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  1. Life Is Beautiful

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Username checks out.
  2. Life Is Beautiful

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Well smack my ass and call me peanut boy.
  3. Life Is Beautiful

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Yeah looks like that is his hand indeed.
  4. Life Is Beautiful

    33. Walter Mondale

    So who is left from the Carter administration, besides the man himself?
  5. Life Is Beautiful

    15. Jimmy Carter

  6. Life Is Beautiful

    22. Tony Bennett

    Grace Slick is really good, and should be considered for next year BTW
  7. Life Is Beautiful

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    UPDATE Since 1900 1900: Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher 1901: Queen Victoria, UK Queen 1902: Emile Zola, French writer 1903: Paul Gauguin, French artist 1904: Anton Chekhov, Russian playwright 1905: Jules Verne, French writer 1906: Paul Cézanne, French artist 1907: Dmitri Mendeleev, Russian scientist 1908: Grover Cleveland, US president 1909: Geronimo, Indian Apache leader 1910: Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer 1911: Gustav Mahler, Austro-Bohemian composer 1912: Wilbur Wright, US aviation inventor 1913: Alfred Russel Wallace, British explorer 1914: Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria 1915: Charles Tupper, Canadian father of Confederation 1916: Grigori Rasputin, Russian mystic 1917: Mata Hari, Dutch exotic dancer and spy 1918: Nicholas II of Russia, Russian royalty 1919: Theodore Roosevelt, US president 1920: Robert Peary, US arctic explorer 1921: Enrico Caruso, Italian tenor 1922: Alexander Graham Bell, Scottish inventor 1923: Warren G. Harding, US president 1924: Lenin, USSR leader and founder 1925: Sun Yat-sen, Chinese leader 1926: Rudolph Valentino, Italian actor 1927: Victoria Woodhull, American civil rights activist 1928: Emmeline Pankhurst, British civil rights activist 1929: Archibald Primrose, UK PM 1930: William Howard Taft, US president 1931: Thomas Edison, US inventor 1932: John Philip Sousa, US composer 1933: Calvin Coolidge, US president 1934: Marie Curie, French-Polish physicist 1935: T.E. Lawrence, British archaeologist 1936: King George V, UK King 1937: John D. Rockefeller, richest person in modern history 1938: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founding father of Turkey 1939: Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis 1940: Leon Trotsky, USSR thinker 1941: Virginia Woolf, English writer 1942: Reinhard Heydrich, Nazi official 1943: Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American inventor 1944: Erwin Rommel, Nazi general 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt, US president and Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader 1946: Hermann Göring, German leader and war criminal 1947: Henry Ford, US inventor and Elizabeth Short, Black Dahlia 1948: Mahatma Gandhi, Indian ethicist 1949: Richard Strauss, German composer 1950: George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright 1951: William Randolph Hearst, US businessman 1952: King George VI, UK king 1953: Joseph Stalin, USSR leader 1954: Enrico Fermi, Italian inventor 1955: Albert Einstein, German physicist 1956: Jackson Pollock, US artist 1957: Joseph McCarthy, US Senator 1958: Pope Pius XII, Holy Pope 1959: Buddy Holly, US rock singer-songwriter 1960: Albert Camus, French philosopher 1961: Ernest Hemingway, US writer 1962: Marilyn Monroe, US actress 1963: John F. Kennedy, US president 1964: Herbert Hoover, US president 1965: Winston Churchill, UK PM 1966: Walt Disney, US animator 1967: Che Guevara, Argentine revolutionary 1968: Martin Luther King, Jr., US minister and activist 1969: Dwight D. Eisenhower, US general and president 1970: Charles de Gaulle, French President and Jimi Hendrix, US guitarist 1971: Jim Morrison, US rock singer and poet 1972: Harry S. Truman, US president 1973: Lyndon B. Johnson, US president 1974: James Chadwick, British physicist 1975: Francisco Franco, Spanish general 1976: Mao Zedong, Chinese Chairman 1977: Elvis Presley, US rock singer 1978: Pope Paul VI, Holy Pope 1979: John Wayne, US actor 1980: John Lennon, UK singer-songwriter 1981: Anwar Sadat, Egyptian PM 1982: Leonid Brezhnev, USSR leader 1983: Tennessee Williams, US playwright 1984: Indira Gandhi, Indian PM 1985: Orson Welles, US film director 1986: Harold Macmillan, UK PM 1987: Rudolf Hess, Nazi leader 1988: Mohammad Zia Ul-Haq, Pakistani PM 1989: Ruhollah Khomeini, Iranian Supreme Leader 1990: Greta Garbo, Swedish-American actress 1991: Freddie Mercury, UK singer 1992: Menachem Begin, Israeli PM 1993: Audrey Hepburn, UK actress 1994: Richard M. Nixon, US president and Kurt Cobain, US singer-songwriter 1995: Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli PM 1996: François Mitterrand, French president 1997: Diana, Princess of Wales, UK royalty 1998: Frank Sinatra, US singer 1999: Wilt Chamberlain, US basketball player 2000: John Gielgud, UK actor 2001: Mohamed Atta, Egyptian terrorist and Todd Beamer, a passenger on the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 2002: Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother of the United Kingdom 2003: Katharine Hepburn, US actress 2004: Ronald Reagan, US president 2005: Pope John Paul II, Holy Pope 2006: Gerald Ford, US president and Saddam Hussein, Iraqi president 2007: Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani PM 2008: Paul Newman, US actor 2009: Michael Jackson, US singer 2010: J. D. Salinger, US writer 2011: Osama bin Laden, Saudi terrorist and Muammar Gaddafi, Lybian leader 2012: Neil Armstrong, US astronaut 2013: Nelson Mandela, South-African PM and activist 2014: Robin Williams, US actor 2015: Stéphane Charbonnier [Charb], French Charlie Hebdo cartoonist 2016: Fidel Castro, Cuban PM and leader 2017: Helmut Kohl, German chancellor 2018: George Bush Senior, US president and Stephen Hawking, UK physicist 2019: Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi, ISIS leader and Jacques Chirac, French PM 2020: Mr. Zhang, the first COVID-19 death and George Floyd, African-American police brutality victim 2021: Larry King, US broadcaster (so far....) Most significant death by decades: 1900s: Queen Victoria 1910s: Franz Ferdinand 1920s: Lenin 1930s: Sigmund Freud 1940s: Adolf Hitler 1950s: Joseph Stalin 1960s: JFK 1970s: Elvis Presley 1980s: Anwar Sadat 1990s: Yitzhak Rabin 2000s: Pope John Paul II 2010s: Osama bin Laden 2020s: George Floyd (so far...) Most significant death by centuy: 20th century: JFK 21st century: Osama bin Laden
  8. Life Is Beautiful

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Some home footage of him and Rosalynn, includes extreme social distancing of course
  9. Life Is Beautiful

    15. Jimmy Carter

    delivers a moving video tribute to Hank Aaron
  10. Life Is Beautiful

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Next FOX News headline: Even democrat President Jimmy Carter believes election was rigged, refuses to take part in inaugation.
  11. Life Is Beautiful

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Tomorrow at 9 pm, CNN will air a premiere of Jimmy Carter: Rock and Roll President. A very interesting documentary on his relationship to the counter-culture movement of the 70s. Another Deathlister is in this one, I will let you guess which one.
  12. Life Is Beautiful

    Biggest Miss of 2021

    Can't get bigger than this tbh.
  13. Life Is Beautiful

    The Dead of 2021

  14. Life Is Beautiful

    Biggest Miss of 2021

    Михаил Горбачов
  15. Life Is Beautiful

    Last of the Vice Presidents


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