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  1. It's a lion ffs.
  2. This man has never committed a crime, all his trial was based on his colour. The man needs a fresh start and to welcomed back into life, and be treated for the great man he is.
  3. I see you were part of the debating society at Cambridge.
  4. Why are you being so racist?
  5. The biggest miss of 2017, Xanda, son of Cecil the lion, killed by hunter in Zimbabwe
  6. McCain will be of for this year,but will be oven-fried in 2018.
  7. Never heard of her, but RIP all the same rm
  8. Does not deserve his own thread, the general politics one is fine, mods please delete this thread.
  9. aawful news, deserves his own thread. Will make
  10. All we can do Joey is too pray together, she's a great singer/actress and hope she makes it through these dark times. RM
  11. Tell you one thing that shows he is on his way out, nobody ill would drink Lucozade, as it is essentially drinking a bottle of diabetes. It shows he has accepted his fate and no longer cares.
  12. The fact the vote is currently too close to call shows this is in fact a worthy thread, like Brexit vote, you are just a goon of the highest degree.
  13. Nice work dude, I
  14. Both TV legends, both getting on and not in public eye, so the question must be asked.
  15. What you mean, that profile picture is not you? Everyone else on here uses a real photo of themselves, but you and Han Solo refuse too, you are the real trolls.