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  1. BirdieNumNums

    Deathlist 2005

    Hey guys, gotta tell ya that I love the job descriptions on the new list. Just spent a few moments chuckling to myself over them, thanx for the New Years entertainment. Happy New Year, by the way. By the way, where did we finish last year? AND......Good Luck for this year guys!! Lets be number 1!!!!
  2. BirdieNumNums

    Fay Wray

    Congrats guys on your 8th success................I knew this one was on the list, that's why I quickly came here when I heard. Well done! ps....love these new smilies!
  3. BirdieNumNums

    Margaret Thatcher

    hell yeah! If she survives the year I"ll second that motion
  4. BirdieNumNums

    Is Mr T Dead?

    Stayin Alive, I luv that cartoony of Mr T, its got the attitude & all there..............thanx for making my day
  5. BirdieNumNums

    Ray Charles

    ............not to me! Its all relative really, Ronnie Raygun was an ex Prez of the USA, which basically means jack to me living here in the land of Aus.
  6. BirdieNumNums

    The Duchess Of Cornwall

    Does anyone know just how sick the woman is? She could be a candidate for 2005!! * getting excited about next years list already, sorry*
  7. BirdieNumNums

    Sir Joh Bjelke-petersen

    Hi COwboy, Sir Joh would definately NOT fail the fame test. He is one of Australia's longest serving Premiers of State & is notorious in his own right ( see Fitzgerald Enquiry & other info ). I definately think he qualifies for next years list.......if he lives long enough. I'm wondering how anyone from the Southern Hemisphere can qualify if all the committee are from the North??
  8. BirdieNumNums


    I'm with you Reaper. In Australia a few years back now we had a businessman called Christopher Skase who took off to Majorca with alot unhappy people's hard earned cash. Our govt tried everything to have him extradited back here to face the music, guess what, each court case failed due to some other contrived illness which made it impossible for him to stand trial or fly in a plane or whatever. Finally he did actually die, & not too many people really cared either, some still don't believe he's really dead either! Suharto is as healthy as an ox, just another excuse to not face the music.
  9. BirdieNumNums

    I'm not always right about these things

    ......what the???
  10. BirdieNumNums

    Who is Next?

    I'd like to hope that sometime soon that useless twitt & King of Foot In Mouth Disease, Prince Philip of England ( Queens concubine!!! ) will depart this world any day now. Nope, he doesn't look crook at all, but we can always hope that an undiagnosed blood clot fixes his "little red wagon" once & for all.................& soon would be nice.
  11. BirdieNumNums

    Sir Joh Bjelke-petersen

    Very very good point, but I don't like his chances of surviving this year out somehow. The poor old fart is knocking on deaths door very closely, according to Mrs Pumpkin Scones & thats why they are so eager to get the billion dollar payout from us taxpayers.
  12. BirdieNumNums

    Rule change proposal for DeathList

    nah, leave it how it is, thats the fun of it isn't it?
  13. BirdieNumNums

    Death List Candidates 2004

    Hi, I'd like to nominate a couple of people who I reckon are on their last legs. Prince Rainier of Monaco Pope John Paul 11 of the Vatican Elizabeth Taylor, the much married Saddam Hussein.......his number one on the hit list! Ronnie Reagan, whoever he is!! Sharon Osbourne of the Osbournes Ronnie Biggs, the old train robber. And I"d also like to put in Prince Philip the useless of England too.............well, you know my feelings on this excuse for a man. Thanx, & have a Happy New Year all.
  14. BirdieNumNums

    Sharon Osbourne

    Ohh, thats a good nomination, I came in here to nominate her in fact. Lets see what the powers that be reckon about Shazza!
  15. BirdieNumNums

    Saddam Hussein

    I have a slow & painful death in mind for him, which involves plyers, tin snips, & plenty of salt!

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