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  1. Vaagheid

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Dutch news are reporting he got into a serious traffic collision. Apperantly he was driving one of these and got in a collision with a car and was flung out of his vehicle. He was rushed to the IC with "severe injuries" but so far he seems to be alive. Link (in Dutch) Here is also a photo of the crash side. Probably also someone who wouldn't get an obit outside the Netherlands (maybe one in Flanders but that's as international as it get's)
  2. Vaagheid

    48. William H Gates

    Didn't she have two other sons that also did something with politics?
  3. Vaagheid

    26. Genesis P-Orridge

    I always try to stay out of these discussions but i find it interesting that this is the thread where the discussion is being held about the fame requirements of the people on this list. I honestly thought this discussion was going to be held on the "Bill Gates Snr."-thread, the first time in my memory that someone made it on the list just for having good sperm.
  4. Vaagheid

    How many hits this year?

    Then 5 and if that's taken 2 and if that's taken 4 and if that's taken 3
  5. Vaagheid

    How many hits this year?

    0 Just because i can't plausibly win
  6. Vaagheid

    DL Prediction Game 2020

    Send it again now.
  7. Vaagheid

    DL Prediction Game 2020

    I send you a pm with my team on staturday. Did it not arrive?
  8. Vaagheid

    DL Prediction Game 2020

    Let's see if i can manage to win this twice.
  9. Vaagheid

    Desi Bouterse

    BBC link
  10. Vaagheid

    Desi Bouterse

    Neither did i... You are complaining about a thread that's two years old as if it's made yesterday.
  11. Vaagheid

    Desi Bouterse

    Sentenced to 20 years. Seeing that he is currently the president of Suriname, he might not actually go to jail.
  12. Vaagheid

    Evo Morales

    I honestly didn't remember i started this thread.
  13. Vaagheid

    Paul Verhoeven

    To be fair, It's been more then a decade since i've seen it and the only thing i remember of Starship Troopers is the sudden Nazi-uniforms (which Verhoeven was surprised off that the studios met him do that).
  14. Vaagheid

    Paul Verhoeven

    He apperantly currently has a stoma and has one big surgery ahead of him but he is recovering well. According to the interview he went in for routine hip surgery in January but 3 days later was insanely sick, went to the hospital and immediately needed to go into a 4 hour surgery. They assume the perforation was caused by the heavy painkillers he took after his hip surgery. Also the surgeon said to him if he came in a day later, he would have died. The interviewer mentions him looking healthy but very thin. He is planning on shooting movie about medieval lesbian nuns next which was now delayed for half a year because of the surgery and he is also not planning on retiring eventhough he is 81. Also some talk about his friendship and falling out with recently deceased actor Rutger Hauer. Quite a long in depth interview.
  15. Vaagheid

    Paul Verhoeven

    Dutch director Paul Verhoeven (Turkish Delight, RoboCop, Total Recall and Basic Instinct) said in an interview that he had a near death experience in January when doctors just in time spotted a hole in his colon. He says that he is still recovering from that operation. Link (in Dutch) Maybe one to watch for the next couple of years

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