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  1. Rest in peace friend

  2. RobertMugabe

    Don King

    Been so quiet of late, maybe ill
  3. RobertMugabe

    Joanne Woodward

    A solid pick for 2019
  4. RobertMugabe

    Olivia Newton-John

    RIP, Really loved her in Grease I and II.
  5. RobertMugabe

    Dawn French

    No, it means you dream about bumming han solo in in the millennium falcon.
  6. RobertMugabe

    Dawn French

    Yeh, she does not play Ice hockey anymore so must be ill
  7. RobertMugabe

    Robert Mugabe

    Yeh Bicester village.
  8. RobertMugabe

    Dawn French

    A decent pick for 2019
  9. RobertMugabe

    Bill Cosby

    RIP, love him but was a victim of the me too silly media shit.
  10. RobertMugabe

    Robert Mugabe

    Thanks for your kind words, everything ok, just do not enjoy posting here as much anymore, Joey Russ is so racist he was once thrown out a pointer sisters concert.
  11. RobertMugabe

    Aretha Franklin

    RIP THIS amazing lady, along with lando calrissian, you have to say she is one of the most influential black people of the last 100 years.
  12. RobertMugabe

    Robert Mugabe

    5 YEARS at least.
  13. RobertMugabe

    Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

    Here we go again, this guy is just white trash, he makes a thread for every single white ice hockey play that has FLU, but then when real music legends are getting old, he gets upset when they get their own thread.
  14. RobertMugabe

    Dale Winton

    A bit late but.....
  15. RobertMugabe

    Dale Winton

    RIP, always liked him, when that person was found dead in his swimming pool after a house party the press were unfair on him.

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