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Death By Numbers 2019

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I’m quite proud of 7th (at the moment) in this pool.


i don’t keep long lists so 50 is a lot of people to pick and there are a lot of quality dead poolers competing here. Well done to those above me on the list.

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Okay, is this the final update?


We will soon be entering the "netherzone". QOs for 2019 deaths will be accepted for one more week.

So 2019 is almost over, but there might still be some points to be made.


As for now, well, only Martin Peters and Frederick P. Dent are new hits. Three people get points:


Rank Team name Points
1 Death Impends 1562
2 Clorox Bleachman 1548
3 Joey Russ 1361
4 GCReptile 1340
5 Phantom of the Midway 1333
6 Banana 1316
7 Grim Up North 1314
8 Cpt Chorizo 1300
9 drol 1251
10 Devon Death Trip 1208
11 Skinny Kiltrunner 1088
12 msc 1026
13 Sir Creep 911
14 Book 899
15 John Key 751
16 The Unknown Man 697
17 Prophet 666
18 Grave Danger 655
19 The Quim Reaper 640
20 Fixed Business 629
21 YoungWillz 581
22 theoldlady 469
23 Yorkshire Banker 450
24 The mad hatter 444
25 The old crem 416
26 Pedro 67 398
27 Deathray 353
28 Gooseberry Crumble 301
29 Bibliogryphon 299
30 markb4 293


This might be the time for you to write me if you think that anything needs to be changed. Otherwise the next update will be the final scoreboard and the announcement of the winner!

(Also I'll delete all PMs relating to 2019 soon, so no more opportunity to complain!)


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No more final twists and turns in this game. Death Impends wins the Death By Numbers 2019, congratulations!!

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Congrats Death Impends! :clap:


Bet that's not the first time we say that this year as well!

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Have to give kudos to Clorox as well for keeping it remarkably close. During the summer, I thought I would probably win both DDP and DBN, but thought DDP would be close and uncertain while DBN would have been settled for months. But it was the other way around, with Clorox staging an impressive comeback to the point where every last hit mattered to my lead. But I still won in both, and naturally I prefer that DDP was the more certain victory ;)

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