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  1. I think that was nearly the exact words used in the ITV bulletin...* *There's a Mary Whitehouse Experience sketch about that sort of thing
  2. Cutter's Way (1981) is my recommendation, JR...
  3. That is sad news. I mentioned his name when Powers Boothe died a few months ago. In a parallel universe he'd have been a big star but it was not to be... RIP
  4. Stefansson would be for me a "thingy from wotsit" sort of a celeb, if I was outside the deadpooling bubble...
  5. Those lungs weren't leathery enough! RIP
  6. Linkin Park. A bigish band in their day but that was a while ago. RIP...
  7. Latest update...
  8. Last time I looked Jodie Whittaker was white...
  9. The men should strike back with 'Dr Quinn: Medicine Man!
  10. So we currently have TWO teenagers in the DDP Top 5? I suddenly feel very old...
  11. Bought that on vinyl with picture sleeve just a couple of days ago! Great single...
  12. Fascinating article on former France U21 star St├ęphane Paille, who died last week aged 52. One of French football's great "lost" talents. Funnily enough I was reading a few bits and bobs about legendary hellraiser/sublime talent Robin Friday the other day...
  13. That all depends on what the new boss wants to do...
  14. According to my calculations TJS has 31 for the month. What was the other 12 for? EDIT: Oh I see, Errol Christie joker. Missed that one out!
  15. Latest update for the rest of June...