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  1. Windsor

    Esther Rantzen

    Both of my remaining grandparents died - six months apart - just as we were pulling away from COVID (not from COVID). What you say makes 100% sense as I do sometimes wonder if it was worth pretty much abandoning them for most of the last year/18 months of their lives. The only positive is they both died peacefully and not gasping for their last breaths.
  2. Windsor

    Political Frailty

    Not forgetting their girlfriends too…
  3. Windsor

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    How can you tell. It’s January. Start to worry if there are no hits by June.
  4. Windsor

    Joe Biden

    Are you telling us he is starting to look like he might be 80 years old?
  5. Windsor

    Janey Godley

    That’s about the best she can expect from her audiences too I guess.
  6. Windsor

    Janey Godley

    Look at me! I have cancer!
  7. Windsor

    Pope Francis

    8/10 Priests prefer it…
  8. Windsor

    Pope Francis

    The Queen might’ve abdicated…if she didn’t die first of course…
  9. I didn’t know where to post this but it was too good not to let you know. Obviously we are in the middle of the Trans debate in Scotland at the moment, but it’s being reported that in a secondary school in Banff (half an hour away from me) there are three pupils who identify as cat. They made demands for litter trays and when these demands were not met, at least one of them shit on the floor in protest. Make of that what you will...
  10. Windsor

    Ghislaine Maxwell

    She would say that. Haven’t you heard there was a big conspiracy against her?
  11. As predicted… A couple of days ago I spoke to a friend who is a member of the Alba party. Before Christmas she was absolutely against the Gender Recognition Bill. It was an assault in women’s rights that had been hard fought for blah blah blah… As usual she brought up politics. Generally bashing Westminster, and so I said that she must have been conflicted about the Tory government blocking the bill she despised. Well. She informs me that the Bill wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be. It was pretty standard stuff ti bring us into line with the rest of Europe. As for Westminster they want to close Holyrood and by blocking this reasonable bill it’s them dipping their toe in the water. If they get away with it they will keep doing it. It’s worrying how easily some people are manipulated by propaganda.
  12. Windsor

    Political Frailty

    Tom Nairn, another nationalist who didn’t live long enough to see his dreams come true, has died after a fall aged 90. Some Scottish Nationalists already suggesting suspicious circumstances in the comments section because no 90 year old ever has died following a fall…
  13. Windsor

    King Albert II of Belgium

    It’s a reference to my insistence that we shouldn’t look too much into the fact the Queen was using a cane. didn’t age well, did it?
  14. Windsor

    King Albert II of Belgium

    King Albert is worthy of his own thread. He is not just Royal, but a former monarch. He is also using a cane.
  15. Windsor

    Buzz Aldrin

    And we all know what he wants.

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