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  1. Weebl

    Mohamed Morsi

    Wonder if Morsi will release a posthumous hit single called "First of the Brotherhood to Die"
  2. Weebl

    The Next Piper At The Gates Of Heaven

    Three of you beat me to it here. At least he got a chance to make a comeback in later life including touring and recording new material which was good. The way he was treated for smoking a little bit of pot was shocking
  3. Weebl

    The Dead of 2019

    Doris Day, Pei and Wouk all gone this week, it's starting to pick up a bit now. No idea why I. M. Pei wasn't on the main DeathList.
  4. Weebl

    The 3rd Death of 2019

    Just because we've lost Calamity Jane doesn't mean that Javier Perez de Cuellar has strayed far from my mind!
  5. Weebl

    9. Doris Day

    Don't know about anyone else here, but I became familiar with her films and music in childhood and you never really forget them. A true legend for sure. RIP Calamity Jane
  6. Weebl

    The Dead of 2019

    Agree with those who are saying it's been a really slow year this year so far. It will pick up later in the year though - it always does. Don't see this year's list getting much more than about 10 hits though to be honest
  7. Weebl

    Former Grand Duke Jean Of Luxembourg

    Yet another miss for the DeathList - the main list has had a royally shit performance so far this year if I might say so myself
  8. Weebl

    Robot Wars

    Beat me to it. Truly a legend and a pioneer. Sad day. You would think given that he created Brum as well as appeared on Robot Wars, the BBC at least would give an obituary. There have only been unofficial reports so far.
  9. Weebl

    Dying Bigots

    Guys like David Icke and all the rest of the conspiracy nutters would be nowhere without him
  10. Weebl

    The 2nd Death of 2019

    Javier Perez de Cuellar so that I get one right eventually
  11. Weebl

    Shivakumara Swami

    Not immortal after all then
  12. Weebl

    Shivakumara Swami

    I don't understand why in situations like this, they don't just let the patient die a peaceful natural death
  13. Weebl

    8. Jimmy Carter

    I am only having a laugh Obtaining Johnny Rotten's sperm and Katie Hopkins' piss might be an expensive endeavour anyway, not so much the Ryanair flight though
  14. Weebl

    8. Jimmy Carter

    You can edit your own posts but you can't edit mine And, while we are on that subject, does that mean that the 1990s started in 1991? The 80s in 81? 70s in 71?
  15. Weebl

    8. Jimmy Carter

    You can't just back off out of it that easy! Or Jimmy Carter could just maybe die this year

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