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  1. It seems the human garbage that is Mitch McConnell plans to hold a vote on Trumps nominee, even though he held back Obama’s one for over 200 days because it was an election year. He really is a cunt. Perhaps a bigger cunt than Trump.
  2. 60-70% cunt is marginally better than 100% cunt.
  3. Windsor

    Room 101

    The Scottish Nationalists’ sickening fawning over Nicola Sturgeon in her handling of the coronavirus pandemic when she only half-runs a country smaller than London. I do actually have a favourable approval of what she’s doing, but her supporters make me hate her. I hope to fuck she doesn’t die in a car crash in Paris or we’ll be hearing about it for the next 25 years... it’s all because she pretended to cry about the old cunts dying! Isn’t it?
  4. Pull your head out you arse and get real. Everyone knows that if your candidate can’t beat the biggest cunt on the ballot it is the decent thing to do to vote for a marginally lesser cunt to beat the big bad cunt. If you were in any doubt Trump is the big bad cunt. Biden is the marginally lesser cunt. Anyone who votes for a no chance good guy is the grand master of cunts. Understand?
  5. I’m intrigued why you are so fast to say Biden’s a paedo when there’s a great deal more pointing to Trump liking them very, very young.
  6. And it begins! Sexual assault allegation against Biden. Only 74 more to go to draw equal with Trump! Biden campaign denies ex-aide's sexual assault allegation https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52299468
  7. Just wait til you see the other guy!
  8. Under normal circumstances I agree with you on third party candidates. The point I am making is that in this election there is a candidate who both the Greens and the Bernie supporters think is worse than Hitler. Yes they don’t like Biden, but if there is a chance your personal idea of Hitler was going to get into office (again) surely you’d want to vote for the only other candidate who could stop him?
  9. Half the fun of this election will be to see what he does if he loses? He needs to live if only for that reason!
  10. I’d like to think Biden will clinch it for two reasons. 1) moderate Republicans (if there are any left) now know what a Trump Presidency is. The moderates might also be just about able to vote for Biden. 2) Biden can probably win the rust belt states that Clinton lost which helps greatly in the electoral college stakes. The thing that gets me are the Bernie supporters who won’t vote Biden even though it leaves the door open for Trump. Also, the Green Party basically gifted the election to Trump last time round so considering what he’s done to the Paris accord you’d think that would be enough for them to think they might want to sit this one out...but they won’t. Agreed it’s a bit early but despite everything telling me Biden will win there is a feeling in the pit of my stomach that Trump has the ability to somehow come through. Probably with the Russians...
  11. With the Democratic nomination presumed to be in the bag what are your early predictions on who will win the US election presuming: 1) neither of them die 2) the election isn’t cancelled
  12. Windsor

    Political Frailty

    Lady Saltoun has pretty much retired from public life now and her daughter is running the show. The family seat is about 4-5 miles from where I live (Fraserburgh was founded by her ancestors) but Flora herself is now retired somewhere in Deeside. Nothing to suggest she’s at death’s door; just suffering from the usually fragility of being 90.
  13. Windsor

    Queen Elizabeth II

    I thought you didn’t like trolls? I thought you were a valued, serious member of this deadpool community. A lynchpin if you will! And now you admit to being a troll. Make your mind up ye wee wanker. PS. How bigs your basement?
  14. Windsor

    The 9th Death of 2020

    Betty White. Because she is old and American.
  15. Windsor

    Queen Elizabeth II

    I wish I could afford a drug habit and a property with a basement. These are things I’ll have to aspire to. Anyway enjoy yer Easter. Don’t get too downbeat about wasting your life. Just remember, somebody loves you! Nobody here mind, but somebody!

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