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  1. themaninblack


    Fuck off you cunt.
  2. themaninblack


    And to think there is a thread worried abut your welfare when you went missing for a bit...
  3. themaninblack

    Peter Kay

    Garlic dead? Have that one for free...
  4. themaninblack


    Clickbait - don't you just love it!
  5. themaninblack

    Death Anniversary Thread

    "Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me!"
  6. themaninblack

    Sir Michael Caine

    Oh yeah, but that is Michael Caine! The same goes for Jack Nicholson - they play variations of themselves and I personally wouldn't have it at other way...
  7. themaninblack

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Yup. Death's a bastard when in the mood...
  8. themaninblack

    Stephen Hawking

    Did Speak and Spell ever get round to suing him?
  9. themaninblack

    Jim Bowen

    Jim Bowen had a straight role in 'Muck and Brass' as a crooked accountant and very good he was too! RIP...
  10. themaninblack

    Stephen Hawking

    So a man who helped unlock the secrets of the Universe and who could no have had a normal sex life in other 50 years is condemed as a perv. Didn't mention his bad treatment at the hands of his female carers either... Ten a penny solipistic statement....
  11. themaninblack

    The Smiths Cover Stars

    That must be from the live version of WIWRN via the "Rank" album in 1988. This is the original cover from an advert for a hi-fi in 1984:
  12. themaninblack

    Crashing Companies

  13. themaninblack

    Crashing Companies

  14. themaninblack

    Crashing Companies

    Café certainly not black anymore...
  15. themaninblack

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Might just about persuade Nationwide to drop the campaign. The annoying poets can fuck off as well!

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