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  1. Windsor


    Most 85 year olds don’t survive a fall from knee height. To fall off a stage and seemingly bounce back so quickly tells me he shouldn’t bother the Committee for the next 5-10 years…
  2. Windsor

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Surely worth a half point in the DDP...
  3. Windsor

    Michael Mosley

    I thought his body was initially spotted by a film crew? I listened to the interview literally just after they announced they found it.
  4. Windsor

    General Election 2024?

    See that bit of blue in the North East of Scotland where I live? Tory HQ have just turned it SNP yellow. The chosen candidate and MP, David Duguid, was competitive here. Douglas Ross makes the seat less competitive as everyone thinks he’s a fanny. I know the SNP candidate. Not popular locally outside of the SNP asylum so that could be the Tories only saving grace here The Tories really are trying to lose this election, aren’t they.
  5. Windsor

    King Charles III

    The coins have been stuck in sufficient quantities that they will never have a significant value from circulation. I've seen a few King Charles coins up this way. They will soon be much more prominent when the other denominations are released into circulation, featuring nature...
  6. Windsor

    1. Jimmy Carter

    119 days until his 100th Birthday. Will he make it? Will he not. One things for sure: it potentially gets me 118 more posts before the 1st October...
  7. Windsor

    William Russell

    Always a shame when they get so close to 100 but don't make it. Mind you if he hadn't been fucking about in that time machine... Second Shadow List hit in a week for me. From the very young, to the very old.
  8. Windsor

    Donald J Trump

    Don’t know what point you are trying to prove. The rest of the world have known 50% of America is composed of thick bastards. To date he still hasn’t reached that peak as he has never been the choice of most American…even when he won.
  9. Windsor

    Diane Abbott

    I thought they wanted to abolish the House of Lords? Hardly a good deal.
  10. Windsor

    Sir David Attenborough

    OMFG! When I saw a new post in the David Attenborough thread my heart literally sank! Wrap that man up in cotton wool and keep him safe!
  11. Windsor

    British Character Actors

    Somebody finally gave him a job and he fucked it up royally…
  12. Windsor

    Donald J Trump

    Wait? So are you trying to say that wasn’t really Trump and Putin singing?
  13. Windsor

    Israeli Targets

    Mohammed Deif 'may be dead'. Having said that, he may have been dead several times before...
  14. I live in Scotland. As of today I’m not allowed to hate anything…
  15. Windsor

    Royal Family

    Sarah Ferguson is not a member of the Royal Family.

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