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    Yes, deadpoolers, it’s this time again. 2023 has had departures from as sad as Tina Turner to as welcomed as Henry Kissinger, but there’s still two constants in this world: The Derby Dead Pool, and us laughing at whichever poor souls fall for Superstar Billy Graham again. Erm, okay, one constant. For 2024, @Banana and I are continuing in our previous posts. As for @gcreptile's announced retirement. We all can agree he has done a bang up job for the past four years entering the celeb deaths and sorting out bugs while never losing his trademark zen. As it stands he is still in talks with a potential successor and will remain on the committee for at least another month or so to assure a smooth transition, and we will keep you updated as that progresses. Dear Jimmy - either die in the next week, or go all the way to 2024 - love, Banana THE RULES remain the same as they have for the past few years. Be warned – Ruth Langsford mother falls afoul of our FFBI criteria. IMPORTANT REMINDER: The spreadsheet method of entry that began in 2021 remains in service. The 2024 spreadsheet, identical to the 2023 one in all but filename, can be found here. It is heavily recommended to use the spreadsheet as means of entry to reduce Banana's workload as much as possible. If you are absolutely unable to work with the Excel spreadsheet, still make sure to recheck GUN's DDP entry guide thread from 2020 to make the formatting of your email as smooth as possible.
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    on this day 77 years ago, future President and future First Lady Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter got married.
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    Be most unfortunate if a trans woman had control over if you could still post here or not. Buh bye Also the two Cash Luna alts are out with the bathwater (well, sewer water) as well.
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    "Oh, for fuck's sake, Jimmy, I'll show you how you do hospice care!"
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    How will they get the powerboat into the hospital?
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    Grandson interviewed. (After your elimination, you gave a very moving speech about your grandfather, revealing to the group that he'd recently been put in hospice care. Have you been able to visit him since filming?) It's been harder and harder to see him. My mom spends a lot of her time with him. She spends almost half her time taking care of him at this point just because of things like COVID regulations. So it's really family oriented. I haven't been seeing him as much recently, but he knows that I love him and we're supporting him through this time. (How is he doing?) He's pretty sick. He still does use his brain. He listens to audiobooks. He's a genius. He's super smart. I love him. He always wants to be doing something with his mind, so he's trying to keep himself busy, but he is really sick and getting older. (It was also made public since the show that your grandmother, Rosalynn Carter, has been battling dementia. How is she doing?) I just want to say that she's an amazing woman. She's put in so much work in her life. She's done things for mental health. I want everyone to know how incredibly important and beautiful she is as a person and a grandma. Yeah, she does have dementia and when I see her, she does forget what's going on sometimes, but when she remembers it's amazing. I love her.
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    Dead. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12114779/Rolf-Harris-dead-93-Paedophile-TV-host-musician-killed-neck-cancer.html
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    Off topic but I climbed a 2200 foot mountain with my dad to celebrate his 90th birthday this week and I'm very proud of his health so I've posted it - there you go!
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    Superstar's anger at innocuous forum phrasing suggests blood pressure issues to me. One to watch for deadpoolers imo.
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    Made sense to give it to the carter center. (blacked out is personal info)
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    On a side note : quite a remarkable moment to witness a 99yo man, 10 month in hospice care attend his own wife Memorial in such a mediocre condition. Their love and his strengh are quite impressive. To show yourself in such a weak state takes strengh and resilience that, I think, only his love for Rosalynn can explain.
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    I think some of you are a bit too excited about this. Mrs. Carter was a good person and the world is worse without her. RIP.
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    Not going to lie I was scared of what I would see when pressing on this link given the title.
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    Finally it's time to solve some mysteries. I joined a group that talks only about Italian cinema and there were posts made by a film historian to whom I wrote privately and he told me that "the searches are based on the death records that every Italian city has, it really takes time but it's worth it " So here are some dead names that are no more and have been discovered (some are also mentioned in other threads) Maria Dominiani (Wiki) b. 10.05.1913 † 10.12.1993 Link Alfredo Varelli (Wiki) b. 31.08.1914 † 18.08.1996 Link Lilia Dale (Wiki) b. 18.07.1919 † 03.12.1991 Link Carlo Giustini (Wiki) b. 04.05.1923 † 26.10.2005 Link Giulio Donnini (Wiki) b. 17.02.1924 † 22.05.2001 Link Xenia Valderi (Wiki) b. 21.01.1926 † 03.11.2008 Link Tania Weber (Wiki) b. 18.08.1926 † 20.11.2009 Link Rossana Rory (Wiki) b. 07.09.1927 † 01.04.2020 Link / source Clara Bindi (Wiki) b. 01.11.1927 † 24.02.2022 Link Fiorella Mari (Wiki) b. 21.06.1928 † 02.03.1983 Link Luisa Rivelli (Wiki) b. 10.02.1930 † 12.06.2013 Link Eloisa Cianni (Wiki) b. 21.06.1932 † 27.05.2022 Link Marisa Belli (Wiki) b. 12.04.1933 † 09.12.2017 Link Edda Ferronao (Wiki) b. 08.06.1934 † 25.01.1986 Link Rosy Mazzacurati (Wiki) b. 09.05. 1936 † 16.10.2020 Link Dina De Santis (Wiki) b. 21.12.1943 † 04.12.1985 Link Riccardo Salvino (Wiki) b. 29.03.1944 † 12.01.1999
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    Superstar Billy Graham dead.
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    Thread for former US Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, now 81 years old: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitch_McConnell Lately, he's been freezing in front of cameras and just today, it happened again: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/30/mitch-mcconnell-freezes-struggles-to-speak-in-second-incident-this-summer.html He also suffered a fall last year, and had a suspiciously swollen and reddish hand. There might be all kinds of blood circulation issues, maybe a series of mini-strokes. Seems like he might beat Dianne Feinstein to the punch. He's also a little more notable than her, having presided over the Senate for six years, and being responsible for changing the Supreme Court, by blocking Obama's judges, and basically inventing the 60-seat filibuster, meaning, if you want to get something done in the Senate, you need 60 votes now.
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    Well, now we know what caused the wound on his arm.
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    I see the members with terminal brainrot (mostly deadboy999, who hasn't made a smart contribution to this site in his life) are getting a frothy cock at the thought of entering a debate about Derek Chauvin. Christ. A murderer got stabbed in prison and you're finding a way to soften his actions that lead him to be there. Just because his victim had a criminal record doesn't make him any less of a murdering shithead, that killed someone on a busy street in broad daylight if you need reminding. Hopefully more shanking to come!
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    Well Played Mr. Carter!
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