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  1. Richard Overton

    I think he will go this year and probably quite soon
  2. The 3rd Death Of 2018

    Javier Perez de Cuellar until the day he dies
  3. 6. Billy Graham

    Well said. One thing the world would be better off without is religious fanaticism, and that applies to all religions not just Christianity
  4. 50. Mark E Smith

    That is quite likely actually. Just seeing how he had declined physically from when I saw him live in October 2016 compared with the footage of him in a wheelchair from November 2017 reminded me of the deterioration typical of the awful illness that is cancer. Not good, but not in any way surprising either given his lifestyle!
  5. 50. Mark E Smith

    Cause of death confirmed: http://www.nme.com/news/music/mark-e-smith-cause-of-death-2240666 I suspected it was cancer actually, and turns out I was right.
  6. Thoughts On The 2018 List

    I really underestimated how ill Mark E. Smith actually was. I saw him live in October 2016, and while he certainly didn't look good back then, he definitely didn't look at death's door either. Can you blame me for making the mistake I did?
  7. 50. Mark E Smith

    He looks like shit. I saw him in October 2016 and he was bad, but nowhere near THAT bad. A lifetime of booze and fags has obviously taken its toll!
  8. 50. Mark E Smith

    Oh right! Well anyway, here's my feelings... Sad? Yeah, I used to listen to The Fall a lot in my student days (early noughties), and saw him in concert around that time and again in 2016. How time flies. Legends like him will never be replaced Surprised? No, not really surprised at all. He looked like shit in recent photos, probably even worse than Wetton did during his wedding and Christmas photos in late 2016 shortly before he died. Kicking myself for not putting him on my own shadow list? You bet.
  9. 50. Mark E Smith

    Both Wetton and Smith would have been great picks for the Deathlist and both are definitely well known enough to qualify. The two things that they definitely had in common is that they were both heavy drinkers at least for a significant part of their lives and they both died in their 60s. Apart from that they played completely different styles of music. Wetton has more in common with guys like Greg Lake and Chris Squire, whereas Smith has more in common with the post-punk movement of the late '70s and early '80s. Oh and I have had the privilege to have seen both in concert as well!
  10. 50. Mark E Smith

    Who said that like?
  11. The 2nd Death of 2018

    Javier Perez de Cuéllar until the day he dies
  12. Eric Clapton

    Well there's the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Ramones and Motorhead anyway. There are others too like Soft Heap, but I'm thinking more of well known bands
  13. If this was Reddit you'd be getting a heap of downvotes by now
  14. 50. Mark E Smith

    Holy fuck, he looks awful. I saw him in 2016 and he looked bad but nowhere near that bad!
  15. 50. Mark E Smith

    You haven't lived!