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  1. wengeruk

    June Whitfield

    The only interview she did was a BBC Local Radio special, which could have been recorded weeks ago. The Mail / Mirror articles are just reporting what she said on the radio show.
  2. wengeruk

    By-Election Bingo 2017-22

    They are two different MPs. Kate Osamor (Edmonton) has the drug-dealing son. Fiona Onasanya (Peterborough) is currently on trial for claiming someone else was driving when caught speeding.
  3. wengeruk

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Doddie Weir is an absolute certainty to get an obituary from the BBC and all the British newspapers. Would agree he will likely make 2019 though.
  4. wengeruk

    The Vicar Of Dibley

    Having to play an entire capital city will do that to you.
  5. wengeruk

    The Vicar Of Dibley

    Trevor Peacock (Jim Trott) has had Alzheimer's since 2013. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4502626/Will-dementia-defeat-Dibley-s-Jim-Trott.html
  6. wengeruk

    Close To The End

    What's ironic about it? Presumably that they both released well known Christmas songs. Although 7th December isn't really that close to Christmas anyway.
  7. wengeruk

    Queen Elizabeth II

    If it was that serious, she wouldn't have gone to Sandringham in the first place.
  8. wengeruk

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2017

    Ralph Clarke, 101, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for child sex offences. Should get an obit somewhere if the shock kills him. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-38367103
  9. wengeruk

    Close To The End

    Still touring regularly so should be OK for a while yet.
  10. wengeruk

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2017

    Gerald Kaufman, 86, is currently the UK's oldest and longest-serving MP. He has not voted in the House of Commons since May so seems a likely candidate for 2017? http://www.publicwhip.org.uk/mp.php?mpn=Gerald_Kaufman&mpc=Manchester%2C_Gorton&house=commons&display=allvotes#divisions
  11. wengeruk

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2017

    BBC Radio presenter Steve Hewlett says his first course of chemotherapy for oesophageal cancer has "failed". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37606310

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