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    Dunno, looks like he's about to get wings.
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    ‘My mother has told the company “absolutely not” because she doesn’t drink gin and certainly would not put her name to anything alcoholic,’ says Dame Vera’s daughter, Virginia Lewis-Jones.
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    Hello Everyone, as the 2019 season is coming to a close and two contestants are trying to have that lucky shot at the end of the current competition, let us take a look forward and announce the 2020 version of the Death By Numbers deadpool. Initially designed by Shaun of the Dead / Sean, then hosted by RadGuy / Phantom of the Midway, then taken over by me, this is where you can all the names you didn't quite have the space for in your other teams - because this is where you have to enter 50 names for a complete team. The general rules: Send me 50 main team names by pm or just post them in this thread, if you want, from Dec 1st until Dec 31st 2019, 23:59 GMT. You can choose one joker with double points - and you can also submit up to five substitutes in case one of your 50 dies before the end of the submission window. You may also choose new subs before the game starts if they die. Submission form: A little change from last year - just give them in the normal "First name", "Last name" format You don't need to number them before! No birthdays anymore! And only note their claim to fame if there might be confusion, for example: Kamala Harris (wrestler) Kamala Harris (US senator) My intent is to be able to just enter the submission into excel and connect them with my database. The rest should follow. The scoring is [year of birth] - 1900 = score. So someone born in 2001 will get 101 points in case of death You may submit the following people: living, not having set a precise date of death (by execution, dignitas, or whatever), at least 18 years old on the beginning of January 1st, 2020, and being somewhat notable. "Somewhat notable" means: they should at least be notable for something else aside from being terminally ill. "Something else" being something that has an effect on society. Terminally ill activists are okay if they've done at least something generally beneficial, a campaign, a book, a court case, or fundraising that might affect other people. If they're only in the news because of their tragedy or because they need our sympathy I will not accept them. So no "cancer mums with cancer kids", no "terminally ill fans", no "ordinary person in a coma because of a car crash". This also counts for brothers/sisters/children of notable people - unless they are so notable that every relative is also notable by default, like the House of Windsor, or maybe the Bush family. Unfortunately, it is me who will decide if the person is famous enough. Previous BBC coverage in whatever form will convince me. Just as an example: Criscilla Anderson - no! Jose Santa Cruz - no! Litsa Menounos - no! Roberta McCain - okay - she has a WIkipedia page, too. Small addition: "Oldest Person of XYZ" will always be allowed - even a completely irrelevant person (in the grand scheme of things) will be accepted if they are the oldest person of their country, or last survivor of World War II, Korean War, etc... Usually those people do not give many points, but maybe 5 pts is better than zero? Anyway, I will allow them. Substitution phase: On the 1st of July 2020 GMT you may switch 5 old people for 5 new ones for whom all the above rules also apply. When is a hit a hit: If the person permanently dies in 2020 (GMT!) and their death gets noticed in written form by qualifying media outlets within 2020 or the first seven days of 2021. The qualifying media outlets, i.e. QO rules are as such: Everything accepted by the Derby Dead Pool 2020 plus The New York Times. Your host: I will also submit a team and will do so two posts below by December 15th at latest and hide the names with "XXXXX XXXXX" and reveal them on January 1st. I will submit a bit later than last year, but then I want to avoid last year's situation, where I ran out of subs and then filled the gaps with "new" names, especially Edmund Capon, who revealed his illness mid-December. So I hope I will not run out of subs if I submit a little later. As a change over last year, I will also make use of the substitution window, but only use 2 names. After all, there's always a pretty broad consensus of a couple of names (this year: Ivan Milat, Michael Sleggs, Tom Long), so I wouldn't steal anyone's names by picking those who are universally known anyway. Also, I will substitute on the 30th of June, so you can see my two names. I will not read your submission emails until January 1st (I think you can check that) to prevent the impression that I might take a name from your posts for other deadpools. This also means that I might discuss borderline acceptable picks with you on January 1st or 2nd. We will have to talk then. If you're unavailable I will replace an unqualifying name with one of your substitutions. If you post your team right in this thread, you save me some work but also give away names. If you pm me, please make sure that I know what the mail is about in the header "Death By Numbers", "Team submission" or something like that. If you have other questions, you can also ask in this thread!
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    He must be the ONLY royal to be seen socialising with a convicted paedophile ..........
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    When Jimmy Carter dies it’s probably going to take at least a week before he gets back to building houses.
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    What, really? Well fuck, he's probably cured of ALS by now...
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    Ah yes, I can see why OSCAR NOMINATED actor Sir Ian Holm with big roles in several of the biggest films of the last 50 years (Alien, the Lord of the fucking Rings trilogy, Chariots of Fire, Madness of King George, several Brannagh Shakespeares, The Hobbit, The Aviator, The Day after fucking Tomorrow, to name a few) wouldnt be A list. Not to mention Brazil (a bigger hit now than on release) or the Fifth Element (fucking massive at the time).
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    Just home after a busy day. Caught it on TV this afternoon. Always objectively laughing with the silliness of the world while at the same time absolutely loving the world. A top class thinker who was always one of us. Nothing he did was without substantiating and affirming our own idiocy and our own brilliance. I'd like to thank him for making me laugh, making me think, making me weep. Probably simultaneously. RIP.
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    Happy 80th Birthday, Tina Turner! “I look great. I feel good. I have gone through some very serious sicknesses that I am overcoming. It’s like having a second chance at life." Seems like she is very positive and optimistic about her age, health and life. She's simply the best!!! https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/music-legend-tina-turner-shares-20960167
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    It's not "Turkey Day" here in the UK. That's Christmas Day. As for "Sanford & Son", I believe that was a US rip-off of .
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    For those of you who haven't visited the site in the past 24 hours, the first sign of the changeover has taken place.
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    George 'Johnny' Johnson is 98 today.
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    Clearly this is something you know fuck-all about.
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    This sentence needs a comma; is it going after ‘bar’ or ‘in’?
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    Former member of South Dakota Senate, Kermit Staggers, dead at 72.
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    Pictured at Ed Asner's 90th birthday do earlier this month: Looking a bit older, but still fantastic for 93. It wouldn't be a surprise if she were to outlive him. And she clearly wants to get her money's worth out of that top!
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