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  1. the_engineer

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Best wishes . Fear causes stress and that produces more exosomes in different parts of the body including the lungs. Take Vitimin D3 and vitamin C and get plenty of water and sunshine . Don't let the virus cause you stress or fear.
  2. Trump will walk this election even during these uncertain times.
  3. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    Good we already have too much instability and we don't need another election.
  4. the_engineer

    The 8th Death of 2020

    Olivia de Havilland's time.
  5. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    As John Prine's wife said stable doesn't mean improving. Surely if Boris was improving they'd said so and not say stable.
  6. the_engineer

    Jimmy Greaves

    Not only very old but the vast majority with pre-existing health conditions. Could be a record breaking number.
  7. the_engineer

    Conspiracy Theories

    Truth is stranger than fiction. People have the conspiracy wrong though. I'm not someone who believes it but I do believe the government and those higher ups never let a good tragedy go to waste. The arguement isn't 5G gives people the virus but it causes symptoms of the virus and the radiation weakens the immune system . They also point out to 5G first being rolled out in Wuhan. Months long exposure could weaken people's immune systems so they become exposed to disease or radiation. 5G first rolled out in Wuhan http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-02/13/c_137818404.htm http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-02/20/c_137837556.htm Why did the temporary hospitals have 5G? https://www.linkedin.com/posts/bessielee_huawei-builds-5g-in-wuhan-hospital-aims-activity-6629980196051218432-RVqK China and UK both ramped up 5G understructure during lockdown. Surely there's more pressing issues. https://tech.newstatesman.com/business/china-to-ramp-up-its-5g-network-construction-following-coronavirus-shutdown/amp 5G was rolled out nationally in china a month before coronavirus started https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50258287 Radiation pneumonitis similar symptoms to coronavirus. Switzerland halts rollout over health concerns https://amp.ft.com/content/848c5b44-4d7a-11ea-95a0-43d18ec715f5?__twitter_impression=true Birds and animals dying This is alot of coincidences and circumstantial evidence but it isn't as easily dismissed as some people may think. They're in china and the UK throwing up these towers during lockdown so no opposition to 5G can happen they also sneaked legislation through during lockdown in UK . Is 5G roll out essential work? This is what I think the conspiracy is and what I believe. They want 5G up and running and can avoid opposition ( rightfully or wrongly) to 5G . This is what I mean by not letting a good tragedy go to waste .
  8. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    You don't go to ICU for nothing. I guarantee you they wouldn't give him preferential treatment just because he's prime minister.
  9. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    He's more serious than they're letting on? If they say he's at death's door that could create a power vacuum and instability.
  10. the_engineer

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Watch out Beale's about.
  11. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    This is absolutely terrible news, I'm someone who likes Boris. I feel he could go on to be one of the best prime ministers if he survives. He might come out of it with a new perspective one that alot on the left might like. Looks like gove or mogg could replace him or maybe even rishi Sunak if the worst should happen. Get well Boris for the unborn little one.
  12. the_engineer

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    One for by election bingo.
  13. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    Actually I'm even moreso than that. I had it in my mind Spencer Perceval was the last to die in office.
  14. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    Bloody hell this escalated quickly. That's a bad sign.
  15. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    He looked very sick and before the news came out about losing weight my wife said he looks alot thinner. Spencer Perceval was the last PM to die in office.

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