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  1. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    First mentioned on the forums in 2018, recent winner of Amazing Race Canada. If only she was a local crooner from Detroit.
  2. Banana

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    yes it is
  3. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    I saw the blog post yesterday...
  4. Banana

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    You'd think a European 50 year old world champion track and field athlete who received UK coverage of initial diagnosis and later diagnosis would then receive a QO when they die. Tim Hellstrom. Edit: Well never fucking mind. Did not see the Sun QO.
  5. Banana

    Internet Celebrities

    A group of prisoners could kill connor mcgregor whats your point
  6. Banana

    ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

    This would be correct.
  7. Banana

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Sure, but the people who make the list won't be affected by this statistic. Men will have a lower life expectancy as they are more affected by workplace accidents, conflict, suicide, etc. What @Sean said is more accurate. You see a lot of the more competitive DDP teams will be dominated by men, not because they are more prone to being affected by terminal illnesses, but more so because the world of sport and politics for those in the 50-80 age range were more dominated by men in their hay day than now. The trend for those younger seems to be evening out.
  8. Banana

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Banana's Peel Slippers + analysis Gianluca Vialli (JOKER) --- 24pt --- Pancreatic cancer and family called in? Goner. Tim Lobinger --- 9pt --- Cancer came back/got worse. Slight QO risk, but I feel pretty confident it'll come through. Frank Field --- 9pt --- Who knows what's really going on here, but should still be a cert. D40 lock. Jonnie Irwin --- 12.5pt --- Don't expect anything too imminent, but would be too many points to take the risk on not having. Almost guaranteed D40. Johnny Ruffo --- 10/13pt --- Same as above, but probably a tad more imminent. Outside chance at D40. James Whale --- 10pt --- Don't expect him to make it. Guaranteed D40. Rob Burrow --- 13pt --- Can go anytime. Steve McMichael --- 8/11pt --- Same as above. Slightly lower D40 chances. Simon Cowell --- 7/10pt --- Picked him over similar names as I believed he had the best chances at D40. Frank McGarvey --- 8/11pt --- Pancan QO-guarantee is hard to pass up. Let's see if my D40 plight was fulfilled. Chris Snow --- 12/16pt --- Around the 2yr ALS mark and was in a bad place to end the year. Believed he had higher solo-worthiness until UK media picked up on it. George Alagiah --- 11pt --- Cancer continues to get worse and worse. Even though it seems I've picked him for the last 4 years, it's difficult to not. Roberto Dinamite --- 8/12pt --- The new Pele. Brazilian Serie A scoring leader has colon cancer and looks real rough. Never mentioned on the forums, but still felt like too much of big name to not be picked. Kenny Collins --- 10/14pt --- The lead singer of Logan has a brain tumor which had him highly dependent in hospital. Had a shunt put in, but still seems like a delicate case. Figured he had a high shot at being a solo, but slightly low QO chances. These kinds of celebs seemingly always tend to get QOs however. Robert Zimmer --- 7/11pt --- The news of his glioblastoma diagnosis was picked up by Yahoo, so figured there's at least a 50/50 shot at his death getting picked up by Yahoo. Ryan Minor --- 10pt --- Cancer cannot be operated on, typically much worse odds but still young. Mike Sertich --- 7/11pt --- May or may not have pancan. Lowest QO chances of all my picks, but figured they'd be a solo guarantee. Rolf Harris --- 8pt --- Pretty easy pick. Teresa Taylor --- 8pt --- Slight obit risk, but dead cert. Mutulu Shakur --- 7pt --- Been eyeing him for a few years now. Never been huge on him as a pick even throughout last year, until later in the year when it was released and the news of his health seemed a bit more believable. Pele and Jaysin Strife failed to make the starting line.
  9. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2023

  10. Banana

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Majali was picked. No QO.
  11. Banana

    Your DDP Salvage Lot 2023

    Banana Bruises: Henry Dickerson --- Slight QO risk, Yahoo likely. Wouldn't have been D40. Being in hospice for as long as he has with no clear diagnosis might make this a Bill Freehan/Rembert Weakland type situation. Michael Tilson Thomas --- 7-pointer, 50/50 D40, just didn't quite make it. Steve DiMeglio --- His treatment seems to be intense, but still very active on socials, so ultimately decided against it. Would probably obit. David Linden --- 8-pointer that wouldn't D40. Wasn't too intrigued. Dick Caine --- Same as above, but less points. Lloyd Clark Fletcher --- Didn't know if I'm getting bamboozled again by these fuckers. Christopher Fowler --- Was a solo last year for me, so higher likelihood would remain so. His terminal cancer further spread, but still doesn't seems quite bad. Good blog. Richard Holliday --- Stage 4 Hodgkin's with unknown spread (tmk), so couldn't really be too confident Alan Dean Foster --- MIA Toni Hilland --- 1-2 year prognosis, not quite there Denny Crum --- Hospice, but only 6 points Kate Keltie --- Probably one of my biggest flubs. On second look should have picked. Just compared her too heavily to the likes of ONJ and Doherty, but didn't consider the spread to the blood. Who knows. Michael Silverblatt --- Somebody mentioned him on the forums in the last couple months. Went and looked at his Wiki page edits and people seem to really not understand wtf is going on here, so actually seems quite serious whatever is going on. Ted Kaczynski --- fuck it why not Andy Taylor --- D40 basically guaranteed, prostate cancer can take a long ass time as Bill Turnbull demonstrates Zoleka Mandela --- On paper her cancer spread would make you think she's a sure thing, but looks way too healthy and active on socials Miroslav Blazevic --- Probably like a 80% chance at going but that 20% is more like a 50%. No bonuses either, was a sub. Rodion Amirov --- The whole thing seems pretty fishy. Leaves his NA team to go back home for more treatment. You'd think treatment from a top professional organization would be better than whatever is available in Russia, so makes me think it has something to do with being closer to family. Terrible situation. Nick Anderton --- Assuming no spread, he should make it but osteosarcoma is not good. Others I didn't feel like picking: Randy Jackson (didn't feel too keen on buying into speculation, regardless of his appearance) Ryuichi Sakamoto (should have bought in, didn't realize his popularity was quite as high, still think will make it to 2024 but I'm not as confident as I once was) Chris Stone Dikembe Mutombo Janey Godley Rhod Gilbert (I like him) People I regret not picking: Princess Bajrakitiyabha (news came too late) Joe Doering Stephen Rezza (found way too late and tmk no one found, the late Christina Grimmie's bf at the time, glioblastoma)
  12. Banana

    ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

    A few of us are missing points for Mike Davis and I am missing points for Mark Souder
  13. Banana

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool V

    Wait wait wait wait... Nobody picked 102-year-old Arnold Yarrow??? Edit: AND NO DAVID GRAHAM??? I started on a team earlier in the month, but never got around to picking the easiest category for picks due to DDP, but here's what would have been my team. Time's 100: Pope Benedict XVI David Hockney Stephen Lewis Amartya Sen Manmohan Singh F1: Slim Borgudd Kenneth McAlpine David Piper John Rhodes Gaetano Starrabba Coronation Street: David Graham Elizabeth Kelly Prunella Scales Bill Steel Arnold Yarrow Brit Awards: Shirley Bassey Phil Collins Nick Hallam Zubin Metha Andy Taylor
  14. Banana

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    George Alagiah Lucia Alves Saleh Aougrout Princess Bajrakitiyabha Esteban Bullrich Rob Burrow Dario Campeotto Simon Cowell Denny Crum Harry de Winter Dido dela Paz Roberto Dinamite Lloyd Clark Fletcher Alan Dean Foster Christopher Fowler Rhod Gilbert Richard Holliday Jonnie Irwin Randy Jackson Tim Keller Kate Keltie David Linden Frank McGarvey Steve McMichael Dikembe Mutombo Marcel Nemec Rudel Obreja Erkan Ozerman Daniel N. Paul Johnny Ruffo Ryuichi Sakamoto Mutulu Shakur Daisuke Sugaya Andy Taylor Teresa Taylor Michael Tilson Thomas Gianluca Vialli James Whale Harijs Zarins Anastasia Zavorotnyuk
  15. Banana

    Deathrace 2023

    Yea gonna be real honest here, I saw that article about him a few days ago and assumed he was already dead idk how RHME can apply

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