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  1. Magere Hein

    Slobodan Milosevic

    Nah, there's a languange that everybody speaks, but nobody understands: Grunt.
  2. Magere Hein

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    I used to have a 19 inch rack:
  3. Magere Hein

    UFOs, Space Aliens and the like

    I think it did a mock launch and flew away.
  4. Magere Hein

    MHDP Obits

    Afraid so. This will show what a Real Celeb is.
  5. Magere Hein

    Johan Cruijff

    Of course I considered Cruijff for my Minions of Xuleneb theme team, but he deceived me. Can't trust those Amsterdammers.
  6. Magere Hein

    Johan Cruijff

    And better: winning the Eredivisie (Ajax 3rd) and the KNVB Cup (final won 1-0 against Fortuna Sittard). I just watched charon's video, some of the footage there was of the 1974 Wold Cup, including the final. That was the first world cup I watched. I well remember how perfectly normal that kind of footy was then. Later in life I realised what an exceptional footballer Cruijff was. Cruijff's comments on football were magic. Sometimes screaming nonsense, never in correct Dutch, often blindingly obvious and always entertaining. My favourite: "Als wij de bal hebben kunnen hun niet scoren." ("If we have the ball, them can't score"). Damn!
  7. Magere Hein

    Johan Cruijff

    Oh no, I didn't. Damn!
  8. Magere Hein

    Stranger Than Death

    Hang on ... the Daily Mail says he was "a block away" from the incident in Boston. That's a fair distance. And only that he was "in Paris" when last year's attacks took place. So in fact he's been involved in one terrorist attack. Ah, lying for Jesus, that's ok.
  9. Magere Hein


    Check. I had hoped you would. Check. Point about rules taken.
  10. Magere Hein

    MHDP Obits

  11. Magere Hein

    MHDP Obits

    Yes, I did.
  12. Magere Hein


    Formal matters first: Since Deathray posted a carbon copy of The Unknown Man's team, includIng dead picks, I conclude he nicked it. Denial is a river in Africa. I still think it's not sport, but I didn't recognise this, which is of course stupid, and I let the team in. This has two consequences: Should MHDP get a second season, there'll be a rule change: registration by PM only. Ordinarilly I would replace dead picks by subs, but for Deathray's stolen stiffs I won't, just because I can (under rule 8.3) and because it pissed me off, and hope one of The Unknown Man's subs does the right thing. It would be quite unfair if both teams were to finish tied. Hmm, a Schroedinger solution. That would mean I should award probable points. Give that a miss. From http://www.socialdemokraterne.dk/da/nyhedsarkiv/2016/3/mette-frederiksens-mindeord-til-anker-joergensen/I think I read that he died on Sunday, not before. So while he may have done the deed before the competition started, I count Jørgensen as a hit. Well done to the teams who picked him.
  13. Magere Hein

    Ariel Sharon

    Dunno, forgot.
  14. Magere Hein

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    Certainly, AAA batteries, even. Here's an example:
  15. Magere Hein

    Rob Ford

    ETA: If he gets on with it, it'd mean three hits in alphabetical order in my team. He did!

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