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  1. Bacchus the god of wine & Bach the god of music... Aahh... No need for anything else - Don't think, just drink
  2. Avoid paracetamol it's bad for the liver. Just trust Bacchus
  3. bladan

    5. Leah Bracknell

    Dogs didn't eat her. Her name was Marie Prevost (1898–1937) and she died from a combination of acute alcoholism and extreme malnutrition. She had virtually stopped eating and had replaced food with alcohol (that's my great idea too). She had some scratches on her hand where her dog had been pulling at her, probably to try to get her attention.
  4. bladan

    A Joke

    "So, Mr Schwarzenegger, let's play make believe. I'll be Mozart. Who'll you be?" "'I'll be Bach."
  5. bladan

    Monty Python

    It's just a flesh wound
  6. What is the best worm to eat your brain after you die?
  7. The Dumb, the Dumber and the British
  8. bladan

    A Joke

    Back in 1986 I worked in a beer factory. A short guy working there introduced me to drinking beer. His record was ten 405 ml cans of beer while at work. He showed me how to cool the beer
  9. bladan

    A Joke

    Here's my killing joke. "Who's the best mathematician ever? "It's the Sun you silly. It sets every evening."
  10. I've been diagnosed with brain cancer and I don't seek treatment. I made the diagnosis. I know all about medicine because I once read a book about medicine or something like that. I fear another lobotomy may be imminent.
  11. bladan

    Death In The Family

    Bladan has once again died. Without any money left, he drank a fatal mixture of vodka, shoe polish and oven cleaner. He left a wife and three kids A great guy RIP
  12. bladan

    9. Doris Day


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