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  1. Clive James

    He's going to go on New Year's Eve isn't he?
  2. Kim Jong-Un

    Aren't the US and North Korea still technically at war?
  3. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Most hits, then average age... Edit: That said it's likely that any switching I'd have to do is manual as the page generator will pick one or the other, likely DQSP as it's earlier in the alphabet...
  4. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Been a slow burner this competition and it's heading for the boil...
  5. Hollywood Possibilities

    Is these days...
  6. Uber vs black cab throwdown thread

    That is why I take the bus or better still, walk...
  7. William Gladstone Stewart

    Can't remember watching a single edition of 15 to 1...
  8. The Dead Of 2017

    John Kettley's still around isn't he?
  9. Sad Last Days

    Don't do it Leo, don't do it...
  10. Morrissey

    Sparks are back in the UK top 10 albums chart. Amazing!
  11. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    Same with Patricia Hewitt. First she was a Bennite, then she was a Kinnockite, then she was a Blairite and then a Brownite...
  12. Wrestlers/actors

    I saw the pictures of him in his final years. Very sad, so I've made him the cover star for the latest DDP update with a picture of him in happier times. RIP...
  13. Dead Pop Stars

    I think it's a nice cheesy song but whenever I see their TV appearance from 1976 performing it, I always think "that's why punk had to happen..."
  14. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Latest update. I've been preparing stuff for my successor, using my update for my guide hence the delay...
  15. Hollywood Possibilities

    A fate worse than death...