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  1. Windsor

    Prince Charles

    There is no logic in monarchy. It’s all accident of birth you bloody fool. Have you been reading the American tabloids again? I noted on Twitter that the Diana fans were out in force saying Charles getting Coronavirus was karma for what he did to Diana. Naturally I asked them if it was karma that caused Diana to smash into that wall. Long story short, they were NOT happy...
  2. Windsor

    Political Frailty

    My MSP Stewart Stevenson is stepping down. Banffshire and Buchan Coast. I’ll wager he stands in this constituency based on the fact he was the ‘popular’ Banff and Buchan MP for many years. The local party apparently wanted a woman to replace Stevenson but they’ll jizz everywhere if they get Salmond. Even if he is an adultering old perv who preys on women.
  3. Windsor

    Political Frailty

    What a load of old shit! On the bright side, I look forward to seeing the split in the SNP developing because Salmond blames Nicola.
  4. Windsor

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    But they have so many flunkies to help spread it to them.
  5. Windsor

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    I nearly died from it but was saved when my mam managed to grab me a family pack of toilet rolls. Lifesaver.
  6. Sound ideal to me. She must’ve had the satisfaction of seeing many, many enemies die before her...
  7. Windsor

    Room 101

    These fuckwits on Facebook randomly offering their help to the vulnerable on very public pages due to the coronavirus. Fuck off you attention-seeking like-whore fucks! You’ll probably be the one that kills them!
  8. Windsor

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Possibly know someone with the virus - both she and her husband showing the symptoms but not offered a test so they don’t know if they have it or not. Regardless, they’ll survive.
  9. Yes. Because there is no evidence at all that Trump is the greater pervert...
  10. Trumps done. People think he’s invincible because of his high ratings amongst identified Republicans. How many of the old Republicans identify as a Trump Republican?
  11. Windsor

    Doctor Who

    I thought it was a heap of shite.
  12. Windsor

    The 4th death of 2020

    Vera Lynn
  13. Living to 150 would be a disaster. I don’t have children so clearly I’ve shown a total disregard for the environment simply because I don’t give a fuck about your kids or grandkids. If I lived to 150 I’d have to live in whatever ecological disaster I’d helped to create and I didn’t sign up for that!
  14. Windsor

    Kobe Bryant

    Never heard of him.
  15. Windsor

    The 2nd Death of 2020

    Vera Lynn.

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