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  1. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Alright, I can try one more time. My point is very simple: every single factor in this election should prove, theoritically, that the Republicans lose in a landslide to any cardbord cutout with a D next to it: Their chosen candidate is incredibly flawed, incredibly controversial and is hated to the point of sickness by a sizeable chunk of the electorate and even by some abroad (as brilliantly proven here by some of the posts in this thread). Not only that, he already lost to Biden, fair and square, less than four years ago. Poster below my previous post tried to make a funny by quoting some satirical British website, thinking he had a gotcha, only to further prove my point: Joe Biden is losing to a dumpster fire of a person, who now may spend a big chunk of his presidency emprisoned. Again I defy anyone to find anything nonfactual in these points that I will restate: - Donald Trump is incredibly controversial and polarizing, even within his own party (polls have shown Biden losing by an even bigger landslide to any other random Republican). - Donald Trump has suffered, up to this point, at least seven major setbacks that would have ended anyone else's political career. These setbacks not only did not slow him down, they actually have helped his public approval. - Trump is in a better position now, electorally speaking, than where he was in 2016 or in 2020, which indicates a bigger margin of victory this time. He is now +10 with independents, +15 with blacks and hispanics (which is just ridiculous) and is doing generally better with other groups. - Joe Biden is losing BADLY to Trump, like super badly. He is losing in six out of seven swing states. He is down SEVENTEEN points (!) to Trump in immigration (30 to 47), SIXTEEN in economy, FOURTEEN in inflation and another fourteen in foreign affairs and wars. And don't think that the whole "protecting democracy" thing, which is one of Biden's main talking points, is going to save him, he's' tied with Trump (38 to 38) in it. That's right, Biden and Trump are tied in protecting democracy. On top of all of this, his approval rating is in the gutter (Late 30s, which is just sad). These are, barring a miracle, insurmountable leads. No incumbent has ever been in this position and won reelection. These are facts that even the Biden administration is acknowledging at this point. You might hate them, but there is no denying them. Proof of that is that the forum member in question had no other rebuttal but to facepalm my reply and move on. Your second point is, I am sorry to say, incredibly idiotic, to basically say that 70 to 80 million Americans are stupid because they do not vote the way you want them to vote is just insulting. There are plenty of smart Republicans, and the opposite is also true for Democrats. It's always been like that. And how about the independents or those simply sitting this one out? how would you rate their IQ? This may sound incredible to you, but not every Trump voter is a MAGA-hat wearing bigot. This election is unique: the electorate has, for the first and probably only time in their lives, the opportunity to bring back the previous guy and and a big size of them thinks that their lives were better under him and thus will vote again for his POLICIES. It's their right to think like that and their right to vote the way they want to vote. I know you're not American but this "vote for us or you're stupid/not black/racist/fascist...whatever" approach is clearly not working and just about the last thing that needs to be said outloud by Democrats at this particular time. Way to win over the independents you so desperately need now guys.
  2. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Thank you for validating my point even more. The twice impeached, convicted felon-in-chief who's waving to a crowd that isn't there is still beating Biden in every possible poll and is currently the favorite to win back the presidency in November.
  3. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    If Donald Trump wins reelection after all of this it will go down as the greatest political comeback of all time. What is so funny to me is that up to his first arrest, Joe Biden was comfortably leading him in the polls. So if all of this was supposed to be political persecution (and a majority of Americans seem to think just that) it has astonishingly backfired on the Democrats lol. Today, after the Hollywood Access tape, two impeachments, election denial, January 6th, 90+ indictments, a mugshot and a conviction Donald Trump is in a much better position to win the presidency than he was in 2016 or 2020. The first few polls that have came out post-verdict show that nothing has particularly changed and that Americans pretty much made up their mind about the two candidates. In fact, I just checked a HarrisX poll that has him +2 over Biden. I know you guys hate him here (or at least pretend to) but even you gotta admit this is pretty spectacular stuff from a political point of view. Howard Dean's career ended because of one goofy scream, yet a convicted felon is 1.2 points ahead of the incumbent president of the United States, five months before Election Day.
  4. Life Is Beautiful

    1. Jimmy Carter

    No one is above the law.
  5. Life Is Beautiful

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Just been mentioned at the White House Correspondents Dinner by headliner and comedian Colin Jost: https://x.com/cspan/status/1784415484252758260
  6. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Yeah, it almost looks like well, you know, political persecution. And no, this is not MAGA baloney, I am someone who thinks Donald Trump committed multiple crimes that he needs (or needed) to pay for, but I am also someone who thinks that bringing them ALL, AT THIS TIME, looks a lot like political persecution. Anyway, would be interesting to see whether his almost imminent conviction on this one case (since the other cases will now certainly have a verdict well after the election) is going to affect him with independents. Will it be met with indignation and refusal to vote for a felon, or with a simple shrug? Nobody can forecast for sure since we never had a situation like this before. Interesting times we live in.
  7. Life Is Beautiful

    Who are the immortals?

    I choose the latter, without hesitation.
  8. Life Is Beautiful

    Who are the immortals?

    I literally looked at his Wiki page yesterday and said to myself: "surely he doesn't have much time left...".
  9. Life Is Beautiful

    1. Jimmy Carter

    You need a hobby, or to get laid. I suggest knitting .
  10. Life Is Beautiful

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Interesting. This just adds to my previous theory.
  11. Life Is Beautiful

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter is now closer to the age of 100 than he is to the age of 99.
  12. Life Is Beautiful

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I swear everytime I come back to this forum and to to this particular thread, mymango has posted 13 hours ago.
  13. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    or maybe, you know, vote against him, as people normally do in elections. No matter how you feel about Donald Trump, a 9-0 ruling should possibly get you to realize that the claims were bunk, because at least 3 of the justices are so extremely partisan they almost always rule in favor of left leaning activists. Anyway, now that people know for sure that it is definitely a Biden vs. Trump rematch, I am curious at how the polls and public perception of these two will change in the upcoming weeks and months.
  14. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Some good news for the Trumpster, this will delay the case and final verdict to maybe even after the election, which is what his legal team always wished for. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2024/02/28/trump-supreme-court-immunity-claim-dc-trial/
  15. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Dear God the TDS in here is really getting out of hand , you can say a lot about Trump as a leader but he was without a doubt the most hilarious man to ever become US president. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube showing him literally being stand-up comic funny.

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