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  1. Banana


    I knew I heard that name before
  2. Banana


    Something that's been getting on my nerves begrudgingly lately is announcing whether someone is or isn't vaccinated when they get COVID-19 and hospitalised. I could be entirely wrong here in my frustration, but if you're getting hospitalised your vaccination status really goes out the window if we're using that to determine their current health. Just comes off as some subtle "vaccines don't work" propaganda. I'm not necessarily getting mad at you, more so the general discourse.
  3. Banana

    Reality TV

    Jonathan Goodwin, a contestant on America's Got Talent: Extreme was crushed between 2 cars which proceeded to catch fire before which he fell 40 feet onto his head, missing the air bag while performing a stunt in rehearsel. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10100075/Terrifying-footage-moment-Jonathan-Goodwin-America-Got-Talent-stuntman-died-hit-cars.html Still alive.
  4. Banana

    Ice Hockey Players

    Has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the least deserving NHL Hall of Famers (if not the least)
  5. Banana

    Life In Prison

    78 years old...
  6. Banana

    ABC Deadpool V: 2021-22 season

    I'm pretty sure I've scored off a non-English MSN source if that's any consolation
  7. Banana

    Eugenia Cooney vs Nikocado Avocado: Who Will Die First?

    I'm not sure I'd characterize them remotely in the same category.
  8. Banana

    Eugenia Cooney vs Nikocado Avocado: Who Will Die First?

    Most (if not all) high-level athletes have to consume a large amount of daily calories to simply maintain their shape. I can only assume that's the same with any competitive eater. Can't imagine most of what's going in is staying in either.
  9. Banana

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    Matt Loede dead.
  10. Banana

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Mark Ruffalo had one, deaf in one ear
  11. Banana

    American Football Players

    Utah defensive back Aaron Lowe killed in a house party shooting. Not even a year since the accidental shooting of teammate and star running back Ty Jordan.
  12. Banana

    UK Singles Chart

    Alan Lancaster, bassist of Status Quo dead at 72 according to reporter Craig Bennett. https://www.facebook.com/craig.bennett.3745/posts/10159546952429704
  13. Banana

    Internet Celebrities

    I think without that police footage of them it wouldn't have gotten so big.
  14. Banana

    Spammers (Spawn of The Devil) - Please Post Here

    Can you forward this to me so I can verify it’s veracity

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