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    Tom Baker, this week. He's certainly aging now but in better nick than 99.9% of 88 year old former alcoholics.
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    Well, we now have an answer, because I emailed the National Library of Albania and they got back to me: "Dear Mr. X, I trust you are doing well! I apologize for my late response. According to the search we performed we do not have any material for their death. We also inform you that all three political figures do not live. With regards Lindita Zhulali Service & Information Sector National Library of Albania" So, as we suspected, Petro Dode and Foto Cami are also both deceased.
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    Yet another reason to say FUCK PUTIN!!! War in Ukraine aside, we've won that. Sam Ryder, take a bow! Proof if we put the effort in, we can still do it.
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    Khalifa bin Zayed, president of the United Arab Emirates since 2004 (a relatively weak position in this federation of city states) has died at 73. He was also the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/uae/uae-president-sheikh-khalifa-bin-zayed-passes-away
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    Sam Ryder is an absolute legend, an incredible representative for this country. We won the jury vote, WON it. Of course, many people predicted a Ukraine win, and understandably so. But I thought their song was pretty decent. And, as has been said, if we put the effort in, we CAN get results. The UK, the social pariahs we are, have gone from literal zero to hero. Second is an amazing result.
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    Hey, can anyone please tell me if edits to Wikipedia count as a QO??? Thanks.
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    Poor Trumpists, they can't catch a break. Now they have to hate Twitter again.
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    Dutch statesman Johan van Oldenbarnevelt died on this day 403 years ago, aged 71. In 1586, Oldenbarnevelt became the Land's Advocate of Holland- in layman's terms, the most powerful politician in the country. Oldenbarnevelt was also a diplomat, visiting France and England. In 1602, he founded the Dutch East India Company, a company whose purpose was to monopolize the spice trade in what is now Indonesia. In 1609, Oldenbarnevelt led the negotiations that resulted in the Twelve Years' Truce between Holland and Spain, which declared a period of ceasefire during the Eighty Years' War (in which Holland was trying to gain independence from Habsburg Spain). During this time, two religious factions arose in Holland: the Calvinist majority, and the Remonstrants, who rejected Calvinism- Oldenbarnevelt sided with the Remonstrants. This led to religious persecution and riots, and Oldenbarnevelt suggested that Holland should raise their own militia to keep peace. The States General saw this as the two states that comprised that region as declaring sovereign independence, and Prince Maurice of Orange sent his army to prevent this. Oldenbarnevelt and several other leaders were arrested. In a kangaroo court trial (with a jury comprising of personal and political enemies), Oldenbarnevelt was found guilty of treason and beheaded. Following this, his sons Reinier and Willem conspired to assassinate Maurice, but the plot was uncovered in 1623. Reinier was captured and beheaded as well, while Willem fled to Spanish-occupied Belgium with his son Pieter, began using the surname "van Stoutenberg" to disassociate himself from the family, converted to Catholicism, and lived there until his death in 1638 (Pieter would emigrate to New Amsterdam immediately after). (Interesting side note: Oldenbarnevelt is one of my ancestors- specifically, one of my thousands of 12x-great grandparents.)
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    She should use a nobility scooter
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    21 entrants (20 quickest off the mark plus your host and - ahem - master, Maryportfuncity). Competition opens on 1 June with the aim of getting a winner by midsummer's day. This is Maryport’s Midsummer Madness Dead Pool 2022 (That’ll be MMMDP to you lot!) Lizzie looms large in the dead pooling pantheon of late - so we've whipped her into line to MC the midsummer madness! MMMDP 2022 - That masterlist in full
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    So what you are in fact saying is, that he was a prick.
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    MMMDP form guide #4 Peter Tobin Scottish serial killer with possibly quite a few victims yet to be identified. Slowly dying from cancer in prison for years, and regularly hospitalised since last year. The police is still following some leads to prove more of his crimes so they can ask him while he still breathes - which kind of implies that they have to hurry.
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    Yang Hyong-sop dead.
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    @Wormfarmer... Tom Parker was a hit here, too. He was a popular name for 4 players at the T and P spot: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-60934411 Michel Bouquet was a solo hit for @DeathByArsenic: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2022/apr/22/michel-bouquet and Art Rupe was a solo hit for @Death Impends: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/18283990/art-rupe-dead-104-specialty-records-little-richard/
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    We all know why Spain got so many votes, and it had nothing to do with music.
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    Pictured - Plan B
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    She's incredibly brave and has done a huge amount of good, but the lengths this government will go to to buy positive PR is genuinely sickening. This is what happens when you elect a populist government who govern solely based on what plays well in their media. I doubt she was ever getting a damehood until a few days ago when she announced she was on the way out. The money for charity obviously made a difference but I don't remember Jane Tomlinson getting this kind of treatment. The Captain Tom effect perhaps. Or perhaps 'Northern Ireland's on fire, the EU hate us, the Met have issued another 50 Covid fines, what can we do to change the story?! Quick, give the dying cancer woman a damehood! Genius!' Let me just make clear, I'm not having a go at Deborah at all, just a government exploiting a dying woman for their own motives.
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    On this day in 2019 the former Labor Prime Minister of Australia died aged 89. He was Prime Minister for eight years between 1983 and 1991.
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    Maggie Peterson (Wiki) who played Charlene Darling on The Andy Griffin Show dead at 81
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    Hmm, Daniella Westbrook might yet have the comeback role of a lifetime!
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    (Also posted in the '100 Club' thread): James 'Stocky' Edwards, a Canadian World War II fighter ace with 19 confirmed kills, has died. He was 100. https://globalnews.ca/news/8836872/stocky-edwards-ace-dies/ 2015 Government of Canada information sheet on James 'Stocky' Edwards: https://www.canada.ca/en/air-force/corporate/reports-publications/on-windswept-heights-2/31-history-1939-1945.html
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    Ricky Gardiner, Scottish lead guitarist on and co-composer of The Passenger by Iggy Pop and lead guitarist on Sound And Vision and others by David Bowie, reportedly dead:
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    Shouldn't that go in the Dying Bigots thread?
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    New picture of Young posted in her daughter's Twitter earlier this month: It also appears she was born in 1931 rather than 1936.
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