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    I've usually done this by now, but first thoughts: Kirk Douglas - Boring top pick. May or may not die. Herman Wouk - Somehow still alive. Olivia de Havilland - Healthiest centenarian the list has ever seen? Prince Philip - On the downward slope, but slowly imo. Leah Bracknell - Terminal lung cancer is terminal lung cancer, I think she'll be gone this year. Vera Lynn - Quieter than she used to be, could be one of the obligatory "random old folk on the list for year who die". Robert Mugabe - Hospital for several months last year, time is nearly up. Jimmy Carter - Should beat Bush's record, but reaching the Expiry Date for former Presidents and cancer survivor. Doris Day - She got hit by a train over 80 years ago, and still breathes. Will take a lot to take down Doris Pierre Cardin - Just really old? Bob Dole - Looked like fucking shite at Bush's funeral, has to be a good bet for 2019. Henry Kissinger - 96 must be close to 200 for his weight. Didn't similar heavy built Al Molinaro go at 96? Hmm. Jerry Stiller - No idea about his health. Interesting newcomer. Javier Perez de Cuellar - Zzzzzzzz. Death hoax in late 2018, maybe he's doing a Bill Pertwee. Bob Barker - Lots of hooha about him on here end of last year. Think hes on mend though. Murray Walker - Old, still chats apparently, smashed cancer to bits in his 90s - surely a few laps left in his tank. Akihito - Frail for years, surprisingly still around. Betty White - Looked frailer last year but not to the point I'd get worried. Gordon Banks - DL Cmme loves old footballers, clearly. Has Banks been quieter than usual of late or did I tune out all the Engerlund stuff last summer? Hosni Mubarak - Not convinced he's close to the end. June Brown - Clearly going downhill on Eastenders. Not got too long left. Stirling Moss - Shocked he made it this far. OoO says wont see 90, I believe him. Bob Hawke - Says he wont see May, hospital in and out in 2018, and his wife was crying talking on TV about his health few days ago. Think his goose is cooked. Alan Greenspan - Really old, and random death hoax last year. Jacques Chirac - Increasingly frail, likely a top pick. Dick van Dyke - Super healthy? Trying to do a repeat Aznavour imo. Nobby Stiles - Great pick. Barbara Walters - Quiet and demented, sleeper smart pick. Honor Blackman - Very old. Guessing Cmme has Avengers fans. Harry Belafonte - Good pick, A lister looking old. Desmond Tutu - In and out of hospital, in and out of the list d'Estaing - Just old Ed Asner - This years surprise comeback. Vanessa Redgrave - COPD so time limited but looked OK in recent public. Jimmy Greaves - Looks like shit, cant have long left. Sidney Poitier - About time this frail permanent A lister got on the list. Valerie Harper - Quiet dying? Quiet putting feet up and chilling? Who knows. Cleo Laine - Dunno much about this pick. Loretta Lynn - In lot of ill health, likely a big pick in 2019. Gorbachev - Finally! Frail, increasingly poorly, might be here in nick of time. Tony Britton - Really old actor. Thought his window of opportunity had long passed! John McCririck - Looks fucked tbh Clive James - Looked fucked tbh. Didn't I say that in every year since 2011? Prunella Scales - Rallied enough to do another TV series. Gone mentally, OK physically, could go downhill rapidly within 12 months though. Think Timothy might got within 6 months of her tbh. Little Richard - frail A-lister with health issues, good pick. Larry King - Just old? Tina Turner - Seems to be on the mend from rotten health. Shane McGowan - Fuck yer Gazza and Mark E Smiths, this is the one that'll gut me if he goes. Getting married suddenly end of 2018 after 30-40 years cohabiting is a huge warning bell. Ginger Baker - How is he still alive? COPD, for yonks. Johnny Clegg - He got pancreatic cancer in 2015, got remission, it came back, so he got the full Whipple Surgery in 2017, only for his pancreatic cancer to come back when he no longer had most of his pancreas etc and spread to his lungs. You don't need me or A Google Dr to tell you he is fucked. So saying that, and adding 2 to the score for the inevitable long time oldies who just don't wake up one morning, I think a reasonable target for this list is 16. In fact, IF enough of the long termers go in 2019, the record might be under threat. There's enough ill, frail and generally ancient picks to go around.
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    It's really kind of you to ask ! It's getting a little better those time, I'm really happy and really motivated to win this fight ! I'll tell you when I have some interesting news ! thanks a lot, really ! Good night from Paris !
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    Stevie Wonder says she looked fit as a fiddle and he couldn't see a thing wrong with her.
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    Is officially open for business. Emails appear to be very slow sending out, if you haven't received one by, idk, tomorrow, let me know.
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    Kane Tanaka 02 Jan 1903 Lives in Fukuoka, Japan Oldest living person, 20th oldest ever One of the most remarkable Oldest Person titleholders for some time. She can walk at the pace of a young person, tell jokes, sing, participate in press conferences, solve maths questions, play Othello, fold clothes and do the Japanese favourite - hand dancing. She's going to be around for a while. Maria-Giuseppa Robucci-Nargiso (Nonna Peppa for short) 20 Mar 1903 Lives in Apulia, Italy Oldest living European, 2nd oldest living person, 22nd oldest ever The title of Oldest in Europe is traditionally a QO shoo-in, but sadly this didn't happen for her predecessor Giuseppina Projetto. She's a very happy person who still makes public appearances, but there seems to have been a slight decline in her health. Shimoe Akiyama 19 May 1903 Lives in Nagoya, Japan 3rd oldest living, 28th oldest ever No photo, no nothing. This may change if she one day becomes the oldest person in Japan, but Tanaka is making that more unlikely with every passing day. Magdalena Oliver Gabarró 31 Oct 1903 Lives in Barcelona, Spain Oldest Spaniard, would-be 42nd oldest ever Unverified. It has been hinted on the 110 Club that her potential verification is imminent. She looked well the last time she was pictured, but that was 2 years ago. Annalise or Annelise 03 Dec 1903 Lives in Nanuet, USA Challenger to title of oldest American The fact that we don't even know the spelling of this woman's first name should tell you all you need to know. However, she might be the oldest American. Lucile Randon (Soeur Andre) 11 Feb 1904 Lives in Toulon, France Oldest Frenchie, 4th oldest living, 52nd oldest ever, oldest nun The real oldest nun, as pointed out after Sister Cecylia died. Confusingly, the oldest nun ever was Sister Cecilia (1902-2017). Soeur Andre may take this title in June. Shin Matsushita 30 Mar 1904 Lives in Sendai, Japan 5th oldest living, 62nd oldest ever, oldest person to outlive a pet Yes, this dog is dead. To be honest, Shin has appeared downbeat since this happened, and what's the point in going on if you're 114 and you just lost your dog? Gabrielle Valentine des Robert 04 Jun 1904 Lives in Nantes, France 6th oldest living, 86th oldest ever She is living proof that fat people aren't destined to die young. Isn't in the best of shape, mind you. Lessie Brown 22 Sep 1904 Lives in Cleveland, USA 7th oldest living, Believed to be oldest American Though her family adore her, I struggle to believe you can enjoy life in such poor condition. Jeanne Bot 14 Jan 1905 Lives in Perpignan, France 8th oldest living When I first heard about this woman a few months ago, I thought she was an android designed to shut down at the age of 122. It appears not. She is very healthy and can still walk around her own home. Shigeyo Nakachi 01 Feb 1905 Lives in Saga, Japan 9th oldest living Winner of "sunniest old person in the world". Never seen without a big smile on her face. She is almost profoundly deaf and communicates by reading off a tablet and shouting her response. Haruno Yamashita 19 Feb 1905 Lives in Kurume, Japan 10th oldest living A mystery. Ellen "Dolly" Gibb 26 Apr 1905 Lives in North Bay, Canada Oldest Canadian Some photos of her are quite unflattering, but she is holding up well. Alelia Murphy 06 Jul 1905 Lives in Harlem, USA 2nd oldest American Has been mentioned before as she defied death by coming back from the dreaded Limbo. She may or may not be next in line to the Oldest American throne. That Party City tiara does not reflect this title. Masazō Nonaka 25 Jul 1905 Lives in Ashoro, Japan Oldest man, 14th oldest man ever Old boy is enjoying his 10+ month reign as Oldest Man but is noticeably frail. Iris Westman 28 Aug 1905 Lives in Grand Forks, USA Oldest highly educated person She graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1928 and went on to teach. Maybe if she gets old enough then some tabloids will pick up on this. Gustav Gerneth 15 Oct 1905? Lives in Havelberg, Germany Would-be 2nd oldest man, 16th oldest man ever, oldest German person ever A recent picture (which won't upload) doesn't say good things about his physical health. He is looking forward to his 114th birthday in October 2019, but doubts have been cast on his claimed age. Beware. Kura Bingo 20 Oct 1905 Lives in Soni, Japan Not really famous, but what a moniker! House, anyone? Richard Overton 11 May 1906 Lives in Austin, USA 2nd oldest man, 23rd oldest man ever, oldest American man, oldest Allied veteran Has now survived pneumonia an incredible 5 times! He has been noticeably quiet in an ominous way for a few months. I love the man, but it might all be Over soon... Tekla Juniewicz 10 Jun 1906 Lives in Gliwice, Poland Oldest Pole ever The first Polish person to ever live to 112. Here she is with Waclaw, a GRG/110 Club admin. Mazie Ford 28 Jun 1906 Lives in Hollywood (that's Florida), USA Oldest volunteer She dresses herself, does her wig and makeup, knits babies' hats and takes them to her local hospital almost every day! She's amazing for her age! Grace Catherine Jones 16 Sep 1906 Lives in Broadway (that's Worcestershire), UK Oldest Brit, 3rd oldest Grace Jones ever No, wrong one... Not that one, she died in 2006... Close but not her either, she's dead anol... That's our wummin! She is lovely and is able to give long interviews. 3Sri Shivakumara Swami(ji/galu) 01 Apr 1907? Lives in Tumkur, India Where's a bullshit button when you need one? His age is NOT accurate. Yet his ability to bounce back from multiple hospitalisations is superb. After a fifth hospitalisation for the same ailment, he's tied with Richard Overton. Qin Hanzhang 19 Feb 1908? Lives in Beijing, China Oldest notable person Although the chances of a Chinese person being verified are low, we can pretty much confirm that he's as old as he claims. He is known for developing methods for producing wine. I would like to think that he is partly responsible for grape stomping, which inspired my 2nd favourite news blooper. Alf Smith and Bob Weighton 29 Mar 1908 Live in St Madoes and Alton, UK Joint oldest British men Alf is the first supercentenarian Scotsman It's no secret that Alf isn't doing as well as Bob (I believe he had a stroke a few years ago) but I wish both of them well. Cecilia Seghizzi 05 Sep 1908 Lives in Gorizia, Italy Oldest notable woman Known for being an artist and composer. The Guardian would like her. Anyway, she is doing great. Dr. Robert Wiener 27 Oct 1908 Lives in Montreal, Canada Oldest Canadian man, one half of oldest brothers ever, oldest doctor Pathologist whose older brother David fell just shy of 110. He still rides his exercise bike daily and works very closely with his doctor to improve his health. He's quite charming and he's not ready to slow down yet. Agnes Kluckhenn 01 Apr 1909 Lives in unknown location in Australia Oldest Aussie Does this woman even exist? I'm not convinced. At just 109 she's a youngster compared to others, but you know what they say about Australians and Mail obits.
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    Our little DL-Convention No.3: We couldn't decide where to meet, so we flipped a coin. Novosibirsk lost, New York won. How lucky we are. All the best from Book and gcreptile (left and right)
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    Just a quick update, she’s off the ventilator but still on oxygen and on the lung ward for now but I know there’s going to be a lot of tests done on her heart this week. However she’s awake, alert and talking away yesterday and again today. Ive barely slept since Thursday so it’s all a bit hazy now, so very large Baileys and an early night will help. Also the support of friends and family and colleagues have been amazing, so now we appear over the worst and critical stage I can hopefully chill and relax tonight.
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    No it isn't, Stephen Hawking was a dreadful singer.
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    We really need to think about what kind of world we're going to leave to Jimmy Carter after we all pass on.
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    I’m here. Just found the level of cuntishness on here quite tedious and didn’t really have much to contribute. Still don’t to be honest! But I’ve had a skinful so thought I’d check in
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    Wow, theoldlady, I didn't realise you were that old.
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    "...[DeathList] is pretty bullshit" Unilad - Jan 2017 "Unilad was pretty bullshit - for the short time it was around that is" - DeathList - Oct 2018
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    If he's taking up skiing he can't be that bad.
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    I'm celebrating thirteen years as a Deathlister today.
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    Aye, but not before Irene Jones. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/manic-street-preachers-stars-mum-14735142 I make this my first dead pool win.
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    Most fiddles don't move much and are often kept in a wooden box.
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    I'm quite happy to announce the old man fully recovered. Even his speech is perfectly normal now and walks only using a cane. I think he deserves a small part in the upcoming Karunanidhi vs Tiwari movie, I'm sure he would be happy about that.
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    How many extra chromosomes do you have?
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    Here’s something a happy thing for this thread for a change: My grandparents (the ones that I stay at on my vacation) owned a dog for six years. Neither of them really want him, so our family is now getting him. His name is Scamp, and he’s a very lovely dog. Here’s a picture of him (and yes, that is my hand petting him).
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    Didn't they do well? To get to the Semifinals, I think so, anyhow. So it's commiserations to The Dead Cow and our dethroned Cup holder, Deadsox. The King is dead, long live the King - but will it be the Devonian Prince of Darkness, or a Sir from Louisiana? Only one way to find out. Final masterlist 1. George Bush Sr – Sir Creep 2. Colin Butts – Sir Creep, DDT 3. Matt Cappotelli – Sir Creep, DDT 4. Tom Crawford – Sir Creep 5. Sean Cox – Sir Creep 6. Fu Da-Ren - DDT 7. Angie Douthit – Sir Creep 8. Virgil Hunter - DDT 9. Will Jordan - DDT 10. Alejandro Junco de la Vega - DDT 11. Meng Lang – Sir Creep 12. Rev Violet Mark - DDT 13. Bertie McMinn - DDT 14. Marsh Pratley – Sir Creep 15. Bishop Francis Quinn – Sir Creep, DDT 16. Ralph Santolla - DDT 17. Doug Silsbee – Sir Creep 18. ND Tiwari – Sir Creep 19. Joe Vento - DDT 3rd place masterlist 1. Leonard Bighetty- Cow 2. Kathleen Blanc - Deadsox 3. George Bush Sr - Deadsox 4. Colin Butts- Cow, Deadsox 5. Matt Cappotelli – Cow, Deadsox 6. Jon Hiseman - Cow 7. Will Jordan- Cow, Deadsox 8. Jose Jose - Deadsox 9. Alejandro Junco de la Vega - Cow 10. Meng Lang – Cow 11. Peter Lorimer - Deadsox 12. John McCain –Cow, Deadsox 13. Bertie McMinn – Cow 14. Charlotte Rae - Deadsox 15. Lindy Remigino - Deadsox 16. Doug Silsbee – Cow 17. Gary Thibodeau - Deadsox 18. Papu Pom Pom- Cow Final Sir Creep (Bush, Butts, Cappotelli, Crawford, Cox, Douthit, Lang, Pratley, Quinn, Silsbee, Tiwari) Vs DDT (Junco, Jordan, Hunter, Vento, Santolla, Butts, Cappotelli, McMinn, Quinn, Da-Ren, Mark) 3rd place playoff Dead Cow (Silsbee, Pom, Lang, Butts, Hiseman, Junco, McCain, Jordan, Cappotelli, McMinn, Bighetty) Vs Deadsox (Lorimer, Jordan, Bush, McCain, Cappotelli, Butts, Thibodeau, Blanco, Remigino, Rae, Jose) Now, you might notice two matches. I got asked (a lot) about a 3rd place playoff last year, and so here it is, as both losing Semifinalists were willing to take part. (Indeed, we had unanimity from all 4 contestants!) Never let it be said the Cup wont try and give the punters what they want. You might also notice 2 different masterlists. That's because I see the 3rd place playoff as "separate" from the final, and didn't feel it fair for uniques of Sir Creep or DDT to be lost due to the optional other match being played. Right, we're nearly at the finish line. Good luck to both finalists.
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    Yep - everybody who's got you in their deadpool teams, dear.
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    If looks could kill ...
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    I can't! ... we don't talk anymore.
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