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  1. Dying Probably

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Took way before his time I feel - he really did seem alright.
  2. Dying Probably

    Donald J Trump

  3. Dying Probably

    The 100 Club

    He's only the fourth ever as well, alongside Thurmond, Cornelius Cole, and John N. Heiskell. He is the only centenarian Senator to have been elected while neither Democratic or Republican. (Thurmond was elected with write-ins, but was still a Democrat.)
  4. Dying Probably

    4th Crowdsourced Deathlist Hit

    Carter. Also, "Hary Belafonte" lol.
  5. Dying Probably

    6. Jimmy Carter

    I stand by "Aw, nuts"
  6. Dying Probably

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    Seemingly confirmed by WSJ contributor and founder of "JazzWax" (whatever that is.) Obits from FSK Hub and SNBC13, but nothing decent.
  7. Dying Probably

    6. Jimmy Carter

    "What a kick in the nuts"?
  8. Dying Probably

    6. Jimmy Carter

    My eyes are going to pull an Iain here, ain't I?
  9. Dying Probably

    The 3rd Death of 2023

    MacGowan until he carks it has been my theory for a while. I'll be right eventually.
  10. Dying Probably


  11. Dying Probably

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Feck, I put Hazel McCallion on both my teams and lost myself the unique.
  12. Dying Probably

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Hilariously, over half of this team never ran for President:
  13. Dying Probably

    Electoral Deadpool 2022

    Oh, shite, I forgot about the Pope being picked! @drol: 31 @CaptainChorizo: 26 @John Key: 23 @arghton: 21 @chilean way: 21 @The Old Crem: 19 @Kenny: 19 @theoldlady: 18 @The Daredevil: 16 @P94: 16 @Hell: 14 @Thatcher: 13 Myself: 13 @gcreptile: 10 @Salmon Mousse: 10 @wannamaker: 9 @Great Uncle Bulgaria: 9 (the highest score with a singular hit) @Ulitzer95: 9 @MariNisia: 8 (the lowest score with multiple hits) @Doulton: 8 @LizLemon: 6 @msc: 3 @Bibliogryphon: 0 (sorry!) RIGHT, THAT'S ACTUALLY IT! drol is the winner.
  14. Dying Probably

    Businesspeople, Investors, CEO's

    Was on my list last year and dropped. Shit.
  15. Dying Probably

    Joe Biden

    Not again. Biden running for re-election would be terrible for the Dems because he's practically the only candidate who could even get CLOSE to losing to Trump, out of age and mere unpopularity. Can only dream that Duckworth, Klobuchar or someone competent (e.g. not Harris) gets it, but as already said, it'll be Biden

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