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  1. Phantom

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    I was working for The Weight Band feature members that played in The Band and The Levon Helm Band. Sadly, Jim Weider who replaced Robbie Robertson in The Band had to rush home mid tour as his wife was taken ill. They still managed to put on a really good show. It was an older audience, so the show was over by about 9:45. They opened with "Don't Do It" and then closed with "The Weight" It just occurred to me that today marks 12 years since Levon Helm passed away.
  2. Phantom

    Time Added

    discharged from hospital It was initially feared that he had broken his neck in the collision
  3. Phantom

    Time Added

    19 yr old George Earthy suffers serious injury 3 minutes into his debut with West Ham
  4. Phantom

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Worked for Paula Cole tonight She's probably best known for her song "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?"
  5. Phantom

    O.J. Simpson: Run Out Of Juice?

    If the coffin fits, you must obit
  6. Phantom

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    I miss the Half Moon. I went to many a gig there. I should make it back there some day.
  7. Phantom

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Not a gig, but last night I took part in the video shoot for the music video for the new single "Speedway" by The Scarlet Goodbye. Here's a quick photo I took of Jeff Arundel (left) and Dan Murphy (right). Dan Murphy was the original lead guitarist for Soul Asylum.
  8. Phantom

    Band Aid

    Apparently he died on March 25th
  9. Phantom

    General Non School Massacre Thread

    Now it's believed that 115 are dead with over 140 being wounded.
  10. Phantom

    General Non School Massacre Thread

    so far approximately 40 dead with over 100 wounded.
  11. Phantom

    Donald J Trump

    And now he's suing ABC News however, the case won't be settled in time.
  12. Phantom

    Crashing Companies

    Craft retailer JOANN files for bankruptcy.
  13. Phantom

    Steve Harley

    2024 is turning out to be a bit of a pisser R.I.P. Steve
  14. Phantom

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    Well, considering they had Guy de Maupassant under M. I questioned the logic behind that. The only response that I got was "Do you want this book or not?"

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