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  1. Imelda

    Grange Hill

    Whose is the crutch, I wonder?
  2. Imelda

    Captain Tom Moore

    Olivia Colman cast as Hannah Ingrams-Moore is an absolute shoo-in.
  3. Imelda

    Pope Francis

    Can you imagine? Two former Popes shuffling around - there'll be more of them than still-living Man Utd managers at this rate.
  4. Imelda

    FIFA World Cup Players

    A comprehensive list of Mexico 86 players no longer with us - a surprising amount https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/mexico86hq/687076886819536896?source=share Twitter thread here if Tumblr gets arsey
  5. Imelda

    Keir Starmer

    Pal of mine swears he's an alcoholic - "he's got the face of someone who knocks back half a bottle of Scotch a day". He's Scottish so I guess he's seen a few in his time.
  6. Imelda

    Harry Potter

    You're getting boring now.
  7. Imelda

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Boyz II Men II Dead
  8. Imelda

    David Bennett

    Well you say that - a lot of lessons will be learned by the doctors off this as it's almost impossible to get human guinea pigs for this sort of thing. I would not be surprised if this surgery becomes mildly successful by the time I hit pensionable age. I'll take Percy Pig's ticker, please!
  9. Imelda

    Vladimir Putin

    I read an interesting article the other day tracing the ancestry of many modern day Ukrainians of the central belt as being descendents of Viking stock (and when you visit Kiev/Kyiv, there are vast amounts of natural blondes - in no way Slav) who have carried over the 'beserker' culture of their ancestors. Certainly the huge balls of the Ukrainian troops and their fierce resistance gives that claim a bit of credence. From a personal PoV I spent a week over there in 2019. Speaking to a number of them it was pretty clear that they had fractured with Russia and were looking west to emulate Poland/the Baltics, so their resolve to stand their ground doesn't surprise me. Horrible to think what situation these people are currently in.
  10. Imelda


    51! Jesus. Mind you it barely registers that I'm in my 40s... Anyway, here she is at the 2018 reunion alongside fellow cast member Fiona Mowlem (Laura Regan) who is now a parish councillor just up the road from me. Small world.
  11. Imelda


    Yes indeed, I got my Bambers and my Magnus' mixed-up. No starter for 10 for me! Ironic as I actually appeared on the show, but during the Paxman era. Yes, we lost!
  12. Imelda


    He started and now he's finished.
  13. I've been enjoying all these Barry Cryer stories and jokes on Twitter today. Making people smile despite them feeling sad at your death is quite the legacy.
  14. Imelda

    Time Added

    Not sure if this has cropped up in the preceding 136 pages, but this website (https://soccernostalgia.blogspot.com/) does a pretty good job once a quarter of listing the football dead from around the world, along with a swift bio (if you scroll down a bit past the list itself) eg https://soccernostalgia.blogspot.com/2022/01/tributes-part-29-october-2021-through.html
  15. Imelda

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Learning the hard way that the media will always obit their own, regardless

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