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  1. Deathlist Dreaming

    dreamt last night that warren beatty died.
  2. General Non School Massacre Thread

    Drove all the way from Chicago to shoot up a waffle house for some reason. Naked? MKultra must of glitched out again or they gave him some of the sex kitten programming by accident . Reminds me of the x files episode three of a kind . Forget the aliens and monsters that episode has alot of truth to it.
  3. Dale Winton

    Banchees scream another poster on DL who's been somewhat inactive.For some reason some ppl on here have sock accounts or a second account without acknowledging the other. Paul bearer usually has the lowdown on the IPs . I think Paul Bearer said it in jest though .
  4. Avicii

    He must of been swigging bottles of absinthe every night.A fucked Pancreas in his mid 20s . If your drinking that heavily clearly your missing something in life.
  5. I've heard you shrink as you get older but this is ridiculous.
  6. Dale Winton

    Maybe he liked a man in uniform. John le Mesurier seems like the best guess.
  7. Dale Winton

    I think Richard Wilson was waiting for you to come out.
  8. Wrestlers/actors

    Sad stuff. Its usually pneumonia that finishes alot of people off in those situations. If he can pull through this and leads a healthy lifestyle he could be around for long time yet.
  9. Dale Winton

    Next time you're at the checkout, and you hear the beep, Think of dale winton dying in his sleep.
  10. Dale Winton

    'How much is your big banana worth' (pouts at the camera) '£25 pound dale' 'ooo I say now that's what I call a bargain right ladies'?
  11. Dale Winton

    His wife will be devastated. He was a real mans man and a great family man. Type of guy you could have a pint with. Thoughts are with Nell McAndrew and his kids at this time. R.I.P winno
  12. 25. George Bush Senior

    They both had/have graves disease (Barbara and George) that's either incredibly unlucky or it could be transmitted from person to person and scientific research hasn't looked into it as yet. They also could be related which would explain alot about George w bush.
  13. 2. Leah Bracknell

    That response could also mean they probably already looked into it a year ago and decided it either wouldn't work or was a no go, too expensive etc.
  14. Wrestlers/actors

    Bruno only in recent years begun to get the recognition he deserved. Much more of a legend than hogan ever was IMO. He got blackballed by the wwe for standing by his morals and trying to protect his fellow wrestlers. The wwe decades later came to the same conclusion. How many lives could of been saved? Would the Benoit situation have happened? Bruno was ahead of his time in more ways than one and his physique will probably go down as one of the most natural and best there ever was.
  15. Peter Kay

    Uncle buck?