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    Magere Hein is alive and well. Worry not.
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    Order – Placing, Name, YES vote, NO vote, Approval Rating SURVIVORS FROM PREVIOUS LISTS 32nd place – James Randi 8-14 -6 James Randi spent his life outing the Acorahs of the world. This forum would rather he stayed out of the DL. 31st place Louis Farrakhan 11-11 0 Farrakhan just snuck into neutral territory with the late batch of voters who went “oh everyone can have a YES except….” but we’ll get to that one. 30th place Ed Asner 12-10 +2 In the US he’s famous for the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Over here, he’s “oh that voice” for things like Toy Story. That disconnect explains his divide in approval, although it was by no means a straight Atlantic divide 29th place Peter Allis 13-9 +4 The cricket legend relied heavily on older voters. 28th place Cleo Laine 14-8 +6 Actor lovers, and the tag team of lovers of old Brits and old notable women (you all know who you are) gave Cleo a far better result than I thought she’d get. Joint 23rd place with 15-7 +8 David Prowse, Sandy Gall, Linda Nolan, Brian Wilson, Barbara Walters A number of folk who struggled at times. Brian Wilson got a lot of straight Nos, which surprised me. Sandy Gall did far better than expected. Barbara Walters was very close to a US/UK split. Joint 21st place with 16-6 +10 Frank Bough and Loretta Lynn Both had some detractors but are clearly quite popular. Just lost in the shuffle behind more popular picks. 20th place Nigel Lawson 17-5 +12 Hurt by non-UK voters not knowing who he was. Joint 18th place with 18-4 +14 Stanley Baxter and Joni Mitchell Solid support for the comic legend and the music legend. Joint 14th place with 19-3 +16 Ian St John, Gazza, June Brown, Larry King Perhaps surprisingly strong showings for 3 of these names given complaints at times. Joint 8th place with 20-2 +18 Sean Connery, Vanessa Redgrave, Mel Brooks, Ronnie Woods, Sidney Poitier, Jimmy Greaves I wont embarrass them by telling you the person who thought Sean Connery, the most Scottish man in the universe, was “some American actor”. Vanessa Redgrave did surprising well, which shows you this is about who deserves a DL spot, not necessarily who is best suited for one in 2020. Joint 2nd place with 21-1 +20 Olivia Newton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth II, Tina Turner So what I get from this is you lot love music heroes. Yes, I found remember the days of Benedict and Elizabeth’s duet on War Pigs with Ozzy. All of these will clearly return to the list before long. Top of the Survivors with A Unanimous Approval Rating of 22-0 and +22 Mikhail Gorbachev Shouldn’t have left the list, I agree. All Gorby All the time said the forum. WAS LISTED BUT DIED BEFORE THE DEADLINE (RIP) Carl Reiner had a score of 14-8 and approval of +6. Not bad at all, really, for someone in the shadow of a far more famous friend. And son. THE 39 LIVING PEOPLE ON THE 2020 DL Rock bottom spot - Bill Gates Sr 0-22 -22 It’s heartening to see such unanimity of opinion among the DL forum. No one voted in favour of Bill Gates Sr, not even his son signing in under a sock account. We might have a contender for general consensus worst DL pick ever, even if he snuffs it before January. Joint 37th spot with 11-11, equal, and 0 Alan Greenspan and Tom Smith Greenspan split between those into economics and those going “who is this guy?”. Tom split between those guy “no place on the list “ and those going “cancer plus reasonable notability = get them on the list” and that’s a near even split! 36th place – Bouteflika 12-10 +2 Forum seemed seemingly uninspired by this pick. Joint 33rd place with 13-9 +4 John Edrich, Bob Barker and Ruth Ginsburg Edrich harmed by no one having heard of them, Barker and Ginsburg harmed by the British voters being distinctly uninterested in them. Joint 31st place with 14-8 +6 Alex Trebek and General Musharraf Ditto Trebek but he bounced back late. Joint 29th place with 16-6 +10 Lester Piggott and Shane MacGowan Two “famous enough but not really room” type decisions. Joint 24th place with 17-5 +12 Dick Cheney, Joanne Woodward, Peter Sutcliffe, Leon Spinks, Tony Bennett An odd grouping. Some folk didn’t know who Cheney was. You lucky, lucky people. Ditto oanne Woodward, whose Oscar win has been forgotten, and Sutcliffe seemed to make people wonder if they wanted murderers on the list. But +12 is clearly an outright majority... Joint 21st place with 18-4 +14 Jacques Delors, Harry Belafonte and Akihito Not much to say here. A few dissenters but otherwise big votes. Joint 16th place with 19-3 +16 Prunella Scales, Imelda Marcos, David Crosby, Leslie Philips and Bob Dole Another group of big winners. Curious to see the big support for David Crosby. Dark horse for widespread forum approval. Folk wanted Imelda on the list for years, and Bob Dole is so well known over here even folk who voted no for most of the Americans voted yes to him. Bob Dole likes this. Despite questions over how long Pru has left, there’s no question about the forum’s view of her DL-ness... Joint 12th place with 20-2 +18 Angela Lansbury, Betty White, David Attenborough and Pierre Cardin Thumping big majorities for 4 legends. Well, maybe 3 and Mr Cardin. Lansbury and Attenborough got masse cross Atlantic support, and so nearly got unanimous votes. Betty White had two dissenters to her being a US star, but 20 YES votes from 22 is landslide territory. Joint 4th place with 21-1 +20 Murray Walker, Giscard d’Estaing, Henry Kissinger, Desmond Tutu, Jean Marie le Pen, Dick Van Dyke, Willie Nelson, and Olivia de Havilland Most of these just missed top spot by one person who hadn’t heard of them, or one person probably playing silly buggers in the case of Olivia. Kissinger seemed destined for joint top spot till late on. Surprisingly strong results for Dick van Dyke (might be healthy but his A list status isn’t in doubt), Giscard d’Estaing and Jean Marie le Pen. Also, look at Willie Nelson, only one NO vote in the entire thing. Stunningly strong. Joint 1st place with Unanimous Approval Ratings of 22-0 +22 Prince Philip, Jimmy Carter and Nobby Stiles The trio at the top went without a single negative vote. They are all A-listers, and if Nobby isn’t as famous (he’s not even the most famous England World Cup winner you heard about today), he’s still earned his place in the DL heart with his long survival against seemingly every dreaded illness under the sun. Jimmy Carter would fucking loved this approval rating back in 1980. As for Prince Philip, he just says: “Deathlist? If you all keep shouting at each other no wonder you are deaf!” Anyhow, that's the results. Enjoy. Or not.
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    Don't know if this was posted before but made chuckle.
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    Nephew's wife has produced their first baby. I am a great uncle for the 3rd time.
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    Jimmy and Rosalyn celebrate their 74th anniversary, making them the first former US President and First Lady to reach that milestone. https://people.com/politics/jimmy-and-rosalynn-carter-celebrate-74-years-of-marriage/
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    What? Am I hearing the crowd chanting "Jiang Zemin"?
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    My apologies, I assumed you were interested in serious political discussion, not half-baked claptrap. At least I know for next time.
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    Okay, this is Sickipedia but If Kanye beats Trump this year they can print the headline; Black is the new Orange
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    News just in ...https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/15/supreme-court-justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-discharged-from-hospital.html She's done it again ! She's just winding Trump and his supporters up isn't she !
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    Ground control to Captain Tom, you've really made the grave!
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    They'll release a family video back from 1978 and he'll be found to have referred to the neighbours as coloured. There will be riots in the streets and the NHS will be told to return their £35m. Th episode of Blankety Blank he appeared on will be removed from the BBC archives before he is burnt at the stake on 19th June (Juneteenth) the Queen will light the pyre.
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    Surprised to see this posted here in this thread. She was an actress in her own right, after all. Anyway, this is very sad. I was definitely a fan of her work. RIP.
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    Perhaps the last great "are you sure they didn't die 20 years ago?" celeb, Zizi Jeanmaire has taken her curtain call aged 95.
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    Two JFK conspiracy theorists die and go to heaven. They finally ask God to once and for all settle for them who it was that killed JFK. God sighs and patiently and lovingly admonishes them, "You've spent so much of your lives chasing after this conspiracy. You've sacrificed time with your families, allowed yourselves to be overcome by paranoia. You've wasted so much of the time and energy that I gave you. Oswald killed Kennedy. He was acting on his own and all of the evidence you needed to satisfy yourselves of that was there the whole time, if only you had looked with open hearts and minds." The one conspiracy theorist turns to the other and whispers, "This goes higher than we thought."
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    Yes, but it's even more boring than this thread.
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    I'm still kicking too and I turned 20 today.
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    The 27 Club requires more qualifications than merely dying at 27.
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    Best way to find out is a roll call. I'll start. Im here and alive.
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    Dear Iain/Coffin Lodger With your track record in predictions, please do not predict any doom for Donald Trump until 2025 at the earliest. Yours, with love The Rest of the World
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    You show very little understanding of US politics in that post if I may be so bold. Joe Biden has been a centrist throughout his career. He's always been popular among the unions that are vital to winning the rust belt in the Midwest that killed Hillary's chances 4 years ago. Sanders and Gabbard are vastly to the left of Biden - Sanders wants medicare for all and a green new deal. I don't know enough about Yang to comment. I think it's perfectly plausible that Trump wins again. I also don't think Biden was the strongest candidate this time around by a long way. But your argument seems to revolve around the Democrats being too left wing and out of touch with the American people, and then in the same breath suggest that Sanders and Gabbard are more in touch with the American people - seriously? This is a country that sees socialists in the same way as anarchists. There is also no way that Biden is more 'erratic, racist and stupid' than Trump. He was a longtime member of both the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee, serving as Chairman of both and ranking member in between (when the Democrats didn't hold power). He was also Vice President for 8 years without serious incident. He has always had the ability to put his foot in it and has some very unhelpful views on race (as you'd expect from a nearly 78 year old white man) but his opponent promotes white supremacist content and has been recorded bragging about sexual assault. Compared to a competent politician, Biden comes some way down the list of desirable presidents (he barely got out of the starting gates on two previous runs for President) but compared to Trump, Biden is like manna from heaven, which is more a damning indictment of what Trump has done to the presidency than it is of what Biden brings to the table. Who'd have thought we'd look back on the days of Dubya with fondness?
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    Why? It's not as though he's his so
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