (b. 1929) Australian 42. Ashley Cooper (b. 15 Sep 1936, Melbourne) Australian 43. Mike Moore (b. 28 Jan 1949, Whakatane) New Zealander 44. Barry Humphries (b. 17 Feb 1934, Melbourne) Australian 45. Reg Watson (b. 1926, Brisbane) Australian 46. Ron Elvidge (b. 2 Mar 1923, Timaru) New Zealander 47. Alan Davidson (b. 14 Jun 1929, Lisarow) Australian 48. Dick Tayler (b. 12 Aug 1948, Timaru) New Zealander 49. Loongkoonan (b. 1910, Kimberley) Australian 50. 'Superstar' Mick Dundee (b. 24 October 1943, Scotland) Australian
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    The only thing I can say is that I am gobsmacked that Niki Lauda is a unique pick for me.
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    Following the official unveiling of the drop 40, the top 50 is up and the Inverse entry period has opened. To close 11:59 GMT on the 18th. Steffan Lewis was part of the original top 50, so his death means the original sub-only name (Donald Trump) is instead selectable as part of the 50. June Brown, the third on the random.org list, becomes the new sub-only name. As for your host's team... Donald Trump Bill Turnbull Dick Van Dyke Paul Gascoigne Queen Elizabeth II Linda Nolan Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jimmy Carter Betty White Billy Connolly John Andretti Prince Philip Marieke Vervoort Doris Day Beth Chapman Michael Robinson Olivia Newton-John Greg Gilbert Olivia de Havilland Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Henry Kissinger John McCririck Vera Lynn Pete Frates George Alagiah SUB: Carol Channing
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    Do remember to go here for any sweepstake needs.
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    Don't fack with my image, you're a down to earth, no nonsense Scottish fisherman. Away we ye Norse and Gaelic (Mannannnan can't even spell it, nevermind visualise it) bullshyze. The pic wuz gud. But if ye start down the lunatic mystic path, I'm lost. ETA: Jayzuz. 99 posts between this and what I was replying to and it was only a few hours ago. Fack it, figure it out for yourselves.
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    A random stat, there are an incredible 140 teams on the 2019 roster who have now entered the DDP for ten or more years. Two teams, one of them @drunkasaskunk, have been at it for over twenty years. I didn't count, but there are also many, many teams entering for the eighth or ninth time. Very impressive brand loyalty and a level of return business that some websites would kill for.
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    Strike for The Donald as Palij is deid. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/breaking-nazi-prison-guard-jakiw-13839758
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    Charon is the ferryman of Hades according to Greek myth, so I don't think it's impossible that two individual users have taken inspiration from that when choosing a name for a forum called deathlist.
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    Goddamn that was a good thread. I used to be a great poster.
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    I just Googled a photo of him. I agree with Barbara, I don't recognise him either.
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