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  1. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Hearing Jo Venglos has gone. Edit - in main death thread.
  2. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Geoffrey Fellows - ex Villa & Shrewsbury gone to Covid-19. Heartfelt tributes to former Aston Villa star who has died of coronavirus - Birmingham Live (birminghammail.co.uk)
  3. Grande Pablo

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    "Major" - Pato Banton's brother. Tributes to Major, much-loved producer dubbed 'Godfather of Birmingham music' - Birmingham Live (birminghammail.co.uk)
  4. Grande Pablo

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Colin Withers died yesterday, reported in local press & AVFC website as in Time Added thread. Awaiting QO - hopefully quicker than Nigel Sims in 2018 that took all year. The BBC round up with be helpful here too.
  5. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    I waited 345 days for Nigel Sims in 2018, so I hope they might be a bit quicker with Colin Withers. Already submitted in my 2021 entry so a sub will come into play.
  6. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Not sure how all this anti-heading stuff will end up, but it's a real shame nonetheless. Cowans was a genius with the ball at his feet & rarely recall him heading the ball!
  7. Grande Pablo

    Diego Maradona

    One winner is odious twunt Steve Hodge who swapped with Maradona after the Hand of God game. Now a millionaire overnight.
  8. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Former Walsall & Norwich player Ken Hill (not the one from the Joy of Sex books) Family pay tribute to former Walsall player and 'real gentleman' Ken Hill | Express & Star (expressandstar.com)
  9. Grande Pablo

    UK Singles Chart

    This has been absolutely wonderful to keep following. Thank you for your Herculean effort!
  10. Grande Pablo

    Pat Robertson

    Seeing his name made me recall this classic.
  11. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    The link might not get you to the full story, but on local social media the Independent Walsall Supporters Association have reported Chris Nicholl was victim to an 'unsavory incident' earlier this week whilst attempting to continue to live independently (as assumedly his dementia worsens) in the north Walsall suburb of Bloxwich, so has now been moved to Southampton with family for his on safety. For those of you unaware of the area, Bloxwich is a lawless shithole. Was a great player in his day for Villa & others.
  12. Grande Pablo

    The Goodies

    Bill Oddie has been Tweeting that he's not been well over the summer. Will be a long recovery. https://twitter.com/BillOddie/status/1302314713976655873?s=20
  13. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Aston Villa hero dies after crippling battle with dementia https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/mike-tindall-aston-villa-dementia-18748706 Mike Tindall - not the royal eggchaser but former Villa, etc. Needs a QO.
  14. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/walsall-fc/2020/06/23/former-walsall-boss-chris-nicholl-presented-with-tracker-watch/ At least he'll be the only successful track & trace case on the mainland.
  15. Grande Pablo

    Time Added

    Local social media reported ex-Villa & Southampton centre back Chris Nicholl had gone missing around the streets on South Staffordshire east of Cannock this afternoon. Found after couple of hours. Known to be suffering from some form of degenerative illness.

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