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  1. Lady Grendel

    Death List Convention

    Great minds think alike Time I had just sent Boudicca a picture of our visit to the Bols Museum, rest assured it wasn't one of you, me and Hein looking pissed drinking strong cocktails! August 2012 DL Con Amsterdam was quite an experience. Myself, Time, Rotten Ali, Magere Hein, welshman and harrymcnallysblueand white army all attended and we had the best weekend apart from the dodgy vegan restaurant complete with a seperate dining room room with antiques/jumble sale crap covering every surface - the dolls were creepy. I have a shedload of photos from those 3 days. Somewhere I have a great photo of all 6of us at the end of the Saturday night, think it was taken just after Mr. McNally bought everyone a whisky shot and that tipped us over the edge into complete drunkenness. I think I have been able to upload a photo of me outside said Bols museum from that day.
  2. Lady Grendel

    What are you doing to kill the boredom.

    Hello all, long time since my last post. I am working from home which requires me getting out of bed and moving to my sofa for the day in front of a laptop, in between essential work I get to have fab irreverent group video chats with my colleagues every day which often descend into the normal innuendo chats we would have in the office. My boss described them last week as 'mental health therapy' and they really are, laughter is often the best medicine. I have been at home now since March 12th - yes we worked out early that staying at home was the best idea, sometime before Boris did. Boredom is still a factor and when not working I can be seen stalking the dog that lives across the road from my windows - I lost my own dog in December to heart failure- and playing computer games. Steam and Big Fish Games have been my solace these days. Stay safe folks and now I have finally found out how to log in here again I may well be around a bit more :-)
  3. Lady Grendel

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    I do wonder if lying on his deathbed listening to a cacophony of bagpipes a few days before his death was a pleasant experience
  4. Lady Grendel

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    LG reporting in! I had seen photos of him recently at local public events where he looked gaunt but as the throat cancer diagnosis was 10 years ago I thought perhaps he was going to weather the storm. Only 5 days ago Floors Castle had their massed Pipes and Drums day, as anyone who has read my posts knows I live beside the Duke's estate and get to see the pomp and ceremony stuff that goes on, only last weekend we had The Carriage Club of Great Britain drive by in their full regalia pretending to be Lords and Ladies as they drove along the streets of Kelso, they slightly gave away the fact they are not actually posh by the fact they had their smartphones out filming their approach to the 'Golden Gates'of Floors while dressed as nobility. The castle and its grounds are closed now until further notice but hopefully they will get their act together and reopen for the Food Festival scheduled to be held there in 2 weeks time as I have tickets for that and the food and gin samples are pretty much top of my priorities in my middle age, stuff mourning a member of the aristocracy. LG
  5. Lady Grendel

    Death List Convention

    Not quite buckets but I do own some very large wine glasses! I have just had a reunion in Glasgow with some friends and neighbours from my childhood days to celebrate a milestone birthday of mine and was given what I can only describe as a 'massive fuck-off glass' to drink my gin from (bottle of gin included too) , even I was daunted by it's size. Count me in for 24th March :-)
  6. Lady Grendel

    Death List Convention

    I could attend any weekend after February if that helps, would be good to see DL'rs again, mine's a pint of wine LFN :-). Tardy response from me I am sorry, work has really, really cut down my internet time. Gone are the days of drifting in and out of the DL while pretending to read office emails. I was in Edinburgh in June with 2 American friends and we went to a pub that made me think should we ever have a convention in Scotland this would be the place. http://www.frankensteinedinburgh.co.uk/ We just dropped in for something to eat and they really put on a show that none of us were expecting. I won't spoil it in case any of you are in the pub on a visit to Edinburgh, just remember to look up if you visit.
  7. Lady Grendel

    Tom Petty

    Indeed that is a very good point! Also had a friend that saw Mr. Petty in Hyde Park, pretty amazing gig by all accounts and he was only a year or two younger than Jeff, I might have to rethink that one :-)
  8. Lady Grendel

    Life In Prison

    Yes he got jailed a few years ago now, I think his last trial was one of the few where television cameras were allowed in to film - my memory serves me that the judge was filmed sentencing him, it's happened a few times now but Scotland isn't big on that kind of thing. Rumour has always been that his wife's body was put through a machine that cuts up trees for woodchips and what was came out was fed to pigs, a surefire way to dispose of a body I have heard. He doesn't have a long sentence though given todays standards of 25 - 30 years, 17 I think he got in 2012/13 and the time he was locked up before will come into account so he could well be out in about 10 years.
  9. Lady Grendel

    Tom Petty

    I saw Mr. Lynne in concert at Wembley Stadium, London in June he was looking pretty fit to me and put on a brilliant concert. He's not a kick in the backside away from being 70 but I have seen much younger musicians that don't have the stamina he has, I won't be adding him to my list anytime soon. (Apologies for the rubbish photo!)
  10. Lady Grendel

    Rick Parfitt

    That's a shame. I was lucky enough to see them many moons ago at Reading Festival, and again a couple of years later touring. I say 'lucky' because I probably wouldn't have gone to one of their gigs, but their festival set was so enjoyable that I didn't need persuading to see them again. I saw them many years ago too, I think it was 1986 when they played the SECC in Glasgow on their 'In the Army Now' tour. Then I saw them again in June 1990 at Celtic Park where they supported Rod Stewart. Incredible band, great fun. I will admit that I got bored at both gigs as perhaps I tired a bit early after 'Rocking all over the world' with them and maybe the songs sounded much the same as the gig went on. The 25 minute rendition of Johnny B. Goode as an encore in 1986 had me almost slitting my wrists through sheer repetition but that is what fans of The Quo love. Me, I have been listening again to Paper Plane this weekend and remembering actually how good they were. R.I.P. Rick and thanks for all the memories of lining up 'Quo Style' on the dance floors of rock clubs in Glasgow in my youth whenever The Quo was played. Happy times.
  11. Lady Grendel

    Death List Convention

    I lived there for a couple of years too. I'm thinking probably May sometime as I need to fit in with the friends I'll be visiting. Hope the life changes are not unpleasant ones. 'Tis mine your suppliant now to be, Ah, let the band of love - be three!" 20 years ago I lived in Cologne, too. Now I am working there, so it should be possible for me to take part in the DL Convention. Can someone tell me a little bit more about the convention, please? How do you meet and where? When I arranged the Amsterdam meet and agreement was reached on when, all overseas visitors made their own travel and hotel arrangements. I proposed a place to meet by PM and arranged good weather. All I did next was go to meeting place, get something to drink and wait. The other DLers duly arrived. Ok, I prepared some things to do and see as well. I remember the restaurants... Me too especially the vegan steak. It was like eating rubber! The Amsterdam meet up was great, I have very happy memories of it. Sadly, from my point of view, I will be taking a rain check on this one Handrejka. Life is too busy, I am already booked up for a week in June with American friends flying in to Scotland culminating with a visit to London and Wembley to see Jeff Lynne's ELO. I have to organise my old Mum and my crippled dog around it too. Fun!
  12. Lady Grendel

    Ask A Deathlister

    I want to work where you work Handrjeka. We have a new boss in place in my workplace, well not that new, 9 months now and that sort of open conversation would have him running for the hills. The open, frank and often irreverent and humorous discussions us employees had are in short supply now. I have always been able to chat about DL and deadpooling in general with my colleagues, not so with the new boss. Rest assured I am finding new ways to make him uncomfortable in general conversations. I expect my P45 soon.
  13. Lady Grendel

    The B B C

    Tried and tried to edit it but it won't let me. I have logged in and out and come back after a couple of days but I think there is a problem, one of the many, from the last upgrade. An Admin might be able to sort it. I could capitalise the L's in the sub heading but not change the title.
  14. Lady Grendel

    Dem Bones Dem Bones .....................

    Sod it, first or surnames. Glad you have opened it up to first names .My contribution is the late, great Philip Lynott
  15. Lady Grendel

    Docter Docter!

    That's awful OsP, I realised something of this nature had happened to you when you commented on my FB post about my young cousin being killed in a crash the other week but I had no idea it was this, very glad you are still with us. My best regards to you and Mrs OSP and I really hope you both make a good recovery soon.

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