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  1. The thing about life appointments is that they are very easily terminated, especially due to yesterday's Supreme Court ruling...
  2. Windsor

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    You can’t use display of flags as an indication of popularity of the Jubilee where I live. In these parts it’s sensible not to put a Union Flag in your window unless you want some rabid Scot Nat to pan it in…
  3. Windsor

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Clearly you live in a place in which miserable bastards are plentiful.
  4. Windsor

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Did the BBC forget that the Cambridges have another sprog, or has Prince Louis left for a life in California too?
  5. Windsor

    Room 101

    I suspect its because people can't generally spell platinum or jubilee. I've seen some interesting combinations on social media.
  6. Windsor

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    The date has no significance. A 4 or 5 day bank holiday weekend in February would be shite though. There's a 1/5000 chance it might not rain in June.
  7. Windsor

    Frank Field

    Nearly 6 months on since he was said to be receiving care in a hospice, he is still here. I think he just said he was ill to get that gong at Christmas….
  8. Windsor

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    The Queen clearly well enough to make a quick journey to Balmoral. No word if the Scottish First Minister has visited, but that could be part of the injunction...
  9. Windsor

    Putin vs Xi

    You mean, like, in a duel?
  10. Windsor

    Putin vs Xi

    Voted Putin. Was surprised Queen Elizabeth II and her Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer wasn't an option though.
  11. Windsor

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Someone suggested to me it could've been a hip operation gone wrong. She had that night in hospital with no explanation, remember. To be fair the said person was even less well informed than Lady Colin Campbell...
  12. Even if you lay COVID aside, why was there so much partying in Downing Street? Maybe I'm just anti-social but come half-five I'm happy to be out of the company of work arseholes. It is possible to drink at home....alone...
  13. Windsor

    Boris Johnson

    Liz Truss is a better bet. Continuity for Ukraine. Didn't attend any parties. Seen to be more competent than the others (not difficult I grant you). She also has the benefit of being white, which is a big tick for most Conservative voters.
  14. Windsor

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    If you every call Lady Colin Campbell well sourced I will feel the need to slap you. If she was that well sourced she wouldn't have to go by the name Colin, just to sponge off her dead ex-husband's title. She is a nobody. A gossip merchant. Someone who, because of said dead ex-husband's title, is handy for tabloids and other to quote as well sourced and credible when, in actual fact, she is a nobody who nobody in royal circles would give a second glance. Fair play to her though; it more than pays the mortgage. Edit: he's apparently still alive. Poor fucker.
  15. Windsor

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    God almighty. Could it possibly be that she only needs the stick if she is walking a distance as opposed to walking from that chair over there?

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