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  1. Windsor

    Ironic Deaths

    Not sure if this counts as an Ironic Death but a woman who shielded for 9 months was killed on the first day she left her house after being hit by a lorry. She'd have needed nothing less than Captain America's shield to swerve that one...
  2. Windsor

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Let me sum that up for you: he's nearly ninety-fucking-seven!
  3. Considering he couldn't even sit his own art exam, I thing the words 'bringing out' rather that 'to write' are telling of how involved he will be involved in the process...
  4. Windsor

    Prince Charles

    I'm pretty sure she would still be dowager as the title belongs to her husband; not her. She would be a widowed duchess and thus the term dowager would apply even if there would be no new Duchess of Cornwall at that point.
  5. Windsor

    Prince Charles

    She would be the Dowager Duchess of Cornwall and would most likely fuck off with a big pension.
  6. Windsor

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Thats really not all that interesting.
  7. Windsor

    The grand Old Duke of Kent

    At well - there goes my theory that the trophies were too heavy for him. He appears more steady on his feet than he did at the Trooping of the Colour at Windsor last month. Perhaps it was the heavy uniform.
  8. Windsor

    The grand Old Duke of Kent

    Another thing to consider about the lack of appearances of the Duchess of Kent. The couple 'celebrated' their Diamond Anniversary in June this year, but it wasn't marked at all showing that they are almost entirely separated despite sharing a residence.
  9. Windsor

    The grand Old Duke of Kent

    In other news I noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge physically presented the trophies yesterday even though it is traditionally the Duke's role. Did the Duke physically present the trophy or was it only done in his presence?
  10. Windsor

    The grand Old Duke of Kent

    Interview with the Duke of Kent.
  11. Windsor

    Winnie Ewing

    A failure. She won't live to see her ambition.
  12. Windsor

    Room 101

    That’s because you’re ignorant.
  13. Windsor

    Room 101

    The tiresome clamber of Scottish people (usually nationalists) to be seen to support whoever England face in the football. Yet they are still proud of our own shitshow of a football team just because they graced us all by qualifying for a competition that isn't the World Cup...
  14. Windsor

    Late Euro championships 2020

    Scotland must be the only ‘country’ in competitive football to treat a draw as though it was a win...

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