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    I have just been on twitter and there is an awful unedifying spectacle of one group of people saying the media killed Caroline Flack,another saying Twitter and Instagram killed Caroline Flack,another saying the public who buy newspapers killed Caroline Flack and then there is the pushback against all of that and debates about how females accused of domestic violence are treated better than men and nobody would care if a man accused of domestic violence died etc. There are virtue signalling arseholes seeking attention from all sides /angles of the debate or issue and using it to point score. Its really cheap and frankly a cesspool and a number of celebrities are in the driving seat on twitter adding petrol to the bonfire. Very disheartening and disappointing.
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    Because i've got nothing better to do (and that i'm a Beatle nut), going to list everyone (that I know of), that had direct links to the boys that could die in next 10 years: The remaining Beatles left Paul McCartney (PM) - 77 Ringo Starr (RS) - 79 Pete Best - 78 - Was replaced by RS Jimmie Nicol - 80 - RS was in hospital in 1964 and was temp drummer for US tour *George and John are GH and JL. The Quarrymen (original band JL was in) Colin Hanton - 81 Chas Newby - 78 - Was bassist in Hamburg days as well before PM took over John Lowe - 77 Nigel Walley - 78 Rod Davis - 79 Wife or girlfriend (includes former) Nancy Lee Andrews - 72 (formerly engaged to RS) Pattie Boyd - 75 - ex wife to GH and Eric Clapton Yoko Ono - 86 - JL second wife Olivia Harrison - 71 - GH surviving wife Jane Asher - 73 - PM ex girlfriend Ex partners of the wife or girlfriend Isaac Tigrett - 71 - Married RS ex wife and is founder of Hard Rock Cafe and House of Blues Eric Clapton - 74 (see above for link) Toshi Ichiyanagi - 87 - First husband of Yoko Ono Anthony Cox - 83 - Second husband of Yoko Ono Misc Keisuke Ono - 83 - Yoko Ono's brother Mike McGear - 76 - PM brother Tony Visconti - 75 - May Pang's ex Astrid Kirchherr - 81 - Photographed the boys in Hamburg Klaus Voormann - 81 - Designed artwork for the boys including Revolver Bill Harry - 81 - Arranged for Brian Epstein, to see Beatles perform a lunchtime concert at the Cavern Club Jacqueline Dykins - 70 - JL half sister Julia Baird - 72 - JL sister There is another half sister of JL but can't find her age. Wings band members Denny Laine - 75 Joe English - 71 Denny Seiwell - 76 Geoff Britton - 76 Ok i'll go to bed now.
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    As soon as you said 'rapper' a whole fucking generation lost interest.
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    The Seekers are my secret love. Judiths voice was just wonderful, as a group, so together, perfect. I think, when she goes, Australia will go into a week of official mourning.
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    Fears Philip won't be alive in 5 years; that's tragic, 90% of world population makes it to 104.
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    Chuck Yeager is 97 today!
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    Tonight is a difficult time to discuss such a complex, sensitive and thorny subject after todays tragedy so I will try to be careful what I am saying and the words I choose. I want to stress that I am NOT talking about or referring to Caroline Flack when I say this. But I have no patience and little time for SOME celebrities who clearly love embracing the fame celebrity game and the shortcut to big money that it offers them but very quickly develop an attitude that being a celebrity and not receiving any scrutiny or attention that is uncomplimentary or critical in anyway is their divine right. An almost entitled victim mode develops as if their fame and fortune has evolved and developed in a bubble totally unconnected to anything else but their own greatness .There is a childlike mentality amongst some that only the nice good bits of fame are legitimate and should exist.The bad bits, or the downside is unfair on them and shouldn't exist.This is regressive,unrealistic and immature. It is much more pronounced amongst hollow vessels or reality tv stars with little talent and who rely on an initial leg up from the press or a tv show that makes them famous eg Big Brother or The Only way is Essex etc. Celebrities with a bit more talent and substance tend to be more likely to take a more balanced and mature attitude to the business of fame and celebrity. I'm thinking of people like say Katie Price who seems in permanent poor me victim mode, craving the attention to stay relevant , setting up staged photoshoots in public places whilst bemoaning being harassed. No recognition that she has made a trade off .A totally vacuous selling off her private life to the highest bidder, craving relevance and attention whilst simultaneously acting all hard done by the media and its interest in her and morally outraged at the fact any kind of criticism of her exists at all. It's all rather cake and eat it combined with cognitive dissonance. Anyway rant over but I don't get her or why people are still interested in her 'story'.
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    And stop posting Instagram posts too. Can't you just write a sentence and put a link like everyone? Don't be offended, but I find it pretty unnerving. And the vast part of those posts actually don't carry information, only are old photos of old actresses on their birthday, celebrated on Instagram by some perfect unknown. What's the purpose of that?
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    Agree. This has set a new standard in journalistic endeavor, which even the Daily Express might struggle to compete with in years to come. The mind boggles.
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    Why are we sending children to school instead of inducing strokes in them?
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    Don't change it to Peter McCall, he's died as well.
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    Brexiter loses his shit over one of the consequences of Brexit. The state of this prick.
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    You can also move Pistor and Bothe from blue to red as their deaths have been verified now. Bothe's page was finally settled on Wiki as her having died in 2000 (there was previous doubt as to whether she had died - the confusion occurred because an interview with her from the 1990s was mislabelled on YouTube as 2007, as it was rebroadcasted that year). Ernst-August Pistor (his full name is provided in the court documents online) has an obit from several months after his trial here.
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    Short update: Reinhard Hardegen (1913-2018) Hans Sommer (1914- ) Günther Schwägermann (1915- ) Fritz Jauss (1917-2014) Josef Scheungraber (1918-2015) Michael Karkoc (1919-2019) Hans Lipschis (1919-2016) Ernst Pistor (1920-2011?) Walter Schuck (1920-2015) Hubert Zafke (1920-2018 ) Rudolf von Ribbentrop (1921-2019) Oskar Gröning (1921-2018) Algimantas Dailidé (1921-2015) Heinrich Boere (1921-2013) Sören Kam (1921-2015) Charles Zentai (1921-2017) Gerhard Sommer (1921- ) Herta Bothe (1921-2000) Siert Bruins (1921-2015) Vladimir Katriuk (1921-2015) Reinhold Hanning (1922-2017) Otto Carius (1922-2015) Joachim Boosfeld (1922-2015) Karl Münter (1922-2019) Wilhelm Karl Friedriech Hoffmeister (c1923- )  Helma Kisser (1923?- )  Jakiw Palij (1923-2019)  Johann Robert Riss (1923- ) Alfred Stoerk (Stark/Stork) (1923- ) Ernst Tremmel (1923?-2016) Aksel Andersen (1924- )  Jakob Denzinger (1924-2016) Helmut Oberlander (1924- ) Helmuth Leif Rasmussen or Rasboel (1924- ) Theodor Szehinskyj (1924-2014)
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    If you're referring to Ingrid Pedersen it looks like she was born on 19th June 1945. https://www.beatlesbible.com/1945/06/19/john-lennons-half-sister-victoria-born/
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    Look, you'd have been disappointed if this open goal had been missed...
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    I think that was a genuine guess from LFN time, with Mash being Americentric and nothing to do with Flack...... Oh nvm... you're a cunt
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    I'm actually shocked about this, she was way too young to die. Years back, my daughter was at Stansted and flying out somewhere with some friends. They spotted her and all went over to her and, naturally, asked her if she would have her photo taken with them. My daughter said that she was lovely, totally natural, more than happy to pose with them and chat with them. How fucking tragic, the fame machine has chewed up and spat out another poor soul.
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    I'm not really a Baddiel fan but that bit cracks me up. Which makes me fear that somewhere out there there's a decent Michael McIntyre sketch, but hell am I looking for that.
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    The fact he's still alive is a fucking miracle.
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    Kirk Douglas and Herman Wouk somehow managed it to become a similar age and Prince Phillip is in much better health than both of them were five years ago, so I wouldn't even be that suprised.
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    According to that link it's changing it's name to NatWest Group. Nowhere in that report does it say Westminster. Anyway, individual branches aren't going to change their identities, not like when Royal Bank of Scotland got rid of Williams & Glyn's!
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    Prince Philip could “allegedly” pass away in 5 years. Fuck me. Stunning bit of journalism.
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    For some reason, the Guardian published an interview with John Boorman who is 87 years old now and has age-appropriate illnesses, but nothing too dramatic: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/feb/13/john-boorman-you-think-the-holy-grail-is-lost-no-i-have-it-on-my-piano
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