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  1. Windsor

    Prince Andrew

    I just think it’s a logical defence considering how much her well publicised interviews have changed through time, as well as her recollections of events. I also think the technical defence he has chosen to pursue (eg having the case dismissed) was because his legal team knew that if he went on the attack he would be accused of exactly what he has now been accused of. Having said that, I wasn’t there so have to concede that you are right and that he MAY be guilty as hell…
  2. Windsor

    Prince Andrew

    Already accused of victim blaming whilst trying to defend himself against something he claims didn't happen. See what I mean.
  3. Windsor

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    Oh fuck off you tiresome wanker. You have proven my theory on conspiracy theorists: you just like to think that non-conformity makes you intellectually superior. Special even. Sadly it just confirms you are a bit of a blowhard bastard who I hope to see reported on in the Daily Mail as the next dead Anti-vaccer who was begging for the jab through his last futile gasps of life.
  4. Windsor

    Prince Andrew

    Yes, courts have a way of destroying the innocent and promoting the hard faced money grabbing cunts who know how to play the system. Particularly in America were factual evidence is always secondary to a good sob story by a vulnerable white girl.
  5. Windsor

    Prince Andrew

    Indeed. The accuser has said a lot to the media over the years and to courts. So much so that her accounts of the fact differ, thus proving that she is either lying or remembering false memories. She used to deny categorically that she had sex with Prince Andrew - and this was after she had escaped Epstein’s chains and dragged him through court. The only thing that’s changed over that time is that the benefit of the doubt has sung massively the other way; that is to say that Courts (particularly in liberal parts of America) are now over compensating for the injustices of the past. I heard her lawyer saying that photographs don’t lie. I think the whole thing is a scam dreamt up by a single photo. A photo which she allegedly requested be taken. Not bad going for someone who portrays themselves as a trafficked piece of meat. I do agree thought that Andrew is a twat and only has himself to blame for his current situation.
  6. Windsor

    Prince Andrew

    Because shes a woman in 2022?
  7. Windsor

    Prince Andrew

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but its still her word against his. Granted if a woman says she was raped these days there is no argument...
  8. Windsor

    Room 101

    She told me you were a cunt. But you are right: I already knew that several seconds previously.
  9. Windsor

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    He shouldn’t be allowed to play on the basis that, like your good self, he is an ignorant prick. Besides, if these vaccines are indeed harmful to performance/health he could be accused of trying to gain some unfair advantage. Because he is also an arrogant prick.
  10. Windsor

    Non-British Royals

    Euros though. They're about as good as chocolate money. #Brexit
  11. Windsor

    Non-British Royals

    He's an ex-King. How can he afford the BUPA?
  12. Windsor

    Prince Andrew

    Its a shame she can't still sack Prime Ministers. But then even she would need to wait for (soon to be Baroness) Sue Gray to clarify whether or not it was a party.
  13. Windsor

    Non-British Royals

    If he is in good condition, why is he in hospital?
  14. Windsor

    Prince Andrew

    Na he's still a prince. Just not a Royal Highness. A His Royal Lowlife?
  15. Windsor

    Prince Andrew

    According the the BBC he has also lost his HRH status. The Queen has essentially done to Andrew what she did to Prince Harry. He's out.

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