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  1. Kenny McCormick

    37. Dick Cheney

    Trump will win again for certain. 1. You have to remember that he has had the best republican support in history when he was in the primaries in 2016 2. There's no good democratic candidate to go against him. All they got is a fake Native American, a borderline rapist and a commie as front runners. Tulsi Gabbard is alright but theres no way she'll make the nomination.
  2. Kenny McCormick

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Its mostly the very young and very old who are the least immune. Plus theres a quarantine around Milton Keynes right next to where I live, which sucks.
  3. Kenny McCormick

    Roberta McCain

  4. Kenny McCormick

    48. William H Gates

    Who are the committee anyway? Are they manatees that push idea balls around?
  5. Kenny McCormick

    48. William H Gates

    Then why cant we question the committee? If they bend their own rules then surely we can too.
  6. Kenny McCormick

    48. William H Gates

    I'm not wanting to over ride the committee's decision, I'm just pointing out theres a double standard here.
  7. Kenny McCormick

    48. William H Gates

    So why isn't Roberta McCain on the list?
  8. Kenny McCormick

    48. William H Gates

    So since Bill Gates's Dad is on here, can Roberta McCain have her own thread?
  9. Kenny McCormick

    The Next Leader of the Opposition

    A lot more Labour MPs want Starmer in charge but you've got to remember that a lot of Labour's base is socialist/communist - who are more likely to vote for Long Bailey because she is a Corbynite. SJWs in the party are also likely to vote for Long Bailey as they believe Labour needs a female leader because it is the 21st century and #OldWhiteMenAreCancelled. I reckon it'll be too close to call.
  10. Kenny McCormick

    John McCain

    Then why is Bill Gates Sr on deathlist? Roberta McCain is pretty much the main thing discussed here, so why cant we have our own thread for her?
  11. Kenny McCormick

    John McCain

    Picture from last Friday. Apparently she's been in and out of hospital for a few days for pneumonia a few weeks ago.
  12. Kenny McCormick

    John McCain

    Found this on Facebook https://weeklypigeon.com/2020/02/07/breaking-news-roberta-mccain-mother-of-john-mccain-aged-108-still-alive/
  13. Kenny McCormick

    2. Kirk Douglas

    I wonder how many people have died on the list since Kirk has dominated Number 1/Number 2 spot - or since he's been on the list altogether.
  14. Kenny McCormick

    Rush Limbaugh

    The quote was: First of all, Feminism is cancer lets be honest. Feminism has brought along a Marxist PC culture that shames people (namely housewives by choice and men in general) who don't concede to their agenda. Feminism has in the long run made women out to be like men and made them think that they must compete with men when instead they should embrace the qualities of being female (and no I don't mean stay in the kitchen). An ideology that claims you can rape someone by looking at them is fucking dumb or just the fact that men and women should be allowed to compete in the same sport. Sorry but I think he has a point on feminism... Secondly, he was making a joke about women - getting angry at a joke is something I'll never take seriously. I agree he isn't a decent guy and I am in no way conservative but this one I can let slide. The fact that you're arguing over this proves that people will simply argue over anything.
  15. Kenny McCormick

    2. Kirk Douglas

    Fucking hell he actually died! RIP to one of Deathlist's most memorable names with 18 appearances!

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