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  1. In the Georgia Congressional election in June trump/ trump endorsed candidate gained voters from Nov 2016. Trump barely beat Hilary (half a percentage point i think)in that district yet Karen Handel won by over 4%. I don't think trump has lost an election so far he was expected to win, his only real failure was coming in second in Iowa during the Republican primaries. No way any heavily Republican areas will go Democrat, trump can get people to the polls and he is very good at that. A strong vocal leader isn't something the Democrats have. They were studies done in the primaries and trump voters tend to be the most loyal by over 90% , I can't see anything that trump has done ( maybe bombing Syria) that has drove away his voters. I wouldn't be surprised if its a trump clean sweep and he wins all the seats , though a 1 or 2 losses wouldn't be the end of the world.
  2. At least he doesn't have alzheimer's .
  3. He's 29 ? He looks 40. He may not be on meth but he's on something , he certainly acts like someone on drugs..
  4. I fully understand its harsh and i'm not calling him a bad person or judging why he did it, Its just when you have kids there's kind of an unwritten contract that you're there for them no matter what through thick and thin and they become number one at least until they're 18 . I lose respect for those who don't keep to that .Of course they're exceptions if someone is keeping you from your child (custody battles etc) or you mentally don't know what day it is let alone you have kids etc. If he felt he would harm his kids and this was the only way out too i wouldn't lose respect for him. If however he felt he couldn't cope and was feeling sorry for himself i indeed lose respect for him same with peaches geldof injecting drugs alone with a baby and living chaotic lifestyle like she had no responsibilities.
  5. they're one of those cases were their songs are more famous than the band, which explains their decline. You ideally want both or the other way around. i.e linkin park released an album i need to buy it, rather than remember that song from years ago i wonder who sung it and what their upto and you've missed their last three albums.
  6. Yep i felt the same as you. I like nine inch nails and linkin park , i wasn't a huge fan but i liked their music more than offspring , blink182 , sum41 , papa roach and green day . Very sad . Sorry But he had young kids if you choose to kill yourself when you have young kids I lose alot of respect for you. At least wait until all your kids were old enough to look after themselves.
  7. I think the official policy is no income tax no VAT no money back no guarantee.
  8. If she were in her last few days she would be unconscious and bed ridden. She's still got to go through that yet and usually when they've only got a month or two left they go into a hospice. Its why I think She'll make 2018 but its close. The fact she is still up and about makes me think she has a few months left. Early December to late Jan is my guess.
  9. Moneys been banked probably for her children .
  10. Gone by november . Great name for a band .
  11. Yea she really looks like her old self. She probably just eat pies, McDonalds and ice cream for a whole year and she looks better for it. Some people aren't built to be thin and Marion is certainly one of them.
  12. their surname is bevis but their wrestling surname is knight . A bit like helmsley is the kayfabe surname of triple H when his real surname is levesque. A further development a witness describes what happened claims paige said del rio had done coke two days straight and he said i hope your relative dies. Also del rio claims paige is carrying the coke. Sounds like he is getting paige to carry the drugs through airports and security for him what a fucking monster this guy is.
  13. If it was my daughter I'd be flying over there with a few male relative's to bring her home.
  14. Here is the audio . This del Rio guy sounds like a nasty piece of work.
  15. Who thinks paige and alberto del rio's relationship will end up with one of them murdering the other? Either paige to end the violence or del rio will in a fit of rage. He has be arrested for domestic abuse . paige made up some bullshit story about her crying about a relative and then a fan threw a drink over del rio . Only one problem with that though the police said del rio attacked a female he was with and why is he charged with domestic battery ? Also I agree with spade_cooley JR he has a serious alcohol problem and its starting to effect his commentary