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  1. Windsor

    The 10th death of 2022

  2. Windsor

    Rolf Harris : Stairway To Heaven ?

    He could be the Frank Field of 2023. Death teasing prick…
  3. Windsor

    The Dead of 2022

    Liberator? Thieving old prick maybe.
  4. Windsor

    King Charles III

    It’s kinda frowned upon generally in society to wish people dead.
  5. Windsor

    Joe Biden

    I’m sure such a test would only prove him to be a ‘stable genius’…
  6. Windsor

    King Charles III

    Hair transplant or wig?
  7. Windsor

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    It probably is flouting the law. The poke-nose bastard should mind her own business.
  8. Twitter beat you to it…
  9. Why is the Daily Star still featured as an actual newspaper in Press Previews?
  10. Windsor

    King Charles III

    It was always going to be slimmed down anyway on account of our slimmed down Empire and slimmed down membership of the Church of England…
  11. Has anyone sen the film Charles III? Could be the right King for the right moment. :D
  12. Windsor

    Room 101

    No matter how much of a wanker I may be, at least I'm not this much of a wanker.
  13. And there appears to be suggestion that Putin is under pressure from ultra-nationalist over Ukraine. The worlds gone to hell in a hand basket.
  14. Windsor

    Joe Biden

    To be fair, Trump would’ve added in a few gay jokes for good measure.
  15. Windsor

    Joe Biden

    The only one getting butthurt over Biden is you.

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