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  1. TheBigBB

    The deaD of 2023

    The issue for me is that the person posting the deaths doesn't necessarily find them interesting, either. I would prefer if they posted particular deaths of people they were familiar with prior to reading about them in an obituary, and discuss those people. I want to be made to be interested in what's being posted, rather than having to have been interested prior to clicking. I don't want to have to see a list of names and generate the discussion myself. It's not an issue of being enthralled; I have no idea who Mystic Meg was, but at least people have something to say about her, which I found at least somewhat interesting to read despite having no disposition to care. Let me randomly pick a name on one of those lists and try and generate some discussion. Well let's see. Michael Sayers, the lawyer, died age 88 apparently. If I Google Michael Sayers, I can not find a single thing about this man to even begin to discuss who he was. The first two results are a Michael Sayers who was moderately famous who died in 2010. The third result for me is a family practice doctor in Lincoln Nebraska, even though I do not live anywhere near Nebraska. The results get more obscure from there. 4th result is a Linkedin of some random sales professional. Even so, apparently some lawyer who died last month was worth a mention because he appeared in some obituary, despite the fact that I can't find any information about him outside of said obituary. Nah, that guy is NOT enthralling to ANYONE on this site. I don't believe it.
  2. TheBigBB

    George Bush Senior

    Yeah, I remember one of those women who said he touched her butt at a photo op. She rambled on about how she can't sleep at night and she still sobs uncontrollably.
  3. TheBigBB

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Yeah, no doubt she was ostensibly singing about other people. But these people were the same age as her, and I presume living a similar lifestyle with the substance abuse. I can't see that she was not also thinking about her own mortality when she came up with some of that new music. And even if she wasn't, it seems worth a consideration. I mean, it's just kind of lame when the DL is nothing but people who are 100 years old or known to have cancer. I'm trying to predict someone whose time may not be too long even though there's no official reason to think so.
  4. TheBigBB

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    I don't think she's known to be ill with anything specifically, but Marianne Faithfull is almost 72 years old, and just released an album where she talks about things like dying a good death. Given her various health concerns over the years, she could be a good pick.
  5. TheBigBB

    The 6th Death of 2018

    Or maybe it's just hard to predict when a person will die. The healthiest person I know dropped dead a couple months ago. His heart stopped beating; no known cause. It wasn't a heart attack or clogged artery or arrythmia, the guy just keeled over and that was it. He was so into preventive care that I found it annoying. I know at least a dozen people with severe medical issues that could be life threatening, but they're all still here. That's life.
  6. TheBigBB

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    If he lives to 2019, I have to regretfully nominate John "totalbiscuit" Bain, The Cynical Brit. He's been battling cancer for a long time, and according to his Twitter it's getting worse, and chemo hasn't been working anymore. I would think he would get a British obit considering that's where he hails from. His Youtube channel has 2.2 million subscribers, 3360 videos, and he pulls in enough views for that to be his job. A video on the "H3 Podcast" channel just discussing his cancer has pulled in a million views. I probably don't need to ramble on any further justifying it, but I think these online personalities tend to be met with more skepticism. Anyway, this tweet should be enough to justify the fact that he's screwed: His oncologist suggested stopping all treatment. Honestly, I'm very sad about this, he's a nice guy. Fucking cancer.
  7. TheBigBB

    Billy Graham

    On the bright side, if that were the case, at least Deathlist would go 50/50.
  8. TheBigBB


    For what it's worth, my cousin was on "tour" with Cher for a decade up to around 2016 or so. She talks about Cher all the time, and has never given any indication that her "boss" is in any way suffering from poor health. Of course, that doesn't mean someone can't suddenly fall ill, or that my cousin would know personal details like that. Still, there's no reason she needs to gush on and on about her "wonderful" experience on tour with Cher unless she really means it, so I assume that at least things were pretty upbeat with Cher through 2016 or so. Not entirely sure if there's any meaningful correspondence between them anymore. Probably not. Maybe the odd Christmas card.
  9. TheBigBB

    Joni Mitchell

    This was a pick I had been pushing hard for, and I'll stand by it. The committee wisely held off on her for 2017, but she's very old for someone who's had the this kind of hard rockstar lifestyle, and she seemed to have almost died in 2015. We were told she would make a full recovery after her aneurysm/stroke (or whatever it was) and 2 years later when she went to Elton John's birthday party, she was in a wheelchair looking like she was in her mid-80s. She needed help just to stand up. She's barely been seen otherwise for nearly 3 years now. Obviously something is wrong; she would usually show up at events a few times per year prior to this.
  10. TheBigBB

    Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    I really think Joni Mitchell is a great pick. She has barely been seen since that brain aneurysm burst in 2015, she's a lifelong HEAVY smoker, and she has some mental issues like claiming she has Morgellons Disease. At 74 years old, she doesn't exactly have age on her side, either.
  11. TheBigBB

    Tom Petty

    He sure wasn't known for his excesses in terms of drinking and drugs, but he's a heavy smoker as far as I know. Over a long period of time, smoking will damage your circulatory system and cause narrowing of the arteries, etc. So maybe it's not that surprising that this happened. I want to say that I hope he pulls through, but not if he's going to be a vegetable.
  12. TheBigBB

    Hugh Hefner

    Seems about as likely as it ever could be considering only 4 deaths are from the top 30 so far.
  13. TheBigBB

    Hugh Hefner

    I suspect there's a joke about rigor mortis here somewhere.
  14. TheBigBB

    Helmut Kohl

    I was really surprised when I came here today and found that he was actually NOT on this year's list. Oh well. I suppose if all 50 of the selections die this year then there will be nothing to regret.
  15. TheBigBB

    George Bush Senior

    Alright, it's been over two months, and I never reconsidered what I had said. I still don't think he'll be the next death, but maybe I'm pushing my luck now.

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