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    Whatever I win from Tuesday's lotto will go toward a purchase endeavour. I didn't get my T-shirt, but DSCDP did put my husband in the 'In Memoriam', and have always been good, kind, prompt, chipper to me. At least I managed to reach the Top 10 for points in the first half of 2022.
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    Raffaele La Capria dead at 99.
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    I’m afraid that’s like trying CPR on a fried rasher of bacon.
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    Thue Christiansen, Greenlandic Inuit teacher, artist, politician best known for designing the Flag of Greenland, dead at 82.
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    Sly Stone turns 80 next year. He was one of the biggest up and coming stars in the musical world until his drug addiction got in the way of his career. His excesses surpassed that of even Keith Richards and Ozzy Osbourne.
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    Sancho VI of Navarre died on this day 828 years ago, aged 62. Sancho became King of Pamplona following the death of his father in 1150. Sancho was the first monarch to call himself as the King of Navarre rather than King of Pamplona. During his reign, his nation was under constant threat from the neighboring Castile- it had been slowly annexing the western and coastal portion of Navarre to become a naval superpower. In 1177, King Henry II of England delivered arbitration between the two to set their borders as they were in 1158, before Castile invaded. Sancho signed an alliance pact with Aragon to mutually defend against Castile in 1190. The following year, his daughter Berengaria became queen consort of England by marrying Richard I. Sancho was a patron of learning, and his epithet "the Wise" stems from this. Sancho died after a 43 and a half year reign, and was succeeded by his son Sancho VII.
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    @msc and @YoungWillz Had a chance to read the Gurnard this weekend on Saturday, and the print edition has a QO for Ann Davies written by none other than Toby Hadoke. However, it also appeared online on 10 May. Worth the read, even if old news. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/may/10/ann-davies-obituary
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    Please keep the site/thread updated with what ends up happening with this. If DSCDP can be revived I'd be interested as well...
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    DSCDP seems to be offline for good, according to this tweet from its admin. The website has been unreachable since 25 June.
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    On this day in 1958 professional athlete George Orton, the first Canadian to win an Olympic medal, died aged 85. At the age of 3 George suffered severe injury after falling out of a tree and developing a blood clot on the brain. This left him effectively paralysed until the age of 10 and with a severely damaged right arm. With the right therapy and physio he gradually recovered near full mobility by the age of 12- this makes his subsequent Olympic success all the more remarkable and inspirational. At the Olympic games in Paris in 1900 Geowon a bronze medal in the 400m hurdles and then 45 minutes later he won gold in the 2500m steeplechase. In the years immediately prior to the games in the 1890s he was already established as the number one middle distance runner in the world due to his success in smaller competitions and national championships. Also at this Olympics he entered what was referred to as the 'handicap races' but they were not officially recognised by the Olympic authorities in the same way as the main games. He hugely outshone the other athletes and was made to give up either his time or distance in the scoring such was his capacity to vastly outperform all other disabled athletes. His lifelong dead right arm and hand which he hid so successfully from many meant he was the first disabled athlete to win an Olympic gold. In this era nationalities was regarded as less central and important at the Olympic games especially as many competed in teams or groupings from sport teams at universities of mixed nationality or were more regarded as competing as individuals rather than countries representatives. This lead to George wrongly being regarded as american because he was heavily involved with other US athletes and he was added to the american medal total initially- before being removed and becoming the first Canadian to win an Olympic medal.. Away from the Olympics George Orton was regarded as 'The father of Philadelphia hockey' after he introduced ice hockey to Philadelphia and was key to nurturing it there and getting initial sports premises and pitches built. In 2019 a book was published about Orton called 'The greatest athlete(you've never heard of)' by Mark Hebscher. But as the first Canadian and first disabled athlete to win an Olympic gold will always be regarded as his crowning best achievements.
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    One of those names that could so easily have ended up on the DL particularly because of the affection for Clive Dunn but he kept popping up at events associated with Dad's Army so I think most people thought he had a couple more years
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    Dad's Army – Caroline Dowdeswell (77) who played Janet King is still alive, as is Michael Knowles (85) who played Captain Cutts. The Army Game – Frank Williams MAY have been the last surviving cast member. Depends if Michael Stainton (b. 1935, IMDb) is still with us. His last role was in 2002. The GRO Index tends to suggest that he was alive up to 2021, and I'd expect his passing to be noted somewhere as he was very prolific, even though he only really played supporting roles.
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    On this day 19 years ago in 2003 , Denis Thatcher- businessman and spouse of the UKs first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher , died aged 88.
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    On this day in 1894 the President of France Sadi Carnot was assainated aged 56. He was French President from 1887-1894. Sadi came from a family heavily involved in national politics indeed steeped in it. The family came from the moderate republican tradition and was firmly active in opposing attempts by opponents to restore the french monarchy. His grandfather was a military moderniser trying to embed loyalty to the French Republic into the militarys ethos rather than loyalty to the monarchy and his father was involved in drawing up the constitutional laws of 1875. So he was from a very well connected family but in an atmosphere were there was significant background manoeuvres and attempts to restore the monarchy Sadi was regarded as a reliable and trustworthy person to push forward into responsible positions/jobs in french politics and Public life. Suspicion about infiltration by enemies of the republic was strong at this time. A high stakes situation. Appointed minister for public works in 1878 by 1885 he was minister of finance and had served in ministries under two French Prime Ministers-Jules Ferry and Charles de Freycinet. In 1887 the then French President Jules Grevy resigned as a result of a major scandal known as the 'Daniel Wilson scandal '. In essence Daniel Wilson the son in law of the president was caught selling awards of the french legion of honour . While his father in law was not directly involved and had no knowledge of wrongdoing he was held partially culpable and irresponsible for allowing Wilson access to the Elysee Palace were much of the scandal was conducted Sadi Carnots reputation for integrity was seen to make him the ideal person to replace the president after the huge scandal and he was voted into position by french politicians 616 votes out of 827. The biggest threat he and the french republicans faced was increasing personal and political attacks from politician and military man General Boulanger who many in political circles feared was popular enough to launch a successful political coup and establish a dictatorship. But when it came to the crunch his brutal courage failed him, he was indecisive and veered towards abandoning an established well planned plot and setting on achieving success via the legitimate legal route.However his botching of his plot lead the authorities to seize evidence and move to charge him with treason. He fled into exile permanently and in this regard President Carnot was lucky with his enemies who completely missed his opportunity to lead a potentially successful coup. His own Presidency took place to the difficult background of huge tensions and rivalries in french society .But itwas largely scandal free except for the huge Panama bribery scandal which ruined the government's reputation as a number of cabinet ministers were jailed over their involvement in a hugely dodgy investment they illegally profited from but enhanced his personal reputation as he was shown to have clean hands and zero personal involvement or personal gain. At the peak of his popularity in 1894 he gave a speech at a public banquet in Lyon were he strongly hinted he would not be standing for reelection . However an irian anarchist stabbed him multiple times at the event in a self confessed political act of retaliation for the execution of french anarchist Ravachol and the tightening up of french laws in recent years as a crackdown against anarchists and their bombings and assaination attempts. Alas on this occasion their assaination was successful.
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    On this day in 2011 british actress Margaret Tyzack died aged 79. Some of her best known work was in tv dramas The Forsyte Saga, IClaudius and award winning BBC drama The First Churchills although she did appear in some iconic films such as Stanley Kubricks 2001 A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange. Her final role in Spring 2011 was as Lydia Simmonds, the manipulating dying grandmother of Janine Butcher in EastEnders. However due to health issues after a small number of her episodes had already aired they had to recast the role at short notice to Heather Chasen after Margaret had to step down and died herself just a few months later .
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    https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/breaking-saturdays-mollie-king-pregnant-27305146 Singer Mollie King , member of british band The Saturdays, has announced she is expecting her first child with England cricketer Stuart Broad.
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    You're welcome to the land of the living. I've missed you. Hope you're better, @Wormfarmer. There are no mistakes. You did a fine work with the pocket calculator. For your next update... Sister Catherine Wybourne is a duo for @gcreptile and @GuyFromFuture: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2022/02/27/sister-catherine-weybourne-digitalnun-became-force-internet/ Take care, @Wormfarmer.
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    Ivan Lendl, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, who won eight Grand Slam singles championships is 62 today.
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    All right, here we go, @msc. You scare me a little bit. You're a legend. That's why I'm ready for this: MariNisia: 3 - msc: 30 Yes, I know, I know, you don't need luck. Because... I'm an insect compared to you. But... good luck anyway. I'm going to learn a lot playing with you. Enjoy the show.
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    Veteran Indian Actress Sridevi Kapoor passes away with 54 years: http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2018/02/24/breaking-sridevi-dies-at-55_a_23370162/
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    Slovak Actor Marian Labuda dead at 73 years: https://www.aktuality.sk/clanok/552771/zomrel-herec-marian-labuda/
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    Veteran turkish Actor Munir Ozkul dead at 93 years: https://www.dailysabah.com/cinema/2018/01/05/veteran-turkish-actor-munir-ozkul-dies-at-93
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    Swedish Actor Johannes Brost dead at 71 years. He was also a Long time friend from Mick Jagger. https://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/film-tv/skadespelaren-johannes-brost-ar-dod/
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