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  1. Skinny kiltrunner

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

  2. Skinny kiltrunner

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Despite 2 non-obits ( Chris Wilson and Paul Dewar ) I have managed to squeak into 11th. Probably not enough upside potential to hang on, but it's been interesting to watch.
  3. Skinny kiltrunner

    The Chequered Flag

    It looks like Bruce Anstey's comeback from the brink is complete. Pretty amazing. https://www.mcnews.com.au/2019-classic-tt-qualifying1-anstey-harrison/
  4. Skinny kiltrunner

    Farmer Tony Martin

  5. Skinny kiltrunner

    Professional Cyclists

    Glad to see no mention of the disgraced asshole Lance Armstrong.
  6. Skinny kiltrunner

    World's Oldest

    Google translate had a tough time with this one. At least I hope it made a mistake.... Beijing Qin Hanzhang Wine Sales Co., Ltd. said that the death of Qin Hanzhang is Chinese food.
  7. Skinny kiltrunner

    World's Oldest

    Do you want to add Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins to the list? 103 and still competing. https://z6mag.com/2019/06/20/look-103-year-old-runner-breaks-world-record-at-2019-national-senior-games/
  8. Skinny kiltrunner

    The 100 Club

  9. Skinny kiltrunner

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    Jason Becker update. Looks pretty good, all things considered, but apparently struggling at times. https://jasonbecker.com/jason-beckers-50th-birthday-and-an-update/
  10. Skinny kiltrunner

    Boris Johnson

    Yes, but.... https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/marina-wheeler-boris-johnsons-wife-says-im-cancer-free-after-two-ops-rg2jnf08j
  11. Skinny kiltrunner

    Deadio Times

    Although I understand this was not the original intent of this thread, nevertheless it has become the defacto repository of all things radio. So in that light, this goes here: Jack Hagerman, better known to listeners of Alberta's oldest radio station CKUA ( one of the world's oldest public broadcasters) as The Old Disc Jockey, John Worthington, has died at 92. He was with the station for 70 years, and was a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge on the Big Band era. Alot of esoteric knowledge has gone with him, but he is survived by the countless remastered and restored old gems that he saved from oblivion. I have spent many a Sunday afternoon listening to his show, hearing his stories and anecdotes about the music and personalities of the era. https://lfpress.com/opinion/columnists/tait-the-beat-of-jack-hagerman/wcm/c3b7ed0a-f399-4259-ab81-7ea737b52e79
  12. Skinny kiltrunner

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    I dont understand either, but more in a figurative way.
  13. Skinny kiltrunner

    General Non School Massacre Thread

  14. Skinny kiltrunner

    ABC Deadpool III

  15. Skinny kiltrunner

    ABC Deadpool III

    And I had Juliette Kaplan, not Lee Kerslake. Somehow you got us mixed up?

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