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  1. Leon Brittan


    Spooky stuff indeed.
  2. Leon Brittan

    People who've got a thread

    Very true sir very true
  3. Leon Brittan

    People who've got a thread

    I just find there's far too many unnecessary threads. Like Romeo Beckham and Ariana Grande are gonna snuff it tomorrow
  4. Leon Brittan

    People who've got a thread

    Someone cross Kaunda off
  5. Leon Brittan

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Mekka lekka hi mekka hiney ho. I used to love peewees playhouse
  6. Leon Brittan

    Kenneth Kaunda

    At long last. At long long last
  7. Leon Brittan

    The Dead of 2021

    2 years late.
  8. Leon Brittan

    4. Bob Dole

    Agreed I think he'll see 98 but not 99
  9. Leon Brittan

    Time Added

    Barnsley Hull and Sheffield all lost a club legend within a day of each other. Spooky
  10. Leon Brittan

    Norman Lloyd

    Always such a shame when a full life isn't lived. RIP Norman
  11. Leon Brittan

    Silvio Berlusconi

    He's just got to go this time for God's sake
  12. Leon Brittan

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Very disrespectful to go this fast. Remember when they actually cared about their in memorium section
  13. Leon Brittan

    The 8th death of 2021

    Mr castro
  14. Leon Brittan

    Three Steps To Heaven

    We have a thread for musicians. Why another one
  15. Leon Brittan

    US Ensemble Dramas/HBO Box Set Shows

    My favourite series. Every character was portrayed to perfection

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