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  1. Leon Brittan

    Sinéad O'Connor aka Shuhada' Davitt

    Why can't this horrible woman just die already
  2. Leon Brittan

    British Character Actors

    H Vile old hag
  3. Leon Brittan

    The 10th Death of 2020

    Le pen I think.
  4. Leon Brittan

    US Ensemble Dramas/HBO Box Set Shows

    But she was a hooowah
  5. Leon Brittan

    Time Added

    Huddersfield have just announced the death of Trevor Cherry aged 72. I lost the link however
  6. Leon Brittan

    Comics & Comedy Writers

    Honestly devestated. Grew up on the goodies rip Tim
  7. Leon Brittan

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2020 List

    Good year so far. 8 by April
  8. Leon Brittan

    Roy Hudd

    Such a shame I always liked Roy Hudd
  9. Leon Brittan

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Just seen an article from the British music theatre organisation who claim Pearl Carr has died aged 96. I lost the article however
  10. Leon Brittan

    The 4th death of 2020

    Hmm that porridge fellow
  11. Leon Brittan

    The 3rd Death of 2020

    Prunella Scales for me.
  12. Leon Brittan

    Most Significant Death Of Each Month

    Only Terry Jones is the correct answer
  13. Leon Brittan

    Nicholas Parsons

    We should be hanging our heads in shame for missing him out this year. Rip Nicholas
  14. Leon Brittan

    The 13th death of 2019

    Didn't think we'd get another. Rip Tony
  15. Leon Brittan

    They're dropping like flies thread

    Piss off Yankee boy

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