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  1. Weebl


    Reddit and Twitter are going crazy tonight over this 2020 so far has actually had quite a lot of prominent deaths so far given that we're only a month and a half into the year This one is truly shocking We knew she was troubled, but we didn't expect this
  2. Weebl

    Academic Footnotes

    I have no memory of posting this at all, nor of who this person is
  3. Weebl


    One thing you notice is that it's the "silly" picks (those that are chosen on a whim based on some spurious information about the person's activities that put them at risk of death) that tend to be the last survivors of lists Shaun Ryder and Mr. T are good examples of what I'm talking about
  4. Weebl

    Nicholas Parsons

    The Committee are complete muppets for leaving Parsons off the main list, they honestly have no clue Definitely a better bet than Shane MacGowan as well as some of the other questionable picks
  5. Weebl

    Dead Drummers

    I don't know as much about Rush as I do about other progressive rock bands like Yes and King Crimson, but every time I've heard their music I've really enjoyed it and from everything that I'm aware he was a really talented drummer and this is a major loss to the music world
  6. Weebl

    Big Brother

    In a huge surprise to ... absolutely no one
  7. Weebl

    Big Brother

    I thought it was Love Island that was cursed, not Celebrity Big Brother
  8. How did I manage to forget that one?
  9. Only the good die young
  10. Dylan and McCartney will be in their 80s within the next few years Provided they both live that long of course Jagger and Richards will soon follow, and ditto for them as well
  11. Agree, I even said that myself once Frank Sinatra was the most important musician who died in the 90s, but not the most important musical death of the 90s as his death wasn't the most relevant at the time But then again the same could be argued about Bowie in the 10s The most important death of the 70s could be Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix, but it could also be Elvis even though he was past his prime And also McCartney is still one of the most important musicians of all time, and he's headlining Glastonbury this year I think
  12. If John Lennon was the biggest musical death of the 80s, Kurt Cobain the biggest in the 90s, Michael Jackson in the 00s and David Bowie in the 10s, then surely Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney are the strongest candidates to become the biggest musical deaths of the 20s? There's a chance McCartney could see 2030 but Dylan on the other hand has at most 5 years left imho Then on the other hand there's also Jagger and Richards as well, I think we're all stunned Richards is still alive now never mind 2030
  13. Weebl

    The 1st death of 2020

    Javier, this time
  14. Weebl

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2020 List

    Gorbachev and Little Richard should not have been dropped Nicholas Parsons and Desmond Morris should have been on Bill Gates' dad is not really a deathlisty name and some of the other picks are questionable But overall a good list

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