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  1. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Dear God the TDS in here is really getting out of hand , you can say a lot about Trump as a leader but he was without a doubt the most hilarious man to ever become US president. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube showing him literally being stand-up comic funny.
  2. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Not really, around this time in 2020 not a single poll had Trump winning over Biden. He was trailing by as much as ten points in 2020 (he ended up losing by only four). He was also losing all battleground states in their respective polls barring maybe one. Now it's the opposite. One more thing. IMO the whole “polls don’t count at all this far out thing” doesn’t work in this instance because nobody is ignorant of the candidates. Yes, things can happen between now and November BUT, both have been presidents for four years and the minds of most people have been made on how they perceive them. If people are indicating that they are willing to vote for Trump… then they are willing to vote for him.
  3. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Point well taken, hence why I said if the election were to be held TODAY, Trump would win easily. Nobody said anything about November.
  4. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    That is not true anymore in 2024: most of the young voters (especially Muslim voters from states like Michigan, most of whom have voted Biden in 2020) are very pro-Palestine right now and are slowly but surely switching their votes to Trump or to a third option as a result of Biden's pro-Isreal stance right now (yeah, I know that Trump is no better in this aspect, but he has the benefit of not being the incumbent right now). There is a reason he is winning with young voters now.
  5. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Since mid-January, there hasn't been a single poll that has Biden even remotely beating Trump nationally. Adding West and/or RFK to the equation does not seem to change much of the outcome. Seems like most people have their mind made up on the two main candidates by now. The only good news for Biden is that he seems to be "winning back" PA for now, beyond the margin of error, which still gives Trump a 283 - 254 victory (out of these 283, 21 are "leaning red" while 262 are very "strong red" electoral votes). Based on this, if this election were to be held today Trump would easily win.
  6. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Well then he must be a pretty lousy dictator for having waited until the last two weeks of his terms, AFTER losing a fair and honest election, to throw in that famous "insurrection" without guns, but with selfie sticks and a guy dressed as a freaking moose, against the most powerful country and army in the world. If Trump is elected again, and presuming he is able to see the end of his term, he will leave office, whether he wants it or not, on Jan 20th, 2029, not a day later. To suggest otherwise is just ridiculous and shows an utter lack of understanding of how anything in the United States works.
  7. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    No, but seriously, Vivek has almost no chance of being Trump's VP pick. Please do not ask me to explain why, just take a look at his core base and you'll understand. Haley makes no sense as well, a war hawk politician with the most anti-war candidate is a pairing that will alienate a lot of supporters. DeSantis...nah. Too much bad blood now. Trump's VP should have these qualities imo: - complete loyalty - a yes man (woman) - a handsome (pretty) face - name looks good on a bumper sticker Some people here suggested Tucker but I doubt Tucker wants to work that hard. I think DT will either pick a moderate woman like Tulsi Gabbard or Kristi Noem, or complete nonthreatening nonentity male with a generic haircut like Pence. Even Trump is smart enough to avoid radical and batshit insane MAGA ladies like MTG and Kari Lake.
  8. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Actually Vivek as VP would be the best life insurance for Trump. The threat of a President Ramaswamy would prevent any future assassination attempt.
  9. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Do people seriously believe that Trump, if elected, will be a Hitler or Mussolini-like figure, at his age, in a country like the United States, with all the checks and balances surrounding him? And if yes, why didn't he try to do that when he was, well, president of the USA from 2017 to 2021? He's had four years to cancel all future elections and establish himself Supreme Leader for Life or whatever MSNBC is saying these days, so why didn't he do it at that time? Not trying to be a smartass just geniunely asking.
  10. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    I think it's time we all stopped pretending it's not going to be Biden vs Trump again. DeSantis is the Jeb Bush of 2024, except even less charismatic.
  11. Life Is Beautiful

    49. Franz Beckenbauer

    Not only did he do that, he was apparently important enough to be featured on Wikipedia's main page.
  12. Life Is Beautiful

    49. Franz Beckenbauer

    Well he was never really a defender like Baresi and Maldini (yeah I refuse to put that last, one season wonder in the same sentence as these legends). As I said, Beckenbauer's importance resides in the fact that he changed how the role of sweeper is played by INVENTING and perfecting the libero role (think Baresi, Busquets and Xavi all rolled into one player). That, in addition to his individual and club/country silverware, makes him the greatest European player of all time, imo only Johann Cruyff comes close.
  13. Life Is Beautiful

    49. Franz Beckenbauer

    Not only the greatest German player of all time but arguably also the greatest European player of all time. By changing how the sweeper/central defender role is played he completely revolutionized the game, which is something only a very, very small group of players can say. The fact that some people on this forum have never heard of him but probably have heard of Harry Maguire and John Stones makes me sad. RIP.
  14. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Only the first part of my post was directly addressing your comment. Sorry if I did not make it clearer. Well yeah, maybe. But in 2024, specifically, they are a waste of time because Trump, and not any other weak white man, is going to be the nominee no matter what. That was my point. Trump outperforms polls by usually 5+ points. Trump won in 2016 without leading in a single poll. Trump nearly won in 2020 without leading in a single poll (and was behind by double what he was in 2016). He was predicted to lose by 10 points and ended by losing by only 4. In fact, people forget that he was only 40 000 votes away from reelection. Today, with all of the negative press and legal issues Trump is getting, there is no conceivable and realistic way he should be polling higher than Biden. Yet, he is. Go back and compare the polling (approval, favorability, direction of the country, and the issues) going into the 2020 election versus the polling today. Biden is underperforming while Trump is overperforming. It should be the other way around if what you say is true. The fact he's leading in almost EVERY poll in swing states and POPULAR vote polls in general should have Democrats shaken to the core, as that's the signification of a Trump blowout. Heck, he's winning with YOUNG voters now, can you believe that?! I don't like him that much either but at this point, most people are just mentally preparing for a 2nd Trump term. There's a reason prominent Democrats are asking Biden to step down after a couple of months of "don't trust the polls, bro". The average American vote is what decided the 2020 election, and those voters are favoring Trump by margins that seem straight out of a Republican circlejerk.
  15. Life Is Beautiful

    Donald J Trump

    Is this why he is leading in almost every poll I see conducted with average Americans? Also, why is there still a GOP primary at this point? We all know who is going to be the nominee. I know again they are not always reliable but have polls ever been off by 30 points? And also there are like a couple more debates left? what is the point of all that? such a waste of money and television time. None of these bozos is going to win and they all know that. Funny how what was touted as an exciting and competitive primary is now basically a Trump coronation ceremony.

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