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  1. the_engineer

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    Ginge and cringe more like
  2. the_engineer

    A Joke

    2 and 6 are my favourite.
  3. the_engineer

    Internet Celebrities

    Looks like he's developed split personality disorder aswell.
  4. the_engineer

    Farmer Tony Martin

    Bit harsh to lock up a mentally ill guy who talked to teddy bears and was regularly being robbed who'd clearly had enough and snapped for 20+ years. He has aspergers so change is something they don't seek to do, he said he found the gun and people with aspergers can't lie. Repetitive behaviours is safe to them,so someone breaking into his home was likely putting him under huge mental stress. He also has paranoid personality disorder and said the police didn't help him when he regularly contacted them. He was pushed and pushed and felt helpless. He was in the wrong though and ain't no hero,whether he was laying in wait for them (I believe he was) or not he must of decided to stop it once and for all. He did and he wasn't robbed again. I think 3 to 5 years was about right. Him also being used as a political pawn by all and sundry clearly shows his mental naivete,though I'm sure he welcomed some of it. If he never had shot them who knows maybe they would of beat him or tortured him to death demanding money and we'd be talking about how innocent Tony Martin was now and how evil the burglars were and got off with a light sentence.Or maybe the police would of arrived while it was happening and one police officer would of been killed similar to what happened in Berkshire yesterday. I think if you break into someone's home you should expect you may lose your life as you're essentially threatening their life and their families lives.
  5. the_engineer

    Hollywood Possibilities

    I think wanting children raped because of who their father is and wanting sexual violence imposed on women because they share different political opinion makes him a monster yes not because he insults Trump. Sexual violence seemed to be his go to response. None of those are insulting Trump, they're threatening women and children. I couldn't give a shit if anyone insults Trump, Trump has shown many times he can defend himself. He was connected to epstein in epsteins black book. Not to mention the rumours surrounding him and Brooke Shields. He was a piece of trash end of. P. S I don't need your wrongthink 1984 like saving thanks, i'm glad I'm beyond saving to people like you, means I'm further down the right path. That channel is incredible and I personally find it very informative. I'm sure CNN and Rachel Maddow types is more your cup of tea.keep sipping!
  6. the_engineer

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Peter Fonda another Hollywierd guy who gave nothing of value to the world (accept maybe his kids depending on their way they live their lives).Born into a life of privilege and got a job because of who his dad was.He decided to use he lucky position to promote degeneracy instead of positivity and helpful messages. He is best known for one degenerate drug movie glamourising drugs, drug dealing and the Cheapening of life. Indirectly make no mistake about it that movie contributed to alot of drug related deaths and ruined lives through drug use. Add to that wanting Donald Trump's 11 year old son locked in a cage with pedos simply for being the child of someone he didn't like and wanting women in the Trump administration stripped naked and beaten you can see the dark thoughts that must of polluted his mind. Not to mention his alleged connections to Epstein! I hope he is enjoying he long ride down south.
  7. the_engineer

    WTF is happening in London?

    Going to London in a few weeks. On the plane think I'll read some stabitha christie then go to a restaurant for a lamb Shank. Get off on backstabbing central and back to hotel watch blade Runner and then finish off the holiday by getting mugged and not appreciated.
  8. the_engineer

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    Meghan and Harry split well only their waxwork. Strange they moved harry back with Royal family and leave Meghan with the movie stars. Apparently it's been called a publicity stunt. Very weird. https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1165122/Meghan-Markle-Prince-Harry-split-Royal-Family-Madame-Tussauds
  9. the_engineer

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Dead. How convenient for large amounts of evil scum. Add another to the Clinton body count and who knows maybe Trump too. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/10/jeffrey-epstein-dead-prison-report-latest
  10. the_engineer

    Internet Celebrities

    Marina Joyce missing probably another drug binge. https://news.sky.com/story/marina-joyce-police-investigate-disappearance-of-british-youtube-star-11781733 Brooke houts being a complete scumbag beating and abusing her dog has been watch 45m times everyone knows her now maybe a suicide possibility? But really just sharing it here as everyone needs to know what a evil cunt she is. https://twitter.com/KEEMSTAR/status/1159125336791093249?s=20
  11. the_engineer

    Time Added

    Could be connected to Kurds. Ozil posed with wannabe tough guy of the middle east erdogan as did gundogan. Kolasinac though not sure if he has publicly supported him.
  12. the_engineer

    Conspiracy Theories

    That tracksuit was something else
  13. the_engineer

    Conspiracy Theories

    David icke predicts civil war. Just hope he's wrong as it's clear that's what these elite fuckers want. Very interesting take on old school liberals and modern liberals. I came from old school liberalism. Old school liberalism was Speaking truth to power and demanding a fair share for those less fortunate. Sadly modern liberals it isn't about economic fairness or the haves and have nots it's all about identity. A billionaire tax dodger who lobbies for unfair financial laws that punish the poor will be celebrated by left wingers if he speaks up about identity.
  14. the_engineer

    Films with entirely dead casts

    What's great about rear window is kids to old people can watch it, as can different generations and it's also very Influential. I recently read John carpenter was heavily influenced by this movie, of course he remade rear window which I've never seen. But Tommy Doyle in Halloween was named after a character in rear windowand the end of rear window and Halloween are very similar both standing and stirring in the dark being hit multiple times (bulb flashes, bullets) and then falling out the window. Even classics were influenced by rear window. A Timeless classic is literally the perfect way to describe rear window.
  15. the_engineer

    Films with entirely dead casts

    North by Northwest and rear window are my favourite movies from the 50s. NBN always reminded me of a bond movie before the bond movies.

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