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    To be fair, I have looked like that after a few birthday celebrations in the past (minus the cuddly toys)
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    Mainichi.jp saying that Kane Tanaka has died at the age of 119... https://mainichi.jp/articles/20220425/k00/00m/040/103000c Edit: Seems true. Rest in Peace. She died on the 19th at a hospital according to the article, aged 119 years and 107 days. (Or a few days more if she was born on the 26th of December 1902 as her family said)
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    Queen Victoria did fuck all for much of the last 40 years of her reign because she was too sad. She also didn't have to worry about wankers on internet forms looking at the pictures and concluding that she needs the wheelchair because she has pancreatic cancer...
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    I'm rather disappointed with her stubbornness concerning wheelchairs. After all, Queen Victoria finally bit the bullet and was depicted (in drawings) visiting wounded soldiers in a wheelchair. And she was not completely bound to one either. She managed to walk to the Frogmore Mausoleum 14th of December 1900 (assisted by the Prince of Wales) about five weeks before her death, and probably also regularly was able to manage short distances (e.g. to toilet) with the help of her dressers.
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    Recent pic of Brian Murphy:
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    I look forward to the day when one of these old buggers turns 100 and DOESN'T become a centenarian. Hasn't happened yet, sadly. Maybe tomorrow.
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    I feel as though this doesn't do the man justice. Norman Mineta was the Commerce Sec. briefly during the end of President Clinton's second term. That made him the first Asian American to hold a cabinet post. Later George Bush appointed him as Transportation Secretary to show a sign of bipartisanship after the 2000 election fiasco. Mineta was very important during 9/11 as he gave the order for all air craft in the continental U.S to be grounded once the second plane hit the World Trade Center. He was also responsible for creating the TSA. Mineta was previously the Mayor of San Jose, a very impactful person in the U.S House for 20 years, and lived through the internment camps of WW2. This doesn't cover all of his life, as it was a large and diverse one. I would strongly recommend that those with free time read up on him. A very unique and impactful American, if not a unheralded one. Deserved more than one sentence...
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    David Birney, US actor in St. Elsewhere and on the sitcom Bridget Loves Bernie, dead of Alzheimer's at 83: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/david-birney-dead-actor-bridget-loves-bernie-83-1235139638/ Picked by the DDP theme team "Saints Elsewhere" Edit: QO:https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/celebrities/18447146/david-birney-cause-of-death/
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    After Kane Tanaka's death, Irene Dunham enters the Top 10 oldest living people. She survived the Bath School Bombing of 1927, because on that day she was ill and hadn't gone to the school.
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    damn, people on the 110 club forum are so dramatic : I red someone saying "I'll try to move on from her death" and someone else saying "It hurts me so much I'll try to heal". As sad as it is, this is too much isn't it ? the lady was 119 and had a wonderful life, that's cool enough !
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    Lucile Randon yesterday, with a python:
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    So I think I’ve found something. I know why some people still suffer with high cholesterol. As you can see from this irrefutable evidence, a steady decline in cholesterol was seen after the birth of Justin Bieber in 1994, however since Facebook went live the decline has reversed. This is why I don’t have Facebook but do follow Justin Bieber on Twitter, and when everyone dies of heart failure and I don’t, I’ll be right and you Facebookists will all be wrong. More on this will come to light soon, trust me.
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    I think it’s remarkable how well she’s doing; Crem read her last rites ages ago now.
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    Since it is now May, it is probably time for an update to brighten up your day. Lots of picks croaked it in the few days immediately after the last update, but it has slowed to a trickle since then. These are the deaths I have recorded since the last update: 5th April- Art Rupe 5th April - Nehemiah Persoff 6th April - Jill Knight 6th April - Tom Smith 8th April - Pastelle LeBLanc 12th April - Sonny Caldinez 13th April - Michel Bouquet 18th April - Chris Rimmer 19th April - Kane Tanaka 19th April - Mosharraff Hossain 21st April - Geoffrey Howlett 21st April - Mwai Kibaki That's all I've got- none since 21st April - if anyone has spotted any missed hits, please let me know (but be prepared for the inevitable tirade that you should have done it BEFORE I went to the trouble of this update). Two big name hits among that list, with Kane Tanaka and Tom Smith shaking up the leaderboard. Smith was the most popular hit so far this year with 11 players cashing in, but still a far cry from last year when he was on 22 teams. He was only Jokered on one team, but those double points have jumped @drol up into the lead. 6 teams had a Smith/Kanaka double, most notably @theoldlady who has ascended into second place, and @BuffaloPhil who jokered Tanaka to enter the top 5. The big faller this month was @Salmon Mousse who has dropped like a stone from 1st to 12th. 5 teams have entered the race this month, with @Great Uncle Bulgaria, @msc, @Thatcher, @WhoamI and @YorkshireBanker all registering their first hits. In addition, @TQR and @WEP got their first scoring hit to go along with their Gary Burgess nul points. That leaves only 4 players @DeathByArsenic, @Dying Probably, @etib80 and @LizLemon still awaiting their first hit as we enter the middle third of the year. Now that is done, I'll put my feet up and wait for the inevitable 5 hits in the next 2 days . Top 10 is as follows, full leaderboard is on page 1. Drol (403 points) 6 hits [Christos Sartzetakis, Gary Burgess, Thick Nhat Hanh, Tom Parker, Tom Smith* Vic Elford] The Old Lady (372 points) 6 hits [Gary Burgess, Jana Bennett, Kane Tanaka, Tom Parker, Tom Smith, Vic Elford] John Key (365 points) 6 hits [Christos Sartzetakis, Estelle Harris, Gary Burgess, Lata Mangeshkar, Mwai Kibaki, Tom Smith] Gcreptile (364 points) 5 hits [Jonathon Atherton, Kane Tanaka, Pastelle Le Blanc, Pau Riba, Silas Alexander] Buffalo Phil (352 points) 4 hits [Kane Tanaka*, Monica Vitti, Robert Durst, Tom Smith] Death Impends (336 points) 4 hits [Art Rupe, Carleton Carpenter, Kane Tanaka, Nehemiah Persoff] Kenny (328 points) 5 hits [Chris Rimmer, Gary Burgess, Russell Bishop*, Tom Parker, Tom Smith] ZZZ - Boring Predictable Team (291 points) 4 hits [Gary Burgess, Kane Tanaka, Tom Parker, Tom Smith] Wormfarmer (290 points) 6 hits [Art Rupe, Everett Lee, Francis Jackson, Gail Halvorsen, Gary Burgess, Guy Lafleur] BabyBlue (281 points) 5 hits [Dagny Carlsson, Jana Bennett, Kane Tanaka, Monica Vitti, Monique Hanotte]
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    That's funny. I'm from Germany and there's been no such announcement.
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    Ann Davies has died according to her agent: DDP Pick and there had better be a QO. British press have been excellent this year in recognising our brightest and best. IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0203582/
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    Actor Raymond Mason (IMDb) died just one day shy of his 98th birthday as per Times death notice (paywalled, but see spoiler).
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    Yes, she is a hit for @arghton, @Great Uncle Bulgaria, @Famous6Eva, @theoldlady, @ThereWillBeDeaths7, @Book, @Pop_Zeus, @Salmon Mousse, @gcreptile, @The Old Crem, @The Daredevil, @Kenny and you CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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    Kane Tanaka (1903-2022) She has been dying since 1904! (Robert Young) Kane Tanaka is still running marathons at 126 (every news outlet unable to verify news on Tanaka's health) Age at death: 119 Known health issues: Pancreatic cancer in her 40s, colon cancer at 107, hospitalizations in summer 2020, hospitalised throughout 2021, in very frail health on her 119th birthday, in&out of hospital in 2022. Cause of death: Natural causes. Alignment: She had dangerous agreements to promote Coca-Cola, alleging it was the reason for her longevity.
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    Yes. He looks a couple years older.
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    No way, man. I don't want the world and his wife knowing I would like every fucking toff in this country strung up from the nearest lamppost. It's a private matter.
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    No, no, no, no, no, this can't be, no, no, no, tell me it's not true, that I'm dreaming. I wanted to fool myself and make myself believe that I was dreaming, I slapped myself and apparently it's real... Rest in peace Kane Tanaka... We agree she was an amazing supercentenarian... she exceeded all our expectations... I am truly in shock and on the verge of tears... I am at a loss for words at this point. .. Pictures of Kane Tanaka are now running through my mind... my thoughts are with Kane Tanaka... The most worrying thing is they are likely young people.
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    RIP. Nice that she was able to reach her final remaining realistic milestones, and that Lucile Randon has lasted long enough to become world's oldest after all that time at #2!
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    Awww sad, as sad as the death of a 119 year old person can be.
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