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  1. Dale Winton

    A bit late but.....
  2. Dale Winton

    RIP, always liked him, when that person was found dead in his swimming pool after a house party the press were unfair on him.
  3. 24. Robert Mugabe

    Yes Joey, black people can live in houses too.
  4. Aretha Franklin

    RIP, loved all her music, cannot wait for Grace Jones to play her in a biopic.
  5. Nelson Mandela

    RIP Winnie Madela, I look forward to a Hollywood Biopic with Grace Jones playing her.
  6. 1. Kirk Douglas

    Why are you being so anti-Semitic? Are you in the Labour Party?
  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    WTF, no I loved him in Street Fighter
  8. Chuck Norris

    A good pick for 2019
  9. Broadway - "the Great White Way"

    Did he like Ice Hockey?
  10. 5. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    These fake celeb profiles that Joey Russ makes are epic failures......but I guess he just spend 24 hours a day on this site, so giving up a few mins to create these profiles is nothing to him.
  11. Peter Kay

    RIP, was a great funny man
  12. The 4th Death Of 2018

    Voted Dennis Norden, it will NOT be alright on the night
  13. 37. Hosni Mubarak

    I love that movie, cannot remember the plot, but Michael Caine plays Hosni Mubarak, and then for some reason, Steven Seagal has a beef with him. Class.
  14. 1. Kirk Douglas

    Michael Douglas is a living hero, he often finds himself in situations where women take advantage of him (basic instinct, fatal attraction, disclosure) and he tries to fix the situation, so respect him. All this bs about these liberal women doing this 'me too' rubbish, what about MD??
  15. Biggest Misses By The Committee 2018

    Name 1 person that misses Morgan Tsvangirai