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    Thing is, unlikely death means unpredictable. So I think Gaspard Ulliel fits the bill as one of those unlikely deaths.
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    Big miss by the committee. Sorry, force of habit.
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    DDP pick etc etc Henry Danton reportedly dead aged 102:
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    We're officially up. The sidebars are updated, 2021 in the archives, and a little introductory post by me ahead of the actual obits. Plenty of work to go - but we're open.
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    I can't speak for everyone else, but I shall share my own reasoning. As a American. 1. I gave a 'shocked' face, as it doesn't really trigger any other emotion from me. I am just surprised it happened. 2. Don Young was the current Dean of the U.S House. The man has had the same job since the 70's. 3. Young was planning to run for re-election. Previously stating something to effect of, 'He will run till he loses or dies'. 4. This throws Alaskan politics into a whirlwind, and as someone who follows politics closely, it will be interesting. 5. Despite being 88, he reportedly died randomly on an airplane. No health issues that I've been made aware of. 6. As a sitting Congress member, his death would be notable in any given year. In the currently razor-thin divided House, this may have a major impact. Lastly, just because someone is not mentioned on this site....does not mean they don't have significance. Either from a world-wide perspective, national perspective, or even individual perspective. Stop being an ASS for no reason. You cunt.
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    Sad news. I will never forget her performance in The Time Machine with Boris Johnson.
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    He was concerned when the doctors mentioned heart failure until they reminded him he was on the 2022 DeathList.
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    I hope you do continue. It's interesting to see people from other cultures and geopolitics. You also put in a lot of time and effort, I respect + appreciate it. Ignore the haters. When one has hatred and the desire to be miserable in their heart, they spread it on others.
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    I can't quite remember the whole story, but 20+ years ago someone ran a competition to write a limerick containing the names Kaczynski and Lewinski. I think these were two of the winners. Monica Lewinsky has shown, What Kaczynski must surely have known. That a head job is better Than a bomb in a letter, If there's something that needs to be blown. Said Bill Clinton to Monica Lewinsky: You don't want to leave clues like Kaczynski. So since you look such a mess, Take the hem of your dress, And wipe that stuff off of your chinski. There was a third as well which had the lines: She played "Hail to the Chief", on that flute made of beef....but I don't remember the rest.
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    Figured I'd drop by after hearing the news about Ms. Tekla. As a Pole and as a long-time supercentenarian nerd, it was exciting to have a Polish woman finally climb so far up the ranks of the world's oldest people list. To clarify just how rare her feat was - no other verified Pole before her had reached the age of 112 (Stanisław Kowalski falling just nine days short of it earlier this year; although, if I'm not mistaken, he technically wasn't verified). Making it to 116 years and 2 months after surviving two world wars in a country heavily impacted by both, various regimes, and multiple pandemics is truly a remarkable feat. I'll admit I was rooting for her to outlive Lucile and get the #1 spot (something I didn't feel bad about it - Lucile herself has expressed that she would 'be better off in heaven'). However, I can't say I'm disappointed. When Tekla first became doyenne of Poland in 2017, I never would have expected her to live for five more years. May she rest in peace.
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    The Official Entry period is now closed and the masterlist on page 1 is the definitive article. Late entries are permitted but no duplicate picks are allowed. You may be better off waiting for Round IV. With a much higher number of players it is possible this will be a shorter game Leslie Phillips is picked by 4 teams and there are a number of picks who are on two teams but it is a wide field and some interesting choices Thank you all for playing
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    She should use a nobility scooter
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    Lord knows if the Queen died we'd all be looking to Hollywood Unlocked to break the news...
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    Here's the complete list of Inverse Dead Pool 2022 candidates, ranked by the total number of points you've all assigned them. TOTAL POINTS # OF TEAMS 1 Donald Trump 1022 46 2 Paul Gascoigne 907 44 3 Clint Eastwood 867 45 4 Ghislaine Maxwell 863 43 5 Phil Collins 755 44 6 Queen Elizabeth II 742 43 7 Dick Van Dyke 724 43 8 Billy Connolly 647 43 9 Rupert Murdoch 632 42 10 David Attenborough 624 41 11 Shane MacGowan 573 39 12 Joe Exotic 508 36 13 Willie Nelson 444 41 14 Rolf Harris 430 40 15 Olivia Newton-John 415 35 16 Yoko Ono 414 32 17 Mel Brooks 401 36 18 Tony Bennett 359 33 19 Bobby Charlton 351 39 20 Doddie Weir 335 29 21 Prunella Scales 314 32 22 Angela Lansbury 269 27 23 June Brown 241 25 24 Shannen Doherty 216 23 = Tim Bilton 216 21 = Tom Parker 216 26 27 Henry Kissinger 194 18 28 Milos Zeman 191 18 29 Bill Turnbull 187 18 30 Rob Burrow 158 20 31 Mikhail Gorbachev 137 15 32 Jerry Lee Lewis 135 15 33 Linda Nolan 117 13 34 Francoise Hardy 101 14 35 Harry Belafonte 92 14 36 Eva Marie Saint 84 10 37 James Whale 83 11 38 Joanne Woodward 82 14 39 George Alagiah 81 11 40 Leslie Phillips 74 5 41 Jean-Louis Trintignant 65 5 42 Pope Benedict XVI 63 8 43 Jimmy Carter 62 7 44 Tom Smith 58 12 45 Susie Steiner 43 5 46 Bob Barker 42 4 47 Pele 37 6 48 Tom Weiskopf 17 5 49 George Perez 11 3 50 Frank Field 1 1 You'll note that I've colour-coded the top half in green and the bottom half in red – except that the three-way tie at #24 means a team composed of the forum's collective wisdom would actually have too many candidates and presumably be disqualified. Maybe a bad omen. Statistically, the fuckedest candidate is Frank Field, with only Bibliogryphon gambling a single point on him walking out of a hospice with his Birkenhead held high. Our biggest vote of confidence is for Donald Trump, who appears on 46 out of a possible 48 teams. If he dies, only theoldlady and my old lady will be spared the carnage. The 46 of us who've given him a glowing health assessment are probably now in the running to be his personal physician, so make sure to drop your LinkedIns below.
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    Dead. Obituaries: The Sun, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Independent, BBC
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    I think Dove Windsor should be this forum’s mascot
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    If only the committee had picked her in 2022 she would have survived the year.
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    This is like losing one of the family. I'm on record as saying that Cribbins' death is the one that would come closest to breaking my heart, and so it has. I can't think of anyone who's had a broader range of work, for so long. Everyone has seen him or heard him in something. He could do it all, and did.
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    Gorbachev currently hospitalised and "unwell", but says "Putin must be stopped".
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    Verbal warning to wisen up. Any more antics in this vein and it's on mod preview.
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    The draw for the first round of the 2022 Deathlist Cup is as follows. Fixtures were drawn by Meat Loaf and "Babes In The Woods" murderer Russel Bishop: LizLemon v. Masterffull Sir Cunto v. theoldlady Salmon Mousse v. MortalCaso Sean v. YorkshireBanker Wormfarmer v. grobler TQR v. Gooseberry Crumble HDS v. Pedro67 wannamaker v. Famous6Eva Joey Russ v. Bentrovato JoeMoneypenny v. Sideik GuyFromFuture v. Captain Hemlock Annami v. Hell ThereWillBeDeaths7 v. MariNisia Grim Up North v. the_engineer Predictor v. Great Uncle Bulgaria YoungWillz v. Pop_Zeus BabyBlue v. An Fear Beag The Old Crem v. John Key
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    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/17393027/russell-bishop-dead-babes-wood-child-murderer-cancer/ Russell Bishop is dead at 55.
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    Go on, open a 13th Death of 2021 thread. I dares ya.
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