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  1. the_engineer

    Robot Wars

    Hope you feel better sean. I Loved brum and robot wars as a kid.If you can tell Rex's daughter her dad made alot of great memories for me and a generation of kids. I loved cassius and hypnodisc i know rex wasn't involved with hypnodisc but both innovative robots.
  2. the_engineer

    21. June Brown

    Why don't the have a live dying episode, they've tried everything else. Dot and her actor june brown both die of overdose live on eastenders! The BBC would be well up for that if the could get away with it.
  3. the_engineer

    43. Clive James

    That's such a scottish thing to say lol
  4. the_engineer

    Plane, Train And Automobile Crashes

    Light aircraft down on birkdale golf course in merseyside. Last three small aircraft crashes I can remember have resulted in 'known' people's deaths.Leicester city owner, one of russia's richest women and emilino sala. Golf courses are indeed and playground for the rich and famous. https://www.lep.co.uk/news/transport/police-confirm-light-aeroplane-has-crashed-on-royal-birkdale-golf-course-1-9707294
  5. the_engineer

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    Loved both of them so far. Really cool, didn't know about these cat o falk.I'm a big fan of short movies, crypt tv on you tube is good though some are hit or miss. A few gems in there though.
  6. the_engineer


    Some complete psychopath attacked bret hart at the hall of fame. Attacking a 60+ year old man , a cancer survivor and stroke survivor from behind is pretty low. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/lordsofpain.net/bret-harts-wwe-hof-attacker-identified-interesting-recent-tweets-to-wwe-superstars/amp/
  7. the_engineer

    Barbra Streisand

    Read and saw alot about bobby he was an incredible human being. He wasn't 'mentally ill' he just knew too much! He had alot of his memorabilia stolen in a raid by US govt on claims he owed them a few hunded dollars. Signed books and letters from nixon etc. He never earned a penny from the movies or games they made with his name on it.He seemed to hate jews alot, could be an issue with his jewish mother.
  8. the_engineer

    Barbra Streisand

    The reason streisand had the piss taken out of her so much during the early years of south park, is apprently she visited colorado hated it and vowed never to return. Trey and matt being from colorado decided to respond in the only way they knew how! Also why she is portrayed as destroying south park which is set in colorado.
  9. the_engineer

    WTF is happening in London?

    Oh please not the youth centres arguement again. If some young black man is vexed or feels he has been disrespected I fail to see how a youth centre will stop him getting a knife and looking for revenge . Youth centres infact would make the situation all the more worse it would corale all the young together in one small space and the percentage of violence would be increased. Unless people recognise this is partly a racial and cultural issue it will never be dealt with. If you want to know what unlimited funding for youth projects and outreach projects look like , read up on keeping kids company . Giving the yoof tax money for new trainers , weed , employing family members and paying off mortgages and that is just the beginning we haven't talked about the child abuse . 23m pound annually wasted. If funding solves this then Westminster should have a very low crime rate , especially since 10s of millions have been pumped into the area by keeping kids company . But guess what it has one of the highest crime rates in all of london . So why didn't all that funding bring down or at least reduce crime /stabbings etc? Also its not drill music or video games either these are all copouts to avoid talking about the real issue. https://www.finder.com/uk/london-crime-statistics https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/596502/REVEALED-True-scale-cash-black-hole-Kids-Company-closed-3m-bailout I grew up in a very poor area and a poor family . It made me work hard to be richer and give my kids a better life , I didn't turn to crime or decide to go out stabbing people . So I maybe were raised differently to those who are deciding to stab and commit crimes. So that means the problem lays within the home and the culture . You set an example to your children if you grow up in a hard working crime free household ,most of the time the child grows up to be a hard working and productive member of society . If you grow up in a crime ridden violent household how do you think that child will turn out? Black parents need to be better parents its as simple as that.
  10. the_engineer

    WTF is happening in London?

    Could be a popular 'meeting' place for a fight or drug drop. There is blood on the liberals hands that voted weaksadiq into power. Police officers policing twitter, banning bikini models off of buses and can find extra police to guard mosques after a shooting 1000s of miles away but can't find extra funds/police for a stabbing murder epidemic. Also liberals who call stop and search racist have blood on their hands too. You want offended black men or dead black men?
  11. the_engineer

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    The good die younger
  12. the_engineer

    Overrated People

    Bob geldof what a cunt.
  13. the_engineer

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Congrats charon and best of luck in the next round i'm really bad at this lol.
  14. the_engineer

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Wow. I didn't see that. I think i jinxed myself there.
  15. the_engineer

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Is mine and charons game heading for my second draw? that's 2/2! I've only ever had draws. I might start calling my team aston nilla!

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