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    I asked ChatbotGPT for some headlines, and it came up with this. They're fucking terrible: Peanut Farmer Finally Kicks the Bucket: Jimmy Carter OK with It Former President Carter's Last Campaign: The One-Way Ticket to the Afterlife The Final Chapter: Jimmy Carter Checks Out and Smiles No More Peanut Butter Dreams: Jimmy Carter Passes Away Heaven Gets a New Habitat as Jimmy Carter Leaves the Earth The Peanut Gallery Goes Silent: Jimmy Carter's Life Comes to a Close Jimmy Carter Bids Farewell to the White House and Hello to the Pearly Gates Former President Peanut Goes to the Great Beyond Jimmy Carter Leaves Us in Good Hands (or Should We Say Wings) President Carter Leaves a Legacy, and a Hearty Appetite for Eternal Peace
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    I PM'd GuyFromFuture a few months ago and he has given me permission to host the next round, if anyone would be interested in participation?
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    Tom Sizemore dead at 61.
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    Buckley is the first US senator to become a centenarian in over 20 years. Until now Strom Thurmond was the most recent centennial.
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    A video of Dick hanging out with Norman Lear (28) and Mel Brooks (10). The meeting purportedly happened last month.
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    And your draw for the third round of the Deathlist Cup, As Sponsored By Southend United: Winner An Fear Baeg vs Pop_Zeus vs Winner CalebH vs Captain Hemlock Winner BabyBlue vs Annami vs Winner ladyfiona vs DevonDeathTrip Winner Perhaps vs Grim Up North vs Winner GuyFromFuture vs CaptainChorizo Winner Hell vs LizLemon vs Winner alt obits guy vs YorkshireBanker Winner gcreptile vs Arghton vs Winner SpadeCooley vs JoeMoneypenny Winner deadsox vs Gooseberry Crumble vs Winner TQR vs MariNisia Winner The Old Crem vs Banana vs Winner diego vs Sir Cunto Winner msc vs TheKillingTime vs Winner Sideik vs wannamaker
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    Yeah, despite Ulitzer having what I and many others thought to be rather pungent opinions on certain things, there was no utter derangement like this fucking shit. It’s no coincidence that the three you mention are all Trump supporters.
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    Robert Blake dead at 89.
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    Oh my, it is done... my database is updated. Now I can enjoy the rest of the year... ..let's see if I can get the full update. Thank you for your notices above. Let's start with them: Just Fontaine scores twice here (not 13 times...). Betty Boothroyd was quite the popular hit. Gordon Pinsent, (who I always confused with an old criminal) was a hit for Torva Messor and GuyFromFuture. Nobody shares the hit of Augie Nieto with Wormfarmer - an extreme obit gamble that paid off. SalmonMousse scores massively with Slim Borgudd, Simone Edwards and Mark Pilgrim, who barely got a BBC obit, but he DID get it. Amazingly, these three names are all unique.. could this finally be SalmonMousse's year? Gooseberry Crumble only gets two unique hits, Raquel Welch and Bernard Ingham. His third hit, Stella Stevens, is shared, with Sean, for example. Next, Tim Lobinger. I guess I was too dismissive of this german name and his obit chances, but quite a few of you were rewarded for the risk. Huey "Piano" Smith was a unique hit for Death Impends. Finally, the Deathlist hits of Burt Bacharach and Pervez Musharraf also score plentifully here. Next, I noticed some 2022 deaths that I replaced in my database. I am probably not going to adjust the masterlist for a while, if at all... But rest assured, it's all in my game file. JoeMoneypenny missed that a japanese businessman (I already forgot the name) already died in 2022. Satoru Sayama gets in as a replacement. Somebody (Diego?) also picked japanese dance Yuriko, but that person also died in 2022. Norman Lear is the sub. We also have a couple of names waiting for their obits, Steve Woodmore and Juan Velarde Fuentes, as far as I can tell. The chances are probably slim... Next up, the hits of relatively old people not yet announced here. Dick Cheney's accidental target, Harry Whittington was a unique hit for Summer in Transilvania. The former chairman of the Toyota corporation, Shoichido Toyoda was a unique hit for LadyFiona. Now, another triplet of unique hits, this time for Diego: Felix Sienra, Hsing Yun and ancient Serbian actress Branka Veselimovic are all for him alone. Well done! Aaand.. next ones, let's look at the yet unmentioned DDP hits: Christopher Fowler is a hit for three people, and Miroslav Blazevic is a hit for two people, Banana among them. Ricou Browning is the second unique hit in this update for Death Impends. Walter Mirisch is a unique hit for Daredevil.. You all really managed to pick them all! (except for Gary Rossington, I guess...) I wonder what this all adds up to... but I suspect, we have a repeat of last year with Banana and Salmon Mousse battling it out. Rank Team Score 1 Banana 486 2 Perhaps 377 3 Salmon Mousse 351 4 Funeralopolis 348 5 Cpt. Chorizo 319 6 JoeyRuss 270 7 ThereWillBeDeaths7 256 8 The Spinosaurus 253 9 RadGuy 248 10 gcreptile 245 11 Book 235 12 Death Impends 222 13 Grim Up North 219 14 TheOldLady 209 15 Toast 208 16 wannamaker 203 17 msc 202 18 GuyFromFuture 200 19 Summer in Transylvania 195 20 An Fear Beag 192 21 Wormfarmer 186 21 Diego 186 23 Thatcher 183 24 Sean 176 25 Gooseberry Crumble 175 25 Joltin Joe 175 27 TheUnknownMan 171 28 The Daredevil 168 29 Predictor 163 30 chilean way 157 31 DevonDeathTrip 151 32 Buffalo Phil 148 33 DeathBecomesThem 147 33 Nick 147 35 Mr. Wonderful 145 36 Torva Messor 125 37 Charles De Gaulle 121 38 Famous6Eva 120 38 Etushipushingupdaisies 120 38 Drol 120 41 MortalCaso 116 42 Hell 107 43 The Old Crem 104 44 tracy 102 45 YoungWillz 92 45 etib80 92 45 Mr. Custard 92 48 John Key 69 49 Annami 68 50 Liz Lemon 66 51 CalebH 64 51 TheQuimReaper 64 51 MariNisia 64 51 Pedro67 64 55 Lady Fiona 54 56 JoeMoneypenny 43 56 Cpt. Hemlock 43 58 Ghostofchristmaspast 29 59 Bibliogryphon 0 59 Great Uncle Bulgaria 0 59 sam081 0 Not quite... Perhaps has pushed beyond SalmonMousse. Funeralopolis is at a spectacular fourth place. Banana maintains the lead, not yet with unique hits, but by hitting all the must-haves. I probably have missed this or that. Feel free to point it out. Edit: Adjusted
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    Masum Babul was a three-time winner of the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Choreography. It might be more than three actually, as nobody's updated the Wikipedia page for the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Choreography since 2018. Anyway, he's dead now, and Arghton turns more to ARRRRGGHHHHton as gcreptile goes 17-0 up in their clash. An Fear Baeg 6 vs Pop_Zeus 0 CalebH 0 vs Captain Hemlock 3 BabyBlue 0 vs Annami 6 ladyfiona 3 vs DevonDeathTrip 6 Perhaps 6 vs Grim Up North 9 GuyFromFuture 0 vs CaptainChorizo 3 Hell 6 vs LizLemon 0 alt obits guy 9 vs YorkshireBanker 0 gcreptile 17 vs Arghton 0 SpadeCooley 6 vs JoeMoneypenny 3 deadsox 3 vs Gooseberry Crumble 0 TQR 6 vs MariNisia 9 The Old Crem 3 vs Banana 9 diego 3 vs Sir Cunto 9 msc 6 vs TheKillingTime 6 Sideik 6 vs wannamaker 6
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    Gooseberry sure to get the tissues out for that one.
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    The death of Hollywood star Tom has confirmed what anyone would have suspected reading these forums: we're all a bunch of Size queens. There was no saving Sergeant Horvath this time out, and there were far too many hits to report them all. gcreptile goes 10 points up, Perhaps and Grim Up North, as well as TQR and MariNisia, all captained their way to a 6-6, and there has to be some congratulations to deadsox and Gooseberry Crumble for somehow keeping their clash at 0-0. Black Hawk? Down. An Fear Baeg 6 vs Pop_Zeus 0 CalebH 0 vs Captain Hemlock 3 BabyBlue 0 vs Annami 6 ladyfiona 3 vs DevonDeathTrip 6 Perhaps 6 vs Grim Up North 6 GuyFromFuture 0 vs CaptainChorizo 3 Hell 6 vs LizLemon 0 alt obits guy 6 vs YorkshireBanker 0 gcreptile 10 vs Arghton 0 SpadeCooley 3 vs JoeMoneypenny 3 deadsox 0 vs Gooseberry Crumble 0 TQR 6 vs MariNisia 6 The Old Crem 3 vs Banana 6 diego 3 vs Sir Cunto 6 msc 3 vs TheKillingTime 6 Sideik 3 vs wannamaker 6
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    Jazz Saxophone LEGEND Wayne Shorter, dies out of the blue, at 89: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/03/02/arts/music/wayne-shorter-dead.html Big collaborator with Miles Davis, member of Weather Report, and a huge solo career. DDP pick, naturally.
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    Hooray, we got a winner from this KoS round: It's German Fräulin Wunder Nena! Congratulations! Who would have thought that??? I was surprised that she did that well in her own KoS (1984/85), but never guessed her to be the winner of the whole thing! Not bad! Maybe it's because the song is somehow overplayed in Germany, no Party without “99 Luftballons”. While Nena is called a one-hit-wonder internationally, she is still very successful in Germany as a solo artist (in her hey-days Nena was a whole band, up from the early 90s Nena is a solo artist). Her/Their discography shows 2 No.1 singles, further 13 Top 10-hits, 2 No. albums, further 8 top 10-albums. With 25 million records sold worldwide, she is one of the most successful musicians in the history of German pop music. And now she can also book winning the 80s UK No.1 hits KoS as a success! Well done! That has to be a highlight of her career! And here's our top 25 most popular UK No.1 hits of the 80's: 01. Nena – 99 red balloons 02. David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes (Youth in Asia) 03. Soft Cell – Tainted Love (ladyfiona) 04. Blondie – Atomic (RIP Wee Jum) 05. Kraftwerk – The Model / Computer Love (Book) 06. George Michael – Careless Whisper (CaptainChorizo) 07. Pet Shop Boys – It´s a sin (Imelda) 08. Madonna – Into the groove (Drewsky1211) 09. Men at Work – Down Under (Drewsky1211) 10. Madonna – Like a prayer (ladyfiona) 11. The Specials – Ghost Town (Book) 12. Madness – House of fun (Joey Russ) 13. a-ha – The sun always shines on TV (En Passant) 14. Communards & Sarah Jane Morris – Don´t leave me this way (Joey Russ) 15. Bee Gees – You win again (Drewsky1211) 16. Human League – Don´t you want me (Paul Bearer) 17. Eurythmics – There must be an angel (playing with my heart) (Youth in Asia) 18. Frankie goes to Hollywood – Two Tribes (Drewsky1211) 19. Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a place on earth (En Passant) 20. Enya – Orinoco Flow (Toast) 21. The Bangles – Eternal Flame (Drewsky1211) 22. Bonnie Tyler – Total eclipse of the heart (Paul Bearer) 23. Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Youth in Asia) 24. The Jam – A town called Malice (wannamaker) 25. Kylie Minogue – I should be so lucky (msc) I would also like to crown Drewsky as a killer queen, congratulations! You killed most of the songs in this round Killer-Queens: 5 Drewsky1211 3 Youth in Asia 2 Book 2 En Passant 2 Joey Russ 2 ladyfiona 2 Paul Bearer 1 CaptainChorizo 1 Imelda 1 msc 1 RIP Wee Jum 1 Toast 1 wannamaker Thanks for playing again... and again... and again... the 90s are on its way!
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    https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-just-fontaine-passes-away-29341676 Just Fontaine has died aged 89.
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    And I get to post this incredible scene again. I believe this was Blake's last performance before his murder arrest.
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    The last White Rose is faded... and brings the D-A-CH-List to a total of 6 so far! Traute Lafenz-Page, German physician and member of the resistance group “The White Rose” has died at age 103. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/name/traute-page-obituary?id=49760207 Edit: It took some time but here it is, a German obit: https://www.zeit.de/gesellschaft/zeitgeschehen/2023-03/traute-lafrenz-weisse-rose
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    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R), 81, hospitalized for a fall. History of poor health, polio survivor since childhood; previous refusal to comment on bruised hands and purple face in 2020. Assuming he survives this, but we all know how one fall is all it takes to send someone down a spiral — especially after losing mobility. Definitely a big name to keep an eye on, has been in the Senate since 1985 and led the Senate Republicans since 2007. Was the single biggest pain in Obama's (and maybe Trump's) ass for 8 years.
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    María Branyas Morera, on the day of her birthday:
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    Gary Rossington dead
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    February a go. Up first is French racecar driver Jean-Pierre Jabouille, a unique for DeathByArsenic that brings them 28 points (20 base + 8 bonus). And then former Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf. His leadership style all depended on his mood - at times oppressive despot, at times patriotic freedom fighter. Dialing towards the former for HPDP scoring purposes there. The winning trio are CaptainChorizo with 72 points (45 base + 27 bonus), DeathBecomesThem with 64 (40 base + 24 bonus), and drol with 24 (15 base + 9 bonus). The best that Burt Bachrach could do was one team. Lord, we don't need another mountain, but Murdoc gets a mountain's worth of 49 points (35 base + 14 bonus). Up next is a triple header in one day. Colin Dobson, a footballer with Sheffield Wednesday, was a trademark Gooseberry Crumble unique worth 21 points (15 base + 6 unique). Pole vaulter Tim Lobinger was an obit gamble around DDP parts, but with German QOs under the HPDP fold the only question for his pickers was when he would die. He died earlier than anticipate for both Reptile (30 points) and Banana (25 points), and additionally was the first sub hit for RadGuy (25 points). Unlike Lobinger, schlager singer Tony Marshall had no luck gaining any native press outside his native Germany, but that was enough for HPDP purposes. Reptile swiftly follows up with another "too early" hit to the tune of 35 points (25 base + 10 bonus), plus an extra 5 points for hitting a Daily Double. time was one of three wooden spoons last year, and as such resubmitted his 2022 team for this year without any modifications. He'll have to go back to the drawing board for at least one name next time, with badger-coiffured World of Sport host Dickie Davies ending the long dry spell. He brings a haul of 56 points (40 base + 16 bonus). Just one more name in this update. None other than Just Fontaine, the goalscoring juggernaut of 1958 World Cup yore. Fittingly, his picker's username also begins with just, and justonecornetto scores 49 points (35 base + 14 bonus). Latest scoreboard is below. CaptainChorizo leaps to third on the back of Musharraf, while the top two remain unchanged but with a much closer .05-point margin thanks to justonecornetto gaining more mileage out of Fontaine than Banana did out of Lobinger. 1. Banana 140 2. justonecornetto 139.95 3. CaptainChorizo 122 4. gcreptile 120.95 5. DeathBecomesThem 110.77 6. drol 105.77 7. RadGuy 92.7 8. msc 86.77 9. BuffaloPhil 84.95 10. diego 75.82 11. wannamaker 65.95 12. BabyBlue 60.95 =13. John "요한" Sulu 56 =13. time 56 15. Murdoc 54.82 16. LizLemon 52.7 17. nantonian2013 51.27 =18. An Fear Beag 50.95 =18. Perhaps 50.95 =18. TheDumbReaper 50.95 =21. chilean way 50.82 =21. Sean 50.82 =21. ThereWillBeDeaths7 50.82 =24. Book 50 =24. Famous6Eva 50 =24. JoeMoneypenny 50 =24. MariNisia 50 =24. maryportfuncity 50 =24. Thatcher 50 30. WEP 49 31. Funeralopolis 45.95 32. The Unknown Man 45.82 33. Hell 45 34. Toast 40.95 35. Clarence 36.77 =36. Pedro67 35 =36. theoldlady 35 38. The Old Crem 30.95 =39. DeathByArsenic 28 =39. Torva Messor 28 41. Charles De Gaulle 26.77 42. Etushispushingupdaisies 26.4 43. Gooseberry Crumble 21 44. Young One 10 =45. Great Uncle Bulgaria 1.77 =45. YorkshireBanker 1.77 =47. John Key 0.95 =47. markb4 0.95 =49. CalebH 0.82 =49. GuyFromFuture 0.82 =49. Joey Russ 0.82 =52. arghton 0 =52. Death Impends 0 =52. DevonDeathTrip 0 =52. Lord Fellatio Nelson 0 =52. TheKillingTime 0 =52. YoungWillz 0
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    No ! It is putting people off because it is not a 90s song and it has already been in this contest. It is obscuring the sad but beautiful These Are The Days Of Our Lives, which was Freddie's moving farewell.
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    Detective novelist Christopher Fowler, best known for the Bryant & May series of books, has been taken off the case aged 69. He was diagnosed with cancer on the exact same day COVID lockdowns began in the UK in 2020, which probably wasn't a great aid to his long-term wellbeing. gcreptile had obvious been keeping a file on the crime writer and goes 4 points up in their clash with Arghton. Arghton 0 vs gcreptile 4
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    Yeah, right.
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