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  1. No time being wasted in the Labour corridors..... Richard Burgon is a solid bloke he would however be a dreadful leader.
  2. Kinnock

    That Portillo Moment

    Which is why you need a progressive alliance for the next election. If you're clearly an amalgamation of a variety of different parties then it would wear better, get in, change the voting system, hold a new election. You could even get the support of right wingers like Farage and UKIPpers - there's an opportunity to make Voting Reform the next Brexit here. Everyone who isn't Labour or the Tories wants it. Edit: Just read up on Shirley Porter - jesus christ.
  3. Kinnock

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    It's pretty thin pickings this time to be frank, even the seats Labour have held include a lot of replacements for standing down MPs. And a lot of older Tories have retired.
  4. Kinnock

    That Portillo Moment

    Ooh this is a nice rural Tory voting council ward in the suburb, bang it in the currently Labour voting but marginal town constituency....... It's what every PM with a majority has done since time immemorial. It's one of the main reasons for knocking fucked past the post on the head.
  5. On the brightside if the parliament lasts five years that's around a million more dead Leavers.
  6. Kinnock

    That Portillo Moment

    They could just change the boundaries. Oh wait that's exactly what they're doing - along with abolishing pesky things like parliamentary scrutiny, judicial oversight and the fixed terms parliaments act. Early watch their vote share and Labour's rise in 2024 only to give the Tories more seats.
  7. Kinnock

    That Portillo Moment

    To be fair Skinner said he'd refuse the title if he achieved it anyway. Also looking at the seats the Tories won, they'll need to address many of the wrongs of the past 9 years or they won't win them again.
  8. Kinnock

    That Portillo Moment

    I mean at just shy of 50 years in parliament his savings are probably over the 6k threshold for universal credit. I'd assume his pension is also pretty healthy. Given he missed much of the campaign due to being ill he should worry about the health service more.
  9. Kinnock

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    Another one. Pro Second Ref (52.2%) Labour (32.1) Lib Dems (11.5) SNP (3.9) Green (2.7) Plaid Cymru (0.5) Sinn Fein (0.6) Alliance (0.4) SDLP (0.4) Yorkshire Party (0.1) Pro Leave (46.8%) Conservative (43.6) BXP (2.0) DUP (0.8) UUP (0.3) UKIP (0.1)
  10. Kinnock

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    It's not but Boris can't really say it's not because he got even less than that and it's his mandate for Brexit. Hence Sturgeon doubling down on it.
  11. Kinnock

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    SNP 1,242,380 CON 692,939 LAB 511,838 LIB 263,417
  12. Kinnock

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    Tories by some margin.... Tory 13,966,451 Lab 10,295,907 LibD 3,696,423 SNP 1.242,380 The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted the total Lib Dem and Labour vote is more than the Tory vote. The last time this wasn't the case was in 1959. Despite the tragedy don't fall for the narrative that Britain is a right wing country, we need to build a progressive alliance to head into the 2024 election and decimate the Tories.
  13. This is bloody horrendous..... The country's voting for it's own demise.
  14. So the grapevine is saying Tories doing horrendously in London and Manchester Tories surpassing expectations is the North East and Yorkshire Lib Dem voting collapsing everywhere.

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