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  1. Banana

    Advent game 2023

    Jason Smith, Newcastle councillor. Amazed I even remembered this name considering I’m not home and completely forgot this started today. Ryan Minor was the pick to have.
  2. Banana

    Ice Hockey Players

    What possible evidence could there be that you seem to think will change anything
  3. Banana

    Ice Hockey Players

    I think what makes this a different case from boxing deaths and other sports related deaths is that this type of incident is not a regular part of the sport, albeit a freak accident that falls outside typical play. Should be noted whoever was arrested (pretty obvious who) was only arrested, doesn't seem like they were charged with anything. I wouldn't expect anything to come of this, just seems like they're doing their due diligence and following the legal process. Nope. It's a pretty divided issue it seems. It's mandatory as a minor, but once you hit a certain level/age it's not mandated. Kind of ridiculous seeing as how I've personally never played without one and never had an issue with wearing it. Some claim it's a nuisance, but I wouldn't particularly take those people very seriously. I could understand players not wanting to wear a mouthguard or a cage, but not wearing a neckguard can be lethal.
  4. Banana

    Ice Hockey Players

    Being held on life support for organ donation.
  5. Banana

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Clearly I need a new hobby…
  6. Banana

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    I was shocked to find that this topic was trending and dismayed when I found out that my absolute devastation from the passing of Geechy Guy was not shared among the forum...
  7. Banana

    The deaD of 2023

    Never really considered her too much for the main squad as I don’t recall the severity of her cancer and she seemed to being well. And like you I even thought she was on the mend judging by me dropping her from DbyN.
  8. Banana

    Ice Hockey Players

    Rocky Wirtz, owner of the Chicago Blackhawks, dead at 70. https://chicago.suntimes.com/blackhawks/2023/7/25/23807793/rocky-wirtz-dies-blackhawks-chairman-bill-danny-wirtz-breakthru-beverage
  9. Banana


    As if this hobby wasn’t gross enough, people are seriously taking time out of their day speculating about which random C-lister did some diddling and the prospects of them offing themselves. There is nothing more to discuss past “they have had bouts with depression.” There’s zero need for 4 pages of this. Just my two cents.
  10. Banana


    I envy the day this forum section is actually used correctly.
  11. Banana

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Mutulu Shakur QO https://uk.news.yahoo.com/news/mutulu-shakur-tupac-shakur-stepfather-194643338.html
  12. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    Another year, another semis finish.... Good luck @gcreptile
  13. Banana

    Death By Numbers 2023

    OUT: Ethan Davies Faye Fantarrow Rhod Gilbert Richard Holliday Kate Keltie IN: Graham Caveney Tylee Craft (Black Bart if not accepted) Nick Hungerford Jeanette Lee Linda Nolan
  14. Banana

    Windy City Deadpool 2023-2024

    Durrance has a Yahoo QO https://uk.news.yahoo.com/samuel-durrance-astronaut-flew-telescope-120055948.html?guccounter=1
  15. Banana

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    Idk how people can even doubt the obitability of someone akin to Teresa Taylor in the Yahoo game. Was basically guaranteed. Like Joey said, pretty big cult following and fairly influential in the scene.

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