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Derby Dead Pool 2018

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On 03/01/2019 at 13:17, Spade_Cooley said:


Excited to get a mention in the final round up of the year. Thanks! 


And of course thank you for the countless hours you must have spent this year facilitating all this fun for all of us and also working on the site improvements.


I have also enjoyed reading all your roundups - both informative and amusing. Very good. In amongst all this praise I found this sentence in your final round up quite amusing - I know what you were trying to say but you didn't quite write it.


'Mexican actress Rosenda Monteros and Disney animator Don Lusk died before any QOs came in for them'


Keep up the good work - looking forward to 2019!


Cheers, GUN

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Whoop! Theme Team league winner! 


Good game, excellently run. Really good to read some of the updates. Thanks, Spade.

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On 02/02/2018 at 15:36, Spade_Cooley said:

Plus that's a great fucking photo,




Loses something when squashed down for the homepage I admit, but I love it. Nearly captioned it "see you in a few months Jack?".


Totally random post - I was looking for the scores from last year at this stage.


Just as well you didn't caption it 'see you in a few months Jack?' because that is Bobby.

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