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    Just a heads up, we should be seeing the first update this weekend. Teams, drop 40 and the first 12 deaths of the year.
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    Stevie Wonder says she looked fit as a fiddle and he couldn't see a thing wrong with her.
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    All his life waiting for the second coming but on deathlist he is the second going
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    Our little DL-Convention No.3: We couldn't decide where to meet, so we flipped a coin. Novosibirsk lost, New York won. How lucky we are. All the best from Book and gcreptile (left and right)
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    Dennis Nilsen is dead aged 72. Thank God Grindr didn't exist when he was free to roam. Edit: The Sun, Daily Mirror, BBC obituaries.
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    List of the Lost finally up, plus 100 new bios. Edit: and the List of the Missed! And some pictures as well! Someone's trying to put off their spring cleaning here...
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    I'm celebrating thirteen years as a Deathlister today.
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    Here’s something a happy thing for this thread for a change: My grandparents (the ones that I stay at on my vacation) owned a dog for six years. Neither of them really want him, so our family is now getting him. His name is Scamp, and he’s a very lovely dog. Here’s a picture of him (and yes, that is my hand petting him).
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    Aye, but not before Irene Jones. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/manic-street-preachers-stars-mum-14735142 I make this my first dead pool win.
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    60 today. How the fuck did I manage that?
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    I'm quite happy to announce the old man fully recovered. Even his speech is perfectly normal now and walks only using a cane. I think he deserves a small part in the upcoming Karunanidhi vs Tiwari movie, I'm sure he would be happy about that.
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    Didn't they do well? To get to the Semifinals, I think so, anyhow. So it's commiserations to The Dead Cow and our dethroned Cup holder, Deadsox. The King is dead, long live the King - but will it be the Devonian Prince of Darkness, or a Sir from Louisiana? Only one way to find out. Final masterlist 1. George Bush Sr – Sir Creep 2. Colin Butts – Sir Creep, DDT 3. Matt Cappotelli – Sir Creep, DDT 4. Tom Crawford – Sir Creep 5. Sean Cox – Sir Creep 6. Fu Da-Ren - DDT 7. Angie Douthit – Sir Creep 8. Virgil Hunter - DDT 9. Will Jordan - DDT 10. Alejandro Junco de la Vega - DDT 11. Meng Lang – Sir Creep 12. Rev Violet Mark - DDT 13. Bertie McMinn - DDT 14. Marsh Pratley – Sir Creep 15. Bishop Francis Quinn – Sir Creep, DDT 16. Ralph Santolla - DDT 17. Doug Silsbee – Sir Creep 18. ND Tiwari – Sir Creep 19. Joe Vento - DDT 3rd place masterlist 1. Leonard Bighetty- Cow 2. Kathleen Blanc - Deadsox 3. George Bush Sr - Deadsox 4. Colin Butts- Cow, Deadsox 5. Matt Cappotelli – Cow, Deadsox 6. Jon Hiseman - Cow 7. Will Jordan- Cow, Deadsox 8. Jose Jose - Deadsox 9. Alejandro Junco de la Vega - Cow 10. Meng Lang – Cow 11. Peter Lorimer - Deadsox 12. John McCain –Cow, Deadsox 13. Bertie McMinn – Cow 14. Charlotte Rae - Deadsox 15. Lindy Remigino - Deadsox 16. Doug Silsbee – Cow 17. Gary Thibodeau - Deadsox 18. Papu Pom Pom- Cow Final Sir Creep (Bush, Butts, Cappotelli, Crawford, Cox, Douthit, Lang, Pratley, Quinn, Silsbee, Tiwari) Vs DDT (Junco, Jordan, Hunter, Vento, Santolla, Butts, Cappotelli, McMinn, Quinn, Da-Ren, Mark) 3rd place playoff Dead Cow (Silsbee, Pom, Lang, Butts, Hiseman, Junco, McCain, Jordan, Cappotelli, McMinn, Bighetty) Vs Deadsox (Lorimer, Jordan, Bush, McCain, Cappotelli, Butts, Thibodeau, Blanco, Remigino, Rae, Jose) Now, you might notice two matches. I got asked (a lot) about a 3rd place playoff last year, and so here it is, as both losing Semifinalists were willing to take part. (Indeed, we had unanimity from all 4 contestants!) Never let it be said the Cup wont try and give the punters what they want. You might also notice 2 different masterlists. That's because I see the 3rd place playoff as "separate" from the final, and didn't feel it fair for uniques of Sir Creep or DDT to be lost due to the optional other match being played. Right, we're nearly at the finish line. Good luck to both finalists.
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    After the fire here in 2016, I told Mrs msc about Magere's disappearance, and what'd happen if I just keeled over one day. Her response? "Don't worry, I'd let your fellow loonies know..." See? She cares.
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    I can't! ... we don't talk anymore.
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    Duly translated the opening paragraph. Thanks.
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    First Jim Bowen, now Eric Bristow. Non dart player went first.
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    Deathlist 2068: 101-year-old charon is still chastising Joey, now in his mid-sixties, for his fickle birthday, VPN, multi-personality disorder and everything else, theoldlady is mentioned in the 'World's Oldest' thread, and Deathray is back after his 5,517th forced sabbatical.
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    How are your lists a-doing? How many have gone away? The year is young, but death grows bold, Yes, it's time for World Poetry Day.   The DDP got a new runner Spade Cooley is his name And we congratulated him and TMIB For the curating of this game.   The Deathlist was publish-ed 'Gainst celebs they took their aim Three hits already (that's one a month) Smith fell, then died Rev Billy Graham.   S. Hawking left his chair next We speculate on Number Four Jowell? McCain? The question's vexed No doubt there will be more.   The Scavenger Hunt has been reborn (It's been months in the making) With Boxing, Leaders, Grammys and Dallas, who will bring home the Bacon?   The Generation Game trundles on As does the 20/20 But in the Hare's Pool, there's already been Deaths and hits a-plenty.   Let's not forget those members who Left us or got banned Barry Benson asked if we liked jazz And the Dalai Lama got canned.   The media still toys with us Will there ever come a day When those obituaries appear For Fisher, Kit and Lafaye?   And the press don't play the game Certainly not according to Hoyle When the death of a white Rhino Gets more coverage than Katie Boyle.   But let's move on, it's only March Nine months is what we've got For our picks to grow cold And our lists to get real hot.   So once again in verse I've tried To pay some little homage And we'll celebrate those who live And to the dead, say "quel dommage".
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    And forever banned. Paul
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    Not surprised - had heard that things had been touch and go at that company......!
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    You can check yourself, because we've just had our soft opening - picks and teams are now live. Front page update to come tomorrow, when I've settled on a 2018 logo.
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