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  1. ImNotHades


    Whoops. Missed this one :( I was in the capital on New Years for a week and didn't get my names up....damn.
  2. ImNotHades

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Yeah I didn't think he was close to death but he just looks bad. I know he's 70+ but people start tours at that age. Cher is doing promo of her Christmas song all over Europe, Rod Stewart is touring, Elton is everywhere. Collins is a mystery like Ozzy and Liza Minnelli. They could be in danger of some infection, pneumonia or something.
  3. ImNotHades

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Nah, Delon is big enough. Maybe not US big but Europe knows him. Bardot is huge. Phil has these illnesses but I went with the 80's star death trend. Didn't know Fox was that bad now. Google time.
  4. ImNotHades

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    I'm 30 and I know BB since forever. She is like a milestone of beauty and I don't know any movie she did. She's like Marilyn Monroe but not dead yet so people don't use her pics as much. I've seen girls use her as inspiration. She's just known. Deneuve is not as famous outside France and UK. She's an actress, not a symbol of something. No hate, just beaing real. My dad who loves French cinema had to think twice to remember her. BB beats CD in fame. Deneuve is like Belmondo. Famous but not a FAMOUS. Loren is a legend.
  5. ImNotHades

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Linda Ronstadt? Idk in what shape is she since the 2019 re-diagnosis. Alain Delon and Bardot could enter the game. Liza Minnelli confuses me. Sometimes she looks like days from death bed and sometimes like she has 20 years in her. Lee Grant? Since her birth year is unknown? Also, how frail is Phil Collins? Frail enough to enter the game?
  6. ImNotHades


    Finally some action again for me with Frank Borman (Joker btw)... as tradition, I get points at the end of the year just in time for harvest festivals. https://edition.cnn.com/2023/11/09/us/frank-borman-apollo-astronaut-obit-scn/index.html
  7. ImNotHades

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Sadly, Manolić will outlive them all...not even death wants that monster.
  8. ImNotHades

    Tina Turner

    I hated the fact that she's on my list and that I created her forum page. This news shocked me and hit hard. The best of the best and a force who plays by her rules. I grew up knowing the fact that it's never too late for a positive change thanks to you. Rest now Tina, you deserved it.
  9. ImNotHades

    Harry Belafonte

    Well, my sight ain't that well I guess. RIP
  10. ImNotHades


    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-11726903/Legendary-Croatia-manager-Miroslav-Blazevic-dies-aged-87-long-battle-prostate-cancer.html Didn't exactly expect it was world news but good. Second one for me.
  11. ImNotHades


    Thank you, thank you. It was an honor to play along. I always get late points for some reason. I wish the best to all, congrats to the winner and good luck in 2023.
  12. ImNotHades

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    First celebritiy death that I remember was of first Croatian president Franjo Tuđman in 1999 cause it was the first one covered by local media to the point that you can not miss it. But it's MJ for me, too. I think I have some memory of Pavarotti but mostly cause my music teacher held a vigil for a week in every music class...
  13. ImNotHades


    5/25 Carly Simon Ćiro Blažević (coach) 8.2. David Attenborough David Crosby 19.1. Dick Van Dyke Eric Clapton Frank Borman (astronaut) J 7.11. Gene Hackman Harry Belafonte 25.4. Imelda Marcos Jimmy Carter Joanne Woodward Josip Manolić (politician) Liza Minnelli Manolo Blahnik Mary Quant - 13.4. Mišo Kovač Ozzy Osbourne Phil Collins Roger Corman Ryan O'Neal 8.12. King Salman Queen Sirikit Vanessa Redgrave Yoko Ono subs: Emperor Akihito Bob Barker Cissy Houston
  14. ImNotHades

    Class Of 1926

    The plot is twisting these few days. It seems that Attenborough, Brooks, Jewison and Corman are killing off the competition. Strange times.
  15. ImNotHades


    His belly doesn't look naturally fatty but instead filled with fluid that was drained. My aunt was being treated (paracentesis) every month because of her liver cancer and her stomach would swell and it would look like that after the treatment. Since he's got cancer that spread I would say he's got time till summer but he's a tough player so he could take this to 2023.

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