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    King WHO??? Father of WHO???
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    Millions spent on that bloody coronation for this
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    On the bright side 2 more Bank Holidays to look forward to.
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    Surely even those not well versed in world leaders have to remember the most high profile assassination in recent memory?
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    I'll accept @Lafaucheuse as I hadn't definitively declared submissions closed with a post that says "submissions are definitely now closed", but submissions are definitely now closed. Here's our complete list of Inverse Dead Pool 2024 candidates, ranked by the total number of points we've all banked on them, with a second column for how many teams they're on (out of a total 57). I've colour-coded the 51 names – the top slightly-less-than-half in green, and the bottom slightly-more-than-half in red. TOTAL POINTS # OF TEAMS 1 Joe Biden 1237 54 2 Donald Trump 1171 53 3 Michael J. Fox 1067 56 4 Andy Taylor 992 55 5 Billy Connolly 906 56 6 Clint Eastwood 898 53 7 William Shatner 880 53 8 Ozzy Osbourne 873 53 9 Buzz Aldrin 801 56 10 Janey Godley 793 48 11 Phil Collins 745 49 12 Bruce Willis 707 50 13 Dick van Dyke 671 51 14 Robert Wagner 597 47 15 Prunella Scales 534 51 16 Pope Francis 524 47 16 Rupert Murdoch 524 48 18 David Attenborough 467 47 19 Willie Nelson 452 43 20 Mel Brooks 417 38 21 Tim Bilton 376 35 22 Toby Keith 345 27 23 Yoko Ono 257 27 24 Dave Myers 233 26 25 Erik Jensen 220 21 26 Shannen Doherty 201 23 27 Linda Nolan 183 25 28 Paul Spencer 147 17 29 Cleo Laine 141 23 30 Denis Law 121 18 31 Dennis Skinner 110 18 32 Bob Newhart 107 17 33 Patrick Murray 101 14 34 Roberta Flack 90 12 35 Eva Marie Saint 82 22 36 Theo Burrell 77 8 37 Stanley Baxter 70 14 38 Frank Caprio 68 7 39 Frank Field 44 6 40 June Spencer 40 6 41 Esther Rantzen 39 8 42 James Whale 37 12 43 Michael Tilson Thomas 36 5 44 Rob Burrow 35 8 45 Joanne Woodward 29 4 46 Nigel Starmer-Smith 28 4 47 (Wildlife) Simon Cowell 27 6 48 Jonnie Irwin 16 1 49 Noam Chomsky 8 2 50 Jimmy Carter 1 1 51 Steve McMichael 0 0 Stop the count! Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump in the 2024 popular vote. A reassuring show of faith in American democracy that we don't all think the two presumptive main party candidates will be literally dead by election day. Michael J. Fox has a healthy debut at #3, and Andy Taylor at #4 must be one of the biggest rises in Inverse Dead Pool history (I'm not checking) – he was #35 last year. Also, Billy Connolly at #5 was picked by literally every player other than my mum, and she only didn't pick him because she doesn't find him funny. Not a single one of us picked Steve McMichael this year – he's the Inverse Dead Pool's first unanimous snub since Rush Limbaugh in 2021. On the bright side, the last place celebrity in 2023 was James Whale (who is now #42) and 2022 was Frank Field (now #38), so – congratulations Mr McMichael, looks like it's all uphill from here. Also near the bottom is DDP #1 Jimmy Carter with exactly 1 point, donated by @JoeMoneypenny; Noam Chomsky has 4 points apiece from @Bentrovato and @Annami; and all 16 of Jonnie Irwin's points came from my mum – she didn't know who he was, but when I told her, she said "oh, I like A Place in the Sun. He can live".
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    You and Arghton started making these names up ages ago and none of us noticed, right?
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    I am hearing he has died. Anyone got anything official ? Here's something Jonnie Irwin dead aged 50
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    The bracket has been drawn..... proof above. Seeds were determined by the order on the first page of this thread, and the ten current games were seeded in order of the scoreboard in the previous post. Some matchups were too long for the fields I guess. So the next round will be: AltObitsGuy vs. theoldlady or BabyBlue Perhaps vs. The Killing Time Spade_Cooley vs. GuyFromFuture or LizLemon Hell vs. Gooseberry Crumble or Famous6eva Grim Up North vs. Yorkshire Banker or Death By Arsenic Captain Chorizo vs. arghton wannamaker vs. Wormfarmer or Thatcher MariNisia vs. JoeMoneypenny Banana vs. GreatUncleBulgaria or Mortal Caso Annami vs. Sideik deadsox vs. CalebH or Bibliogryphon msc vs. livingbygrace or Therewillbedeaths7 DevonDeathTrip vs. The Immortal or justonecornetto Sir Creep vs. diego An Fear Beag vs. Dying Probably or max bossetti Captain Hemlock vs. The Old Crem And future rounds will go from there... Edit: Well, I just noticed that the brackets aren't really random. It's simply 1vs32, 2vs31, 3vs 30 and so on.... It ensures that the top-seeded numbers 1 and 2 are on different halves of the board etc.... However, I will keep it as it is, lest it turns into an order that I "feel" is right. I'll try to go for something more random next year, I guess. And I am not mad with what it turned out to be.
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    With thanks to @msc for flagging this: Ben Ford (wiki), Labour MP for Bradford North (1964–1983) died off radar on 17 April 2022, aged 97, as confirmed by his Who's Who profile, the Probate Search, and the GRO Index. His full death record is available here on Ancestry. This means that Sir Patrick Duffy (b. 1920) was the only MP older than the Queen to survive her. It also leaves just 11 surviving MPs from the 1964 General Election. Also, Sir Patrick is now the last living MP to have served in World War II! This is somewhat of a shock as Ben Ford enjoyed some decent coverage in later years. Ben Ford was also one of just 34 Labour MPs who have been deselected during the course of the party's history (the Labour Party are not big on deselecting people like the Tories are). It also sucks to be the team that has him as a unique pick in this year's DDP! Now... after Sir Patrick I don't know who the oldest MP is. I think it's Terence Higgins (born Jan 1928), then Elizabeth Shields (born Feb 1928... an obscure Lib Dem who was MP for just a year). Dick Taverne (b. 18 Oct 1928), Bill Rodgers (b. 28 Oct 1928) are close behind. An 8 year age gap between the oldest and second oldest is huge!
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    Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, head of the house of Savoy and heir to the throne of Italy dead at 86.
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    Yes, she's out of hospital now so crisis over, thanks.
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    Every time I see a new post here I think 'oooooh is he dead', then I see it was MyMango and I don't bother checking.
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    I win. https://thespun.com/more/top-stories/legendary-hall-of-fame-high-school-basketball-coach-died-saturday
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    Ooh, too big to miss. He'll be on the DeathList for the next 20 years.
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    Seriously, 50+ facepalm notifications sat in your inbox and this is the one you throw a fit at?
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    Did you attend too?
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    Why do you both have the same IP address?
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    Meh as Biden is, my trans ass very much needs Trump to stay the hell out with how much foaming transphobia is becoming one of GOP's loudest modi operandi. What is happening in the red states is utterly terrifying and being in blue New Jersey shields me from much of it but that would mean feck all if Trump gets back in.
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    Second thing I noticed now that I have read the statement is that Is devoid of any reassuring information such as "the cancer hs highly treatable " "The Kings prognosis is excellent" "the cancer is localised and at a very early stage" and such like.If the announcement was meant to dull speculation it would be a 100% own goal like throwing petrol on a fire and I don't think the King and those around him believe it would do anything other than create a tsunami of speculative headlines and cause people to question his mortality. I also think the fact he has been advised not to partake in any face to face events strongly suggests he has started chemo and therefore is likely to have a compromised immune system going forward.
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    Don Murray, Oscar-nominated star of Marilyn Monroe's Bus Stop, dead at 94.
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