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  1. Awww poor Scotland. We are so hard done by with all that per head of population representation at Westminster and our own 'Parliament' in Edinburgh. We are just so oppressed with all this representation and free shit to bribe us in the short term. Its about time Westminster showed the nationalist scum what real oppression is.
  2. Windsor

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Walking stick. Well she's as good as dead, eh?
  3. Windsor

    Joe Biden

    Well if Uncle Joe is at deaths door with the symptoms you have given I’d better be saying my final goodbyes too.
  4. Windsor

    Room 101

    When you are standing in a queue and realise the person in front of you is wearing the uniform of the said shop you are in. Because they don't have to time to talk when they have been working all day together (sarcasm) you know they think they are entitled to a 10 minute yap at the till because they are work buddies. Wankers.
  5. Windsor

    Joe Biden

    There's fuck all wrong with him.
  6. Windsor

    The All Coppers Are Bent Bastards Thread!

    Only because he kept on killing them…
  7. Democracy is overrated and you generally only need human rights if you're trying to delay a period at the jail. Only scum need worry about the dismantling of democracy and the pissing on human rights.
  8. To be fair had the shoe been on the other foot she would've cried at being attacked as a woman. Because she is scum.
  9. Windsor

    The 10th death of 2021

    Bob Dole
  10. Windsor

    The 9th death of 2021

    Bob Dole.
  11. Windsor

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Other than not dying at all, I think she would prefer to die at Windsor. She spent the war years there, had a chance to put her mark on it after the fire of 1992 and it is of course where the Duke died. Regarding the leaking of her funeral plans, they are all the bloody same anyway...
  12. Windsor

    The Duchess Of Cornwall

    Thats not true. I'm a Royal observer and I couldn't give a fuck. Also, if holding grudges limits life expectancy I'd have been still born.
  13. Windsor

    Ironic Deaths

    Not sure if this counts as an Ironic Death but a woman who shielded for 9 months was killed on the first day she left her house after being hit by a lorry. She'd have needed nothing less than Captain America's shield to swerve that one...
  14. Windsor

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Let me sum that up for you: he's nearly ninety-fucking-seven!
  15. Considering he couldn't even sit his own art exam, I thing the words 'bringing out' rather that 'to write' are telling of how involved he will be involved in the process...

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