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  1. halleluyahjohntudor

    John Kettley

    Do you mean this one? She might have been referring to the one about Patrick Swayze Which implied that she might be a bit crazy
  2. halleluyahjohntudor

    Michael Jackson

    Forgot to add Mercury to that list, sorry. Can I put in a word for Jim Morrison and Joe Strummer?
  3. halleluyahjohntudor

    The Dead Of 2009

    Surely they meant that his career had fallen off a cliff?
  4. halleluyahjohntudor

    Michael Jackson

    Good to see some parts of the media are principles. Though the BBC have 'confirmed' it, the wording of their reports seems oddly non-committal with lots of "reports say" and 'is dead' rather than just saying he is dead. The Beeb is keen to bury bad news today.
  5. halleluyahjohntudor

    Michael Jackson

    Maybe he suffocated on it in a swine-flu induced panic.
  6. halleluyahjohntudor

    Michael Jackson

    "If you put me beside young people, I'll be able to feel a lot better"
  7. halleluyahjohntudor

    Michael Jackson

    It'll throw cold water over the whole occasion.
  8. halleluyahjohntudor

    Michael Jackson

    WB ie. Farewell, baby-dangling MJ.
  9. halleluyahjohntudor

    Michael Jackson

    With Obama playing the role of Earl Spencer.
  10. halleluyahjohntudor

    Michael Jackson

    Then again, she managed to get over Richard Burton, so let's not put her on amber just yet.
  11. halleluyahjohntudor

    Michael Jackson

    You mean can we Beat It, just Beat It?
  12. halleluyahjohntudor

    A Joke

    A man lies on his deathbed, with his wife weeping beside him. 'I've had many happy years with you', he gasped, 'But you're still young and I want you to know that you deserve happiness and you shouldn't hesitate if the chance comes around to marry again'. 'I'd rather not talk about things like that', says the wife, through her tears. 'No', says the husband, 'I've thought carefully about this and the only thing I wouldn't like is if you let your future husband wear any of my clothes'. 'I wouldn't dream of it', says the wife, 'They don't fit him anyway'.
  13. halleluyahjohntudor

    Rugby Players

    Still one short of a Trinity, but they do say these things happen in threes.
  14. halleluyahjohntudor

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    Now she's won one H, she's going to be bigger than ever... And another thing, no way is she 33. She's 37 if she's a day. I actually thought she looked much older than 33 as well. She's younger than me, and I haven't got a wrinkly neck like that - on the other hand, my chins do a good job of covering up my neck, so maybe I have..... You can almost hear the collective pulling of knives out of her back..... Good grief Handy, you are clearly a sweet lady at the end of her tether, cruely suffering Katewinslettitus. As for you Lardy, I expected nothing else.... Mmm. Actually, I quite like her. I just think she looks older than she is, that's all. I was once convinced that she was in the queue in Asda in front of me, it was at a time when I believe she was living near Bath, so it would have been quite feasible for her to be in my local Asda. Until I noticed she was buying Smart Price bread. Did she manage to choke back the tears when she thanked the cashier?
  15. halleluyahjohntudor

    Jane Goodie

    You could add that the first news of the illness broke while she was in India on a career-retrieving mission which could easily have gone horribly wrong if she had stayed there much longer. But......

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