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  1. The Dead of 2018

    why are being so racist
  2. The Dead of 2018

    rip, loved him in cheers.
  3. Long Shot: Robert Kilroy Silk

    Not heard from him in ages. A 2019 Contender
  4. Ingvar Kamprad

    Thought you would be bumming ikea left right and centre SC, as Sweden loves ice hockey. Anyway, here is my fav palace purchase from Ikea.
  5. 24. Robert Mugabe

    fake news
  6. Ken Dodd

    RIP, that duster routine was amazing, the peter kay of a generation.
  7. Is Joey Russ racist?

    Please respect the privacy of individuals regardless of their skin color.
  8. Is Joey Russ racist?

    The big question everyone wants answering in 2018.
  9. Mark Morrison

    Not heard much from him in many years, maybe worth keeping an eye on. While I am sure most of you are cultured and know this man, some members like SC and Joey Russ may not. He was the one of the great artists of and voices of a generation, on the same level of Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross.
  10. 20. Jimmy Carter

    Decent man, we had some great nights out together back in the day.
  11. Michael J Fox

    I loved him in Indiana Jones. Good actor, was also fond of that sitcom he did called Spin City.
  12. 50. Mark E Smith

    Why are you being so racist, what you saying, white rock bands never your Africa?
  13. The 1st Death of 2018

    Gone with Mel Brooks.
  14. 50. Mark E Smith

    Silly pick, not really famous enough for Deathlist, I know we have rules, but I have asked 5 people today and none of them have heard of him.
  15. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    That is rich coming from you, you are the least novel person on this website. You're list might as well be called, the most obvious list of people likely to die.