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    We're officially up. The sidebars are updated, 2021 in the archives, and a little introductory post by me ahead of the actual obits. Plenty of work to go - but we're open.
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    Sad news. I will never forget her performance in The Time Machine with Boris Johnson.
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    Dead. Obituaries: The Sun, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Independent, BBC
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    So here goes... After private talks in the PM about the Wiki lists being deleted I decided to set up a standalone Wiki "Oldests and Lasts" to host the data. In the long term this will be far more feasible than creating threads on the forum. I copy and pasted the mirrors of the lists that were deleted from Wiki. Think I got them all... but if I missed any, WikiWand still has the mirrors up for now so that'd be a quick fix. The actual links, calculations of ages, etc, will have to be readded manually, which obviously would take some time and effort, but that can wait as just having the articles up again in some form was highest priority. I also might need to reinstate some more templates from Wiki albeit the age and date related ones are largely up. Additionally, this Wiki can directly link to pages on the original Wikipedia, which involves the template {{wp|(name of article)|(display text, if different from article title)}}. For instance {{wp|Nehemiah Persoff}}, or {{wp|Marsha Hunt (actress, born 1917)|Marsha Hunt}} Currently only open to registered users though depending on how things progress may start allowing guest edits. https://oldestsandlasts.com/index.php?title=Main_Page
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    Second of two updates. The DDP Archive is finally here. The entire history of the competition, as much as we have, in one place. Links to old competitions, the analysis from the hosts, historical bits that might help. I hope it is of use.
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    Right all teams fully loaded up - just under 500 this year. Still about 360 celeb new misspelt not recognised celebs to check (565 already done) and lots of other checking to do but always a nice milestone to have all the teams on. No review of dodgy picks has taken place yet as names not 'released' to reptile and DI yet. That will happen over the next week. I am now at the point where I no longer have to write '(footballer)' in front of Pele which I feel like I have done about 250 times but I'll find out later how many. No more squeezing Emeritus into the Pope's name. No more adding the dash in to Oliver Newton-John. No more adding the . to Michael J. Fox No more rewriting Queen Elizabeth II or just adding II. etc etc etc
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    DDP 2021: Moore Time To Die - Derby Dead Pool The Year End Review. imo we should sack the co-ho...oh wait, already done. As George Michael put it, Freedom...
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    Go on, open a 13th Death of 2021 thread. I dares ya.
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    I think Dove Windsor should be this forum’s mascot
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    The DQ verdicts were all made, as hinted by Reptile in the DBN thread. As we're in the home stretch, and in interests of transparency, here's the poor nonentities you all tried to sneak past us this year: Mike Mora - Already explained earlier in thread, not notable for photography career Edith Kwoizalla - First German woman to be vaccinated against COVID. We already excluded the UK equivalents last year. Esther Waitherero - Sister of President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya. No actual coverage that indicates notability. Andrew McAslan - Minor runner who has not had coverage independent of his cancer Phil Rossall - Wheelchair world record not good enough, nor is his fundraising amount Esther Lee - Mentioned her as a no go in the salvage lot thread, reiterating that she is essentially a "family of X" pick even if she's the physical therapist to rather than a relative of Serena Williams Mike Edwards - His football club is too minor a level Robyn Free - I already said she wouldn't count in thread, as "one appearance on a game show" picks have a really high bar, to pass as a pick. She was indeed a pick, so now DQed Dave Marsh - Member of a no-name 60s band who only got coverage as Kym's dying dad. Look if they're a 60s musician and I never heard of them... Martha Sepulveda - Our toughest decision, and there was a lot of backing and forthing. In the end we decided that a case can be notable, but the person at the centre of it not necessarily so. If she fought for the change in that Colombian euthanasia law, it might have been good enough, but in the end she was just the first person to "benefit", for lack of a better word, from a law change that was made irrespective of her Mia Macklin - Social media pick with nowhere near enough followers Brian Morris - Golfer whose PGA "career" was one game, after a terminal illness. Not notable for his actual career, which was very local pre-illness Tiffany Youngs - This came close to sneaking by, as she was in the database pre-FFBI ban. But no, only in the spotlight as Tom's wife
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    My favourite happening from this year’s submission process was someone who may or may not be a forum member submitting their monthly household budget in the attached excel sheet rather than their DDP team. Very detailed and multi coloured it was too!
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    Please tell me the committee are going to go with Another One Bites The Durst on the front page
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    At least when the traffic to the blog tells me that the largest referrer for the day is "deathlist.net".
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    Kim Yong-ju, brother of North Korea founder Kim Il-Sung, has died aged 101. Obituaries: Daily Mail, The Telegraph
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    December 1st again? Seems each year goes by faster and faster, doesn't it? Now time is flying so fast that a DDP co-host was born late enough to make SpongeBob references, but I digress... But yes, fear not, the North Star of the deadpooling world that we call the Derby Dead Pool continues to light up this morbid little pocket of our lives and has opened its doors for its 27th edition. As we enjoy @msc 's final month of DDP obits, I will be taking over the front page role starting next year, joining @Grim Up North and @gcreptile on the committee. THE RULES are unchanged from this year's ie the FFBI disqualifications, wider net of QOs, etc all remain instituted. IMPORTANT REMINDER: The spreadsheet method of entry that began last year remains in service. The 2022 spreadsheet, identical to the last one in all but filename, can be found here. It is heavily recommended to use the spreadsheet as means of entry to reduce Grim Up North's workload as much as possible. If you are absolutely unable to work with the Excel spreadsheet, still make sure to recheck GUN's DDP entry guide thread from last year to make the formatting of your email as smooth as possible.
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    INVERSE DEAD POOL 2022  Welcome to the 11th edition of the Inverse Dead Pool, the nice dead pool where you don't want your picks to die. How to play The game starts when I post a list of this year's 50 most popular Derby Dead Pool picks. From this list of 50, you must pick 25 people who you think will SURVIVE the year. The premise is to AVOID picking people who will die. Rank your picks – from least likely to die to most likely to die. You receive points according to their position on your team – 25 points if your #1 pick dies, 24 points if your #2 pick dies, and so on, down to 1 point if your #25 pick dies, and 0 points if anyone you haven't picked dies. You do NOT want points. The winner is the player with the fewest points at the end of the year (Dec 31, 23.59 GMT). You may also pick a 26th name as a substitute, in case one of your picks dies before the submission deadline. If that happens, everyone in a lower position on your team moves up a place, and your substitute is drafted in at #25. If any picks die during the submission period, then the 51st most popular name (which I'll reveal alongside the top 50) becomes an eligible pick. This means the 51st name can be your substitute, but can't initially be on your main team. Once you have a team ready, post it in this thread. If you amend your team after posting it (you may want to do this if, for example, the 51st name was your substitute, they've come into play, and you want to rank them somewhere other than the default #25), then please post again in this thread to clarify what you've changed. You may not amend your team after the submission deadline. Tie break details If two or more players are tied at the end of the year, the winner is the player with the fewest hits. If all tied players have an equal amount of hits, then the winner is whichever of these tied players had the fewest points most recently (i.e. whoever had the most recent pick to die, whoever ranked that pick lower if all tied players picked them, whoever had the second most recent pick to die if those are the same, etc). If all tied players have the exact same hits in the exact same positions (or if they achieve a heretofore-unachieved perfect score of 0), the tie is not broken – all tied players share victory. Congratulations to our previous winners... 2021 BabyBlue 25 points 2020 The Quim Reaper 34 points 2019 drol 10 points 2018 machotrouts 17 points 2017 drol 25 points 2016 Pedro67 21 points 2015 Death Impends 15 points 2014 Bibliogryphon 10 points 2013 N/A 2012 Esturian Float 4 points 2011 Garn2 15 points Thank you to our previous hosts... 2018-2021 Death Impends 2014-2017 The Dead Cow 2011-2012 Spade_Cooley Links to previous Inverse Dead Pools 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2012-2016 2011
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    Not much longer - Lucia Hiriart, widow of Augusta Pinochet, dead aged 99. Obituaries: Daily Mail, Guardian
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    Hello! First-time poster here. Should we consider the following? Charles Osgood (journalist) - 89 (1/8/33) Dan Rather (journalist) - 90 (10/31/31) Too soon for both? P.S. It pains me to name anyone from the original Star Trek series, but Nichelle Nichols has been declining since her bout with pancreatis in 2012. Won't waste my time with the other three living stars from the show since they all seems to be in good health - William Shatner (90), George Takei (84), and Walter Koenig (85).
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    Assuming you’re South of it, traffic is okay on the A6 so use that and then join the A5111.
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    I strenuously deny this.
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    Quite the eventful day for deadpooling, with the deaths of demented footballers, pioneering wrestlers, and flamboyantly corrupt Louisiana guvnas still able to win election by running against Klansmen. The task of chronicling these fascinating lives (well, those picked on the DDP anyway) falls upon msc, but he had made clear he would pass the baton next year. I can now publicly announce that I shall be taking over his front page duty segment of the DDP committee for 2022. I admit it was in the works for some time, which was partially why I picked Art Rupe and Shintaro Tsuji this year, to start adapting to playing a somewhat more "host-ly" team. I am mindful that the front page duties are typically a Briton's job, but the committee has full faith in me. It's possible I'll have guest obits for the really institutional UK figures who are unknown in the US - say, Murray Walker or Denis Norden for past examples - but the vast vast majority of obits shall be my doing. Otherwise, the time-honed tradition of the DDP host using old pop lyrics as obit headlines and pretending they know everything about whoever won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 25 years ago shall remain exactly the same! Still plenty of details to work out over the coming months as I figure out how I want to handle the front page. When I first discovered the DDP in the mid-aughts as a tween, I never would have thought I'd eventually co-host. Or, tbh, if I had known what the Internet would be like in general by now, that the DDP or DL would still be going on at all. Bit of a surreal feeling!
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