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  1. the_engineer

    Aaron Ramsey

    Oh bad etiquette went long ago. I can barely hold together social competence nowadays. Then again what is normal now? Saw someone walking down the street in a gas mask the other day.
  2. the_engineer

    Aaron Ramsey

    Harrison Clarke lol what a weird name.
  3. the_engineer

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    A vegetative state?
  4. the_engineer


    Sounds like a wrestling storyline to me lol
  5. the_engineer

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    The only way to stop this is to sing don't look back in anger while on a candlelit vigil while also offering people thoughts and prayers. If that can be achieved then the chances of a terror attack will be around about the same as before said terror attack. Keeping asylum seekers separate from society in a facility were they can't mix with the general public while their case is being heard is crazy . Think of their human rights. Forget about the human rights of the three gay guys stabbed to death in a reading park or the three dead today in Glasgow .On the human rights and offence hierarchy they're below asylum seekers. I have a theory I think alot of asylum seekers do this as they know their claim will fail. They can guarantee themselves staying in the UK with a warm bed and hot meals (prison) . I'm sure Islam plays a part aswell but I think it's more complex than that. Btw Glasgow is one of the most friendliest and welcoming cities and no doubt it is moreso to immigrants. Makes you think though doesn't it ? The march through Glasgow not long ago. The singing all cops are bastard's while one took a knife for the city today, trying to stop more injuries and of course the refugees welcome march trying to get ayslum seekers more rights while an ayslum seeker brings pain to the Glaswegian people.
  6. the_engineer


    That's never a good sign.
  7. the_engineer

    Hollywood Possibilities

    If the alleged rumours around Joel and this movie are true then most definitely.
  8. the_engineer


    Jimmy havoc is on rehab so he might be getting straightened out. Yep between Joey Ryan and Mark Adam Haggerty , though might be someone we least expect.
  9. the_engineer


    Joey Ryan might be one to watch . Deleted everything online twitter,wrestling merch etc.After he's been been exposed allegedly as a serial rapist and multiple sexual assaults. Looking at prison time by the looks of it , if only half are true.
  10. the_engineer

    The 11th Death in 2020

    Prince Philip
  11. the_engineer

    Conspiracy Theories

    Could we have another one?
  12. the_engineer

    Sickest game in the world

    Friday 84
  13. the_engineer

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    The rich has benefitted from Lockdown and as always it's the poorest who are punished. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonathanponciano/2020/05/22/billionaires-zuckerberg-bezos/ https://www.ft.com/content/2fd1ea5a-1d0e-4862-a6a0-e7561550eb12
  14. the_engineer

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    It's really starting to take off in India . Nearly 2000 dead in a day . I think it's safe to say china 100% lied about there numbers . 40 thousand dead is probably a more accurate figure than 4500.
  15. the_engineer

    Interesting Ways To Die...


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