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  1. Life Is Beautiful

    38. Rolf Harris

    I have nothing good to say so I won't say anything.
  2. Life Is Beautiful

    David Crosby

    He was a musician?!
  3. Life Is Beautiful

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    Richard Nixon, Kurt Cobain, Jackie Kennedy, John Candy, Bill Hicks and Kim Il-sung from 1994 Jerry Garcia, Selena, Dean Martin and of course the assassination of Yitzah Rabin from 1995 Francois Mitterand, Ella Fitzgerald, Gene Kelly and Marcello Mastroianni from 1996 Deng Xiaoping, Jacques Cousteau, Robert Mitchum and Jimmy Stewart from 1997 (up until late August), with the last two less than two months before Diana.
  4. Life Is Beautiful

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    Diana. PS: After answering ladyfiona I think the correct answer might be Jacques Cousteau, who died some two months before Diana. I was 6.
  5. Life Is Beautiful

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    Wasn't Shannon Doherty on the list too or did I imagine that? and nothing makes me madder than the spelling mistake on Robert Duvall, I do not want to see that for a whole year.
  6. Life Is Beautiful

    Pope Benedict XVI

    I don't think a lot of people will be calling the death of a 95 year old good news, but then again this is HERE. BTW, would you guys call this the biggest DL miss ever?
  7. Life Is Beautiful

    Pope Benedict XVI

    It gives citations for its claims or else it gets the hose again. RIP Benedict, I love how he angered so many people over here as a final service to Earth.
  8. Life Is Beautiful

    6. Jimmy Carter

    There was a weird time in history during Ulysses S. Grant's presidency where not only he was the only living president, he also had no vice president! Poor guy said he felt really lonely.
  9. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Trump is definitely going to be the GOP frontrunner if he choses to run again tonight. He is still popular there, is a debate monster and the MAGA cult is still going strong. As Dave Chappelle said, never underestimate the poor whites. However, I do not think that he will do a Grover Cleveland and win. The element of surprise is gone. The media, as someone else has already said, is not backing him this time and the midterms are already a telltale indicator of what is going to happen next. A Trump nomination is basically a guaranteed four more years for the Democrats. As for Biden, if he is healthy enough, he will run. It is very difficult to say no to power once you have it, especially if there is a chance to have it again for the same amount of time. As far as I know, LBJ is the last president to say no to reelection (he finished JFK's term, won his own in a landslide and could have run for another one but chose not to). I am not sure if it was his failing health or the unpopularity of his administration that made Johnson decline to run again (unpopularity AT THE TIME, since now LBJ is widely considered a top tier president), but unless Biden has equally strong reasons not to run, nobody in the Democratic Party is going to stop him.
  10. Life Is Beautiful

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    Ok I just found out that he was on the Deathlist back in 1993 (the year I was born) and now I have to go lay down and think about it for the next four hours.
  11. Life Is Beautiful

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    What other 50s rock stars are still with us? Pat Boone and Cliff Richard come to mind...
  12. Life Is Beautiful

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    Also the last surviving member of the original inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now everyone inducted on the Hall's first year is gone.
  13. Life Is Beautiful

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    I have never thought that in 2022 I would still be discussing if Jerry Lee Lewis is alive or not.
  14. Life Is Beautiful

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    The most obvious song choice to listen to right now.
  15. Life Is Beautiful

    Hu Jintao

    Great thread guys. Congratulations. The racism is *chef's kiss*.

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