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  1. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 12th Death of 2018

    Because I'm just the most creative voter on the site, I will go with majority vote, Herman Wouk.
  2. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 11th Death of 2018

    I'll just vote random this time... ...random.org says Pierre Cardin.
  3. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 9th death of 2018

    Bush Sr.
  4. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 8th Death of 2018

    A lot of politicians dying this year? Bush Sr. gets my vote.
  5. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 7th Death of 2018

  6. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 6th Death of 2018

    Well, this is lazy of me to do, but I'm joining the John McCain bandwagon.
  7. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 5th Death of 2018

    I'll just take a break from Leah... If Barbara just died, it's only a matter of time before George carks it.
  8. IceCriticGamer1661

    Barbara Bush

    Huh, I actually thought George would die first... what a surprise. The only way this year can surprise us more is if it kills Carter and lets Bush see 2019... but that's most likely not gonna happen... Rest In Peace
  9. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 4th Death Of 2018

    Must I say it?
  10. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 3rd Death Of 2018

  11. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 2nd Death of 2018

  12. IceCriticGamer1661

    1. Kirk Douglas

    So, with that post, I can assume you don't like this site, and you made an account here? Hmm... okay, that makes a lot of sense.
  13. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 1st Death of 2018

    Leah... I'm probably voting her until she croaks.
  14. IceCriticGamer1661

    The 18th Death of 2017

    Now that I got the king's death right, I have officially regained my confidence that I'll get another death right. I am going to take a chance with Leah one more time.
  15. IceCriticGamer1661

    George Bush Senior

    Assuming you're talking about me, I'm a girl.

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