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  1. weasel

    Clive Dunn

    I thought Clive was already dead....whoops, sorry that was Benny Hill!
  2. weasel

    Eli Wallach

    Tuco - a deathlist favorite...still cheating death whether on the gallows or standing on a gravestone, or even hanging out with Marilyn Monroe and Gable! What a man!
  3. weasel

    The President's Men

    Liddy probably won't die until he is well into his 100's!
  4. weasel

    Andy Williams

    Well at least Andy is honest....I guess!
  5. weasel

    World War I Veteran(s)

    Thanks to all of you who contributed to this thread. Hopefully it has been interesting and educational in some ways too!
  6. weasel

    Charlie Sheen

    Charlie is certainly making the most of his 15 minutes of fame.
  7. weasel

    World War I Veteran(s)

    In order for Frank Buckles to lie in state in the nation's capitol it must be approved in Congress. This sucks out loud!!!!! Obama should step up and order this to be done, not only for the sake of Mr. Buckles but also in respect for the other Americans who gave their lives - or time - in service during the Great War! There will be no other WWI veterans left to honor in this way.
  8. weasel

    World War I Veteran(s)

    R.I.P Mr. Buckles.........
  9. weasel

    World War I Veteran(s)

    Buckles is one tough dude. http://www.takepart.com/news/2010/11/10/10...teran-in-the-us
  10. weasel

    Keith Richards....will He Make It To 2012?

    Keith is gonna live to 100...no doubts....get him OFF the list for a long, long time.
  11. weasel

    World's Oldest

    Smoking seaweed, dipping snuff, and an occasional shot of whiskey will get you past 100, easy.
  12. weasel

    World War I Veteran(s)

    So this leaves: Florence Green, Claude Choules, and Frank Buckles as the last 3 living. Right???
  13. weasel

    World War I Veteran(s)

    Babcock beat 'em to the punch!
  14. weasel

    Eli Wallach

    Hey, that's my signature...I love that scene from the movie!
  15. weasel

    Psycho Survivors

    Watching the classic "Psycho" from 1960 (50th anniversary of it this year). Just wondering how many of the lead actors are still living. Here is what I came up with: Vera Miles - played Lila Crane (Marion's sister) still living age 79 John Gavin - played Sam Loomis (Marion's boyfriend) still living age 78 (I think). Once these two are gone, that will be the end of 'em.

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