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  1. Torva Messor

    Twisted DL 2022-2023

    My list has also been submitted. j'ai aussi envoyé ma liste
  2. Torva Messor

    Shove Off, Eh?

    Former Canadian PM Joe Clark is absent from this photo. He's around 83.
  3. Torva Messor

    Who's Going To Be Around For A While?

    My friend posed with him for a photo last month in Los Angeles. I knew she and Chakiris had met but I would not have taken the gentleman she was with to be 89. He looked pretty much as he did in this photo.
  4. Torva Messor

    The 9th death of 2022

    David Attenborough. If Queen Elizabeth can go, so can he.
  5. Torva Messor

    how long till' the next hit ?

    December 10
  6. Torva Messor


    Nichelle Nichols, one of my picks, reportedly died 30 Jul 2022, Adding 210 points or close to it, to my total.
  7. Torva Messor

    Crazy Eight Deadpool 2022

    Eleanor Collins
  8. Torva Messor

    how long till' the next hit ?

    2 August 2022.
  9. I've outlived all members of my family except the alcoholic who smoked for fifty years. My husband and I ate the same foods together for half our lives. He's in an urn, and he didn't have the cancer running amok in his family as I do, but it killed him anyway. I take Vitamin D3 to reduce my risk of getting the cancers that killed my family members. I practise Qigong. The planet's getting hotter and wilder and I have no desire to be an insect-crunching octogenarian swept out to sea or caught in a forest fire. I moved out of the United States as being gunned down in a supermarket or coffee shop, as a friend of mine was, is not, ahem, my cup of tea. I'm about choosing the way I go, not postponing my departure.
  10. Torva Messor


    Whatever I win from Tuesday's lotto will go toward a purchase endeavour. I didn't get my T-shirt, but DSCDP did put my husband in the 'In Memoriam', and have always been good, kind, prompt, chipper to me. At least I managed to reach the Top 10 for points in the first half of 2022.
  11. Torva Messor


    DSCDP seems to be offline for good, according to this tweet from its admin. The website has been unreachable since 25 June.
  12. Torva Messor

    Centenarians Deadpool 2022

    Apparently this month is my catch-up
  13. Torva Messor


    Gail Halvorsen gave me candy points on 16 Feb 2022. Wonder if his new pair of wings wiggle.
  14. Torva Messor

    Death By Numbers 2022

    For the next update: my entry Carleton Carpenter departed 31 January 2022 Qualifying Obituary from uk.news.yahoo.com
  15. Torva Messor

    Guess The Song

    "99 Luftballons" by Nena?

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