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  1. One of Youth in Asia's theme teams, as revealed in this post in the DDP thread.
  2. Former Eagles of Death Metal bassist Brian O'Connor has been battling a rare form of cancer since 2010 and is raising funds to receive more aggressive chemo and radiation.
  3. According to Wilko Johnson's Facebook page Norman Watt-Roy, Wilko's bassist and Blockhead, is recovering from a minor heart attack. One to keep an eye on.
  4. Here's a tweet from yesterday which contains some pics of him. Not looking like he's at death's door, but hospitalised nonetheless.
  5. No Reports of my Death column in The Guardian for a second consecutive week. Could mean something, probably doesn't, thought I'd mention it anyway.
  6. It's a bad year to be a former Felt bassist named Mick, as Mick Bund has now died. Played bass on The Pictorial Jackson Review, but here's a track from his band Mexico 70 which he fronted.
  7. Dead at the age of 83.
  8. Pete Frates becomes the 4th of my Pete's to peter out and my 8th hit overall, whilst Tobin and Sutcliffe live on. Puts me top of the leaderboard, I believe. Edit: At least, that would be the case were he actually dead.
  9. Smith Hart actually dead now. QO awaits
  10. Beyond A Little Peaky are on 40 points for June and al-Baghdadi would pull them up to 53 points. Death Impends is on 43 points (Christie joker, Perez and Zandvliet)
  11. Out with: Jessi Zazu Valery Spiridonov Anna Holmlund Steve Gleason Daisy Berkowitz In with: Matt Callander Liu Xiaobo Smith Hart Eberhard van der Laan Dean Francis
  12. France's Minister of Health under Valery Giscard d'Estaing and later under Mitterrand, Simone Veil has died aged 89. She also served as President of the European Parliament from '79 to '82. Few teams had her in the DDP.
  13. Ruth Pearson, one of the members of TOTP dance troupe Pan's People, has died at the age of 70 following a battle with cancer.
  14. An accurate epithet, but as Joey said, it's JiroemonKimura. Zorders was Dead and Deader.
  15. It was you who picked him for the Advent Avalanche. In fairness, it's not as bad as Cancerous Hatred robbing themselves of a unique pick for Salvatore DiMasi.