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  1. Windsor

    Royal Family

    Is it going to kill him?
  2. Well. The next 5 years are going to be shite.
  3. Clearly the SNP is doing well thanks to the votes of the 16 year olds they groomed and the criminals the enfranchised. All those votes they dumped last night also helped them out a bit. They stole this election with underhand tactics. Thankfully we do not expect the Union to end peaceably with a vote.
  4. The long wait will be my reprieve from a bad result. If the separatists win big I intend to accuse them of cheating by stuffing ballot boxes and destroying votes during the so-called COVID counting delays. Its all a conspiracy to steal the election; thats why Scotland hasn't opened up as quickly as England despite having less cases and less cause for concern. In their 14 years of power the SNP have slowly been taking over local positions including in the electoral process; in particular polling clerks and presiding officers. They will cheat their way to independence. Of course I have no evidence of this, but why let that get in the way of a good story...
  5. Yes, but they will still be the largest party and there will still be a pro-independence majority if you count in the slime-ball Greens.
  6. Windsor

    Meghan Markle

    Fergie is only ginger so she half got away with it. All us racists are just waiting to rip Meghan to shreds simply because she is kinda black and not at all pretentious or annoying.
  7. Its fairly predictable. We're dooooooooomed! The nationalists will win. They will have their second shot of independence. Win. The end. Mostly because the chavs, illiterate and benefit cheats from Glasgow and Dundee saw an amusing pro-independence Facebook meme...
  8. To be fair she looks like the kind of woman who was brought up to deny everything to the fuzz...
  9. Windsor

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    If I'm not mistaken that is a downgrade from the Queen Mother's cause of death which was listed as 'Extreme Old Age'.
  10. Windsor

    Room 101

    I stand by my original statement. They should've have a national memorial because they've done bugger all to deserve commemoration.
  11. Windsor

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Didn't realise they lived in the Shire...
  12. Windsor

    Room 101

    They may have been paedophiles, but their sole contribution wasn't just getting ill an dying.
  13. Windsor

    Room 101

    There are too many bloody Memorials these days! Has anyone considered that some of the folk who died of Covid were paedophiles, rapists and murderers? You wouldn’t want to memorialise that now, would you?
  14. Windsor

    15. Jimmy Carter

    I suspect he's nearly 97 and possibly behind that tree.
  15. Windsor

    Royal Family

    Would you rather he busted out with the "N" word and reclaimed bits of Africa?

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