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    It was such a disaster for him, even his chin wanted to get up and leave early.
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    The person who started the rumour on Wikipedia linked to a website that creates obituaries for living people, so no.
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    His son posted a lengthy interview with him on YouTube last month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyChz6zAskc&feature=youtu.be (Can't embed because of some "You Tube Error")
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    Ouch... you're right on both counts, missed that, thanks!
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    https://www.novinky.cz/kultura/clanek/zemrel-vojtech-jasny-40303829 One for the list of the missed http://www.derbydeadpool.co.uk/deadpool2014/celebs_J.html#jasnyv 2014 DDP pick Vojtech Jasny
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    He went to Walter Reed hospital unannounced, for a routine check-up they say: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/politics/White-House-Trump-Walter-Reed-565048652.html
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    Official campaigning period now begins. The entire thing has so far been an absolute fucking mess for every party with candidates resigning from all major parties in the usual round of 'oh fuck they actually said that' and ministers and party spokespeople making their usual foot in mouth comments. It can only be the first day of an election campaign.
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    Anytime??? Au contraire. "The car went through a red light and almost hit (my wife and) I" is clearly nonsense; "The car went through a red light and almost hit (my wife and) me" is correct.
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    It's not actually. 9 times out of 10 in these situations mass death is caused by panic and crowd crushes rather than actual fire, so the fire brigade try to avoid that as well as put out the fire. In the case of Grenfell, no one had bothered to tell the fire service about the flammable cheap cladding, so they worked on the standard principle: avoid panic, isolate area of fire, evacuate the necessary, put out fire. The firemen used the safety advice that helps to save thousands of British lives every year. Its just that in this instance, crucial information was kept from them and the residents, and well, the results were as they are. JRM is using hindsight to judge and thus is open to criticism.
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    But the issue that the fire service was not contrary to common sense. The only reason the advice didn't work is because the cladding spread the fire round the outside of the building and quickened the spread of the fire. That's why is remarks are so offensive. If it wasn't for the council having ignored safety fears then the advice would have been correct; it's only 'common sense' to leave a burning high rise flat if the high rise flat has been made stupidly more flammable than it actually is.
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    We've ramped up to Cabinet Minister resigns by lunch time on Official Day 1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-50302173 The guy lied about knowing about a candidate who sabotaged a rape trial, sabotaging a rape trial. JRM who essentially said that 'Grenfell victims lacked common sense' remains in post.
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    https://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/rnz/original-shortland-street-cast-member-dies New Zealand actress and original cast member of soap Shortland Street Nancy Brunning has sadly died aged just 48.
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    The brother of tory candidate for London mayor Shaun Bailey has passed away suddenly he has revealed on Twitter.
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