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  1. Vaagheid

    The Dutch

    People seem to really like to hit this Dutch politician on the head A video of a incident in Ghent a couple of weeks ago A video of a incident in Groningen tonight
  2. Vaagheid

    The Dutch

    Honestly saw this one coming when they permanently stopped touring because of illness a couple of months ago. At the end of last year i considered making a DDP-entry full of all the termanilly ill Dutch musicians (Vrienten, Jan Rot, Rob de Nijs, George Kooymans) but it seemed quite pointless if none of Them would get an obit.
  3. Vaagheid

    Unlikely 2022 death

    Just throwing Matthew Perry and Frankie Muniz in here. Both of them seem like people who could suddenly die any day.
  4. Vaagheid

    Paul Verhoeven

    Now two years later and doing very well. His new erotic lesbian nuns-movie is playing at Cannes and he is already planning two other films. A spy thriller and a movie about Jesus.
  5. Vaagheid

    Alexey Navalny (pronounced uh-lex-YAY nuh-WAHL-neey)

    Would it be bad taste to do a sweepstake? Haven't seen one of those here for a while. Also the country i am in is still in lockdown, so for me it would just be a nice distraction. Going personally then for the 18th (today) to kick things of.
  6. Vaagheid

    Meghan Markle

    Can someone who is more into the British Royals then me explain something to me. Why does it seem all the focus and hatred (both in the media and the Royal family) directed to Harry and Meghan? Why is it not all of it directed to Prince Andrew? Who seems to be a way bigger problem for the Royal family and should be facing jailtime. I honestly don't understand this.
  7. Vaagheid

    Kurt Westergaard

    I wonder if he would still be as obitable abroad if he died of old age now or 5 years from now. I mean this is a person who was only briefly newsworthy 11 years ago.
  8. Vaagheid

    The Dutch

    With all the crazy conspiracy people sharing their opinions during Corona, Off course, this guy now decides to become a vlogger. Link in Dutch
  9. Vaagheid

    George Lazenby

    Not sure anymore. But at the time i think i even asked Paul Bearer about the possibilities of removing my account. Ah well i will be fixing the first post. Now it is very informative.
  10. Vaagheid

    The Dutch

    He has ALS
  11. Vaagheid

    The Dutch

    George Kooymans, guitarist and co-founder of Golden Earring had to stop touring because he is "seriously ill". They won't diclose what it is but are saying it's "serious". Link in Dutch
  12. Vaagheid

    Phil Spector

    His dead makes me wonder how actor Robert Blake is doing now. He must be close to 90 now and he also murdered a girl and stood trial around the same time.
  13. Vaagheid

    The Dutch

    Big name for the Netherlands, not known outside that. Tv personality André van Duin is recovering from a colon cancer operation. Dutch link
  14. Vaagheid

    The DL Prediction Game 2021

    If it is any help. As a former organisor of this game, i know how much work counting up all the scores is. I was really surprised how fast you got them out with this many entries. I often took days just organising all of that (last time even weeks). Also the first couple of years didn't have nearly as many entries as now a days. You are commiting and investing a lot of your spare time into a passion project and i think this should be pointed out and admired. Thank you for this, Book.
  15. Vaagheid

    The DL Prediction Game 2021

    Really happy with this victory

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