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    Hello to all visitors who were thinking "Ooh fuck the thread's hot, it's finally happened!!"
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    We need more like him in parliament.
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    Every time mymango needlessly posts in the Jimmy Carter thread, this is what its doing to Jimmy Carter. Think before you post guys...
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    Stan Bowles reportedly dead aged 75.
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    John Savident sounds like he was just as much of a character as his, well, character. Like this anecdote from Gareth Roberts, a writer who, among many things, once worked on Coronation St:
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    If Jimmy Carter was actually forced to read this thread in hospice, he would have probably just topped himself off, just to not read Jondarru's posts.
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    Diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia.
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    Wilson Fittipaldi reportedly dead: https://www-itatiaia-com-br.translate.goog/esportes/motor/2024/02/23/morre-wilson-fittipaldi-jr-ex-piloto-de-formula-1-e-irmao-de-emerson-fittipaldi?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp
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    Assassinate MyMango?
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    Edith Ceccarelli, the oldest living American and second oldest in the world, has died. She was 116. https://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/news/edie-ceccarelli-willits-resident-and-oldest-living-american-dies-two-week/?gallery=7e411f74-ab6e-433a-b847-84c4a05e2685
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    I have always thought that if someone wants to end their life, it is a matter for them and them only.
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    I think I'll close thread for a couple of hours
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    I think the only way we’re going to stop the fucktards posting shite on this thread is to assassinate the poor bastard.
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    Well it wasn’t going to be socialising with real people was it
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    Mango boy is the first user I've decided to ignore posts for, which means I avoid all his spam but it makes everyone else in this thread look schizophrenic.
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    Sitting up watching the news and the state the world is in should be enough to finish anyone off
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    Manohar Joshi (1937-2024) "One day I will become the king of Immortals and MyMango will spam my thread all day long!" (Joshi's shattered dreams) "Close but no cigar" (Murli Manohar Joshi) Age at death: 86 Known health issues: suffering from brain cancer after years of failing health, he suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage in June 2023, putting him in a coma for good. Back then the chances of recovery were bleak, but in December he was giving interviews for his 86th birthday. Hospitalised in very critical condition in February 2024 after heart attack. Cause of death: Heart attack. Alignment: Seemed reasonably a nice guy, differently from his namesake Murli Manohar Joshi, who has a reputation of being an asshole.
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    Did they go on a mass purge of them to avoid paying their pensions or something?
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    Jimmy's look when he hears mymango is posting on his thread.
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    Manohar Joshi dead. It's Jover.
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    I notice you've gone from being labelled a boomer to a child in the span of 24 hours. You really need to share your anti aging secrets with us.
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    You're definitely a child. Why can't you just act like an adult for once? You haven't posted anything of value to this discussion other than a flowchart that you probably stole from someone else. I'd rather send "pathetic PMs" than further pollute this thread with inanity like you're doing.
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    Americans who think anyone with an English accent has to be intelligent. Lucrative market.
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