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  1. bladan

    Lookie Likey

    Brian May, astronomer of the Queen Isaac Newton, astronomer of the Queen
  2. bladan

    Christopher Tolkien

    Sauron will soon make beetlejuice
  3. bladan

    The Chequered Flag

    Yeah, in the best car. His hottest qualifying lap that year was 11 seconds slower than his team mate's. Of course nothing beats Damon Hill
  4. bladan

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    Did you know that bladan has a blog
  5. bladan

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    It could take 100 000 years
  6. bladan

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    My beloved comrade, that's bullshit that was invented by Logos, the incompetent magician. You can't observe reality. Quantum mechanics and John 1:1-5. Darkness didn't comprehend it but it does now. That's because his bullshit time dimension has failed. All of his stupid 1/11/2020 plans will fail tomorrow, on Saturday 11 Jan 2020. Venus moving to Aquarius tomorrow... Indeed. That's bullshit! Venus is going to be free!

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