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  1. Sorry to raise this spectre of a thread, but this is too good not to mention after all the upheaval of the election results. Biden won by a bigger margin than thought in Arizona - according to Trump appointed vote counters.
  2. RoverAndOut

    Beauty Queens

    Assume this is the correct category for such information, and not a death or (I assume?) life threatening condition, but Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista says she has been a recluse for the past 5 years after a botched cosmetic procedure which was supposed to reduce her fat has instead increased her fat cells in a 'very rare but serious' side effect that is not entirely understood. Apparently she is unrecognisable. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-58662756
  3. RoverAndOut

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    With virtually a month of silence in this round's hunt, just a heads up on something I think is a unique achievement in a previous game: the death of Jimmy Greaves was a hit for 7 players in the World Cup Footballers category in Round 3, however since the game ended in May, there have been a total of just 4 scoring hits in that category - Yoo Sang-chul, Giampiero Boniperti, Gerd Muller and now Jimmy Greaves. Incredibly, one player had all 4 of those and combined with the death of Nobby Stiles last year, has completed a full house of their Footballers category and that person is...@Banana! That now means that in less than 13 months, he has struck off all 5 Bond picks (to win the last round) and all 5 Footballers, the only person in any round of the Scavenger Hunt (I think!) to have had all 5 picks die in two categories of the same game to date. This technically means he would have won again, and only 2 other people have finished R3 since he completed anyway! As for R4, we've had 7 hits in 4 months, which is still more than R1 (3 hits) and R2 (6 hits) but still well behind R3 (12 hits!) - we were spoiled! Course, as @YoungWillz keeps pointing out, if we'd picked the right Summer Olympic Medallists, things would be moving a bit faster...
  4. RoverAndOut

    Darwin Awards

    I do miss when this thread consisted of amateur physicists killing themselves in home made rockets, but I saw this article this morning in the 'i' newspaper which amused me. Personal finance guru, 74, who has argued against masks, lockdowns and the Covid vaccine dies hours after being put on a ventilator with....Covid-19. My favourite quote, from a close associate: Died of a disease he said wasn't an issue - what a genius and a visionary.
  5. RoverAndOut

    Only Fools And Horses

    Wow. He really didn't last long did he? What a great character and a lovely man by all accounts. In keeping with his last wishes (according to the video a few weeks ago), let's raise a large cognac to Boycie.
  6. RoverAndOut

    28. Jimmy Greaves

    So, that's Diego Maradona, Gerd Muller and Jimmy Greaves dead within 10 months of each other, and Pele's still in and out of hospital. Quite a year for footballing deaths. Rest in Peace, Greavesie.
  7. RoverAndOut

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I was just reading this. I'm curious who the full list of 30 sealed wills are. I haven't done any digging into whose wills were published or not but presumably among the 30 are: Prince Philip, Queen Mum, Princess Margaret, Diana?, Earl Mountbatten, George VI, Queen Mary of Teck, George V, old Duke of Kent, old Duke of Gloucester, Francis of Teck, maybe Edward VIII? Even then, that's less than half.
  8. RoverAndOut

    Edson Arantes Do Nascimento (Pele)

    Either I haven't been paying attention (which, to be fair, I haven't) or he suddenly looks very old...
  9. RoverAndOut

    Norm MacDonald

    Sad this. Most familiar with his SNL work - his Burt Reynolds/The Bandit impression was eerily spot on. Well done to those on here who spotted the signs.
  10. RoverAndOut

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    I've not looked at the details of this leak but is there anything much different to the Operation London Bridge plans that have been circulating for a decade? Or is there more specific detail included?
  11. RoverAndOut

    William Daniels

    Him and about a million other people.
  12. RoverAndOut

    William Daniels

    So...basically, if we'd started this thread with "Former President of the Screen Actors Guild William Daniels is still going aged 95. Well known for being the voice of KITT in Knight Rider he also starred in films like 'The Graduate' and 'Reds' and in tv shows like 'St Elsewhere' and 'Boy Meets World'.' then I'm not sure I'd even have commented. Clearly had a big career, even if I still haven't heard of him. I've heard of Boy Meets World, I'm vaguely aware it was on in the 90s, but I've never seen it. I've not seen any of the others either to be honest, but I'm aware of their cultural significance. I'd still question whether he needs his own thread, though, since there's nothing wrong with him and he's hardly prolific in the news. But I'm not a thread Nazi like some on here. Each to their own and all that.
  13. RoverAndOut

    Only Fools And Horses

    Never knew this - good fact! That would have been some cameo. I was familiar with this before doing the research - very sad and it's why we never saw Corinne again, out of respect. Though I agree, as an in-joke for the fans it would've been pretty good if they'd replaced her! Thanks. Just thought it relevant to mention as a relatively recent major trauma. He's always struck me as a level-headed guy and they seem to have come to terms with his death as best they can in the year since, so don't think he's a suicide risk. But it's a big, sudden emotional strain in middle age.
  14. RoverAndOut

    William Daniels

    Just gonna throw this out there...never heard of him.
  15. RoverAndOut

    Michael Heseltine

    Do you have trackers on Thatcher's cabinet or something? That's at least 3 you've seen in around a year!

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