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    It'll happen right after secularism, the announcement of the Republic, and the cancellation of Dr Who...
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    Not totally out of luck — you’ve considerably more luck than Kato Havas.
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    Looks like Alt Obits Guy has officially won Alt Obits now. Kudos to him.
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    Eh. Most processes in life allow you the option to think again. Whether you're buying a house or applying for a job, lodging initial interest does not lock you in to buying or signing up, should the option look less appealing after a closer look. It's been 2.5 years now since the ref, and we've seen just what kind of deal can be struck, learned what a mess this would cause in Ireland, and seen many leading figures who pushed for Brexit run for the hills rather than actually try to deliver it. Time to give the people the option to think again. And the people in general agree; having a people's vote is way ahead of not having one in the polls.
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    Odds for this year: 1)Kirk Douglas: 50%. He is old as fuck, if he is not immortal this or next could be the year. Has looked frail for years, stroke in 1997. 2)Herman Wouk: 60% This sort of Jewish zombie seems to go on forever; has sold his home and lives on oxygen, beyond human possibilities. 3)Olivia de Havilland: 20% Still invincible. Apparently. 4)Prince Philip: 40% He is not in immediate danger. Has had some issues but he's well cured. Probably guaranteed to 100. 5)Leah Bracknell: 30% She looked excellent in late December so I start to suspect she is either a genetical freak or she is faking it. 6)Vera Lynn: 45% Old and would be soooo nice to replace her once for all, but seems to be holding her own 7)Robert Mugabe: 10% Dictators never die. Kaunda, Arap Moi and Mugabe will be there in 10 years. At least one of them. 8)Jimmy Carter: 10% Too healthy to die as of now 9)Doris Day: 20% Old old but not frail. Won't do a Carol Channing this year. 10)Pierre Cardin: 40% just a random old man, but still out and about 11)Bob Dole: 70% He is a medical freak! How the hell is he still going? 12)Henry Kissinger: 30% Fat and old, but his will to live is still strong. 13)Jerry Stiller: 60% A wasted pick, but after the recent health scare he is not so wasted. Probably a goner. 14)JPdC: 30% Apparently still doing well. Plus boredom keeps him alive. 15)Bob Barker: 60% has had some issues last year. Not a bad pick indeed. 16)Murray Walker: 40% Apparently doing well. Still incredibly ancient. 17)Akihito: 10% Too young. He's Japanese, folks! 18)Betty White: 10% too early, will make it to 100 and beyond. 19)Gordon Banks: 20% The whole 1966 squad has been on the edge of deaths for years. He seems the healthiest of them all. 20)Hosni Mubarak: 5% Worst pick. 21)June Brown: 10% Way too active to die 22)Stirling Moss: 90% Oh, come on, he should have died last year! 23)Bob Hawke: 90% I believe the man himself, 24)Alan Greenspan: 5% Out and about. 25)Jacques Chirac 40% Not a bad pick but maybe a year too early 26)Dick Van Dyke: 5% This guy will outlive everyone in this world 27)Nobby Stiles: 90% Rationally fucked. Or are they hiding his death? 28)Barbara Walters: 20% Only National Enquirer bullshit. Another Jew who is showing good genes. 29)Honor Blackman: 10% usual wasted pick 30)Harry Belafonte: 10% Indestructible 31)Desmond Tutu: 40% long overdue, but seems alright for now. 32)Valery Giscard d'Estaing: 5% Very active and healthy 33)Ed Asner: 5% Old Jews on this list are way too many. Not going anywhere. 34)Vanessa Redgrave: 5% bad bad bad pick. 35)Jimmy Greaves: 50% Has been in bad health for years. But still seems invincible. That squad is cursed to be always ill but never die! 36)Sidney Poitier: 10% Won't die this year. 37)Valerie Harper: 40% Eternal cancer sufferer. 38)Cleo Laine: 10% What a wasted pick 39)Loretta Lynn: 50% Ok, she has had some bad luck. But I reckon the will to live is stronger. 40)Gorbachev: 60% Come on, illness has taken a toll on him,... 41)Tony Britton: 60% Random old guy, but recently widowed. Probably not in the best shape. 42)John McCririck: 60% Based on looks it will be 100% but he insists he is well. 43)Clive James: 60% Eternal cancer sufferer, but this could finally be it. 44)Prunella Scales: 10% Too early, too early. 45)Little Richard: 20% Seemingly an unsinkable guy as many on this list. 46)Larry King: 5% another old Jew who is not gonna die... 47)Tina Turner: 5% Wasted pick 48)Shane McGowan: 5% Out and about. 49)Ginger Baker: 20% COPD could take years still. 50)Johnny Clegg: 70% time to go. So based on this admittedly conservative analysis there will be 12 hits (more than 50%): Wouk, Dole, Barker, Stiller, Moss, Hawke, Stiles, Gorbachev, Britton, McCririck, James, Clegg.
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    My team. hastily compiled on the train this morning. Andretti, John Ricksen, Fernando (WC) Athill, Diana Atkins, Ronald Barker, Bob Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus Lynn, Vera Blanco, Kathleen Mugabe, Robert Cameron, Earl Carle, Eric (WC) Chinnery, Teddie Curry, Tim Day, Doris de Havilland, Olivia Dole, Bob Douglas, Kirk Moss, Stirling Trintignant, Jean-Louis (WC) McCririck, John Eden, Clarissa Ferguson, Alex Fyfe, Robert Gall, Sandy Gascoine, Jill Gilbert, Greg Gorbachev, Mikhail Greaves, Jimmy Poitier, Sidney Harper, Gerald Hawke, Bob (WC) White, Betty Baxter, Stanley Newton-John, Olivia Hume, John Jackson, Katherine James, Clive Brook, Peter (WC) Perez de Cuellar, Javier Walker, Murray Johns, Glynis Johns, Jasper Lotterby, Sydney Johnson, Katherine McNee, David Jones, Terry P-Orridge, Genesis Kelly, Elizabeth Kerslake, Lee Windsor, Frank Subs Phillips, Leslie Harper, Valerie Kissinger, Henry Kumar, Dilip Vervoort, Marieke
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    1 Betty White 2 Queen Elizabeth II 3 Donald Trump 4 Paul Gascoigne 5 Doris Day 6 Olivia de Havilland 7 June Brown 8 Terry Jones 9 Billy Connolly 10 Vera Lynn 11 Ruth Bader Ginsburg 12 Valerie Harper 13 Marieke Vervoort 14 Lee Kerslake 15 Dick Van Dyke 16 Henry Kissinger 17 Prince Philip 18 Robert Mugabe 19 Jimmy Carter 20 Stirling Moss 21 John McCririck 22 Greg Gilbert 23 Pete Frates 24 Johnny Clegg 25 John Andretti sub: Kirk Douglas
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    Forgot the subs bit. How dare Mrs C pass on so quick. Can I get Jill Gascoine in there. And if another sub is needed then June Brown.
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    Oh, I so do not want Armistead Maupin to die any time soon! He is one of my favorite authors.
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    The only MP to miss the vote. Suspect he wont make 2020.
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    What will it take to cancel this who Brexit?
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    The Unknown Man: Sub Henry Kissinger comes into play Banana: Sub Olivia Newton-John comes into play, June Brown new sub Sir Creep: Sub Vera Lynn comes into play, Nobby Stiles new sub Mad Hatter: June Brown instituted into Channing's spot YoungWillz: Sub Benedict XVI comes into play, June Brown new sub gcreptile: Sub Clive James comes into play CaptainChorizo: Sub June Brown comes into play QTips: Sub June Brown comes into play, instituted into Channing's spot, Angela Lansbury new sub Skinny kiltrunner: Terry Jones instituted as new #25 FixedBusiness: June Brown instituted into Channing's spot Quim: Sub June Brown comes into play, instituted into Channing's spot, Angela Lansbury new sub Neobrakeon: Sub June Brown comes into play, Leslie Phillips new sub Book: Sub George Alagiah comes into play, June Brown new sub The Old Crem: Sub June Brown comes into play at #6, Angela Lansbury new sub GraveDanger: Sub June Brown comes into play theoldlady: Sub June Brown comes into play, instituted into Channing's spot, Angela Lansbury new sub En Passant: Sub June Brown comes into play, instituted into Channing's spot, Andrew McGahan new sub Great Uncle Bulgaria: Sub June Brown comes into play, Angela Lansbury new sub nantonian2013: Sub Robert Mugabe comes into play An Fear Beag: Sub June Brown comes into play at #8, Angela Lansbury new sub deadsox: Sub Pete Frates comes into play, June Brown new sub Bibliogryphon: Sub June Brown comes into play, Andrew McGahan new sub Toast: Sub June Brown comes into play at #12, Angela Lansbury new sub Torva Messor: Sub Olivia de Havilland comes into play drol: Doris Day instituted as new #25, June Brown new sub Clorox Bleachman: Sub Beth Chapman comes into play charon: Sub June Brown comes into play (sorry, but if you specified a name in your subs, only that name can be promoted upon death) Bentrovato: Jill Gascoine instituted as new #25, June Brown new sub OK... that's where we stand for sub institutions. Not all of these are final IE if Brown is your sub and you haven't specified a higher slot you're free to do so, likewise if you have yet to indicate a new sub pick. Those who I've @ ed will need to give me a new name as they do not currently have a full team. Everyone has a full slate of picks again. I'll get started on entering Dr T, Spade, GUN, and manuel's teams shortly
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    I don't know... the Brexiteers only wanted someone at the top who would utterly fail to do something vaguely constructive. They needed a useful idiot. Theresa May had an impossible task and she was dumb enough (sorry!) to try it because she likes the sweet, sweet power. Now she may sit in the Hall of Shame of worst prime ministers next to David Cameron.
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    I'm not going to pretend that I know how any of this is going to go down. Still hopeful for a people's vote; given the quality of the decision making process in Westminster at the moment, they may as well hand the decision back to the people.
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    Ok, it's the annual pundits forecast on the DDP. As usual, it will be wrong on winner, top ten, etc, but it's 2 for 2 on picking dark horses - even if Joey let the side down late on. Last year, Willz asked why it wasn't based on EVERY DDP team, so fuck it, it is. All 500 of them. Here's the 90 worth chatting about after that... Which produces from 500 down to 90... a list of 15 "teams to watch" for the title. The points is a rough estimate based on likelihood of various popular picks (ie Trintignant, Fairlie, etc), but a ball park, not exact. Also the (plus) are names to watch for dying if this particular team is going to do better than projected. 1. TJS – c 156 (plus 3 uniques and Nugroho) 2. Heading Nowhere c. 138 (plus Rister/Johnson/Conway…) 3. Bleaching the Bottom of the Barrel c. 130 (plus P-orridge) 4. Pity da Foolz c. 130 (plus Vervoort?) 5. Droller Coaser c. 130 (plus Smullen, Heine, Hadlee) 6. Day in the Death c 129 (plus Capon, Samu) 7. Love Boat c. 128 (plus Smith/Volcker/Nugroho/Woodcock) 8. Living End c. 126 (plus Hoyle) 9. To Kill a Gabor Sister c. 120 (+ Rister/Lewis/Freehan) 10. Misers c. 120 11. Beatles are Dying in Wrong Order c 118 (plus James/Robinson/Frates?) 12. Poochie c.114 13. GUN Fishing c. 112 (plus Rister/Johnson) 14. Cancel My Appointments c. 110 (plus Howard) 15. 12 Lords… c 105 (plus Phelan, Weir, Turnbull, Alagiah) Note - I think other teams have higher "floors" (ie likely ballpark for lowest points tally, keeping in mind folk always outlive the best DDP prognosi...) but Willz's 20 has better potential for growth on top of that number. Imo, of course. Now that I have successfully jinxed DI for the 5th year running.... Dark horses this year? Clorox. I guess Chorizo too, but he already was 2nd...
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    So am I; I had her in the fucking Survivor pool.
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    My first hit of the year : honestly, one of those picks that you don’t wanna see the death of, really sad...
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    "Hello points..." said LFN. The only one to pick Carol Channing, and a very astute decision. His first hit, and in his second slot, so 45 base points. Plus bonuses for uniqueness, Squares, and pantomime = 108 bonus points in all. This adds up to a total of 153 points! The update of the masterlist post will have to wait till later today, but the second scoreboard (and first with actual hits) can be posted right now... 1. Lord Fellatio Nelson 153 2. Sir Creep 70 3. nantonian2013 35 4. Skinny kiltrunner 17 5. drol 15.5 6. Sean 5 7. Prophet 1.58 8. YorkshireBanker 1.12 9. markb4 1.05 =10. Phantom of the Midway 0.5 =10. the_engineer 0.5 =12. Everyone else 0
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    Big loss in official Deathlist and my first hit this year. Here is the Obit: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/theatre-dance/news/carol-channing-dead-hello-dolly-broadway-age-death-a8728676.html RIP to one of the last Broadway legends
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    Posted today that he hasn’t tweeted in a couple days because he’s been under the weather. Probably nothing to get alarmed about, but might be worth keeping an eye on
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