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  1. Octopus of Odstock

    Oldest Living football league players

    Although I do try to cover everyone, some names who are thought dead but are (or were) alive do get through. This is the case with Jack Fisher who has died, aged 96. https://www.millwallfc.co.uk/news/2022/january/jack-fisher-1925-2022/ At least in mitigation to myself, that s largely because Hugman had Fisher dying in 2013! http://barryhugmansfootballers.com/player/6426 RIP all the same
  2. Octopus of Odstock

    Time Added

    Apparently he was very ill for over a year according to a Palace fan who saw it on a forum post. Note to self: Read more fans forum posts
  3. Octopus of Odstock

    Time Added

    https://www.cpfc.co.uk/news/club/paul-hinshelwood-1956-2022/2022-01-15/ Paul Hinshelwood, Crystal Palace stalwart and twice capped for England under 21's back in the day, has died, aged 65.
  4. Octopus of Odstock

    Oldest Living football league players

    Finally, Duggie Price - https://mobile.twitter.com/suepassoc/status/1437505239045877764?lang=ar
  5. Octopus of Odstock

    Oldest Living football league players

    Two more 1930/1931 births that are dead: Geoff Wright: WRIGHT, GEOFFREY DERRICK 1930 GRO Reference: DOR Q4/2011 in LEICESTER (600-1B) Entry Number 505915807 Gordon Galley: https://www.durhamnarpo.org.uk/2021/01/death-of-retired-police-officer-pc.html https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/touching-moment-90-year-old-3808442 (nothing about his football, but the same man as he was born 4th Feb 1930)
  6. Octopus of Odstock

    Oldest Living football league players

    Might as well post these here - Barry Hugman and Wikipedia have these alive but they're not - they were on the list for 1930 and 1931 players but they've passed away so won't be on the final list: Harry Houlahan d. 2018 - HOULAHAN, HAROLD 1930 GRO Reference: DOR Q1/2018 in DARLINGTON (436-1A) Entry Number 516984124 Joe Huggins d. 2011 - HUGGINS, JOHN EDWARD M 1930 GRO Reference: DOR Q1/2011 in HAMPSHIRE (504-1B) Entry Number 504290031 Steve McEwan d. 2019 - MCEWAN, STEPHEN 1930 GRO Reference: DOR Q3/2019 in BLACKBURN WITH DARWEN (580-1E) Entry Number 519481359
  7. Octopus of Odstock

    Oldest Living football league players

    Might as well check the Q4 of the GRO Index whilst we wait for Q1-Q3. It reveals Walter Jones, who was thought to be one of the oldest living, died in Q4 2020, which I now also see is backed up by Hugman - http://barryhugmansfootballers.com/player/10552
  8. Octopus of Odstock

    The Chequered Flag

    Sandro Munari, rallying great, is in hospital in a serious condition. But reading between the lines, looks to have been ill for a while: https://www.formulapassion.it/motorsport/rally/paura-per-sandro-munari-ricoverato-in-gravi-condizioni-lancia-stratos-600710.html
  9. Octopus of Odstock

    The Chequered Flag

    I think this shows up publicly in Facebook but https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10160704461072281&id=857672280&m_entstream_source=group Rupert Keegan. Looks awful and as mentioned on the FB post has been unwell. Definitely one to watch. Would get a QO even if it's the Sports Personality round up. Only 66 but looks far older.
  10. Octopus of Odstock

    Oldest Living football league players

    Leave it for now, thanks, Death Impends, and I'll see how it goes.
  11. Octopus of Odstock

    Oldest Living football league players

    I've absolutely no idea how to do that I'm sorry.
  12. Octopus of Odstock


    What's notable about that? Seven foot I can understand being unusual
  13. Octopus of Odstock

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    There are many threads the death of a Emmy award-winning TV director and brother of Johnny Carson could go in, but comedians and writers is not it, especially when neither brother was any relation to Frank. My turn for the grumpy @Ulitzer95 post today.
  14. Octopus of Odstock

    Oldest Living football league players

    I'm working on the 1930 and 1931 players to add them to the main list later this year. One who won't make it is (or was) Chelsea's oldest player, Jimmy Smith who died on Friday. https://www.stamford-bridge.com/player.php?id=510&surname=Smith&firstname=James
  15. Octopus of Odstock

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    My sincere and deepest condolences to Thatcher and all who love him/her/it on today's news.

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