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  1. Hanzem

    15. Jimmy Carter

    I don't think so
  2. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    Jose Flores Flores celebrates his claimed 114th birthday. https://m.facebook.com/allanjaranoticias/posts/2371496552982592
  3. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    Jorge Duran Coral of Mexico, dead at 112. https://m.facebook.com/jesusrafael.duranerosa/posts/4397207890344433
  4. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    Don't forget that tajima was like fusa tatsumi and however lived to be third oldest person ever
  5. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    Randon seems to be in a stable OK condition and she is already in an extrmee age. She could go even more far. However, since her birthday there is not anh new update about her health. Also, maria branyas morera looks quite well too
  6. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    Tatsumi is 11th actually.
  7. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    Tanaka is World's Oldest Living Person for 3 years.
  8. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    Kane Tanaka is one year older than Violet Brown.
  9. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    Generally men continue to lose ground fastly. There are only 6 men in the top 130 and if Antonia da Santa Cruz lives a month more there will not be any man in the top 20 https://gerontology.wikia.org/wiki/Oldest_Validated_supercentenarians_All-Time
  10. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    However Nabi Tajima was like this for years lol
  11. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    Same top 4 since August 2019 (Matsushita's death). Tanaka-Randon-Dos Santos-Bot
  12. Hanzem

    World's Oldest

    The current top 4 oldest is likely immortal lol

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