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1) Daniel arap Moi (Nyayo), 2) Gottfried Böhm (Build ‘em high), 3) Carol Channing (Thoroughly Modern) :rip:, 4) Olivia De Havilland (Maid Marion), 5) Javier Perez de Cuellar (Sec Gen #5), 6) Stanley Donen (On the Town) :rip:, 7) Kirk Douglas (Ear-ear), 8) William Frankland (Immune to death), 9) Jean Heywood (Billy’s gran) :rip:, 10) Clive James (A life critical) :rip:, 11) Robert Mugabe (Everlasting ex-president) :rip:, 12) Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (death mask), 13) Leslie Phillips (Left hand down a bit), 14) William Russell (Companion), 15) Betty White (Hollywood mayor), 16) Herman Wouk (Sailor) :rip:, 17) Franco Zeffirelli (Tea time) :rip:, 18) George Alagiah (BBC News), 19) Ivor Broadis (Oldest England cap) :rip:, 20) Gay Byrne (Uncle Gaybo) :rip:, 21) Roger Corman (Low-budget cult), 22) Eileen Derbyshire (Emily), 23) Bob Dole (Candidate), 24) Lou Donaldson (Alto), 25) Patrick Duffy (Labour MP & NATO [NAA President]), 26) Benjamin Berell Ferencz (Last Nuremberg prosecutor), 27) Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme Court), 28) Glyn Houston (Don’s little bro) :rip:, 29) John Hume (SDLP), 30) Johnny Johnson (Dambuster), 31) Alun Gwynne Jones, Baron Chalfont (Falklands!), 32) Jill Knight (Baroness Knight of Collingtree), 33) Ted Luscombe (Bishop - Scottish Episcopal), 34) David McNee (Met commissioner) :rip:, 35) Michael Medwin (Army Game), 36) Gwen Moffat (Barefoot mountaineer & author), 37) John Papworth (Turbulent Priest), 38) Rosamunde Pilcher (Old romantic):rip:, 39) Sidney Poitier (Sir with Love), 40) David Prowse (Green X code man), 41) Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI), 42) Jim Russell (Grand Prix) :rip:, 43) Elizabeth Sellars (Weegie acting lass):rip:, 44) Joe Sinnott (What a Marvel!), 45) Ron Smith (Judge Dredd) :rip:, 46) Larry Storch (Comic), 47) Everton Weekes (Last of the 3 Ws), 48) Richard Williams (Tennis dad), 49) Peregrine Worsthorne (sometime journo), 50) Chuck Yeager (Glamorous Glennis).


One final hit for this years list in the closing hours of the year - Elizabeth Sellars RIP.

This takes my final number to 15 for the year - not too shabby; so now an adjustment to my 2020 list :blink:

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Movie and theatre director and producer  Jack Garfein died on December 30th aged 89 .He is the ex hubby of Hollywood beauty Carroll Baker. 

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On 03/11/2019 at 17:52, TomTomTelekom said:

Puerto Rican Show Host, Walter Mercado dead at 87 years:


He has been awarded many times including the Senor Television at the Festival de Codazos in the Dominican Republic in 1972.

There's a Netflix documentary out now. Very obvious that 2019 was going to be his final year in hindsight. 

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