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  1. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    This changes nothing but Roberto Luckert died. Nothing in english yet.
  2. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    Would've been my joker...
  3. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    Rista Laboni Shimana https://www.tbsnews.net/splash/actress-rista-laboni-shimana-passes-away-868081
  4. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    It's for the best
  5. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    Eddie Sutton gives me a decent lead. Willie Sublett is a non-QO so far.
  6. Someone/something is trying to get in to our accounts it seems
  7. Which one of you Spanish fucks tried getting into my account? What do you think you're gonna find?
  8. Banana


    Yahoo shouldn’t be accepted at all anyway. If we’re gonna accept Hollywood Reporter, Variety, et al. copy jobs from Yahoo then we really should just accept those as QO sources and do away with Yahoo.
  9. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    I have 3x as many misses as I do actual hits over the last 2 months...
  10. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    After a 1 hit month, losing 5 picks in the span of a week isn't helping.
  11. Banana

    Benjamin Netanyahu

    Extremely apt rank for BonScott, I may say.
  12. Banana

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    have you tried using your fingers to pan to the right? if missing fingers, use tongue
  13. Banana

    Death By Numbers 2024

    Shouldn't I be at 530? I think you have the wrong YOB for Stuart Gray. The one that died was 1973, not the 1960 guy.
  14. Banana

    Ice Hockey Players

    DDP Pick Bobby Hehir passed away February 9th. https://www.telegram.com/obituaries/pneo0719892

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