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  1. Life Is Beautiful

    Shivakumara Swami

    RIP. All kidding aside, it's wonderfully amazing to continue doing humanitarian work until the very last days of your 111 year old existence.
  2. Life Is Beautiful

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Youssoufi as always.
  3. Life Is Beautiful

    14. Javier Perez De Cuellar

    It is worth noting that after the death of Babiker Awadalla, Javier is now the 4th oldest living head of state.
  4. Life Is Beautiful

    The 100 Club

    Interesting footnote from the Internet: "In 1952, Rupe first traveled to New Orleans because of his attraction to the gospel sound of Fats Domino who played piano in the band of Dave Bartholomew..." It was then that the three black men discovered the secret to long life.
  5. Life Is Beautiful

    The 100 Club

    The first centenarian of rock music...
  6. Life Is Beautiful

    1. Kirk Douglas

    - Can you believe we will all be alive 40 years from now Mr. President? - LOL get out of here with your dumb shit Kirk.
  7. Life Is Beautiful

    FIFA World Cup Players

    One of the finest dribblers in the history of the game. Easily in the top 3 with Garrincha and Messi. What a legend.
  8. Life Is Beautiful

    Thoughts and opinions on the death list 2019

    Username checks out.
  9. Life Is Beautiful

    Who, on the 2019 List, Would You Most Like to Meet?

    I want to be interviewed by Larry King and then both of us can go build houses with the Carters. That would be a swell evening.
  10. Life Is Beautiful

    The 1st Death of 2019

    Pope Benedict....hey wait a minute!
  11. Life Is Beautiful

    20. Hosni Mubarak

    The only thing that stabilized after Egypt's revolution was Mubarak's health.
  12. Life Is Beautiful

    14. Javier Perez De Cuellar

    Actually he knows quite a bit about him. He says Javier Perez "retired" from politics a few years and hasn't been seen in public ever since. I also learned the correct pronunciation of his last name: " De Koo-whey-are". What an exciting man...
  13. Life Is Beautiful

    14. Javier Perez De Cuellar

    I am visiting Paris right now and my room buddy in the hostel I'm staying in is Peruvian. Of course had to ask him why is De Cuellar still alive.
  14. Life Is Beautiful

    12. Henry Kissinger

    looked particularly awful at HW Bush's funeral:
  15. Life Is Beautiful

    8. Jimmy Carter

    We really need to think about what kind of world we're going to leave to Jimmy Carter after we all pass on.

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