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  1. Dying Probably

    1. Jimmy Carter

  2. Dying Probably

    1. Jimmy Carter

  3. Dying Probably

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Big fan personally.
  4. Dying Probably

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Positively spiffing idea.
  5. Dying Probably

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Now I'm tempted to post here a million times a day.
  6. To address the title, 3/4 of them. Hint: not the first one. Transphobia is just simply being a pain in the arse for the sake of being a pain in the arse, as the statistics around the topic are showing over the years - and Linehan's constant bitching and moaning on the subject makes him all the more arsehole-y. He's up there with J.K. Rowling as someone who shot their career in the foot by being, as TQR said, an arsehole - and then had the bollocks to decry something that seems basic. "Cancel culture" isn't what happened here: it's the consequence of your own actions. Piss on your Cheerios and they're going to taste like piss.
  7. Dying Probably

    Catherine Windsor AKA Kate Middleton

    She really didn't look very well, bless her heart.
  8. Dying Probably

    Shadow Lists

    2nd hit for me with Iris Apfel. Glynis Johns (4/1) Iris Apfel (1/3)
  9. Dying Probably

    1. Jimmy Carter

  10. Dying Probably

    1. Jimmy Carter

    None since February 28, 2021. Carmen Consuelo Cerezo was the last in office. The longest-serving federal judge to still be in office is Pauline Newman, a Reagan appointee from 1984... who is suspended on health grounds because she's 96, leaving the 79-year-old J. Harvie Wilkinson III from later the same year.
  11. Dying Probably

    Jonnie Irwin

  12. Dying Probably

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    I'm pretty sure I DM'ed mine two days ago - sorry, will send again.
  13. Dying Probably

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    Frankly, I'm astounded that Gauger actually made it into the final line-up.
  14. Dying Probably

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    Looking through my lists for ones that don't have images - should I send them to you when I have em @Death Impends or someone else?
  15. Dying Probably

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I do find very funny that the "don't lock it!" believers are the exact problem children.

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