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  1. Torva Messor

    Inverse Dead Pool 2023

    Donald Trump Vladimir Putin Clint Eastwood Billy Connolly Phil Collins Dick Van Dyke Buzz Aldrin Bill Cosby Mel Brooks Rupert Murdoch Ozzy Osbourne David Attenborough Shane MacGowan Burt Bacharach Willie Nelson Prunella Scales Harry Belafonte Rhod Gilbert Linda Nolan Shannen Doherty Stanley Baxter Randy Jackson Eva Marie Saint Yoko Ono Bobby Charlton Subs: Michael J. Fox, Kate Keltie
  2. Torva Messor


    Blast it, who poured battery acid down the arse of my Hare's Death Pool List? For next update: Seven points for Bernard Kalb Ten points for Carole Cook I had hoped for not such an early start keeping the Death Pool Admin busy.
  3. Torva Messor


    My entry Bernard Kalb took a late fall in early winter, on 8 January Washington Post (US major newspaper) obituary
  4. Torva Messor

    DeathList CorrectList 2023

    My Deathlist Correctlist 2023 Cremater's Dozen plus 5 = 18 2. Henry Kissinger 3. Bob Barker 4. Alan Greenspan 5. Nigel Starmer-Smith 6. Jimmy Carter 7. Tony Bennett 11.Jacques Delors 12. Sir Bobby Charlton 17. Joanne Woodward 20. Stanley Baxter 27. Yoko Ono 28. Norman Lear 35. Pete Murray 38. Rolf Harris **JOKER** 39. Ryuichi Sakamoto 42. Nigel Lawson 44. Sonny Rollins 49. Andy Taylor Chosen partly by coin flips and Tarot cards, assuring a year's escape from the Relentless Scythe. Thank you for running this.
  5. Torva Messor

    20/20 + 2

    Micheline Presle please
  6. Torva Messor

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2023

    Dick Savitt, reportedly dead as of 6 January 2023, is my ranked seventh entry for Hartlepool Deadlypool 2023, and a solo from the looks of it.
  7. Torva Messor

    Twisted DL 2022-2023

    Bonne Année Lise Nørgaard my #10, died 1 janvier 2023. Two obit URLs: one from Denmark, one from Seattle, US Unless I am mistaken, June Spencer rises from substitutes to #10 position, and I place Ryuichi Sakamoto as third Substitute.
  8. Torva Messor

    Inverse Dead Pool 2022

  9. Torva Messor


    Alex Katz (American figurative artist) Bernard Kalb Bert I. Gordon *JOKER* Bill Hayes (American actor and recording artist) Brenda Milner (British-Canadian neuropsychologist) Carole Cook Edward Field (US poet) Françoise Gilot Iris Apfel Jacqueline White Janis Paige John Kander June Spencer Leontyne Price Maria Riva Max Morath (American ragtime pianist, composer, actor, and author) Menahem Pressler Micheline Presle Noreen Nash Peggy Webber Richard Rohmer (obscure Canadian author) Richard M. Sherman (American songwriter) Roy Haynes (American jazz drummer) Sidney Kibrick (American former child actor, "Our Gang") Woody Woodbury (American comedian, actor, television personality and talk show host) Substitutes Leo Esaki Priscilla Pointer Peggy Dow (American actress, Harvey, Bright Victory) Jim Pattison (obscure British Columbia billionaire) Marianne Bernadotte, Countess of Wisborg
  10. Torva Messor


    I have a list I'm fussing with, will enter in the next three hours. You will be happy to learn neither Pele nor Barbara Walters is on my 2023 list.
  11. Torva Messor

    Death By Numbers 2023

    I doubt my substitutes will be employed to the extent where this impacts my list
  12. Torva Messor

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2023

    Torva Messor Entry for Hartlepool Deadlypool 2023 Arnold Yarrow Qapik Attagutsiak Larry Pressler Jack Burke Jr. Earl Holliman Ignacio López Tarso Dick Savitt 6 January 2023 John Horgan Berry Gordy Estelle Parsons Substitutes Nancy Olson Don King
  13. Torva Messor

    Death By Numbers 2023

    Torva Messor Death By Numbers 2023 Entry Ady Barkan Andy Taylor Arthur Cohn Arthur Rock Barbara Rush Barbara Walters Bill Holman Billy Connolly Bob Barker Calvin Tomkins Don Murray Ed Ames Fay Weldon Frank Field Gena Rowlands George Alagiah Gianluca Vialli Gordon Pinsent Harry Markowitz James Ivory James Whale Jane Gardam JIMMY CARTER replacing 29 Dec 2022 Jiro Ono Joanne Woodward Johnny Ruffo Jonnie Irwin **JOKER** Kat Bjelland Len Deighton Linda Nolan Mark Rydell Monte Landis Natalie Kwadrans O. J. Brigance Peter C. Newman Randy Jackson (born June 1956) Rhod Gilbert Rob Burrow Roberta Flack Roger Corman Rolf Harris Rosalynn Carter Rosemary Harris Ryuichi Sakamoto Shannen Doherty Sir Bobby Charlton Steve Gleason Steve "Mongo" McMichael Stu Phillips Ted Kaczynski Vladimir Putin Substitutes Jimmy Carter DEPLOYED 29 December 2022 Cynthia Ozick Phyllis Coates Samson Burke Stella Stevens Stuart Hall – cultural theorist Stuart Hall – television presenter Warren Buffett
  14. Torva Messor

    Shadow DeathList Competition 2023

    Torva Messor's 2023 Shadow Death List Pelè Jonnie Irwin Randy Jackson Roberta Flack Ryuichi Sakamoto Andy Taylor Rolf Harris Ethel Kennedy Laurent de Brunhoff Rosalynn Carter Jimmy Carter Henry Kissinger Tony Bennett Queen Ratna of Nepal Bob Barker Cynthia Ozick Ted Turner Linda Nolan Sonny Rollins Jim Lovell Ruth Westheimer Ruth Buzzi James Whale Glynis Johns Buzz Aldrin Frank Sedgman Joanne Woodward Charles T. Munger Mahathir Mohamad Laurent de Brunhoff Vic Seixas William Daniels Sid Krofft Pope Benedict XVI Alan Greenspan Ysanne Churchman Tomiichi Murayama Yuriko, Princess Mikasa Sir Bobby Charlton Frank Borman Hans Blix James Earl Jones Ted Kaczynski Walter Mirisch Benjamin Ferencz Vladimir Putin Desmond Morris Bernie Marcus Mangosuthu Buthelezi George Alagiah Ray Anthony Substitutes Ray Anthony Barbara Rush John Barth Rosemary Harris Armin Mueller-Stahl
  15. Torva Messor

    Twisted DL 2022-2023

    Certainement. Maintenant in Position 3 among les Trois Substitutes is Jonnie Irwin. (Yes there were some changes made.)

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