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Found 12 results

  1. msc

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    OK, I know most folk gave up on my Shortlist post after 2 sentences, but from last year: - Kenny Richey (1964) - Scot who was on Death Row in the US for 20 years, despite dodgy evidence. Got cleared in 2007, promptly became a raging alkie, got cancer, tried suicide several times and had a breakdown. Now allegedly on the wagon, but has suffered a stroke and five heart attacks in the last few years! On borrowed time imo.  Now here to add - only guy keeping him on that wagon has now cut ties with him and chucked him out from a "clean up place for folk in Richey's spot".
  2. Spade_Cooley

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Kenny Richey, popular deadpool option around 2011/12, is living in a tent in the middle of a forest.
  3. 9000 posts, far too many, really. Actually, if you count my guest phase, probably well beyond. Ah well. As Proper Post 1 was a list, and first really regular deadpooling post was a list then... yep, list coming. Here's a list of potential names and ideas for DDPs (and other pools) for folk in 2019. It's a list of frail folk, terminally ill folk, and really old folk rarely mentioned - in an attempt to provide suggestions for all persuasions of the forum. Some are Deathlisty, others more Deathracey, but pretty sure all will get a qualifying obit. Anyhow, I think a fair lot of these names will die in 2019, but there is only room for 20 on my Pan Breed team, so if you want to pick them, good luck! - Mahmoud Abbas (1935) – Palestinian leader who spent 9 days in hospital in May with a lung infection, the latest of several periods of ill health. - Juliet Ace (1938) – Original Eastenders script writer, suffering from terminal bone cancer. - Sandy Alderson (1947) – Mets GM whose cancer relapsed in summer 2018. - Assem Allam (1939) – Hull City owner suffering from undisclosed cancer. - John Andretti (1963) – Racing driver suffer from a relapse of Stage IV colon and liver cancer, which has since spread. - Pat Arrowsmith (1930) – Hell raising anarchist of the 70s. In ill health for years, presumed long dead then she showed up at a protest in 2016! - Sir Michael Atiyah (1929) – One of the most regarded mathematicians in the UK, now health is “on the decline” according to twitter folk. - Eileen Atkins (1934) – British actress, once turned down Colin Farrell. - Christopher Awdry (1940) – Carried on the Thomas the Tank Engine books after his dad retired. Word down the pipeline is his health ain’t great nowadays. - Joan Baez (1941) – Somehow, 77. - Renee Baio (1960) – Survived brain tumour, now has micro-vascular brain disease. - Ginger Baker (1939) – COPD striken gruffalo rock god, another of the “how the fuck is he stil alive” crew. - Tom Baker (1934) – Actor David Collings says that living legend Tom is “in frail health these days” – sad day when he goes. - Brigitte Bardot (1934) – Opinionated actress that folk keep saying looks frail. - Rubens Barrichello (1972) – F1 driver who had surgery for a brain tumour in 2018. - Johnny Beattie (1926) – Glaswegian comic - Billy Connolly’s mentor type – surprisingly still alive aged 92. - Aaron Beck (1921) – Came with CBT. Sure fire obit, ancient, ignored by deadpoolers. - Howard Becker (1928) – Aging sociologist. - Nino Benvenuti (1938) – Boxing world champ, had massive heart attack in April. - David Berglas (1926) – Ancient magician, pioneer of TV magic, obit cert. For Yanks, see Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell, for the exact same and a…80% chance of DDP QO. - John Bird (1936) – Aging comic actor. - Barry Bonds (1965) – Poster child for “I def didn’t use steroids in sport, honest” – 54 next year, same age as Ultimate Warrior got to… - Connie Booth (1944) – Wrote most of Fawlty Towers and put up with John Cleese as a partner for years, neither of which she gets the praise earned for. - Barbara Taylor Bradford (1934) – Best selling writer getting on a bit. - Tony Britton (1924) – Actor (Day of the Jackal) and Fern’s dad folk forget is still alive. His wife died in April. - Lorenzo Buffon (1929) – Top Italian footballer, dad of greatest living goalie. - George Burley (1956) – Scottish football manager. Alcoholic, which has cost him most of his jobs. - Dick Butkus (1942) – American sports star. Look, I just mentioned him because of his name. - Terry Carter (1928) – SF actor wrongly called dead in 2016. - Peter Cellier (1928) – One of those British character actors in everything, now 90, regular in Yes Minister so QO should be guaranteed. - George Chakiris (1934) – West Side Story actor, vegan fitness type so will probably see 90+, but not mentioned much even by casuals and 85 next year. - Stevie Chalmers (1936) – Scottish football legend now suffering from severe dementia. - Michael Charlton (1927) – Ancient BBC Broadcaster. - Leah Chase (1923) – Ancient New Orleans celebrity chef and civil rights activist, the latter will see a Guardian QO no doubt. Mentioned due to age and because she’s practically Sir Creep’s neighbour. - Peter Chelkowski (c. 1945) – Notable historian, now suffering from Parkinsons or MND – never quite found out which. Ailing badly, either way. - Lawrence Gordon Clark (1929) – Directed all those MR James BBC dramas repeated each Christmas. - Charles Clarke (1950) – Fat stress filled former Home Secretary, massive HA waiting to happen. - Roy Clarke (1930) – Wrote every episode of Last of the Summer Wine, and Keeping Up Appearances. - John Cocks (1966) – terminally ill reality TV star. - Dabney Coleman (1932) – Aging actor, suffered from cancer in recent years. - Robbie Coltrane (1950) – Scottish comic actor (also Cracker), now in frail health due to size. - Martin Cooper (1928) – mentioned by Gcreptile. Came up with mobile phones. Now really old. - Kenneth Cope (1931) – Familiar TV actor with COPD now. - Billy Connolly (1942) – Big Yin, big Parkinsons fan back in the 70s. Big Parkinsons sufferer now. Also had/has cancer, depending on his turn of phrase. - Herb Cox (1951) – Canadian Cabinet member who has had bone cancer 3 times in the last 5 years. - Michael Craig (1928) – Actor you can see in fine 50s British films like The Iron Maiden. Or infamously terrible (but fun in a so bad its…bad way) Dr Who story Terror of the Vervoids. - Keith Cullen – Irish singer, Stage IV bladder cancer. - Jon Culshaw (1968) – Dead Ringers guy. Voicing Kamelion for Big Finish in 2019, and thus fucked, as per The Curse of Kamelion. - Alan Curtis (1930) – TV actor in everything in the 60s, now in seriously poor health. - Clive Cussler (1931) – Aging author of ripping yarns. - Charles Cyphers (1939) – Burley actor you can see in pretty much every single John Carpenter film. - William B Davis (1938) – Cancer Man from X-Files. Doesn’t actually smoke in real life, but looked fucking ancient in the revival. - Richard Dawkins (1941) – Notable scientist/skeptic, not seen as much since serious stroke in late 2016. - Ruth Dayan (1917) – Super old widow of Israeli general. - Len Deighton (1929) – Ancient thriller writer. - FW de Klerk (1936) – South African leader, in and out of hospital in recent years. - Pierre Delauney (1919) – One of the early pioneers at UEFA, still alive according to French media. - Paul Dewar – terminally ill Canadian MP. - Terrence Dicks (1935) – Uncle Terry to SF fans. Show runner of Dr Who during the Jon Pertwee era, or the 70s when you liked it. Regarded as one of the best TV scriptwriters of his generation, worked on Wednesday Plays and Dickens adaptations and all sorts of things. Later became a best selling kids author. - Fred Dinenage (1942) – Looks 80. Mind you, he did back in the 60s too. TV star, rarely seen these days. - Rickey Dixon (1966) – NFL star diagnosed with ALS. - Daryl Dragon (1942) – 70s pop star with degenerative neurological condition. - Richard Donner (1930) – Aging director of The Omen and Superman. - Louise Downing (1970s) – Acclaimed equestrian trainer with inoperable Stage IV womb cancer that has spread to her liver and stomach. - Rodrigo Duterte (1945) – You know it’s going to happen, with his gung ho gun wars, and “ I definitely don’t have cancer but so what if I do” attitude… - Richard Easton (1933) – The acclaimed actor from Ham Radio, Frasier. Also in fucking Time-Flight. Ying and yang there. - Michael Epstein (1921) – British pathologist, found the Epstein-Barr virus. - Roy Evans (1930) – Another “didn’t he die years ago?” name, stock Welsh actor in everything in the 80s. - Abdul Fakir (1935) – Last surviving member of The Four Tops. - Alex Ferguson (1941) – Highly successful football manager, suffered a highly critical brain haemorrhage in early 2018. Good chance of the whistle going on Fergie Time in 2019. - Howard Finkel (1950) – Legendary ring announcer, now “very seriously ill” according to Jerry Lawler. Unconfirmed serious stroke complications. - Ric Flair (1949) – Oft called the GOAT in pro-wrestling, with many notable health problems. Had multiple organ failure in 2017, lucky to be alive, now frail but told by doctors he’ll die if he has another drink. PS He’s an alcoholic. - Albert Finney (1936) – Alcoholic leading actor, now fairly quiet and outlived all of his pals. - William Frankland (1912) – Allergy expert, came up with the pollen count, and pioneer in asthma treatment. Now very, very old. - Terry Funk (1949) – the GOAT wrestler, now in frail health after a lifetime of less than sensible choices, like wrestling death matches at 65… - Bamber Gascoigne (1935) – Original University Challenge host, not someone you see on TV much these days. - Alan Garner (1934) – Owl service author who has allegedly retired. - Pat Gorman (1937) – 70s bit part TV actor extraordinaire. Now in v. poor health. - Alasdair Gray (1934) – Wrote Lanark. Highly regarded author, mutual friend of yours truly. Fell down an old pub cellar in 2015 and was in hospital for ages. - Jurgen Habermas (1929)- Aging sociologist, legend in his field. - George Haigh (1915) – You’d think an 103 year old British footballer and WW2 RAF squadron leader would get more attention from deadpoolers, really. On two DDP teams in 2018, 1/8th of the number of teams that picked Sinead O’Connor. - Joe Haines (1928) – Wilsons’s Alistair Campbell. - PJ Hammond (1929) – Wrote Sapphire and Steel, which was brill. - Kurt Hamrin (1934) – Swedish World Cup finalist footballer, suffering from cancer in recent years. - Jerry Hardin (1929) – Aging actor, Big Trouble in Little China, familiar as Deep Throat in X-Files. Done bugger all lately. - Malcolm Hebden (1939) – Corrie actor who had a massive HA in 2017 and nearly died. - David Hedison (1927) – Played Felix in TWO Bond films, but never gets mentioned on here. - Lance Henriksen (1940) – Surprisingly underrated actor despite solid CV – Aliens, Terminator, Neear Dark, Network, Godfather II etc etc. Rumours of ill health in recent years, lung issues. - Nicky Henson (1945) – RSC actor, also Eastenders, Downton Abbey. Has inoperable cancer. - Anthony Hewish (1924) – British Nobel Prize winning radio astronomer, discovered pulsars. A sentence full of QO slam dunk-ness. - Barron Hilton (1927) – Hotels, money, Paris Hiilton’s grandfather that came up with most of her money. - Frazer Hines (1944) – Dr Who’s Jamie, or Emmerdale’s Joe. Had a long battle with cancer in recent years, not as active as he was. - Earl Holliman (1928) – Star of first ever Twilight Zone ep. - Ian Holm (1931) – Alien/Lord of the Rings actor now wheelchair bound and in increasingly frail health according to the FT. - Michel Houllebecq (1956) – Ghastly looking French writer. - Douglas Hurd (1930) – Tory heavyweight and Major Cabinet member that has disappeared from view lately and has apparently been in poor health. - William Hurt (1950) – Actor who allegedly cured terminal cancer with quackery. The latter is obvious bullshit, but is the former? - Lord Hutton (1931) – Remember the Hutton Report, that said that Tony Blair and co had nothing to do with the death of David Kelly, and that all of the Iraq War lies were the fault of the BBC and def not Tony B or Ally Campbell? That was this guy! Was also the judge in N Ireland back in the day you wanted if you were suspected of being in the IRA, despite being a dour Presby. Retired from the Lords in 2018. - Alan Igglesden (1964) – Incurable brain cancer for so long, DDP teams stop picking him. - Wanda Jackson (1937) – Had massive stroke in summer, PR lot told fans she cant reply to them. - Conrad Janis (1928) – Super old jazz musician/actor. - Michael Jayston (1935) – Tinker Tailor/Valeyard/Emmerdale etc etc actor. - Colin Jeavons (1929) – Instantly recognisable as Tim Stamper in the proper House of Cards. Retired some time ago. - Lennart Johansson (1929) – UEFA head honcho till 2007. Now increasingly super frail. - DeWayne Lee Johnson (1972) – Monsanto Man. He’s going to die in 2019, he is going to obit (Guardian love him for one), and with his case making the BBC News, he’ll probably be a Drop 40er. - Terry Jones (1942) – Monty Python star, who in 2019 will be in Year 4 of a fast acting dementia which tends to kill folk in… Year 4. - Eric Joyce (1960) – Alkie former MP and former soldier who once headbutted a Tory MP in a bar fight. Also had an affair with a schoolgirl. Despite this, mostly forgotten! Wont make old bones, 65 might be a struggle too. - Irving Kanarek (1920) – Charles Mansons lawyer. Frail but still with us. - Charles Kay (1930) – Actor that used to be in everything. Edge of Darkness etc. - Yaphet Kotto (1939) – Alien and Live and Let Die star. - Stuart Kuttner (1939) – Former Murdoch Press editor, now frail after a series of strokes. - Denis Law (1940) – Football legend who has been suffering a lot of pensioner related illnesses and looks like fucking shite now. Circling the drain. - John Le Carre (1931) – Old legendary author, Smiley’s People, etc. - Ian Levine (1954) – Take That manager and Loud Doctor Who fan who gets very angry with everyone (he probably even told Biblio to fuck off once, like everyone else in Who fandom, can you imagine that?), and once got to write a Dr Who story, which was crap. Also a pioneer in rescuing missing archive TV. Had the world’s least surprising massive stroke in 2014. - Steffan Lewis (1985) – terminally ill Plaid Cymru politician. - Jet Li (1963) – Action film star with heart issues who looks aged. - Henry Lincoln (1930) – Created the Yetis in Dr Who with long gone Mervyn Haisman, then wrote a pile of shite which inspired the Da Vinci Code. Grumpy old sod, mostly, but with a point – ripped off several times, never earned a cent for it. - Joan Lingard (1932) – Wrote series of books about N Ireland young love. Really old and doesn’t appear much now. - Sydney Lotterby (1926) – Director/producer Yes Minister/Porridge - Lorna Luft (1952) – Theatre actress and Liza Minelli’s sister, now suffering from brain cancer. - Gavin MacLeod (1931) – Aging MTM Show Star. - Gerry Marsden (1942) – Pacemakers singer still living despite pacemaker and heart issues. - Ian Martin (1953) – Terminally ill Thick of It writer. - Jean Marsh (1934) – Aging and great actress (Upstairs Downstairs, Eagle Has Landed) who had a massive stroke few years back. - Jackie Mason (1931) – Aging Jewish comic. Much better known in the US, but was Krusty’s Rabbi dad in The Simpsons. Got beat up by Mafia goons in the 60s for his jokes. - David McCallum (1933) – Familiar actor, now aging. - Barry McGuire (1935) – Eve of Destruction singer/songwriter now in poor health. - Hugh Mcilvanney (1934) – Legendary sportswriter, outlived his brother by 3 years. - Billy McNeil (1940) – Scottish football legend now suffering from severe dementia. - Gordon McQueen (1952) – Footballer. Was TV pundit until lengthy battle with throat cancer in 2012 killed his voice. Had nasty stroke in 2015. Now retired and rarely goes out in public, strong doubts he’ll see 70 tbh. - Meatloaf (1947) – When, not if. Sadly. - Nicola Mendelsohn (1971) – Facebook honcho with incurable cancer. - Bret Michaels (1963) – Glam rocker. Somehow made the age of 55 despite: lifelong diabetics (and at least one diabetic coma), severe drug use despite that, one brain haemorrhage, a stroke, and heart problems. - Vil Mirzayanov (1937) – The Inventor of Novichok. Yeah, that stuff. Stage IV cancer. - Angelo Mosca (1938) – Former NFLer/wrestler now ill with dementia. - Willie Nelson (1933) – Frail music legend. - John Nettleton (1929) – Actor who was in everything – you’ll know the face – but long retired now due to being 90 in February coming. - Olivia Newton John (1948) – Grease star with relapsed breast cancer (incurable) and trying to treat it with alternative medicines. - Monty Norman (1928) – Utterly forgotten, sod all mentions on here, despite writing the Bond theme. Berry Gordy is the same age but still relatively public, looking healthy, and a bonafide future DL pick – whereas Monty’s off the radar. - Sir Roger Norrington (1934) – Acclaimed conductor, fighting off inoperable brain cancer for a decade with a cocktail of drugs. - Sean O’Neill (1964) – Times journalist struggling with cancer. - Yoko Ono (1933) – singer, feminist, John Lennon’s widow. Had suspected (but covered up) stroke in 2015. Now uses wheelchair for travel, struggles to walk, and has trouble speaking. Also increasingly frail. - Peter Oosterhuis (1948) – Golfer diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2015. - Paul Orndorff (1949) – Wrestling HOFer with CTE and severe dementia, and other illnesses. - Al Pacino (1940) – Overrated A-list actor now getting up in age for your casual punt pick. - Jimmy Page (1944) – Rock demon who must be close to expiry date. - Eileen Paisley (1934) – Big Ian’s* widow, who spends most of her time criticising the DUP who have somehow managed to move to the right of the late Dr and spend much their time going “I think what Ian Paisley meant to say… “ *Naw, no that one!!! - Judy Parfitt (1935) - Well seen face on TV, now in Call the fecking Midwive. Said she didn’t expect to live to see end of show, is she keeping something from us? - Chris Patten (1944) – Tory chairman who hilariously lost in 92, then was last Governor of Hong Kong and chairman of the BBC. Now suffering from heart problems. - Martin Peters (1943) – English World Cup winner now badly ill with dementia. Allegedly as bad as Nobby according to the Mail and co earlier in the year. - Sian Phillips (1933) – Hard to tell this RSC legend’s health as she’s looked frail and skeletal for 50 years! Tinker Tailor, I Claudius, etc. - Gordon Pinsent (1930) – Canadian TV actor who will actually QO as he was Benton’s dead dad (he was a ghost) in Due South. What do you mean, what was Due South? It was fucking massive in the 90s. OK, he’s also the voice of Cornelius in 90s kids TV show Babar. Oh, and he had brain surgery in 2016. - Sidney Poitier (1927) – Legendary actor now looking rather frail. - Harry Reid (1939) – Heavyweight US politician with a touch of the old pancreatic cancer. - Kenny Richey (1964) - Scot who was on Death Row in the US for 20 years, despite dodgy evidence. Got cleared in 2007, promptly became a raging alkie, got cancer, tried suicide several times and had a breakdown. Now allegedly on the wagon, but has suffered a stroke and five heart attacks in the last few years! On borrowed time imo. - Diana Rigg (1936) – The lovely Emma Peel, also a trained RSCer. Had a massive heart attack in 2017 which nearly killed her, an event which would have sent this household into deep mourning. Ah, 1967 Diana Rigg…. Sorry, where were we again? - Shane Rimmer (1929) – Actor/writer, 4 Bond films, Star Wars, Dr Strangelove, UFO, Thunderbirds. Great CV. Also wrote Avalanche, one of the best Captain Scarlet episodes. Now very old and retired, but still attends fan conventions regularly. Even so, Robert Hardy showed how quickly actors go from that, to ill, to dead, so one to keep an eye on with a slam dunk QO. - Linda Riordan (1953) – former MP who retired in 2015 due to ill health. - Anne Robinson (1944) – Former Watchdog/Weakest Link host with alcoholism and cancer problems in her past. - Smokey Robinson (1940) – One of those legendary music figures you think is already dead. - Carl Rogberg (1967) – Former Tesco finance director who recently avoided a fraud trial via a massive heart attack. - Tony Roper (1941) – Scottish actor (Rab C Nesbitt) with a series of health issues in recent years. - Stephen Schulman (1980s) – Top Broadway PR man now suffering pancreatic cancer, chemo failed. - Norman Scott (1940) – Jeremy Thorpe’s lover, still alive despite a crap life. Recently gained new fame due to RTD miniseries. - Labi Siffre (1945) – Something Inside So Strong/It Must Be Love/I Got The. Sod all mentions, so here he is. 73 is 103 for 70s musicians. - Jim Sillars (1937) – Former Labour, independent, Socialist Labour and SNP MP, and lifetime Scottish independence “advocate and shit stirrer” – his words, not mine. Had some health scares since Margo’s death. - Nikki Six (1958) – Motley Crue founder, 60 in a few weeks. Given he was declared dead twice in the 80s from drug overdoses but came back, that’s bloody good going imo. - Tony Slattery (1959) – comic actor who didn’t have the career he ought to have, due to lifelong battle with extreme manic depression. - Grace Slick (1939) – Lead singer of Jefferson Airplane/Starship, how she is still alive is beyond me. - Ian Smith (1938) – Harold Bishop from Neighbours. - Richard Smith (1952) – long time BMJ editor now suffering from skin cancer. - John Standing (1934) – Familiar film actor – Eagle Has Landed/V for Vendetta – now getting up in age and again ignored by deadpoolers who picked Sinead O’fucking Connor. - RL Stine (1942) – Legendary kids horror writer, mentioned here as he doesn’t get enough mentions on here. - Dean Stockwell (1936) – Quantum Leap! Married to the Mob (for which he got an Oscar nom)! The only good thing in the Langoliers! Had documented stroke/dementia issues in recent years sadly, now retired to New Zealand. - Graeme Souness (1953) – HA waiting to happen dour crap Scottish football manager/pundit with heart issues. - Lucas Starr (1984) – former OH Sleeper bassist with Stage IV colon cancer. - Pam St Clement (1942) – Eastenders star and medicinal weed advocate. - Adrian Street (1940) – Legendary British pro-wrestler. Made it in the US, lived in Florida, had severe heart issues and has now retired to Wales. - Mick Sutcliffe (1940s) – Yorkshire Ripper’s brother, now terminally ill. - Russ Tamblyn (1934) – Twin Peaks actor with severe health issues and heart problems in recent years. - Valentina Tereshkova (1937) – First woman in space. - Stacy Title (1970) – Producer now suffering from ALS. - Ignacio Trelles (1916) – Managed Mexico at 2 World Cups. - Mordechai Vanunu (1954) – Israeli nuclear whistle blower, and former Glasgow Uni rector. Still under various criminal restrictions, and allegedly his health isn’t great. - Beryl Vertue (1931) – Former agent of Spike Milligan, Terry Nation, Eric Sykes et all. Producer of Men Behaving Badly and Coupling. Sold the TV rights for Sanford and Son and All in the Family to the Yanks. Produced Tommy, and cult Tommy Cooper comedy short The Plank. Exec produced most of Steven Moffat’s work, as she is his mother in law. - Lorriane Warren (1927) – Ghost hunter who popularized the Amityville case. Been in frail poor health for years. - Robert Watts (1938) – Star Wars and Bond production manager now in frail health. - Honeysuckle Weeks (1979) – Foyle’s War star whose TV career took a hiatus in 2016-17 due to a stay in psychiatric care. - Doddie Weir (1970) – Rugby star with fast acting ALS strain, not expected to see 2020 according to recent reports. - Mike Willesee (1942) – Veteran journalist now battling throat cancer. Will ‘e see 2020? - Chris Wilson (1956) – Acclaimed blues musician now suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. - Eugene Wright (1923) – Last man standing of the Brubeck Quartet. - Michael York (1942) – Cabaret/Austin Powers actor still carrying on, despite amyloidosis bumping off younger men quicker.
  4. DevonDeathTrip

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2012

    Kenny Richey, who has a serious heart condition to contend with as well as his suicidal impulses, has been dabbling in cocaine and leading a generally unhealthy lifestyle since his release. Apart from his suicidal impulses, heart problems and drug abuse issues, Kenny now has another problem to contend with - mouth cancer. I bet he wished he stayed inside now! Kenny Richey has entered a rehabilitation facility, having been told he will be dead within three years if he doesn't stop drinking.
  5. Rotten Ali


    Don't think Wells entered himself since both NTWICS & CPF are still playing in 2010.... Now That's What I Call Significant 2010 Years in DDP: 2 Best position: 9th= (2009) Made an excellent debut in 2009. Can they improve in 2010? Vasily Aleksanyan Abdelbaset Al Megrahi Melissa Bell Stefano Borgonovo Ronnie James Dio Sara Douglass Doug Fieger Laurent Fignon Shaun Greatbatch Johnny Hallyday Genaro Hernandez Alan Igglesden Mike Marqusee Simon MacCorkindale Ndayé Mulamba Sara Payne Zelda Rubinstein Mel Sterland Zeljko Sturanovic Anne-Marie van Kesteren And already doing quite well, with 3 hits. Now That's What I Call SIGNIFICANT 2009 First year in DDP. Vasily Aleksanyan Susan Atkins Seve Ballesteros Paul Birch Paul Gascoigne Jade Goody Michael Jackson Steve Jobs Kerry Katona Sir Dai Llewellyn Peter Macbeth Iain McColl Wendy Richard Kenny Richey Sir Bobby Robson Mel Sterland Patrick Swayze Linda Uttley Steven Wells Amy Winehouse That was a really good team too. Even joined the other 8 teams in missing out on points for not having Linda Uttley get a top line obit. I do think Godot, you may have something in this "fishy business" line of study. It's not for us to know but TMIB may have a sneek at the IP addresses to see who sent in these teams in question and whether they tally back to the Quantick Emails or somewhere else. Ho hum.
  6. Octopus of Odstock

    Deathlist 2011

    Take Eli Wallach off the Deathlist, firstly. Add/Keep: Wendy Richard Basil D'Oliveira Sir John Mortimer Little Richard Helmut Kohl Edwin Morgan Wojeciech Jaruzelski Annette Funicello Eunice Kennedy Shriver & Robert Sargent Shriver (husband & wife hit) Alberto Fujimori Jade Goody King Sihanouk Amy Winehouse Farrah Fawcett Sir Cyril Smith Ted Kennedy Kenny Richey Gough Whitlam James Garner All of the above are good DL material because they are famous enough, but most should have more exciting threads potentially then the likes of de Laurentiis or Lom...
  7. DevonDeathTrip

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2009

    Kenny Richey isn't doing too well. (I think he'd be a good addition to DL2009, if he makes it that far)
  8. themaninblack

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2009

    Kenny Richey, who has a serious heart condition to contend with as well as his suicidal impulses, has been dabbling in cocaine and leading a generally unhealthy lifestyle since his release. Apart from his suicidal impulses, heart problems and drug abuse issues, Kenny now has another problem to contend with - mouth cancer. I bet he wished he stayed inside now!
  9. DevonDeathTrip

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2009

    Kenny Richey, who has a serious heart condition to contend with as well as his suicidal impulses, has been dabbling in cocaine and leading a generally unhealthy lifestyle since his release. Apart from his suicidal impulses, heart problems and drug abuse issues, Kenny now has another problem to contend with - mouth cancer.
  10. maryportfuncity

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2009

    Kenny Richey, who has a serious heart condition to contend with as well as his suicidal impulses, has been dabbling in cocaine and leading a generally unhealthy lifestyle since his release. Not very old is he, I'm thinking DDP points, like.
  11. DevonDeathTrip

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2009

    Kenny Richey, who has a serious heart condition to contend with as well as his suicidal impulses, has been dabbling in cocaine and leading a generally unhealthy lifestyle since his release.
  12. Alphonsin

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2009

    Have just been getting my daily fix of accidentally watched a bit of ITV's This Morning. Kenny Richey, the Scot recently released from death row, was discussing his suicidal feelings while in prison. Fair enough, but he also told Phillip and Fern the two presenters, whoever they are, that he felt more suicidal now that he was free than he did while inside. Which is curious, imho. He said that what stopped him was the thought that he would hurt his family. With his father apparently soon to be gone from cancer, could Kenny be an outside chance for next year? I don't really think so, but you never know...

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