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  1. bladan

    Conspiracy Theories

    Reptilians did it. Read Nostradamus
  2. bladan

    A Joke

    Who is the worst enemy of Notre Dame? Yesso Nietyou
  3. God told me the meaning of life in a dream . It is gay sex
  4. bladan

    The Dead of 2019

  5. bladan

    The Dead of 2019

  6. bladan

    The Dead of 2019

  7. bladan

    The Dead of 2019

    I, DeathList forum great Bladan have died aged 57. My brain just suddenly exploded. RIP
  8. bladan

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    Who cares. 7 billion deaths by 2030 for sure. Zombie apocalypse for survivors
  9. bladan

    Overrated People

    And he can't play guitar or harmonica and his melodies are nothing to write home about. His lyrics are good though
  10. bladan

    Death Anniversary Thread

    ok too edgy
  11. These hands are made for wanking And that's just what they'll do One of these days these hands Are gonna wank all over you
  12. bladan

    Theresa May

    I want to fuck her ugly old filthy ass with a monster dildo

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