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  1. the_engineer

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    Small minds discredit people. I can tell you're a guardian reading socialist pussy.
  2. the_engineer

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2021-10-07/studies-show-power-of-pfizer-vaccine-starts-to-wane-after-two-months https://news.sky.com/story/amp/covid-19-pfizer-biontech-vaccine-effectiveness-wanes-to-47-against-infection-after-six-months-12426406 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59260294
  3. the_engineer

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    What's nutty about maajid nawaz? Interested to know genuinely.
  4. the_engineer

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    I know what it says. They admit the spike protein changes the heart cells but definitely not the artificial rushed spike protein we're injecting into people. The establishment used to say there was no evidence to any heart issues, and the vaccine was safe and effective. They're all lies and we never hear the 'safe and effective' bollocks anymore. Anything that wears off after a couple of months , doesn't protect you from variants and you need many doses of certainly isn't effective and well the safe part I'll leave that to the experts and mainstream media since many trust them so much on this forums. How it started.. Where it's going..
  5. the_engineer

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    Wishing death upon others who have different opinions definitely a new low and evidence you've developed cult like thinking and some on this forum have the nerve to call me crazy. Also I'm certainly not against vacuum cleaners.
  6. the_engineer

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    As I said the Australian men's open winner this year will be tainted. They banned the healthy defending champion and favourite. Anyway we'll see who has the last laugh , I imagine big revelations within 8 months when Pfizer has to release all it's data. Wonder why Pfizer wants to hide their data? Probably the Same reason they and other big pharma want indemnity. https://www.bhf.org.uk/what-we-do/news-from-the-bhf/news-archive/2021/august/covid-19-spike-protein-binds-to-and-changes-cells-in-the-heart Guess the BBC and British heart Foundation are conspiracy theorists now. You're in a cult man. Mass formation psychosis say it with me.
  7. the_engineer

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    Well it won't be tainted if he's allowed to play numbnuts.
  8. the_engineer

    Sinéad O'Connor aka Shuhada' Davitt

    Does she attempt suicide or just write suicide notes/ tweets? If she does attempt suicide one day she'll get it right.
  9. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    What I would say to those reading this is I'm one of the few that has these views on this forum. Maybe others think the same but have seen the pushback ( people have a right to respond and disagree with me, some do it in a childish way others in a more mature way ) and choose not to speak up. But even those reading this as a visitor, in a few years when it comes out people on this forum will be saying I knew it was a con and yea I never believed it. People don't like to admit they've been conned, even when the prime minister tells them to stay home and don't open your business or see your family to 1 hour later having a party with tons of people. You were conned and lied to on lockdowns. You were conned and lied to on testing, track and trace. They lied about covid pass/passports stopping the spread and they're lying about the vaccines. The truth is in your blood and it's only a matter of time before the consequences rear their ugly heads.
  10. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    Maybe I'm lucky I have 30+ close family members a chunk of them old,younger cousins, friends , my kids friends parents , neighbours and former work colleagues. 2 died and had covid put on their death certificate one with terminal kidney disease and another with terminal cancer. Now I know people who had loved ones in care homes die , but alot of families are suspicious as alot had DNR notices put on them one young disabled person in their 30s. The majority of the deaths in the first wave were care homes.
  11. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    This was in may 2020 way before vaccinations. Well itst not that guy saying it, it's the CDC.
  12. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    I grew up in tough working class housing estate I heard everything and then some . There's nothing you can say that can hurt or upset me. I think you should really consider looking into this whole thing and I only have my experience to draw upon . The thousands of NHS staff that are being told they're surplus to requirements if they won't get the vaccine you mean? When does a NHS hero become a dangerous conspiracy theorist? Another question you should ask instead of emotionally reacting is why are huge amounts of trained medical staff refusing the vaccine? Did the guy who confronted sad mad jab head seem like an unstable individual? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/dec/20/england-hospital-units-may-close-as-staff-revolt-over-jab-mandate-says-nhs-leader https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10383991/London-hospital-lose-10-cent-14-000-staff-not-vaccinated.html P.S I'd never support you being banned off this website for something you said. I believe that even though I disagree with what you say I'd defend your right to say it. That's a true liberal ideal that liberals have forgot, liberalism isn't not banning, censorship and deplatforming.
  13. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    I had it, lost taste and smell and fought it for a month , it exists but it's just a bad flu . I wasn't Scared or fearful you were and trapped in your house with a bad flu your mind ruminating. Another question you should consider is if the government weren't abiding by lockdown laws and ignoring them and clearly weren't scared of the virus then are they doing their bit and getting the vaccine? I'm guessing they all took saline solution. If they aren't really taking the vaccine why not? Why do they want us to take it so bad?
  14. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    Answer the question. Why wasn't Boris and the government scared of it? If the cabinet all got ill and died or seriously ill that could've created a power vacuum and societal collapse.You think the nudge units and security services would've allowed it?
  15. the_engineer

    Boris Johnson

    Again the question people need to be asking is if this virus was so deadly why are selfish ,self serving Tories risking their lives for a party? Maybe because they know it isn't deadly and it's a big con? Most died with convid not of convid , spam testing the critically ill to get a convid death on the books and more funding for the hospital. Boris Johnson apparently recovered from convid in the hospital. Yet still risks himself? Something tells me he was never ill in hospital bed it was a PR stunt, just another lie by the crime minister. It never added up he was in intensive care but not on a vent or CPAP. Fuck this cunt

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