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  1. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    You might also add the apocryphal fact that I was Ruth Negga's first crush...
  2. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Guilty as charged although I'm sure Vic & Bob made that gag as well...
  3. William Thickey

    Is uber-liberal Canadian PM Justin Trudeau the love-child of Fidel Castro?
  4. The Weather

    Those weather charts, DR are a Peter Saville album cover in the making...
  5. Dead Pop Stars

    The best thing about that was the "budum-tish" in the background immediately after he said the punchline...
  6. Sylvester Stallone

    If his mother's anything to go by we could yet see Rocky XX!
  7. British Character Actors

    Balls. Another one of my misses. Did think about having him in my 2018 team, alas...
  8. Time Added

    Steve Bruce on compassionate leave after his father died. Note the second line...
  9. Films with entirely dead casts

    Surely The Conqueror is worth a shout? Or is that cheating as it was filmed in a radioactive zone? According to Wikipedia, only Patrick Wayne from the main cast is still alive...
  10. Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Saw the Damned at the O2 Academy on Saturday. Captain Sensible and Dave Vanian et al were in fine fettle...
  11. Dead Screenwriters Society

    O Lucky Man! might just be my favourite film of all time...
  12. British Science Fiction Series

    He was playing a double-crosser then too...
  13. Best Historic Dl Forum Threads

    DeathList 1980 would have been topped by Marshal Tito for sure...
  14. I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Radio 4

    Still looking exactly the same as he did in 1976...
  15. The Dead of 2018

    Surely there's got to be a flat pack coffin?