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    Aye, tbh I was trying to lighten the mood - which I see I did really well! Any anxiety here is mostly needle based, which I think is a fairly sensible dislike - and anticipation of an event. I just want to note for fairness that I didn't mention you by name last night, and mark this thread as read instead of reading it. Like the Harry stuff (this forum was in danger of a name change at one point) if it sticks to its designated parts of the forum, it can be easily ignored! Although tbf life is pretty draining at the moment. Asked to shield on health condition for a year, then Boris changes the rules so you wind up in the neverland of being on the vulnerable list to covid but not a vaccine priority, a red tape issue which befell thousands of Brits. Then he shuts down a lot of the business, but has the rules such that millions of small businesses like mine just fail to qualify for the furlough scheme. Having done that, his government send out weekly mail about how great furlough is for folk like me. Trolling bastard. Also because he couldn't be arsed sorting out some basic trade red tape with over a year to deal with some basic page 1 stuff, he cut off valuable income from abroad for small businesses at the same time he wasn't financially supporting them. Meanwhile people with far more manageable conditions than mine we knew dearly got covid and were just snuffed out within days. Funerals we couldn't go to, people who could only be comforted by Facebook message. Limited savings taking a battering because income is down and shop prices have a pandemic brucie bonus on them. It's a bloody miracle I've kept this house debt free in the last 18 months, thanks to this Prime Ministers continual inept reactions to everything. (And as someone who has managed to turn ill fortune and ill health destroying his career prospects into dragging himself to becoming a tax paying member of society, I think I'm allowed a small rant about it now and again!) And this entire thing is his fault. Boris. He knew about covid before we did, and did nothing. He could have shut flights in January 2020, but didn't. He could quarantined folk with it when they were numbered on a single hand, but chose not to. He could have traced the virus when it was miniscule and killed it at the source before it spread throughout the UK. He chose not to. (Note that had he done these three we'd have avoided such a long lockdown. Or indeed any lockdown...) He could have suspended flights in February 2020. He chose not to. He could have avoided sending people into the hospitals or care homes. He chose not to. He could have acted sooner than end of March 2020. He chose not to. He could have acted firmer last summer to starve the virus. He chose not to. He could have restricted travel to India when the known Indian strain became apparent in March 2021 but not only did he chose not to, you can still get direct flights from the UK to most of India as of this week. As noted throughout a lot of our more illustrious bits of history, we are a fucking island. We could have New Zealand'd that bastard. But every step Boris has taken is the worst possible move, designed seemingly to do nothing but spread illness. He's Typhoid fucking Mary the Prime Minister. (Its only hindsight if you are the general public, when you are Prime Minister with all the security details and hidden information, this is your job! A job Boris has fundamentally failed at every step of the way.) Anyhow, I'm taking the jab - even a 0.0001% risk factor (that's timing the deaths by 100 like you suggested) is still far better odds than me getting the covid which keeps munching its way round Glasgow! (And its far better odds than some medicine I've taken to save my own life in the past, let alone the chemo many of the DDP picks take.) Oh, and one lighter note about Children of Men prophecies. As that book showed, and as my own experiences do, no medical prognosis's are infallible! In my teens, I was given an accidental overdose of medicine which led to weekly blood tests (yeah, that's why I don't like needles!) and I was told I'd be unable to have kids. 20 years later, in 2021, it turns out they were quite wrong about that: I am very, very tired Dad.
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    I'm glad we are collecting every single vaccine-related death. This way we can count, I think we're up to five now.
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    Outdoor transmission in summer has never resulted in huge spikes. And the link between cases and hospitalisation and deaths is totally broken. The vaccines are completely pumping all variants. It's an exit wave and absolutely no danger of overwhelming the NHS. More importantly, if you plot cases in the U.K and the U.S on a graph, you get a Brontosaurus.
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    Enrique Bolanos, President of Nicaragua from 2002 to 2007, died at 93 years: https://www.efe.com/efe/espana/mundo/muere-el-expresidente-de-nicaragua-enrique-bolanos/10001-4562807 He was one of the wealthiest Nicaraguans due to his cotton and real estate money.
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    Yes, I always take Chilean likes as "thank you for the information", tbh.
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    Surprise Christian Eriksen latest: Inter Milan quash coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theory | Evening Standard
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    As mentioned elsewhere, actor Ned Beatty, has passed away at the age of 83. https://www.thewrap.com/ned-beatty-prolific-superman-and-network-character-actor-dies-at-83/
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    Sent my team in! Thanks again for doing this.
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    And actress Lisa Banes is the second... She appeared as a guest star in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".
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    I thought she looked very well at the G7
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    Fuxsake, is he still banging on?
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    Ella Fitzgerald, the immensely popular American jazz and song vocalist known as "Lady Ella" and the "First Lady of Song", died at her home in Beverly Hills from a stroke on this date in 1996. She was 79 years old. During a five-decade career, Fitzgerald won 13 Grammy Awards. In her lifetime, she recorded 250 albums and some 2000 songs. She sold over 40 million albums. "Lady Ella" was virtually bedridden with complications of diabetes. With her diabetes worsening, Fitzgerald experienced severe circulatory problems, and had to have both legs amputated below the knees. She never fully recovered from the surgery and was rarely able to perform. Ella Fitzgerald was interred in the Sunset Mission Mausoleum at Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, California.
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    tbh I've enjoyed most of the games, except Lyndon Dykes pretending to be a footballer and that siesta Spain put us through. Oh and Christian Eriksen nearly dying of course. Feels like a step up from the last Euros. Also, I've missed hearing thousands of fans in a stadium all booing a referee!
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    Let's see if he gets an obit... Chris Kirubi, Kenya businessman, has died, just when everybody forgot about him: https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/business/2021/06/dr-chris-kirubi-one-of-kenyas-most-successful-businessmen-has-died/
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    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/john-gabriel-dead-ryans-hope-1234967378/ Another Hollywood death in addition to Ned Beatty. John Gabriel singer and actor who starred in TV soap Ryans Hope, Gilligans Island ,77 Sunset Strip and The Mary Tyler Moore show has died aged 90.
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    Witold Kieżun, Home Army soldier dead at 99. Taken POW by the Nazis twice but managed to escape. Send to a gulag but survived. "During his stay in the camp, Witold Kieżun contracted pneumonia, typhoid fever, typhus, dystrophy, scabies, mumps and Beriberi." With Pope John Paul II in 1991 in Burundi. Worked as a advisor to multiple Polish politicians and President of Burundi Pierre Buyoya (1949-2020)
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    Am I right in saying Anatoly Chukanov, part of the USSR's 100 km team time trial-winning team at the 1976 Olympics, gets the honour of being the first miss in this contest?
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    I'm sure Susie Dent knows a suitable word or two. I'll check her Twitter feed, she usually has something pertinent to the the current politicking. Here's one to start.
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    I think its about time for an update, before Deathers creates yet another alter-ego with which to berate me. A quiet month by my reckoning, with only 4 hits, although 2 of them were amongst the most popular.. Norman Lloyd 11th May Mike Carter 15th May Yoo Sang-Chul 7th June Noel Conway 11th June. If I have missed anyone, please let me know, before I go to the trouble of posting up a scoreboard.
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    Last 6 or 7 post a moved from the euro thread. Keep politics out of sport and sport out of politics.
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    Steve Miller would fit what with his famous song Abracadabra. Hang on a minute...
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    Lisa Banes actually ties with Markis Kido, Badminton gold medal winner in 2008. But dead Olympians, they are inflationary.. Edit: It's also the current top name on Spade's twitter link. I have to admit, I used a facebook group for oldest olympians to choose my people. They have nice photos. I missed at least one pancreatic cancer person though.
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    Sven Erlander has died aged 87: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sven_Erlander Sven was the last living child of Swedish Prime Minister 1946-1969, Tage Erlander (1901-1985). Erlander was (arguably) the longest-ruling democratic head of government, winning seven elections and ruling for 23 years. He was also the predecessor of Olof Palme. Tage Erlander:
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    I'm ending my subscription to the Nostradamus Toast football prediction service now.
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