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  1. ebless

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Still 101 where he is though.
  2. ebless

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Emmerdale is popular in Sweden and Finland though so I imagine Bracknell would be well known in these parts of the world.
  3. ebless

    Thoughts On The 2018 List

    Ronnie Wood will be the last to go in 2027. Van Dyke and Connery not too far behind.
  4. ebless

    Deadio Times

    Paul 'Trouble' Anderson, Kiss FM and Mi-Soul DJ, dead at 54 of lung cancer https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/breaking-paul-trouble-anderson-dead-13677413
  5. ebless

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Yep, Jimmy Greaves it is who replaces Bush on my list.
  6. ebless

    25. George Bush Senior

    Bush counts as a November death regardless.
  7. ebless


    Keep the old layout.
  8. ebless

    The 13th Death of 2018

    Hernan Wouk yet again.
  9. ebless

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    New and returning suggestions Doddie Weir - not expected to see 2020 I.M Pei - This year's random new centenarian Nicholas Parsons - Missed two episodes of Just a Minute this year, now old enough to be a DL lock. Murray Walker - Old enough to be a DL lock to return. Ennio Morricone - retired this year, time he was on the list. Barbara Windsor - Dementia revealed this year. Peter Oosterhuis - has had Alzheimer's for a few years, Golf would add more representation to the list. Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg - 98 in January, an excuse to bring back a foreign royal on the list Rolf Harris - 89 next year, jail still fresh in the memory, has to be on the DL sometime. John McCririck - lost so much weight, looks really frail. Bill Treacher - 89 next year, EastEnders legend, time he was on the list. Sheila Mercier - 100 on New Year's Day, Emmerdale Farm legend, long overdue on the list.
  10. ebless

    Deadio Times

    Gavin Ford, British radio presenter in Lebanon found 'murdered' in his home. https://radiotoday.co.uk/2018/11/british-radio-presenter-gavin-ford-found-dead/
  11. ebless

    3. Herman Wouk

    Er..... Is he dead yet?
  12. ebless

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    My views on current state of play Keep Kirk Douglas - How can you drop a DL legend who is 102 in a couple of weeks Leah Bracknell - Could still live a couple of years but simply too ill to be dropped Hernan Wouk - 103 and on Oxygen, could go anytime Olivia De Haviland - Way too old Duke of Edinburgh - Could reach his centenary but too old now to be dropped Betty White - Too old to be dropped Javier Perez De Cueller - Looks like he could go anytime Pierre Cardin - Too old to be dropped Stirling Moss - Could go anytime Doris Day - Too old to be dropped Bob Dole - Not looking well now Bob Barker - In and out of hospital Leslie Phillips - Could go anytime Jill Gascoine - End stage Alzheimer's Vera Lynn - Can't drop a centenarian Robert Mugabe - Too evil and elderly to be dropped George Bush Sr - On death's door for most of this year Henry Kissinger - Still active but too old now to be dropped Pope Benedict - Could go tomorrow, could go in 2020, too big to miss. June Brown - Looks frail. Clive James - A matter of time now. Hosni Mubarak - Too evil and too big to miss Sean Connery - Must stay on the DL permanently due to Roger Moore being a massive DL miss. Olivia Newton-John - Looking bleak for her Paul Gascoigne - Been on the wagon for at least a decade now Drop Linda Nolan - Terminal cancer not advanced enough yet Prunella Scales - Dementia not advanced enough yet. Jimmy Carter - Still in good health, worth taking the risk for just one year. Honor Blackman - Still in good health and still young enough to be dropped Dick Van Dyke - Still in marvellous health, wait until he's at least 95. Stanley Baxter - Been silent all year, may be worth dropping for one year though. Valery Giscard d'Estaing - Still makes public appearances, still a bit young to be a DL lock. Mel Brooks - Wait until he's at least 95. Louis Farrakhan - Still in good shape Ian St John - Could have beaten cancer privately, still looks decent enough. Jimmy Greaves - No space for him but first reserve if any of my keeps goes before the bells. Valerie Harper - Slowly dying but worth a risk for one year. Ronnie Wood - Beaten cancer, should never return unless he reaches 95 or develops another serious illness. Joni Mitchell - Another risk that could be worthy.
  13. ebless

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    More suggestions Barbara Windsor I.M. Pei Peter Oosterhuis Desmond Morris
  14. ebless

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Rolf Harris is a must for next year, 88 years old and nearly three years of jail time still fresh in the memory. Still to make his Deathlist debut.
  15. ebless

    Old Folkies Home

    Roy Bailey whose political brand of folk music brought him fame in Europe and America has died aged 83. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/nov/20/roy-bailey-obituary

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