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  1. Worthing Paul

    20. Derek Draper

  2. Worthing Paul

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    A relatively accurate source tells me that Sir Stirling Moss is on his cool down lap. Good chance he won’t see out 2017 but if he does, could be worth a punt for 2018. No sources for this one, but I do wonder if Nicholas Parsons will be with us for much longer.
  3. Worthing Paul

    Brian Clough

    And what better reason could there ever be to love a Man U manager? I suppose the only thing I can think of would be being the Manchester United manager and putting your players on a technically suspect aeroplane... ...perhaps one travelling between Germany and England.... WP
  4. Worthing Paul

    Polite request...

    Dear all, Was just wondering, has anyone on the forum been to see their doctor recently? Everything okay was it? Are you sure about that? See, if anyone should end up with something nasty (ideally terminal) then please follow these simple steps: 1. Share it with the forum; 2. Go and do something to get yourself famous; 3. Make sure the executors of your estate know to let Deathlist know when you die. See, we can all do our bit....
  5. Worthing Paul

    Ian Paisley

    Hmm. Three days in and no ranting... Me thinks it is universally agreed that this man is a twat. And yep, he can definitely go on "Fantasy Death List" WP
  6. Worthing Paul

    The Chequered Flag

    Anyone see Ralph getting friendly with that concrete wall yesterday? Several days in hospital it seems.... And the other big crash? Fernando Alonso at over 200MPH but he only hit polystyrene blocks. Damn! Close but no cigar! Still, just call me Dr Death! WP
  7. Worthing Paul

    Milton Friedman

    I didn't realise that Mr Moneterism was still alive and kicking. Well, he gotta be a contneder then. Along with his fan club - old Maggie's not looking too good. WP
  8. Worthing Paul

    Dead Losses (2004)

    We live in hope... WP
  9. Worthing Paul

    Simon Wiesenthal

    Taken from "The Times" newspaper... "Nazi hunter bows out with knighthood By Roger Boyes Simon Wiesenthal believes his work must continue to remind world of a tarnished past SIMON WIESENTHAL, the last great Nazi hunter, will be knighted by Britain today in a tribute to his role in tracking down more than 1,000 war criminals from the Third Reich. The presentation for the appointment as Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, by John Macgregor, the British Ambassador to Vienna, is likely to be a poignant one. Mr Wiesenthal, now 95, is ill — so frail that the ceremony will be conducted in his living room — and has withdrawn from the active search for Nazi criminals..." So looking good for this year's sixth place candidate. WP
  10. Worthing Paul

    Dead Losses (2004)

    Barry Cowan ... has died. Haven't got a bloody clue who he was but it was the BBC when looked just now. Anyway here's the link: BBC News
  11. Worthing Paul

    Jimmy Savile

    Now then, now then, now then. Ahead of his time? Hadn't thought of it like that. Do you remember the cigars? He actually used to smoke them on kid's TV. How things have changed. That said, the cigars can't have done him much good. And you say he lives on his own. They say that can knock a few years of your life... Does anyone know if he has any heavy drinking habits? I reckon he should definitely appear on the 2005 list. WP
  12. Worthing Paul

    Fantasy Deathlist

    Hmm. You know, DWB, I think you could be right. Should really engage my little brain before typing these things shouldn't I? Oh well, here's my top three anyway: 1. Osama Bin Laden 2. George W Bush 3. Cilla Black Let the mayhem begin! WP
  13. Worthing Paul

    Fantasy Deathlist

    Okay, so moving away from the "who's really gonna cop it" list, who would people choose as their dream deathlist? Regardless of state of health, age etc. whose demise would bring the biggest smile to you face? So come on, let's have your Fantasy Deathlists...
  14. Worthing Paul

    Jimmy Savile

    Dear Jim, Please would you fix it for me for you to snuff it sometime in 2005? Thank you, Worthing Paul.
  15. Worthing Paul

    use of 'Former'

    Hmm. Good point. However, just suppose for a moment that there is some kind of after life: If there is, I am certain that dear departed Ronnie is still being an idiot there too. I mean he just couldn't help himself could he? Bless 'im. So actaully, "former" might not be appropriate at all...

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