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  1. The 3rd Death Of 2018

    Leah .
  2. Crisis actors do exist though . I'm not saying these events did or didn't take place however having someone (a crisis actor) pushing a narrative and not letting a good tragedy go to waste I believe is 100% real. It maybe controversial but I believe sandy hook was a completely made up event. The evidence is overwhelming . I implore anyone to say they don't have serious doubts about sandy hook , after watching the documentary 'we need to talk about sandy hook'.
  3. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    I know one thing for sure me and young willz will be going on last on match of the day
  4. 2. Leah Bracknell

    Its just starting to creep into the surprised she is still going Territory. Is it true she has had no chemo aswell? Honest think she will outlive tessa jowell now.
  5. Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    There are more guns than people in the USA. Only those law abiding citizens will hand them over. Also once guns become illegal it will just give the Mexican cartels another revenue stream.People forget Mexico has strict gun control and has nearly double the amount of deaths in 2017. I sure not all the 29000 deaths in Mexico were by a gun but surely its more than the 15000 in the USA. Drugs are illegal and there is an epidemic in Mexico and USA they're regularly smuggled over the border. unless people who support gun control are willing to support the border wall aswell banning guns will just see the black market grow and flood illegal/ untraceable guns onto US streets. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/21/drug-violence-blamed-mexico-record-murders-2017 http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/past-tolls
  6. Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    He was apart of a white militia apparently. Seems weird they would come out and try to tie themselves to him , usually they distance themselves. Unless they're like isis/al qaeda using this to gain publicity . Also 7 jews were killed , could be more according to some sources . Is it anti-Semitic attack? Whether they were his motives or not I have a feeling going forward this is what it will be labelled as. Though how you can tell the difference between white students and jewish students in the chaotic moment as they're running away from this loon is anyones guess.
  7. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    mine and youngwilllz match looks destined to go to penalties . Me being English we know how this story ends
  8. The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    J'dinkalage morgoone lol
  9. Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    kim jong un's sister is a bit of alright !! But i'd only fuck her if she was wearing a LOL shirt.
  10. Internet Celebrities

    I don't think so. But they may use weaponised autism for their detective work .
  11. Internet Celebrities

    He does indeed and then some. He is so unliked he was banned from his own forums at one point,also banned from twitter for a while too. So a little taste of his own medicine . He would ban people if anyone misgendered anyone or didn't kiss his ass or didn't follow strict Politically correct rules. I used to visit and post on something awful alot back in the day. You used to have to pay for the privilege to post and visit the forums if you can believe it. I and alot of people kind of stopped going after a popular mod on something awful known as vilerat was killed in Benghazi and me and others criticised islam not in a extreme way but in a religion can cause problems and in islam it says that in this chapter etc. Well alot of people were suspended/banned . I cancelled my subscription and so did lots of others . But something awful was great back in the day (well i suppose it's subjective) lets play , creepypastas and slenderman all were created there well apart from creepypastas it got popular on SA though. I actually remember the thread were slenderman was created and boy that is something fucking else. What alot of people don't know is that slenderman was most probably created by something awful poster called schmorky not victor surge/eric knudsen,he may of posted it but there is overwhelming evidence schmorky created it. He never admitted it but schmorky had a habit of feeding his art to others for them to post and to Gage reaction, then create something similar months later editing out the parts people criticised. I and many others now are more than convinced he created slenderman.His zalgo creation a few years before is very similar to slenderman, he also had a thing for underage stuff in his cartoons slenderman stalking kids in the woods etc, schmorky done several of those cartoons with similar settings to creatures/furries stalking kids in the woods . The guy is a basketcase btw. He is without doubt a pedophile also a furry, a diaper fetishist , a tranny and liked to mentally torture and withhold his schizophrenic ex wife/girlfriends tablets. So yea if any of you go to see the new slenderman movie your probably watching the creation of a literal evil pedophilic tranny madman/girl . The main reason though i don't like lowtax is he stuck by schmorky still kept him employed , done videos with him and even let him stay in his house with his kid/kids despite all the proof people had on him. People were like we're going to contact child protection in your area and he soon changed his tune and distanced himself from schmorky.Of course he thought people just didn't like him because he was a tranny or whatever and he used some lame excuse like i hate schmorkys voice now i'm not doing vids anymore BS.He was virtue signaling and putting his kids in danger.Crazy!! I heard he is less crazy sjw nowadays (following the way the wind blows most probably) or maybe you do become more conservative with age. Anyway what a fucking rabbit hole something awful is. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/shmorky-david-kelly-daisy-kay-sandypants-peaches-the-puppy-ex-fiance-amanda-mandy-mullen.23467/page-325
  12. Internet Celebrities

    Richard ' lowtax ' kyanka founder and owner of something awful website, has some sort of disease . Everyone seems to say its serious and he's dying yet I can't seem to find out exactly what his illness is. He posted in late Jan about his neck falling apart??? https://mobile.twitter.com/richard_kyanka/status/957048546636828678
  13. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Vince had already fought god.
  14. General Non School Massacre Thread

    before the war syria has a fertility rate of 3.5 and was projected to grow to around 60 to 70 million same with yemen. Syria now has a fertility rate similar to europe now and yemen is following a similar path. wherever there is high fertility war tends to not be far behind.
  15. General Non School Massacre Thread

    If we just shoot the fucker he goes were he belongs, tax money is saved and it's guaranteed he'll never own a gun again.