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  1. Kinnock

    Van Halen

    Still the most interest of your fucking 65 posts. You fucking cuntbag. Why even bother for fucks sake? You've peaked.
  2. Kinnock

    Van Halen

    I feel fucking sorry for you if you think one of the greatest metal bands in history are shit you fucking cunt. There must be so little music you can actually enjoy you fucking great big miserable cuntbag.
  3. Kinnock


    So yes you are all on fucking dial up. You know you can still just fucking download it rather than watching fucking overpaid cunts fucking playfight? You twats
  4. Kinnock

    Van Halen

    You can talk about whatever you fucking want dear. If you want to fucking talk about cum be my guest. It would be no more interesting than any of the other mindless fucking shite you appear to have posted on this forum for far too long so fucking go for it and keep up the shite standard of shit posting up.
  5. Kinnock

    They Say We're Sick

    Putting it in a Queens Speech vote their going to lose anyway. Sneaky.
  6. Kinnock

    Van Halen

    Popular appeal doesn't make someone not metal, it's the fucking sound that matters. So take the stick up your fucking arse and insert it some more until it pierces your fucking brain cells. Or the one you've got left... Many metal bands are adored by teenage girls (and some teenage boys) it doesn't make them shit.
  7. Kinnock

    Van Halen

    Just for the record I find it absolutely staggering that one admin could be unaware another one fucking banned somrone. Excellent fucking teamwork stills there you wankstains could put the fucking Titanic captains too fucking shame wit that shit.
  8. Kinnock

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    If anyone wants to apply for new host you probably have about two fucking minutes the way things are going. Oh go fuck yourself you far right cretin, have you got a carberetta to be using as a dildo?
  9. Kinnock

    Van Halen

    Did you unban me to give me a fucking chance to respond to this. How fucking kind.... Boudicca had already fucking banned me you stupid fucking cunt. I'm not launching into streams of vitriol I've already posted that I think this site is a load of fucking shit and full of utter cunts although that post probably got removed because I dared to call out the fucking joke that was banning charon and the blatant internet fellating of her by Sir fucking Creep by fucking god . Please fucking permaban me with no fucking chance of return, not having to read the shit within this fucking site has made my life so much better the past 7 days it really fucking has. So your gestapo threat means nothing to me you daft fucking wanker, it's like threaten a man with execution for attempted suicde, it's utterly fucking stupid. Cunt
  10. Kinnock

    Van Halen

    You were typing a response to the thread for about half a fucking hour, leave a tab open by accident cuntbag?
  11. Kinnock

    Van Halen

    Fucking hell still typing.
  12. Kinnock

    Van Halen

    Fuckin heck @machotrouts you typing up war and piece or is your keyboard covered in cum?
  13. Kinnock

    MSC's a filthy Jeremy Corbyn...

    Fucking grandad jokes shame there's so many that could be made about the twat in your avatar.

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