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    I seem to have gotten distracted by Captain Chorizo's highlighting of the death of some old French woman. Where was I? Ah yes- the updated scoreboard. Gcreptile and The Quim Reaper continue to rack up the (?unwanted) hits and continue to lead the scoreboard in the first half of this contest. Death Impends and GUN also continue to add hits for bugger all points. The big winner this time round though is ZZZ, the boring predicable team made up of the most popular picks from all the players. 7 of the top 25 picks have gone early, leaping ZZZ up into 3rd place. Down at the bottom, Predictor has finally decided to get up of his/her arse and join the race, leaving only Ebless and Yorkshire Banker still tying their laces in the changing rooms. As always, if I have missed anyone, let me know. GcReptile (666 points) 9 hits [Alcee Hastings, Anne Buydens, Donna Britt, Jory Post, Josh Evans, Mike Miller, Rodion Rosca, Sarena Li, Yoo Sang-Chul] The Quim Reaper (596 points) 9 hits [Anne Buydens, Carlos Menem, Dai Davies, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Leon Spinks, Norman Lloyd, Prince Philip, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Moore] ZZZ (572 points) 7 hits [Beverly Cleary, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Norman Lloyd, Prince Philip, Rush Limbaugh, Yoo Sang-Chul] Death Impends (549 points) 8 hits [Beverly Cleary, Carl J. Shapiro, Ian St. John, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Norman Lloyd, Raymond Cauchetier, S.Prestley Blake, Tom Moore*] Captain Chorizo (528 points) 5 hits [Anne Buydens*, Jeanne Bot, Leon Spinks, Paul Westphal, Vassos Lyssarides] Drol (495 points) 7 hits [Dovid Soloveitchic, Emmanuel Evans-Anfom, Frank Worthington, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Norman Lloyd, Toko Shinodam, Vittore Bochetta ] Markb4 (476 points) 5 hits [Anne Buydens, Beverly Cleary, Norman Lloyd, Prince Philip, Rush Limbaugh] Chilean Way (474 points) 6 hits [Carlos Menem, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Norman Lloyd, Prince Philip*, Rush Limbaugh] Grim Up North (462 points) 8 hits [Dai Davies, Lee Noble, Leon Spinks , Paul Westphal, Prince Philip, Rush Limbaugh, Susan Bayh, Yoo Sang-Chul] Joey Russ (446 points) 6 hits [Bob Fass, Larry King, Leon Spinks*, Norman Lloyd, Paul Westphal, Prince Philip, Sylvain Sylvain] Eesti (441 points) 7 hits [Dai Davies, Floyd Little, Leon Spinks, Noel Conway, Paul Westphal, Rush Limbaugh, Yoo Sang Chul] The Unknown Man (422 points) 6 hits [Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Leon Spinks, Norman Lloyd, Paul Westphal, Rush Limbaugh, Yoo Sang-Chul] En Passant (409 points) 7 hits [Beverly Cleary, Carlos Menem, Dai Davies*, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Prince Philip, Rush Limbaugh] The Old Lady (392 points) 6 hits [Beverly Cleary, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Michael McKevitt, Rush Limbaugh*, Yoo Sang-Chul] Wormfarmer (388 points) 4 hits [Alcee Hastings, Norman Lloyd, Tommy Lasorda, Yoo Sang Chul] Buffalo Phil (386 points) 6 hits [Beverly Cleary, Carlos Menem, Leon Spinks, Prince Philip, Rush Limbaugh*, Tom Moore] Msc (357 points) 4 hits [Beverly Cleary*, Hal Holbrook, Murray Walker, Prince Philip] Whoaml (321 points) 4 hits [Larry King, Murray Walker, Norman Lloyd, Prince Philip] Torva Messor (309 points) 6 hits [Andre Maranne, Brian Urquart, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Leon Spinks, Prince Philip, Walter Bernstein] Etushispushingupdaisies (309 points) 4 hit [Dai Davies, Lars Goran Petrov, Rush Limbaugh, Yoo Sang Chul] Liz (290 points) 5 hits [Beverly Cleary, Cloris Leachman, Prince Philip, Rush Limbaugh, Susan Bayh] Kenny (288 points) 6 hits [Dai Davies, Kathy Shaidle, Leon Spinks, Paul Westphal, Rush Limbaugh, Yoo Sang-Chul] The Old Crem (286 points) 7 hits [Carlos Menem, Dai Davies, Floyd Little, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Prince Philip, Rush Limbaugh ] Deathray (286 points) 3 hits [Johnny Briggs, Norman Lloyd, Prince Philip] CalebH (278 points) 3 hits [Andre Maranne, Gloria Henry, Rodion Rosca] Great Uncle Bulgaria (265 points) 3 hits [Anne Buydens, Beverly Cleary, Tom Moore*] An Fear Beag (261points) 4 hits [Larry King, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh, Yoo Sang Chul] Death by Arsenic (251 points) 3 hits [Andre Maranne, Leon Spinks, Vassos Lyssarides] Etib8 (228 points) 2 hits [Norman Lloyd, Prince Philip] Charles De Gaulle (221 points) 5 hits [Carlos Menem, Larry King, Leon Spinks, Prince Philip, Walter Bernstein] Toast (199 point) 3 hits [Leon Spinks, Prince Philip, Trevor Peacock] Deadsox (186 points) 5 hits [Dai Davies, Floyd Little*, Paul Westphal, Prince Philip, Rush Limbaugh] Exu (169 points) 4 hits [Alan Burgess, Leon Spinks, Prince Philip, Tom Moore] Pedro (148 points) 3 hits [Christopher Plummer, Phil Spector, Prince Philip] Nantonian (136 points) 4 hits [Larry King, Leon Spinks, Rush Limbaugh. Tom Moore] Lynchian (134 points) 3 hits [Leon Spinks, Paul Westphal, Prince Philip] Predictor(134 points) 1 hit [Mike Carter] ImNotHades (117 points) 1 hit [Michael Collins] Guyfromfuture (105 points) 1 hit [Johnny Pierson] Bibliogryphon (71 points) 2 hits [Mark Eden, Murray Walker] Book (40 points) 2 hits [Cicely Tyson, Peter Mark Richman] Ebless(0 points) 0 hit Yorkshire Banker (0 points) 0 hit
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    Yeah, somebody's going to be disappointed.
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    Alright, new update....mostly to say: Don't forget, the replacement period is coming up soon! After three more weeks, the game hasn't really picked up in speed. Yoo Sang-Chul was a very popular pick. Noel Conway a unique hit for Sean. Dingko Singh a clever hit for two teams. And that seems to be it! Rank Team Score 1 JoeyRuss 907 2 Cpt. Chorizo 906 3 Salmon Mousse 819 4 Banana 730 5 gcreptile 729 6 Death Impends 717 7 Book 610 8 An Fear Beag 597 9 msc 585 10 drol 522 11 DevonDeathTrip 508 12 Wormfarmer 507 13 theoldlady 467 14 Lynchian 435 15 The Unknown Man 387 16 The Quim Reaper 361 17 Kenny 332 18 Annami 328 19 Joe Moneypenny 324 20 The Daredevil 291 21 Etushipushingupdaisies 261 22 The Old Crem 247 23 chilean way 223 24 Sean 222 25 Baby Blue 220 26 markb4 205 27 Yorkshire Banker 183 28 Grand Uncle Bulgaria 160 29 mr.whit 156 30 Toast 124 31 Charles De Gaulle 119 32 Bibliogryphon 93 33 Gooseberry Crumble 75 34 etib80 68 35 Guyfromfuture 33
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    Conspiracy theorists about to go into meltdown.
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    That's your Sarah Lilian Priest dead.
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    English local journalist with a bit of BBC recognition, George Makin, dead just a few weeks after announcing his illness: https://www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk/2021/news/brilliant-local-democracy-reporter-dies-weeks-after-cancer-diagnosis/ Four days after his first vaccination shot.
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    Crumble Team sent! Battle lines drawn! Bring on the enema!!
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    Tonia Bern-Campbell, widow of Donald Campbell, and also ex-wife of Bill Maynard, as well as a successful singer/actress in her own right, has died - possibly aged 93 (date of birth uncertain).
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    Mark Robson, Canadian-born American filmmaker who directed the boxing classics "Champion" (1949) (one of the most celebrated boxing films of its era) and "The Harder They Fall" (1956) (notable also for being the Humphrey Bogart's final film) as well as such commercial blockbusters, died of a heart attack in London after completing his final film "Avalanche Express" on this date in 1978. He was 64 years old. Robson became producer of his own works from the 50's. "The Bridges At Toko-Ri" (1955) (film with torrential scenes of love between William Holden and Grace Kelly), "Peyton Place" (1957), "The Prize" (1963) (with Paul Newman) and "Valley of the Dolls" (1967) were among his most successful films. Mark Robson was interred in Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
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    As a wise man has said before: it only takes 3 hits...
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    68 years since Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were executed as spies, at ages 35 & 37 respectively. Interesting article here on their sons campaign to clear Ethel's name, in which I discovered that they were adopted by Abel Meeropol (& his wife Anne), the composer of Deathlist favourite Strange Fruit.
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    Previously I tended to heave a sigh when I saw this thread had been bumped but since starting SHBD IV it now piques my interest
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    Latest after Friday nights games. MSC 10 Gcreptile 10 Paul Bearer 9 RIP Wee Jum 8 Redrumours 8 Toast 6 Mr Spud42 4 Great uncle Bulgaria 2 Lady Fiona 2 En Passant 2 Biblio 2 Time 2 Tom Tom Telekom 2 As always, if you spot a mistake, please let me know.
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    Never heard any of those names before.
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    The Congressional report is supposed to come out before June 25th, so within the next week. Still, more stuff gets leaked. “Clearly, something’s going on that we can’t handle,” Tim Burchett, a Republican congressman from Tennessee, told TMZ. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jun/17/ufos-us-report-national-security-concerns
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    Christiane Amanpour, who I played on my DDP theme team Our Top Story Tonight last year, has ovarian cancer. https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/14/media/christiane-amanpour-ovarian-cancer/index.html
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    Jim 'Mudcat' Grant, who pitched 571 games in the Major Leagues between 1958 and 1971, has died. He was 85. Grant made history when, in 1965, he became the first Black pitcher to win 20 games in a season. https://www.mlb.com/news/mudcat-grant-dies-at-85
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    Television and stage actor Menzi Ngubane, best known for his role in Generations, died at 56 years: https://surgezirc.co.za/2021-03-13-gossip-veteran-actor-menzi-ngubane-has-passed-away/ Since 2015 he was been starring as Detective Nkonzo Mazibuko in the telenovela Ashes to Ashes. He was also in the 2004 film Country of My Skull starring Samuel L. Jackson and Juliette Binoche.
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    Singer-songwriter Michael Stanley, known as a solo artist and leader of the Michael Stanley Band, died at 72 years: https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2021/03/michael-stanley-cleveland-rock-legend-and-noted-local-radio-and-tv-personality-dead-at-72.html
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    Another one related to “Line of Bodies” DI Arnott (Martin Compston) and Sergio Perez off of Formula 1
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    I have 20 celebrity names for 2022, of course thats if they survive the remaining of 2021.... 1. Betty White 100 2. Marla Gibbs 91 3. Barbara Eden 91 4. Julie Andrews 87 5. Eva Marie Saint 98 6. Norman Lear 100 7. Sidney Poitier 95 8. Jimmy Carter 98 9. Rosalynn Carter 95 10. Queen Elizabeth II 96 11. Dick Van Dyke 97 12. Bob Barker 99 13. Angela Lansbury 96 14. Mel Brooks 96 15. Tony Bennett 96 16. Harry Belafonte 95 17. Ed Asner 93 18. Bob Dole 99 19. Henry Kissinger 99 20. Renee Taylor 89
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