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  1. Phantom


    When I saw that one of his song credits was "Love-itis" at first I thought it said "Love tits"
  2. Phantom

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    So you're saying that he and his gallbladder are going their separate ways?
  3. Phantom

    Dead Pop Stars

    Heard about it from a few friends who are performing at the Rockin' Race Festival in Spain. They did a short set of Challengers tunes as a tribute.
  4. Phantom

    Crashing Companies

    American Girl closing their store at Mall of America
  5. Phantom

    Crashing Companies

    Payless Shoesource to declare bankruptcy in the next couple of weeks
  6. Phantom

    Podcast recommendation.

    I prefer to stick with my music podcast However, I can recommend Cocaine and Rhinestones which might interest some people here.
  7. Phantom


    Both posts were done within seconds of each other. Drewsky just happened to hit the submit reply button before I did
  8. Phantom


    Frank Robinson has lost his battle against bone cancer
  9. Phantom

    Death Anniversary Thread

    I'm surprised no one posted this yesterday. Sid Vicious died 40 years ago
  10. Phantom

    A Joke

    I have been diagnosed with a rare form of amnesia where I deny the existence of certain 80s bands. There is no cure.
  11. Phantom

    Comics & Comedy Writers

    Sadly that tweet would be 3 days too late for inclusion.
  12. Phantom

    The Weather

    Is it supposed to warm up by the weekend?
  13. Phantom

    The Weather

    Be as pedantic as you want, the term "F***ing freezing" is the scientific term for it. I just resist the urge to punch people that think they're being funny by saying "cold enough for you?"
  14. Phantom

    The Weather

    Those temps are in Fahrenheit. So by Wednesday, that's -33 in old money.

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