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  1. Windsor

    Conspiracy Theories

    Whether it be coincidence or linked I have noticed there seems to be more younger deaths post pandemic. My opinion has always been that it was probably more due to the virus than the vaccine. Considering most people have had both the virus and the vaccine god knows how you can attribute one over the other. I think we might find COVID has a longer lasting impact on the nations health than we envisage. But I’m not a scientist; only noticing more young folk kicking the bucket.
  2. Windsor

    British Character Actors

    Scottish (but not to the nationalists), dead from the neck down and probably a tiny bit neurodivergent (my excuse for being a difficult bastard).
  3. If the SNP hadn’t been playing politics today we would have a vote for a ceasefire. Now they are playing victim.
  4. Windsor

    British Character Actors

    I’m 37 in July. if it’s any consolation I look close to 60…
  5. Windsor

    British Character Actors

    Quite serious. Old age is fucking shite. If I die when I’m 50 I’ll be content with what I’ve achieved and happy to have indulged.
  6. Windsor

    British Character Actors

    Like me he probably enjoyed the process of getting fat. A life well lived.
  7. Windsor


    There are unconfirmed reports they may belong to someone else…
  8. Windsor


    The Earl of Elgin turned 100 last week. Just incase anyone missed it.
  9. Windsor

    King Charles III

    They are giving the Scot Nats time to figure out a reason for blowing them up. Unfortunately there have been as many King Charleses in both Kingdoms so they don’t have that excuse until the next reign.
  10. Windsor

    King Charles III

    I see the Diana fans are out in force claiming that it’s Karma and that she got him the cancer from beyond. Delusional fools. Reminds me when he got COVID and they were shouting Karma on twitter. All I did was ask what you had to do for Karma to slam you into an underpass. I was not popular…
  11. Windsor

    Keir Starmer

    We were doing culture wars here before the rest of the world knew how electorally advantageous they are. The greatest of all culture wars has seen the vast majority of the Scottish population try to rationalise their political voice at the ballot box over the choice of one word: Yes or No. You can’t criticise nationalist policy (any nationalist policy mind) without being labelled an yoon. You can’t criticise any Unionist party without being labelled a Snat. If you support minimum prising for alcohol you probably also support terrorists in Israel. If you support any other party except for Green or SNP you must be a Tory. It’s pretty pathetic.
  12. Windsor

    Keir Starmer

    In the immediate aftermath of Truss there was a reasonable argument that she could have died of embarrassment (suicide). We all underestimated the brass neck of the woman.
  13. Windsor

    Keir Starmer

    In the immediate aftermath of Truss there was a reasonable argument that she could have died of embarrassment (suicide). We all underestimated the brass neck of the woman.
  14. Windsor

    Keir Starmer

    The bloke isn’t dying. Why is there a thread about him? It’s not like he is the Duke of Sussex who has been left at risk due to his UK security arrangements.
  15. Windsor

    King Charles III

    Prince Harry is clearly a scumbag who can’t see that he is worse than Pierce Morgan. At least Morgan only sells out strangers, not his own family.

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