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  1. The Dead Of 2017

    I took him off my list too. Although I still left him on my shadow list.
  2. A Joke

    I can tell which people are judgemental just by looking at them.
  3. 16. Gord Downie

    I thought I had him on one of my lists. It seems i had him just on the deadpool we play amongst a group of friends.
  4. The 16th death of 2017

    Denis Norden
  5. Little Richard & Jerry Lee Lewis

    Jerry Lee Lewis is scheduled to play at the 21st anniversary of the Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekend in April 2018. He's on the same bill as Duane Eddy.
  6. Little Richard & Jerry Lee Lewis

    I tried looking for this thread last week. Jerry Lee Lewis turned 82 last Saturday and performed on stage with his sister Linda Gail, and his niece, Annie Marie.
  7. Tom Petty

    Tom Petty has died. On my phone can't post a link nor can I be arsed to scroll through the topics.
  8. Country For Old Men (And Women)

    We needed a spare, in case we lost one. And now we have. We have to be careful with our remaining Johnny Mathis.
  9. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    She was one of my first "celebrity" crushes.
  10. DJs

    Darryl "The Mad Hatter" Hensley has been killed in a motorcycle accident He was 79. Darryl was responsibly for organizing the Buddy Holly Tribute shows at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa which started in 1979. The shows continue to this day as The Winter Dance Party.
  11. The 15th death of 2017

    Denis Norden
  12. 31. Hugh Hefner

    I'm honestly surprised he lived to the age he did.
  13. The 14th death of 2017

    Sticking with Denis Norden
  14. 12. Tony Booth

    That soap triple may have already gone since Bobby Knutt died yesterday.
  15. 44. Liz Dawn

    Awwwww Liz Dawn and Bill Tarney we part of what made Corrie half-way entertaining. Now they're both gone.