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  1. Banana

    Advent Avalanche 2020

  2. Banana

    Advent Avalanche 2020

    And my backup pick died...
  3. Banana

    Advent Avalanche 2020

    Rob Orkies, Fire Chief
  4. Banana

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    If that were true why is Dick van Dyke on the list? He hasn't had any health episodes. The only known health issues he's had is with addiction which he hasn't been afflicted by in over a decade or two. He's still active and look pretty damn good for his age. He's only 4 months older than the Queen. For fuck's sake we had John Edrich and Lester Piggott on the list this year who I don't think literally anybody on this site other than the committee would have ever considered. If the Queen does go next year and she's not on the list this site may as well be shut down.
  5. Banana

    18. Jimmy Carter

    How could I possibly believe anything without proof? Faith? Cult belief, perhaps?
  6. Banana

    18. Jimmy Carter

    It's not even just that, I think they were using voter registration numbers from the previous election against the 2020 turnout
  7. Banana

    18. Jimmy Carter

    You do understand the 125% voter turnout is misreported and is simply a bogus claim made by idiots like you. And there's no evidence of either of these claims. Evidence allows a reasonably ept individual to conclude with certain arguments being presented, since you don't seem to grasp this concept. The rest of us aren't cultists believing anything being shoveled into our faces so bear with us.
  8. Banana

    18. Jimmy Carter

    4 years? They're never going to get over this.
  9. Banana

    18. Jimmy Carter

    With what evidence?
  10. Banana

    18. Jimmy Carter

    Could you perchance elaborate on the damning witness testimonies that have been thrown out of court by both left and right leaning judges? There isn't any actual evidence of widespread fraud probably because, and I know this may be difficult for you to hear, there wasn't any. Biden supporters are not the ones threatening violence against political opponents mind you or are we forgetting that far-right Trump supporters only recently tried to assassinate the Governor of Michigan? Hell, Antifa aren't even Biden supporters lol. If you knew a shred about political ideologies you'd know this. The rest of your points can just again be chalked up to being a smooth-brained retard thinking they're smart. Did you not notice that Trump also got more votes than last election? Could this possibly be due to record high voter turnouts across the country?
  11. Banana

    18. Jimmy Carter

    The only people who consider this election "shady" are smooth-brain retards who desperately believe they are smart.
  12. Banana

    Dead Pooling Regrets

    I'm a terrible team manager in fantasy football so it would only make sense for my inability to put out a winning roster would transition over to this. I had Banali, Last, Hagen and Scruton on my B-team. The first 3 I put there because I wasn't too high on them QO'ing iirc and Scruton I didn't think would D40. As for everywhere else, I cut Sam Lloyd & Doug Supernaw due to their recovering health mid last year only for them to take a downturn this year. I'm already planning on cutting a few expectedly big names this year because I don't believe they are in as ill as health as they may be labelled, so we'll see how that turns out for me. Also, missing out on the Qaboos news I believe cost me in Deathrace.
  13. Banana

    Who Should Make The Deathlist In 2021?

    One name that stuck out to me during Scavenger research was James Watson. Probably the most famous scientific Nobel Laureate for co-discovering DNA. Looks like utter shit. Tommy Lasorda should also make an appearance due to his recent health. And not only should Pope Benedict XVI return, but he should be a top 10 pick.
  14. Banana


    Now supposedly with COVID-19.

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