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  1. Phantom


    The Blasters have cancelled all remaining gigs for this year while Phil Alvin is recovering
  2. Phantom

    A Joke

    I like my coffee the same the same as my women. Ground up finely and stored in airtight containers in the freezer.
  3. Phantom

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Working for Eilen Jewell tomorrow night as she is playing Minneapolis as part of her album release tour for the album "Gypsy".
  4. Phantom

    27. Nobby Stiles

    Nope, all those had serious ailments. Just when they had been hospitalized by something that would kill most people, they would recover and be out and about within a few weeks.
  5. Phantom

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Saw Robbie Fulks on Sunday night as he was doing a mini tour to promote his new album "16" which is a tribute to Bob Dylan. It's a double album with new arrangements of the entire Street Legal album. The reason it's called 16, is because Fulks was 16 when he first listened to it.
  6. Phantom

    27. Nobby Stiles

    Dunno didn't suffer from numerous ailments winding up in hospital every other month.
  7. Phantom

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Saw Stiff Little Fingers Monday night. They performed the Inflammable Material album in its entirety, along with a new one "16 shots" which is about a Laquan McDonald who was shot 16 times by police while caught stealing a car. 9 of those shots were from behind. Was fortunate to meet Jake after the show.
  8. Phantom

    27. Nobby Stiles

    That was Leah herself. Nobby isn't aware of surroundings to go on daytime tv.
  9. Phantom

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    No, they kept it as Head Cat.
  10. Phantom

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    David Vincent of Morbid Angel took over from Lemmy in The Head Cat playing alongside Danny B.Harvey (Rockats) and Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats). Since the head part of the band name was from Motorhead, I suggested they change the name to Morbid Cat. They politely rejected the suggestion
  11. Phantom

    Dead Pop Stars

    Here's a link confirming Kim Shattuck's death
  12. Phantom

    Dead Pop Stars

    She was the bass player and lead vocalist for The Muffs, and took over from Kim Deal in The Pixies.
  13. Phantom

    Dead Pop Stars

    Kim Shattuck of The Muffs has passed away after a 2 year battle with ALS.
  14. Phantom

    Dead Pop Stars

    I just woke up to see a few messages on my phone about Barrie's passing. Tragic loss and just as they were wrapping up their farewell tour.
  15. Phantom

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    Was chatting with Wreckless a year ago about Larry over dinner. He told me that Larry was bedridden, didn't realize he was that bad.

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