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  1. RoverAndOut

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    Famous last words! It's like the good old days, when the Lib Dems were the by-election kings... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-57472032
  2. RoverAndOut

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    I've liked both your comments because they represent both sides of my thinking when I was doing my research. I looked at all the living recipients for the Arts awards (Drama, Poetry, History, Music, etc.) as I was comfortable they definitely counted. I did have a brief look at a few of the journalistic awards but decided there were just too many to get my head around, and I was also unsure about exactly what a 'staff winner' was, but presumed, as msc did, that it meant organisations without named winners. It was a little vague, but if we were that bothered, we could have asked Biblio but didn't! Anyway, congrats on the first hit guys!
  3. RoverAndOut

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool III

    This is pretty quick for the game to complete it's podium. It has taken just 1 month and 10 days since Banana won for An Fear Beag and gcreptile to join them. This is quicker than Round 2, which took 2 months and 10 days from my victory until Toast and gcreptile completed that podium too. In Round 1, it took just 18 days after Rotten Ali's win for John B. Anderson's death to put Death Impends, Toast and myself over the top in a tie for 2nd place (I didn't bother with countback since it didn't affect the winner). gcreptile was next to complete that game too, the 5th overall but with the third winning hit, and that came 3 months and a day after Rotten Ali's victory. Interestingly, after 2020's Massacre of the Bond Stars, which saw 6 scoring deaths in the first 3 months of competition, and 10 in total before the game ended after just over 8 months, there has not been a scoring Bond death since, and both the others who have completed the game have done so via the All 5 Categories method, with a Eurovision death for AFB and a Space Flier for GCR. I am working on a summary of where all the Scavenger Hunts currently stand, but I'll give it a bit of time - we need something to talk about when the first hit takes a while! (We were already 2 hits into Round 3 by now, and by the end of the month, we'd already had 5 scoring deaths!)
  4. RoverAndOut

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Or is that just how the KGB (sorry, FSB) made it look...?
  5. RoverAndOut

    FIFA World Cup Players

    If it makes you feel better, I had my first Pfizer jab a fortnight ago and am still here. For now at least. Utterly painless and over and done with in seconds. A slightly dead arm for a couple of days afterwards, but soon back to normal. I was also a little apprehensive beforehand despite being 100% pro-vaccine, simply because of the amount of bullshit scare stories designed to put us off.
  6. RoverAndOut

    FIFA World Cup Players

  7. RoverAndOut

    FIFA World Cup Players

    There's a photo doing the rounds on Twitter that suggests he's got his eyes open on the stretcher. Seems like they may have somehow stabilised him. Looked pretty grim on the pitch, fingers crossed he's had a lucky escape. But not out of the woods yet.
  8. RoverAndOut

    Time Added

    Blackburn Rovers have today announced the death of inside forward Frank Mooney (b. 1/1/32). I was going to post in @Octopus of Odstock's Oldest Football League Players thread, but not sure 89 is old enough! Also no mention if he's the oldest living Rovers player, but he'll be up there. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/june/Frank-Mooney-01-01-1932-23-05-2021-/
  9. RoverAndOut

    Simon Cowell

  10. RoverAndOut

    British Character Actors

    She was, in fact, your third unique pick death in R1, making you the second person after Rotten Ali to have completed R1 by all 3 methods! Nearly 4 years since it finished and 5 players haven't finished by any of the 3 measures yet!
  11. RoverAndOut

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Ok, so stats for Round 4 incoming (many based off what I did previously for R3): This round saw by far the most picks to date, with 279 across all 5 categories (Round 3's previous record was 225). We saw another increase in players, from 15 in Rounds 1 and 2, to 19 in Round 3 to now 23 in Round 4. 9 players have played all 4 rounds, the same number who had played the previous 3 (i.e. nobody has dropped out), plus Biblio who has played 3 and ran the first one (as well as all the others!). There are 7 first-time players this time around, another record, and we have lost 3 players as mentioned by BIblio above. The past 2 Scavenger Hunt champions, myself and Banana are back for another crack (R1 Champion Rotten Ali has not played any of the subsequent games, or been seen much since!) 4 categories this time broke the previous record for most picks in a category, which stood at 52 (Eurovision in R3 and Grammy Winners in R2). The new record holder is Summer Olympic Gold Medallists with 69, followed by Star Trek Actors (59), Pulitzer Prize Winners (57) and World Series Champions (53). Cabinet Ministers was the smallest with 41, which also breaks the record for most in the smallest category (Space Fliers in R3 with 38). Nichelle Nicholls, of Star Trek fame, was most picked this time, on 15/23 teams. Agnes Keleti (Olympians) and Douglas Hurd (Cabinet Ministers) (both 12) also eclipse the previous record of 11 (Nobby Stiles, World Cup, R3 and George H.W. Bush,, US Elections, R1). However, Nicholls pick on 15/23 (65%) can be bettered by George H.W. Bush (11/15 in R1 - 73%) and Lord Carrington (10/15 in R1 - 67%) from previous rounds. msc (0), Death Impends (2) and Perhaps (2) are the only ones who cannot win by the 3 uniques method - msc actually becomes the first player in Scavenger Hunt history to have NO unique picks! The previous low was me in R1, with 1. It is the first time msc and Death Impends have been unable to win this way (although both scraped to 3 in R3!), while Perhaps is a new player. On the other hand, Captain Hemlock sets a new record of 16 for most unique picks, beating FujimoriNoMorey's 15 from R2. Fellow newcomers Death by Arsenic (15) and Arghton (14) follow, along with Yorkshire Banker (also on 14). This was the first round of the Scavenger Hunt where Jimmy Carter was not a valid pick - just when he might actually go! He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize but didn't win, and he's never appeared in Star Trek. Returning picks from previous games include Paul Dooley (Star Trek Actors/Kevin Bacon Co-Stars), William Smithers (Star Trek Actors/Dallas Actors), Stephen Sondheim (Pulitzer Prize Winners/Grammy Winners), Nino Benvenuti (Olympic Gold Medallists/Title-Winning Boxers) and Douglas Hurd (House of Lords/Cabinet Ministers). Death Impends picked Hurd as a unique in R1 (House of Lords) and he stuck by him this time around, along with a few other people! Nino Benvenuti is picked by Spade as a unique in R4, but was not among his picks for Title-Winning Boxers in R2 (Biblio and me picked him!) Stephen Sondheim was a unique pick for gcreptile in R2 (Grammy Winners) and was picked again by him in R4, along with others. Captain Chorizo, msc and Death Impends all picked Paul Dooley among their Kevin Bacon Co-Stars in R2, but, despite all returning, none of them picked him this time around! He was picked by 3 completely different people this time. I do think it's wide open this time, and I'm curious as to whether the higher number of players contributes to a quicker game, or whether the James Bond Massacre was a one-off occurrence! I'm also very much a fan of the fact that the first 3 games were all won by a different method - it proves that any way can win, and you're always in the game with this one.
  12. RoverAndOut

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Sigh....brevity has never been my strong point. I had the same list, but in individual Cabinets and without clear reference to who was alive and dead. Thankfully, particularly from Blair onwards, I was pretty sure who was still pegging and who not, but even so, Lord Elton does not appear on your list either!
  13. RoverAndOut

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Having had a perusal, I can confirm that every player seems to have 5 names in every category! I do have one query on the Cabinet Ministers category, which only affects one player. Rodney Elton, chosen by MariNisia, served in two government departments but was never the Secretary of State so far as I can see? He served in the Home Office under Leon Brittan and in the Environment Department under 3 Secretaries. I only noticed because he wasn't on my long list, which I gathered by going through each Cabinet on Wikipedia. Thought it best to flag it up now, rather than someone mention it down the line if it becomes relevant. Do let me know if I'm mistaken, though.
  14. RoverAndOut

    Football Manager Sacking Bingo 2

    Well that was another inspired prediction. Ancelotti has re-signed as Real Madrid manager. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57319559 I should've guessed with all these big jobs available this summer, someone would take a punt on the guy with experience who was probably easy to poach.
  15. RoverAndOut

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    That relies on me knowing anything about baseball to know some are better known than others. The only one I'd heard of was Willie Mays, and I picked him (based on health reasons of course!) It was fun to dip my toe in, though, even if I know only a bare minimum more now than I did before.

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