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  1. The Dead of 2018

    Rockabilly singer, guitarist and bassist, Billy Hancock has died at the age of 71
  2. Neil Diamond

    I know it's sad news, but dry your eyes.
  3. Suicidal Celebs

    After being banned in Russia, I think it would be right putting Paddington on the suicide watch list.
  4. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    @Spade_Cooley forgot to tell you what an awesome job you're doing. It's certainly a full-time job unto itself. I appreciate you correcting the entry for Nick Clifford. For bio purposes, he was born 5th July 1921 in Pierre, South Dakota.
  5. Dead Pop Stars

    Died after falling down the stairs at home
  6. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Ahhh there was no photo with the other one, so it was difficult to discern between the two.
  7. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    It was around that time when Dylan laid down some tracks in a recording studio with Johnny Cash. The tracks with Cash have never been officially released, but have appeared on many a bootleg album.
  8. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    It looks like John Clegg is also listed twice.
  9. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Since you can only choose 20, it's hardly likely they got more.
  10. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    The wrong Nick Clifford is listed in my selection. It's the last surviving sculptor who worked on Mount Rushmore that I selected. Perhaps I should have put Don "Nick" Clifford. Also Rose Lee Maphis was born on December 29th 1922 in Baltimore, Maryland
  11. Tom Petty

    Petty's death has all the echoes of Prince's death. It was weird that the details of what caused Petty's death came out around the same time I was driving home from work with the Traveling Wilburys on the stereo.
  12. 14. Stirling Moss

    I thought he retired from public life a couple of years ago
  13. The Death Penalty

    Last words were "ooh-ee! I can feel that"
  14. Nazi of SS

    Hopefully prison will finish him off. He's one of my picks for DDP.
  15. Dead Pop Stars

    Everybody else is doing it....