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  1. the_engineer


    I think it's one of the biggest and shocking wrestling deaths in a long time. The equivalent of undertaker, kane or mankind dying during the attitude era and when I first heard he died I thought suicide. For me he was the only reason I still watched wrestling and haven't watched it in the months since he's been off TV and won't be starting up again now. R.I.P Bray Wyatt & prayers to his family & children.
  2. the_engineer


    Lived until nearly 80 not bad for someone with not long left.....11 FUCKING YEARS AGO! Imagine if he never got hep c (seems to be the origin of a lot of his health issues) he could've made it until his 90s easily.
  3. the_engineer

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    To the Russians it did they've said they want the physical elimination of him, Russia had made threats before and then followed up on them.So I think it should be taken seriously. Imagine someone did the same to the white house. Look at the uproar with regards to Chinese balloons or whatever. Imagine if one of those balloons exploded over the white house. America would 100% want revenge over that. Russia will bide their time and then make an attempt on Zelenskys life, whether it will be successful ( Litvinenko) or not (Skripal's) we'll have to wait and see.
  4. the_engineer

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    Still think his assassination would big a big trigger point for WW3. With the attempts at Putin's life it'll be interesting if there's any reprisals. Also worth noting Zelensky is out of the country conveniently when it happened.
  5. the_engineer

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    I vote for independent candidates. If they have labour or conservative next to their name they won't get my vote. Few others I know are doing the same.
  6. the_engineer

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    Pretty funny because viscount rothermeres son ended up banging and marrying a Korean woman.
  7. the_engineer

    Time Added

    Sadly no happy ending his body has been found and he's only 31. I hope the club takes care of his family. https://news.sky.com/story/body-of-former-newcastle-united-footballer-christian-atsu-found-following-turkey-quake-12813763
  8. the_engineer

    Time Added

    Christian atsu has been alive ,dead saved, under rubble,out the rubble & back under again all in the space of a 48 hours. The reports of him being rescued seem to be another African man being rescued & assumed to be him. Not sure how accurate that is. This could literally go on for weeks/months until he's found.
  9. the_engineer

    Time Added

    Turkish and Malatyaspor goalkeeper, Ahmet Eyüp Türkaslan has died in the earthquake aged 28. Christian Atsu 31 who used to play for Newcastle,Everton and Chelsea is missing under the rubble.
  10. the_engineer

    Mysterious thread…

    Why didn't he take credit for dando's murder? Also he was being interviewed by John Simpson live on TV before and after dando's murder and public broadcaster bombing. Surely killing Simpson on live BBC TV or just killing him would've got the attention more than a secretive assassination. She hardly lived at her home and rarely visited,she received a call while driving and turned around from her destination & went to her home. Someone lured her there over the phone (her fiancé or manager imo)and then told the assassin she's on her way.Also her phone was ringing when her neighbour found her. Was the call from whoever lured her a way to check if it had been done (as in if she don't answer she's dead) or a backing out & an attempt to warn her. We rarely hear of these crucial bits of evidence with regards to Jill Dando's murder.
  11. the_engineer

    Mysterious thread…

    1) Korean frog boys is about 5 Korean boys who went out looking for salamander eggs in 1991 and were never heard from again. Their remains were found in 2002 showing signs of blunt force trauma. 2)the art bell phone is someone rang into a radio show claiming they were fired from area 51. They claim some project made contact with extra dimensional beings who want the population centres wiped out. He was about to tell art other stuff when the satellite hosting the radio station was taken offline. 3) Saturn's hexagon. A bizarre structure has been seen within it, others think it could be a portal. More out there conspiracies say it's connected to hell and a black cube cult worships it as a hexagon also looks like a 3D cube. 4)lost boy Larry is about is a missing child case who pleaded for help and saving over band radio. There was a huge search and the transmissions stopped a few days later. Some think it was a hoax and others think he died. Few more conspiracies surrounding it too. 5) This to me is one of the most bizarrest stories I've ever heard and they should turn it into a movie. I can't do this justice but this YouTube channel tells the whole story better than I could at 21:33 6) just to add an extra one I'd love to find out who Bible John was, a serial killer who killed 3 women in Glasgow in the late 60s.
  12. the_engineer

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    Princess Diana.
  13. the_engineer

    Mysterious thread…

    1)What happened to the Korean frog boys. 2) was the area 51 phone call by art bell really fake? Yes I know he rang back 6 months later saying it was fake but he sounded completely different & staged. 3) is there something they aren't telling us about Saturn's hexagon? 4) lost boy Larry. 5) unsolved bizarre Dorothy and Bill Wacker case.
  14. the_engineer

    Mysterious thread…

    You can guarantee they'll be videos of this is Elvis at his daughters funeral. Though imo if Elvis was still alive it surely is this guy. Look out for him at Lisa's funeral.
  15. the_engineer

    The B B C

    The BBC are Conspiracy theorists Thank god I'm unvaxxed.

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