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  1. Windsor

    Janey Godley

    Cancer is working out well for her.
  2. Windsor

    Russell Brand

    I don’t understand why Brand thinks himself to be significant enough to merit targeting by the mainstream media. Surely they only target valuable assets rather than has-been, washed up walking STDs like Brand.
  3. Windsor

    The 12th Death of 2023

    Jean Marie Le Biro
  4. Windsor

    Yevgeny Prigozhin

    Don’t know about you guys, but I’m shocked.
  5. Windsor

    Donald J Trump

    The thing I'm having difficulty with are the people who genuinely believe he did nothing wrong. Because its their opinion. Perhaps this is the natural conclusion to democratic societies; ill-placed entitlement to always get what you want, because you wanted it. The other issue in America is the fact that the white male is increasingly losing ground. The useless ones are increasing losing their natural and traditional birth right advantage over blacks, Hispanics and women. I think thats the main reason Trump is so popular.
  6. Windsor

    The 10th Death of 2023

    Sandy Gall
  7. Windsor

    Welcome to Jackass

    What a douchebag.
  8. Windsor

    George Alagiah

    He was also a quality DDP pick for me...
  9. Windsor

    The 9th Death of 2023

    Come on Jimmy.
  10. Windsor


    I think if you make threats to out somebody you can expect a bit of serious push back.
  11. Windsor


    He has done nothing illegal.
  12. Windsor


    There is now a second allegation of someone in their 20s. They threatened to out him and got upset when he didn’t take it lying down. (No pun intended)
  13. Windsor


    But of course it doesn’t matter if the alleged victim is denying any impropriety. Twitter will tell us it’s a cover up.
  14. Windsor


    It’s relevant. If it is he who shall not be named, he has bouts depression. Thus is death watchers are just waiting for the announcement and discussing the prospects of an unexpected death. Alternatively, it may be the case that we are a shower of gossip-driven, poke-nose, gabshite, nosey bastards.
  15. Windsor

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Just think of all those quality episodes of This Morning they will never be able to repeat or feature. Puts the current situation into perspective…

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