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  1. Earl Gloomy

    Lady Bird Johnson

    Thats a bit cheap isn't it?
  2. Earl Gloomy

    George Melly

    I see you knew what i was refering to then.
  3. Earl Gloomy

    George Melly

    A very unhealthy lifesytle?- are you also refering to his previous teenage tastes? - i do like being controversial.
  4. Earl Gloomy

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    I supose its too late to consider Robert Sargent Shriver?aged 90, Was Govenor for California and had lots to do with with Kennedys, Married Eunice Kennedy, J.F.'s sister. He is also father-IN-law to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now is in his 90's and has had Alzhiemers for some time. Suppose i am too late with this consideration?
  5. Earl Gloomy

    Margaret Thatcher

    All politcaly correct politics talk, what if? what for? You daft left wingers ; anyrate is she on next year or not?
  6. Earl Gloomy

    James Doohan

    For somone who had said farewell to public life in August 2004, not long after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease it didn't take that long for him to die of it seen as Alzhheimer's takes 10 years for it to take it's full course; though it was combined with pneumonia. I would have just told the public it was pneumonia, Alzheimer's usualy takes alot longer than 12 months for the person to die of it or for them to go utterly senile.
  7. Earl Gloomy

    Edward Heath

    Probably through the gritted teeth of the prson who wrote it for her, in the way in which she would have said it.
  8. Earl Gloomy

    Harry Potter

    (Magere Hein Posted on Jul 17 2005, 05:00 PM )
  9. Earl Gloomy

    Edward Heath

    This will please Maggie. She apperently never liked him. Shame it had to be a right winger. We right wingers are becoming a dying breed.
  10. Earl Gloomy

    Harry Potter

    I didn't actualy mean for it to sound the way it does, sorry - if that makes sense?
  11. Earl Gloomy

    Harry Potter

    OH Bugger off Hein and stop spoiling my fun! Trust DL'S smartest arse to point that out to me!
  12. Earl Gloomy

    Edward Heath

    Do you relise that moving the topic to the main forum instead of closing it or merging it with 2005 names forum has resulted in a 0 posts display on the main page and has broken the connection from the main 2005 list page to the "Edward Heath" thread? Yes i am being fussy
  13. Earl Gloomy

    Harry Potter

    No i didn't buy it!
  14. Earl Gloomy

    Harry Potter

    and Sarcasm takes alot more wit than you possess and even then it's the lowest form of humor.

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