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  1. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Reports on X that Pat Jennings collapsed before the Spurs-Chelsea game tonight.
  2. Grande Pablo

    Dead Pop Stars

    Steve Hersom of indie also-rans BOB. https://x.com/BOBindieband/status/1719338500238021055?s=20
  3. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Rumours on Villa chat rooms that club legend Charlie Aitken has passed.
  4. Grande Pablo

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Shirehorses - The Ballad of Franny Lee - YouTube 'From that profitable caper wholesaling bog paper, you've landed us deep in the shit'.
  5. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    David Hughes - former Villa, Lincoln & Scunthorpe. David Hughes (1958-2023) | AVFC
  6. Grande Pablo

    Dead Pop Stars

    Ginger Wildheart takes to Twitter to tell of his sectioning on suicide watch. https://twitter.com/GingerWildheart/status/1685240311080013824?s=20
  7. Grande Pablo

    Deadio Times

    Legendary Birmingham football commentator Tony Bulter has died according to the local Facebook output. May well get a QO. Jasper Carrott immortalised Butler’s abrasive style in a number of his skits.
  8. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Wayne Evans - ex Walsall, Kidderminster https://fanbanter.co.uk/tributes-paid-as-death-of-former-walsall-rochdale-kidderminster-player-age-51/
  9. Grande Pablo

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Talked myself out of putting him back in for this year as I'd heard after his bankruptcy issues he'd got back on the straight & narrow. Bugger.
  10. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    From Villa coach Bobby Glaze - Brian Little went to his funeral today. https://twitter.com/brianlittle912/status/1625883918284226562?s=20&t=j6-OFvu0neL7-QlbUmCvCg
  11. Grande Pablo

    Dead Pop Stars

    They way he scuttles around the watering houses of Lichfield & the surrounding area, there's plenty of life left in the old dog yet.
  12. Grande Pablo

    Dead Pop Stars

    The Alarm's Mike Peters has a new relapse. The Alarm's Mike Peters being treated after leukaemia relapse | Rhyl Journal
  13. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Villa assistant manager when we won the European Cup in 82, Roy MacLaren - Former Aston Villa assistant manager Roy MacLaren dies aged 92 | Express & Star (expressandstar.com)
  14. Grande Pablo

    Dead Pop Stars

    Absolutely gutted. CC is one of my ultimate heroes & had the pleasure in seeing him many times. in recent interviews promoting his recent work he’s alluded to ‘changes’ in the last couple of years but was still talking about new releases included a 2nd Telefis album & possible tours. A major talent gone far, far too young. Viva Dead Ponies.
  15. Grande Pablo

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Andy Lochhead went some time ago & has yet to be added to my paltry score. QO. Andy Lochhead: Former Burnley & Aston Villa striker dies aged 81 - BBC Sport

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